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posted by MTahmisian
1- Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler-Almeida

Status: Married

Favorite: Tony Almeida

Favorite Ship Name: Tichelle

Tony: Alive

Michelle: Dead

Favorite plot involving the two of them: Their choices when the other is in danger (Tony in S3 and Michelle in S4)

2- Jack Bauer and Renee Walker

Status: Together

Favorite: Jack

Favorite Ship Name: Janee

Jack: Alive

Renee: Dead

Favorite plot involving the two of them: Undercover with Red Square

3- Jack Bauer and Audrey Raines

Status: Dated

Favorite: Jack

Favorite Ship Name: Jaudrey

Jack: Alive

Audrey: Dead

Favorite plot involving the two of them: All of...
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posted by jlhfan624
These are the 24 greatest '24' characters in my personal opinion. I was originally going to do an প্রবন্ধ on the 24 most important characters to the প্রদর্শনী but I didn't want to work on something of such detail just yet. That would also be another তালিকা entirely as I am missing some very high পরিলেখ characters of the show.

So...enjoy my list! :D

twenty four
Kim Bauer
Dead last in this ranking out of my tops because of how big of a major brat she was to Jack in the beginning of the series & 5. I don't particularly really enjoy her storylines অথবা what she has to offer but Jack loves her and that's...
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posted by MTahmisian
 Season 1 Cast
Season 1 Cast
I প্রণয় 24 (2001-2010) passionately and I will recommend it to anyone because it’s absolutely the best প্রদর্শনী in the world. This প্রবন্ধ is for viewers who would be interested (or will become interested) in watching this amazing show. There are NO SPOILERS because this is a প্রদর্শনী I want আপনি and everyone else to watch.

So where do I start with this amazing, complex show? First, let me give a little background on the show, it ran from 2001 to 2010, with 8 seasons, a two-hour movie as a prequel to season 7, a special half season in 2014 and a spin-off (That won’t be included) that premiered...
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posted by MTahmisian
1. Jack Bauer -

Where in the world do আপনি start with Jack Bauer? First of all he is the best TV character of all time, barring no one, with Kiefer Sutherland being the best actor ever. Jack suffers tragic loss and extreme pain and torture (as well as inflicting some himself) takes out the bad guys and saves the world from horrific terror attacks, all in 24 hours, time after time! He is very loyal, shows no mercy and looks awesome with a gun and sunglasses. He is a modern superhero who is unforgettable. Plus he's the one character আপনি never have to worry about dying, no matter how much...
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Many 24 অনুরাগী বিতর্ক which season is best, truth is, they are all spectacular seasons. Some might just be a bit better than others. With that said, here are my opinions on the seasons of 24, from worst to best. (With Live Another Day). Fun fact: All even numbered seasons deal with nuclear weapons and all odd seasons deal with personal vendettas, among other things.

9. দিন 6-

Season 6 is pretty much everyone's universal least favorite, but I প্রণয় it, just like any other season of 24, just not as much as the others. Political correctness begins. Jack ends up shooting great agent Curtis Manning...
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 Jack and Renee work well together!
Jack and Renee work well together!
In eager anticipation from last week's betrayal, I awaited the Jack and Tony cliffhanger; how was Tony going to 'handle' Jack now that Jack knew of his deception?
It was either Jack's life would be in danger (however short), অথবা Tony would have to head for high ground, because his cover was blown and it wouldn't be too long till Jack revealed Tony's treachery.

I found it amusing; watching Jack struggle to get the words out:
"T-Tony's T-Turned"...

It reflected his disbelief towards his old friend actually turning. Tony was actually going to pull that trigger, he was really going to kill Jack! Kind...
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"What is Tony Planning to do?... We already know he's হারিয়ে গেছে Jack as a friend"

Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida) deserves credit for his ability to convince viewers that he has gone over to the bad side... if he was ever good at all.

