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So আপনি wanna make a character, eh? A character that actually seems like a real person, as opposed to a lump? (or whatever bad, unrealistic characters seem like) Well that’s great.

No really, that is great. Characters should be 3D, they should have layers, thoughts, feelings, motivations; basically they’re people, only fictional. আপনি probably know a lot about character development already (if not, look it up) but here’s one আরো way to make your character seem real: quirks. Real people are weird, quirky; they have little habits that they find themselves doing, whether conscious অথবা not,...
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posted by AislingYJ
Pairing/fandom: Young Justice. Main pairing is Bluepulse (Impulse (Bart) and Blue Beetle (Jaime)) but there's a bit of TimRoy too.
Warnings: Smut. And everything that goes along with that.
Background: Semi-AU but based around S2E12: True Colors.
Rating: M. What do আপনি expect? It's smut!
Jaime sat slumped over the closed toilet seat, staring upward at the tight walls of the cubicle-like stall and the high tiled ceiling above. He heard a soft tapping in the stall পরবর্তি to him, and knew it was probably another Alpha squad member, probably Roy অথবা Bart, grown restless. His scarab...
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So...this is a fic I did a few months ago, but I'm reposting it here because it gives some necessary background for Chasing Shadows (my current story which I will be posting on this club).
The night was dark, lit only দ্বারা the tiniest sliver of a moon, and cold. Aisling didn’t feel the cold though; her lungs were burning, sweat pouring down her face, as she ran. There. She glimpsed the shock of blonde hair, the glint of the metal mask, before it disappeared behind the edge of the building. Quickly she leapt over the edge of the roof she was running across, landing softly on her feet on the...
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posted by bakes2389
    For all of আপনি who have studied psychology, then আপনি are all well aware of Sigmund Freud's dream theory. Freud believed that dreams were trying to tell আপনি what your subconscious felt. He believed that a dream had both the manifest content, meaning it is what the dreams seems to be saying, and the latent content, which is what the dream is really trying to say.
    I've never really been a firm believer of dream analysis, but after awaking this morning from a strange dream that seemed to be an epiphany for me, the tables have turned. I now believe...
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posted by InfinityYJ
The nine-year-old’s voice was still shrilly ringing in his ear drums, louder than the roar of the batmobile screeching off in the darkness towards Wayne Manor. Out of the three children in his car, only two were conscious. The third, the ward he’d only taken in a few months ago, was twitching violently in her sleep-like state, sweat running in droplets down her pale forehead. Only মিনিট পূর্বে had occurred the explosion that had put her like this-- the explosion that had also ripped one of his other partners away from him.
“Bruce,” a harsh whisper came through to...
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 Rene Sleeping
Rene Sleeping
She awoke from her sleep hearing a scream from a room. Quickly, the red head jumped out of বিছানা and went into the living room, seeing Amara curled up in a ball on the couch. Rene walked over to her, sat down, and pet her head.

    “Amara sweetie, what’s wrong,” she said, her voice sounding half asleep. The black haired girl answered quietly.

    “Daddy… he was gonna…” her voice trailed off, not finishing her sentence; but Rene knew what she was going to say.

    “He wouldn’t jump off honey,” the red head ব্যক্ত with kindness...
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posted by WingsOfDeath
 You're welcome, my dears!
You're welcome, my dears!
Rated X. For good reason.

