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Good manners were close to cost Rybak his life. So polite that he nearly drowned.

Alexander was very very polite already as a child. Even one time he was about to drown, he called for help দ্বারা discreetly gurgling “excuse me ….excuse me”.

- How long can আপনি sit in a deck chair before আপনি get restless, Alexander?

- If there is not sunny, I can manage 5 hours just fine. If the sun is shining, then it won’t be আরো than one minute.

- For most others it is vice versa

- I have never been interested in nice weather. The worst way to wake up, is when the sun is baking through the bedroom window....
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Elisabeth "Bettan" Andreassen is a ringrev in the সঙ্গীত industry. She has over the years worked with many artists both in Norway and Sweden. This time the golden boy Alexander Rybak has become her new partner. Something Elisabeth is very happy with.

– We work well together and have become very good friends. We have simply just really fun, "she told" Good evening, Norway. "

More cooperation

Thursday evening came the two together on the red carpet into the Grand Hotel to see the fashion প্রদর্শনী for the clothing designer Nora Farah. And the laughter was always resolved in the two.

– Yes, she's...
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posted by Alexhelen24
В юности боль забывается скоро,
Слёзы смахнув, ты смеёшься опять.
Время пройдёт, и всегда лишь такою
Буду тебя вспоминать.

Счастье короткое Бог нам отмерил,
Непостоянна людская душа,
Я ведь не зря в эту сказку не верил,
Слишком она хороша.

Как ты красива сегодня,
Нет в моём сердце ни боли, ни зла,
Как ты красива сегодня,
Как ты сегодня светла....
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Ellisiv: I am sitting here with Alexander Rybak ESC-winner 2009, so I am wondering, how was it to run away with the victory?

Alex: Actually, its a bit funny to get that question, because it helps me to remember that I have done something. In the middle of everything I am doing a crazy amount of stuff now, and its, there is very, very many concerts and tv-shows, but in the middle of it, its great to get that question, because it was a lot of fun.

Ellisiv: It must have been a dream come true, kinda?

Alex: Yes, I would say so.

Ellisiv: It was greater than winning Kjempesjansen, even though that...
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Alexander Rybak: “My mottos is – a healthy lifestyle!”
- Alexander, we tell readers about organic products and their advantages in our magazine, we draw attention to a healthy lifestyle and positive thinking. We’d like to ask if আপনি know yourself, what is organic food?

- I can guess. These are the ones, which are grown in ecologically clean conditions without using any chemicals, right? Then, of course, I know it. It is জনপ্রিয় thing all over the world.

- Which খাবার do আপনি prefer?

- I প্রণয় buns (laughs). I’m kidding, of course. Actually the main thing for me is the খাবার should be fresh....
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No matter what they say now I’m in love,
I do it my own way cause I’m in love,
And I can't keep that song out of my mind,
Playing that silly tune all the time.

lalalalalalalalalalalalalala ... I'm in love

No matter what they say, I don’t care,
I do it any way everywhere,
I wrote this little song on my own,
She ব্যক্ত that I’m a genius; I’m in love,

My বন্ধু say that I’m crazy, I’m just fine,
My neighbours stare at me, never mind,
Cause every time this sweetness of her smile,
My supersonic girl, I’m in love.

No matter what they say now I’m in love,
I do it my own way cause I’m in love,...
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Stå midt i gården.
Snø, snøkrystaller.
Sakte fra himmelen,
prikker de ned.
De prikker ned.

Alt blir så stille.
Snø, snøkrystaller.
Alt er forandret.
Alt lukter fred.
Det lukter fred.

Alt som var trist og vått, alt dette gamle.
Asfallt og mørke, og alt som er grått.
Syns ikke mer, for snøen er hjemme.
Dekkes oss hvite og varmet oss godt.

Stille, helt stille.
Biter av himmelen, ned i vår gård.
Ned i vår gård.

Natten kan komme nå.
Snø, snøkrystaller.
Gården vår hvisker:
"Nå er vinteren her".


Stand in the middle of the yard.
Snow, snow crystals.
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The winner of the Eurovision 2009 Norwegian of the Belarus origin Alexander Rybak will act with a সঙ্গীতানুষ্ঠান at festival of skis and summer biathlon of Blink which will pass in Sandnese from July, 31st till August, 1st. On it informs Vesti. Az referring to ws-news.ru.

In the first দিন of competitions sprint races and races of prosecution at biathlonists, and as competitions on shooting will take place. Then participants of competitions from Sweden, Norway, Germany and Austria will spend the autograph-session, and will crown the festival program Alexander Rybak's solo concert.