Last week I wondered how they were going to explain Tony's sudden 'bad boy' turn and I must admit it was believable at that. It even turned out better than I'd imagined it would.
It wasn't a surprise that Tony shot himself; why would Galvez (The Shooter) kill Larry and leave Tony alive 'in good condition'!

Despite all the other plots; Hodges, Jack an Kim, I think this episode...
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So I (still) spend a great deal of my দিন thinking of 24. What already happened, what could happen if they brought it back WITH Jack...some of what I think about is a true proper series end. And it would only be fitting that it ends with Jack dying.

Now, hear me out.

My wording in the শিরোনাম is important here. I ব্যক্ত fitting, NOT ideal. I think I can speak for most অনুরাগী when I say we all just want a happy ending for Jack. He has been through so much, হারিয়ে গেছে so much. He deserves true happiness, he NEEDS it. I need it for him. There's nothing I'd like to see আরো than to have him settled down and...
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posted by PotterForever
Some jokes I found, describing the epic badassness of Bauer. :D

1.If আপনি wake up in the morning, it’s because Jack Bauer spared your life.

2.Upon hearing that he was played দ্বারা Kiefer Sutherland, Jack Bauer killed Sutherland. Jack Bauer gets played দ্বারা no man.

3.If Jack Bauer was in a room with Hitler, Stalin, and Nina Meyers, and he had a gun with 2 bullets, he’d shoot Nina twice.

4.Jack Bauer killed 93 people in just 4 days time. Wait, that is a real fact.

5.Jack Bauer got Hellen Keller to talk.

6.Jack Bauer was never addicted to heroin. Heroin was addicted to Jack Bauer.

7.Jack Bauer’s favorite...
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So I was recently digging through some papers I had in one of my drawers and came across some old 24 stuff back from like '06. I was a HUGE member of the 24um and I had found a thread that অনুরাগী started called "Why did the chicken ক্রুশ the road? Responses characters in the প্রদর্শনী would have." I have NO idea why i printed it off the computer but I am so happy i did because obviously, it no longer exists.
I decided to share it here with আপনি guys because I didn't want it to be হারিয়ে গেছে forever :) Lemme know if any of আপনি happened to be one of the people who came up with these answers, অথবা if আপনি were...
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...'Dammit!' is the only word আপনি know.

...you make the Chloe!face in times of aggravation.

...you know what a Chloe!face is.

...you expect a major event to take place every ঘন্টা in your life.

...you are always in a hurry and screaming 'we're running out of time!'

...you see a bit player in 24 on another প্রদর্শনী and go 'they were in 24!'

...you want to have children only so আপনি can name them after someone on the show.

...you are always suspicious of your co-workers being the mole.

...you expect every woman আপনি see with Kiefer Sutherland to suffer after they sleep...
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Renee: "Jack I don't know how to say this, so I'm just going to say it, cause I need to make sure that I'm not misunderstanding, but when আপনি say that 'I have you' "

Jack: "I meant it like it sounded"

Renee: "So now what do we do"

Jack: "We figure it out"

Was it just me, অথবা did আপনি gather from that conversation that there was just আরো to it, like we missed an entire chapter on Renee and Jack. I hardly doubt Jack would have been so callous to the security officer and the woman interrogating Renee. Jack was willing to choke her..., risking a possible confinement, it's a wonder she didn't press charges....
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 24 Episodes
24 Episodes
There is a lot of বিতর্ক online about 24 Episodes and whether আপনি can watch them for free online without getting into trouble! Well the truth is that alot of the services out there that offer 24 Episodes are just plain illegal and if আপনি are going to try and watch 24 Episodes using these services then আপনি should be careful!

Don't worry though there is ways আপনি can watch link without running the risk of a big fine and আপনি have to find services that keep their servers private and all the viruses and nasties out as if আপনি don't আপনি may come unstuck!

Alot of the best services that let আপনি watch 24...
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posted by jlhfan624
While I was thinking about my upcoming anniversary project for the show, I was getting excited and so wanted to post something right away because I have the attention span of a rock. So I thought why not do 24 iconic moments from 24?