Fang bit into the cupcake, Aisling looking at him hopefully.
"How is it? Is it good? OH MY GOD SAY SOMETHING."
Fang blinked, staring at her. He then doubled over, puking into the garbage can. Aisling winced at this, patting Fang's back.
"You... Poisoned me... I'm going... To die." Fang laid on the floor, his face practically green.
"I'm sorry." Aisling looked down. Fang kissed her leg, making her squeak and jump.
"WHAT THE HELL F-F-ang... " Fang had now sat up, স্নেহ চুম্বন up her leg. He grabbed her arm, pulling her down.
"Don't be sorry." He ব্যক্ত softly, pulling off Ash's skirt....
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added by AislingYJ
Source: tumblr ;) AREN'T THEY SEXY???!?!!
added by AislingYJ
Source: tumblr ;) AREN'T THEY SEXY???!?!!
added by AislingYJ
Source: tumblr ;) AREN'T THEY SEXY???!?!!
added by AislingYJ
Source: tumblr ;) AREN'T THEY SEXY???!?!!
added by AislingYJ
Source: tumblr ;) AREN'T THEY SEXY???!?!!
"I'm a বার্বি girl, in the barbie's world, life in plastic, t's fa"........"oh yeah, Sam hmm..good morning!" "I just can't stand her বার্বি stuffs anymore" murmured Jake to Amy.
Sam from the other side"good morning! having your breakfast, right?"
Lizzy-"hahaha, oh sorry. OK now tell আপনি wanna tell something?"
Sam-"yeah, wea re holding out a small party on new years দিন at my house and i was wondering if আপনি all could come here. Hope আপনি all dont have any new plans on that day, eh?"
Lizzy-"hmm...that's a kinda great plan but still I have gotta ask Amy and Jake about it"
Sam-"Okay, take your time,...
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Pairing: Ashton and Finn (genderbent Aisling and Fin) from Young Justice OC's
Rating: M. It's smut, for fuck's sake.
Hope আপনি likeeee~
A blaze of light erupted from the zeta tube, but no one was present to greet the two figures who stepped into the cave. Two boys, one short and slender, the other tall--at least six feet-- and solid, his muscles well defined. Both were wearing heavy coats bundled tightly around their bodies, the hoods pulled over their heads, which was highly unusual as Happy Harbor was currently experiencing another scorching heat wave. In fact, the cave...
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posted by AislingYJ
Sorry it took so long...I got really lazy and stuff but it’s finished now! Warning: cussing (that’s as far as it goes for mature content) and LOTS of feels. Part one is link.
Vic's হৃদয় skips a beat. No. It can't-- but she's--
But the message is there, plain as day, as real as the sun in the sky and the hope in his heart. His first thought is that it's a fake, an imposter, trying to lure him into a trap. His head is telling him to stay in the safety of the flat, but his হৃদয় is screaming for him to go to the café. He decides to trust his heart, hoping with...
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Some crackship smut...CRACKSHIP I SAY!!

Her eyes stared into the lights of the city as she stood on শীর্ষ of the twenty story building. Crimson eyes narrowed as she spotted a dark haired boy in an apartment directly to her left. His window was open and the blonde was dazed as she watched him roam his room, obviously anxious, with no shirt."Who was he?" She thought as her eyes followed his body, every movement he made, and focused on his toned abdomen. Suddenly, grey met red, and though she was spotted a sudden jab sparked in her body and her legs began quivering; making her go limp and stumble...
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 Damon and Cyr! (and Fluffy!)
Damon and Cyr! (and Fluffy!)
Ya remember that smut I wrote? Yeah, well I decided to write আরো drabbles (one-shots) with that pairing. They won't all be smut (this one isn't) but some will be.
Pairing/fandom: Damon Fizzy and Cyr
Warnings: None, unless আপনি are terrified of fluff. In that case, আপনি should not read this. It is very fluffy.
Background: Let's just all assume that all of these drabbles will be AU, both from the normal real-life universe and from each other (unless I mention otherwise)
Rating: K+ for minor স্নেহ চুম্বন and some hair-touching. And lots of fluff.
“Up and at ‘em, Cyr!” Cyr groaned...
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Tension was a feeling Thane has trouble shaking off. Especially when it's protruding from that him. Yeah, him. That guy sitting on the opposite end with his boots kicked off and a single cigarette hanging loosely between his pale fingertips as his free palm pet his beloved Braeburn. It was not like he had feelings for the guy, they are the best of bros for as long as he can recall! Maybe this tension was building up all because of that one incident that shifted the lighting on his best friend.

One job, Thane had one job and he failed it. He promised Alucard that he would watch his cat when he...
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This is a very tiny list, read ending notes below. I'll be adding আরো songs as I find them! If song has been used, there will be a link to the fic.

The Pretender - Foo Fighters
Phoenix - Fall Out Boy
Discord - Tombstone Remix
Burn It Down - Linkin Park
Re-Education (Through Labour) - Rise Against
Satellite - Rise Against
Riot - Three Days Grace

King - Lauren Aquilina
Sleepwalking - Bring Me The Horizon
Shadow Moses - Bring Me The Horizon
Breaking The Habit - Linkin Park
Audience of One - Rise Against

Mentor to mentee
You're Gonna Go Far Kid - The Offspring

New Divide -...
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