Season 1 Cast
I প্রণয় 24 (2001-2010) passionately and I will recommend it to anyone because it’s absolutely the best প্রদর্শনী in the world. This প্রবন্ধ is for viewers who would be interested (or will become interested) in watching this amazing show. There are NO SPOILERS because this is a প্রদর্শনী I want আপনি and everyone else to watch.

So where do I start with this amazing, complex show? First, let me give a little background on the show, it ran from 2001 to 2010, with 8 seasons, a two-hour movie as a prequel to season 7, a special half season in 2014 and a spin-off (That won’t be included) that premiered after the 2017 Superbowl. Each season has 24 episodes which represent an actual 24 ঘন্টা দিন (such as midnight to midnight অথবা 8:00 am to 8:00 am) a.k.a real time. To illustrate this fact, a ticking clock is seen multiple times per episode, depicting the time gone দ্বারা until the পরবর্তি ঘন্টা begins (a.k.a the পরবর্তি episode). Each episode begins with the voice of Jack Bauer “The following takes place between (the ঘন্টা that just ended, for example, if the last episode ended at 5 am, then that’s the time the পরবর্তি episode starts at) to (The পরবর্তি hour, using the same example it would be 6 am). Sometimes it’s followed দ্বারা the words “Events occur in real time” Commercial breaks are included as part of the time in the প্রদর্শনী (supposed to be travel অথবা whatever) and the 24 clock adjusts accordingly, so each episode is about 42 মিনিট without commercials অথবা credits. There are silent clocks, which are used to signify something important, most likely a death. Most of the time each episode will end· with a split· screen· প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে what the characters are up to right· before the end, this is a GENIUS IDEA as we see each story at the same time in the also amazing বিভক্ত করা screens. This way we also don’t forget who was in the episode and what each character is doing. BEST IDEA EVER!! (other than creating 24 in the first place!)

This প্রদর্শনী is about a fictional branch of the government called CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit), and আরো specifically one of their agents, Jack Bauer (played দ্বারা Kiefer Sutherland) who is a “the end justifies the means” type of guy. The প্রদর্শনী also has a great cast who are typically linked to him and/or the day’s terrorist attacks(s). Those involved are usually (but not limited to) his family, civilians, villains, the President and the White House, and CTU personnel (possibly other agencies such as the FBI could be involved). In case আপনি haven’t figured this out yet, the প্রদর্শনী has to do· with politics & terrorism and so much আরো than draws আপনি in and gets আপনি hooked. Some know-it all (irritating) people will say that that this show· is propaganda অথবা that it’s just some torture প্রদর্শনী and let me tell আপনি they haven’t seen a single episode of this প্রদর্শনী অথবা that would be the farthest বিবরণ from their minds. Just ignore them and keep পাঠ করা অথবা just start watching:)

24 is a very fast-paced প্রদর্শনী and not one to devote half of your attention to অথবা to watch bits and pieces of. So much happens in an hour·of the show, and in each season·, there are different plot· lines to follow. What starts off as innocent (or seemingly innocent) family turning on the TV অথবা preparing a meal could turn· into them being suspects অথবা targets দ্বারা CTU and terrorist groups. Each of the various storylines coincides with the main storyline of each season (one that Jack Bauer is involved in) and the writers and producers are very talented and do a fantastic job with this. Each season is continual action and meaningful drama and it has plenty of unexpected twists and cliffhangers at the end of every episode, so prepare to have some spare time, because it will be really hard to stop watching!

24 and Jack Bauer have a large অনুরাগী base in the US, but also around the world because of its uniqueness in its concepts (which were new at the time) and the suspense and action kept আপনি going, while still adding some emotional conflicts that didn’t usually provoke eye rolls from its audience. The 24 hours depicted in the প্রদর্শনী are jam-packed with action, mystery, suspense, conflicts, terrorists, and traitors, in addition to every thing else that makes a great show. Because of the way the প্রদর্শনী is set up, events occur in real time and this প্রদর্শনী is somewhat আরো realistic, not everything can be stopped, disastrous consequences can and do occur and don’t just melt away, the bad guys (for the most part) are smart and are hidden everywhere (such as the government), characters don’t just miraculously survive everything (except Jack Bauer) and do die অথবা have lasting consequences that could affect their character forever. Good guys may be hated দ্বারা other good people at the end and that might not change even when they both have a part in saving the world. And there isn’t always happy endings and the majority of relationships don’t work out. I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, it’s just the way it is. Surprisingly it adds to its addictive factor, because everything is unpredictable, which keeps আপনি coming back for more.