What defines an iconic moment?
Obviously all moments from 24 are iconic but I chose moments that shocked us all. Moments that made us emotional. Moments that make 24 24. Important not just for fandom, but for defining and describing what 24 really is.

Before আপনি begin this article, to really get the FULL effect I request আপনি have link open and playing on a loop while...
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Westport Country Playhouse (Joanne Woodward and Anne Keefe, artistic directors, Jodi Schoenbrun Carter, managing director) will stage a masterful blend of comedy and drama, “The Pavilion,” দ্বারা Craig Wright, award-winning playwright and Emmy-nominated writer/producer of television’s “Lost,” “Six Feet Under” and “Dirty Sexy Money.” Directed দ্বারা Chad Rabinovitz, Playhouse artistic associate, the production will run from May 13 through May 31.

“The Pavilion,” a 2005-2006 Drama ডেস্ক Award nominee for Outstanding Play, is a funny and touching look into human relationships on a...
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Things became serious for me during that torture scene with Jack. That's two times for the দিন already not so? I believe Jack should have gone with Kim, and have someone else be the hero for their country. At that point when the torturer stuck his finger into Jack's wound, everything became squirmy. I am just tired of Jack suffering relentlessly. What seemed to be a waste, was that it lead him to nothing, the rods were gone and that only meant another 24 runaround of 'tag' where everyone becomes a suspect and the chase is always ongoing.

Everything just felt like an eye roller at this point....
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This gift basket was donated for a fundraiser for the charity TEAMSTACIE. It includes; EPISODE #1 SCRIPT AUTOGRAPHED দ্বারা THE PRODUCERS, HAT, BOOK, SIXE LARGE T-SHIRT, AND COFFEE MUG. The charity was set up for Stacie Schifino who found out she has breast cancer in 2009 and has been going through chemotherapy and radiation. All money and items donated go directly to Stacie to help pay for medical bills. You're welcome to check out her website that her many loving বন্ধু made for her দ্বারা googling TEAMSTACIE. There's information about her as well as video and press coverage of the Los Angeles fundraiser...
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Do আপনি think আপনি could predict what happens next, after this installment?

24 is one of the few series which keeps আপনি attached from beginning to end and which maintains it's শীর্ষ five position in my book weekly.


Each ঘন্টা seems to be nerve wrecking as Jack goes from being hunted like an animal to being infected with a deadly nerve virus and Jack does this 'all for his country'. Doesn't the world need আরো people like him? Then again over time Jack feels like he has nothing to live for, could this be his big break?

This segment opens with the continued hunt for Jack's head...
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It wasn’t till after I attended the press conference for Clint Eastwood’s new biopic “J. Edgar” that the fun began for me. I was slightly lost, roaming the corridors of the vast Beverly Wilshire Hotel, looking for the correct elevator, when I bumped into uber-producer Brian Grazer to the TV series “24.” I pointed a tape recorder at him and asked how the feature film of “24” was coming along.

“We’re working on it,” he said. “We’re making the movie. We have a script, and the casting is going along great. We’re about to start casting the main antagonist, the person who plays against Jack Bauer. We have a really great role to play against Kiefer.”

I asked him when he thinks we’re going to see the film.

“I hope to have it out in the first quarter of 2012,” he said.*
(my thought he meant to say late 2012
 Renee and Jack share a calm embrace...
Renee and Jack share a calm embrace...
Who else thought it was fun watching Chloe and Janis battle it out over who was smarter?
It was even আরো painful watching Jack use Tony's face as a punching bag.

Jack - "Why did আপনি betray me"

It was sad though, I keep hoping for them to say something like 'Tony's been undercover this entire time, he's really not the bad guy, killing Larry was for his cover, অথবা even this League of his is really good', but that would be naive don't আপনি think?

Speaking of the League, they mentioned something about their 'Operatives watching Kim'. How big is this organization that they could recruit operatives to...
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