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 হাওনা & Hyunseung
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This 4minute ছবি contains পশম কোট, পশম মণ্ডল, and পশম অ্যাকসেন্ট. There might also be hip boot and thigh boot.

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During the প্রিভিউ for MBC’s “Bouquet“, the girls of 4minute revealed that they wanted boyfriends as বড়দিন presents. Additional details were disclosed today during the full broadcast of the episode.

MC Kim Yong Man and Jung Hyun Don had asked, “What would আপনি like as gifts for the upcoming বড়দিন holiday?“ HyunA answered, “All five of us want boyfriends. অথবা is that just me? Since we’re adults পরবর্তি year, we want boyfriends who would look only at us.”

Hilariously, fellow member Sohyun trilled, ”Gayoon-unni wants a beef set for Christmas.”

Without skipping a beat, the MCs questioned, “Does that mean she has a boyfriend at the moment then?,” leading Shinsadong Tiger to further add, “Oh, is it that guy আপনি met before?”

Gayoon displayed a shocked expression at the turn of questions.
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