Now for a little আরো detail on important aspects of 24-

Jack Bauer-

Where in the world do I start with Jack Bauer?! First of all, he is the best TV character· of all time, barring no one. Kiefer Sutherland plays the role· of Jack Bauer flawlessly, prompting some people to say he was born for the what became his most well-known role (and he’s been in a lot of prestigious চলচ্চিত্র and TV shows!). At a brief glance, some could see the Jack Bauer character as a broken man who tortures terrorists and suspects because it affords him some inexplicable pleasure. But look close, because that impression would be absolutely false! Jack is a man· struggling to do· what HE sees is right· for the good· of his beloved country. One thing is for sure, Jack is always right no matter what and he will stop at nothing to do what is right for the country and innocent civilians, no matter the laws he might have to break অথবা the people who might be in his way. আপনি will be angry at those who, after all of Jack’s right decisions still don’t trust to do what’s best for the United States অথবা those who might ever প্রশ্ন his loyalty. As he once ব্যক্ত to someone who did that very thing: “With all respect Madam President, just ask around”.

Jack Bauer is (or should) be every bad guy’s nightmare, I mean the guy saves the world and kills, arrests and tortures (or all three) every single one of them (terrorists), all while looking good while doing it. He is a capable and extremely resourceful agent who is never to be underestimated at any time, especially during a mission. He suffers tragic loss and extreme pain· and torture· (as well as inflicting some himself) takes out the bad guys and saves the world from horrific· terror· attacks, all in 24 hours, time· after time! He is very loyal, shows no mercy· and looks awesome· with a gun· and sunglasses. He is an unforgettable agent who can always be· relied upon to save· the day. He works at the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit and is a key· member of their team, serving in various· positions throughout his career and is close to several people·who work there, ones who can always be relied upon to have his back, even when no one else will. But there is আরো than just this one side to him (even if it’s the most fascinating!) He also has a daughter, Kimberly and wife Teri, both of which can unwittingly become· involved in the days’ events, prompting Jack to have to save the দিন and keep them safe. Jack loves his family, cares for his বন্ধু and respects those আপনি in charge who will do what’s needed to keep the United States safe, but also isn’t afraid to go toe to toe with those who don’t. He knows some of his decisions might not be considered morally অথবা socially right, but his goal is saving lives. According to him “I see fifteen people held hostage on a bus, and everything else goes out the window. I will do whatever it takes to save them – and I mean whatever it takes.” which is আরো than I could say for a lot of people. Jack Bauer is the best and most fascinating TV character to exist, no exceptions!

Everyone else-

Most of the important/memorable characters of 24
24 has an অবিশ্বাস্য cast· of supporting characters. I would say that they are the strongest, and most intriguing of any প্রদর্শনী out there, let alone any I’ve ever seen. Something that was and is different from most shows is that the cast is always changing and still amazing! Actually, Kiefer Sutherland is the only cast· member to appear in all 8 seasons and Live Another দিন অথবা 216 episodes. Characters come and go on our screens, preventing them from being in every episode. Most die, some leave for one reason অথবা another, and a few appear to have died, but make startling reappearances. No matter the season আপনি always have Jack and some new and some old favorites. Here are just a few memorable characters to look for during the show:

Chloe O’Brian
Tony Almeida
Michelle Dessler
David Palmer
Nina Myers
শেরি Palmer
Bill Buchanan
Wayne Palmer
Kim Bauer
Charles Logan
Audrey Raines
Renee Walker
Morris O’Brian
Teri Bauer
George Mason
Allison Taylor
Aaron Pierce
Martha Logan
Mike Novick
Edgar Stiles
Curtis Manning
….to name a few.

Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit and its agents (C.T.U.)-

The Counter Terrorist Unit (as I ব্যক্ত before) is a fictional branch of the United States Government and the branch with Jack Bauer and the rest of the beloved cast is located in Los Angeles, California and has many formidable agents, notably Tony Almeida, Nina Myers, Chloe O’Brian, George Mason, Ryan Chappelle, Michelle Dessler, Milo Pressman, Curtis Manning, Bill Buchanan, Edgar Stiles, Morris O’Brian….the তালিকা goes on of the ব্রেভ men and women who risk it all for the good of their country and to benefit of those around them. Like any other workplace, there are always some idiot bureaucrats who don’t like Jack, but there are enough efficient agents who make it a priority to stop the threats, not follow the ridiculous “protocol” and those agents is what still makes C.T.U. an effective agency to fear. C.T.U. has the best technology available and can do most important tasks at a desk, ones that would be virtually impossible to anyone else. That being said, C.T.U. personnel is divided into two parts, Communication অথবা Comm (with all the technology, they try to stop the threat from their desks at C.T.U.) and Field Operations (who try to foil the threat from outside of C.T.U, they physically stop the terrorists, go on dangerous missions, and are partly reliant on the Comm unit). Jack Bauer is a prominent agent in the latter division and is very good at what he does. During Bauer’s missions, his weapon of choice seems to be a pistol, but আপনি see him with a variety of awesome weapons throughout the show, some include dart guns, Uzis, many different knives, axes, flare guns, snipers, grenades, machine বন্দুক and even surgical scissors to injure অথবা kill his victims. The Counter Terrorist Unit also has many other distinguished agents, who are awesome in their own right. In season one we are introduced to Agent Nina Myers, Jack’s closest confidante and former girlfriend, who is very good at Comm and intelligence, Tony Almeida, another amazing agent who is one of my personal favorites, Jamey Farrell, one of the best comm agents around (other than Chloe and Morris O’Brian), and George Mason and Ryan Chappelle, two frustrating bureaucrats who still endear themselves to আপনি anyway. C.T.U. is always faced with tough, impossible decisions that have to be made, but they always manage to stop the terrorists, even if the events of the দিন might claim the lives of some of its best agents অথবা innocent civilians.

The White House-

The President (or Presidential candidate) will also be shown and how he অথবা she has to deal with the events while also dealing with internal issues and scandals, whether it’s family অথবা government related. But it’s not just one President as 24 has gone through a variety of presidents in the show’s tenure. In the first season, we are introduced to Presidential candidate David Palmer on the night of the California Presidential Primary who is dealing with personal issues, scandals, and assassination attempts which threaten his life, his family, and his campaign. Throughout the show, we are introduced to amazing Presidents, mediocre Presidents and scheming Presidents who will either help অথবা hinder Jack Bauer and CTU’s mission, which is to stop the terrorists and their insidious plot to destroy this country, one way অথবা another. In addition to the President himself (or herself) we also are introduced to the men and women who surround them, the Vice-President, Chief of Staff, advisers, secretaries of various positions, (most often the Secretary of Defense). There are some great advisers and some evil ones, who will make their agenda known. In the first season, we are introduced to a few notable staffers, Mike Novick and Patty Brooks who are a part of David Palmer’s campaign in Season 1 as well as experienced Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce who has served on many Presidents’ details.

Jack Bauer’s Family-

Jack Bauer, Teri Bauer, and their daughter Kim Bauer
Jack Bauer’s wife and daughter are also important characters to Jack and to the প্রদর্শনী who have a bad habit of unwittingly getting involved in the days’ events, although arguably Season 1 was the worst for these two pretty women. Kim is kidnapped (not really a spoiler, happens in the middle of the very first episode) Teri is left to try to find her as Jack has to go into CTU to prevent a potential assassination attempt on the “nation’s first black candidate with a real shot at the White House” namely Senator David Palmer on the eve of the California Primary. This leaves a frantic Teri following up on leads along with Kim’s friend’s father, Alan York, neither one not quite realizing their daughters had been kidnapped (it looked like she snuck out to meet up with her friend, Janet York and two guys which was true, although the guys kidnapped her and Janet). Terrible things happened to every member of the Bauer family that দিন and just when everything seems to be going to back to normal, tragedy always struck, putting them in extremely dangerous and very sad situations.


In many seasons, we also see a civilian family অথবা individuals who are connected somehow to the day’s events, maybe as a target অথবা suspects অথবা as something else (one helped the government). Everything looks serene and happy until events within অথবা beyond their control tear that peacefulness apart and make it an unforgettable দিন for all involved. If they actually are terrorists, they better watch out!

The Terrorists-

আপনি will also see the terrorists and how they try to carry out their plans, some of their actions to attempt to accomplish those terrible plans and various choices they make for their causes. In short….These guys deserve all they get and more!

Other good things to know:

24 is awesome!

24 is free to stream on মর্দানী স্ত্রীলোক Prime

আপনি will be very happy and not ever regret giving up your time to become addicted to one of the best things ever!

Here are the Season 1 trailers to get আপনি started:

Any questions? Just ask anytime! I প্রণয় 24 (I’m obsessed) and I am আরো than excited to get anyone started on this AMAZING show!!!