In the সেকেন্ড দিন will pass sprint competitions of skiers and supersprint races of biathlonists.
Alexander Rybak is a new তারকা coming on Earth!He's perfect!He's so handsome and that is what FIRST girls see on him!But then when আপনি watch him for a while আপনি see a cute,down-earthed boy, so funny with his family,with his friends, with his fans!He's cool and he isn't self-centered and আপনি don't need to know him for understand this!!!
He is a talent!He writes beutiful songs which have something to say to the people!When his play his violin and sing fairytail he's like he leaves from earth!He's like he comes slowly out from a fairytail!!!!!!!!!!!    
Jeg elsker ham!!I প্রণয় him! He's the perfect boy who came in our lives the perfect moment!
-The শিরোনাম of the greek song "this is our night" finally স্যুইটস্‌ better in Norway!!
-Alexander is a greek name,and has the same name with our Alexander The Great!!!....
-Alex when he was in greece said!:"it's soooo hot,here in greece,'cause greek people are soooo warm!!"
-Alex said:"i sing about love,but i have flert right and left,like James Bont!!!...'"
-He loves the সঙ্গীত of Mikis Theodorakis(greek musician)and his parents too!he has use the synthesis of Mikis in many songs!...And almost in every সঙ্গীতানুষ্ঠান he plays the song called "misirlou",which is greek and the সঙ্গীত of it wrote দ্বারা Theodorakis...
-He didn't wrote the song FAIRYTALE 'cause he wanted his first প্রণয় back....He wrote it for all the হৃদয় broken guys!!He isn't back in প্রণয় with her,because she has change a lot.....
-In Greece And in RUSSIA feels like his home!!
-After all his Concerts gives autograph to all his অনুরাগী and give hugs to everyone!!!
“Alexander Rybak considers Montvydas as one of the পছন্দ and wants to shake his hand”
The winner of “Eurovision” in 2009 Alexander Rybak who will come to perform at the final প্রদর্শনী of the “Voice of Lithuania” during Easter, ব্যক্ত in an exclusive interview to DELFI that he is very interested in the contestants of this বছর and their songs. He mentioned the representative of Lithuania Donatas Montvydas as one of the favorites.

“I saw the performance of your representative, and as a person he is very similar to the guys from Back রাস্তা Boys. But seriously Donatas Montvydas sings...
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June, 6 2009 01:30 PM - Barnas Klimafestival m band og Frikar     
, Sarpsborg, -

June, 6 2009 09:00 PM - Odalsfestivalen m band og Frikar     
, Odal, -

June, 7 2009 05:30 PM - Vestkystfestivalen m band og Frikar     
, Sotra, -

June, 9 2009 08:00 PM - Hellviktangen m band og Frikar     
, Nesodden, -

June, 14 2009 06:00 PM - Fauskemessa m band og Frikar     
, Fauske, -

June, 19 2009 06:00 PM - Topp 20 på Rådhusplassen m band og Frikar     
, Oslo, -

June, 20 2009 06:00 PM - Byfesten...
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“Rybak believes in the ultrasound of dolphins”

’Today, I swam with the dolphins. Did আপনি know? Impressions are good, but, honestly, hoping for a আরো open relationship. The pool was too small. আপনি can believe অথবা not believe, but true - ultrasound positive effect on people. While sailing with dolphins ultrasonic waves affect the human body. As a result of the improving performance of all body systems. They are ব্যক্ত to relieve pain, eliminate muscle tension and favorably affect the nervous system. In addition, dolphins are distinguished cheerful disposition and high intelligence. All জন্তু জানোয়ার have different affects on people. Let's say my dog does not have ultrasounds, but she knows how to cheer up. There are people who believe in hippotherapy. I never was fond of horses, and my dad is professionally engaged in horseback riding. I am very fond of animals! Even লেখা songs about them. In my first album is a song about horses.’
Before Alexander Rybak have a signing সঙ্গীতানুষ্ঠান at Namsos Storsenter on Friday, he is relaxing with his family on Otterøya.

Otterøya: Since Alexander Rybak won Eurovision two years ago, he has managed to release three albums, become the national lucky charm troll, and find the way back to his musical roots.

'Do not want to be a pop star'

Fairy Tale was just a break from the classical সঙ্গীত I was doing, Rybak says, when he sits in the sun and eat homemade soup. A not unknown meal for the boy from Belarus, who become a তারকা over night when he sang and played himself into the hearts of the Grand...
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- What is your best summer memory?

– My best summer memory is when I took the first girl I was in প্রণয় for Daisy. I took her to Daisy, because I knew she was going to sit up to me when we would take the timber chute.

– What kind of relationship do আপনি have for the summer?

– I like summer when it rains. I am a white Russian, আপনি know, so I'm a sucker for melancholy and nostalgia. Also, I like to see the sunset in the summer.

– Which summer memory would আপনি rather have done without?

– It was when I was at the Daisy, and it was closed when I and my buddy came up there. I was sorry the...
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Swedish lyrics

"Jag Föddes Ur Havet"

Lyrics: Mats Paulson

Jag föddes ur havet
vid vindarnas lek
och väcktes i vågornas dans
och spolades upp
på গর্ত grönskande strand
och visste med ens att jag fanns.

Jag kände mig hungrig,
då åt jag mig mätt
av frukter som föll i min hand.
Men oron blev stor
för kommande da’r,
som levande känner ibland.

Nu lyssnar jag tryggt
till de lugnande slag
som endast mitt hjärta kan ge.
Jag räknar ej längre
de tider som flyr,
jag fruktar ej vad som ska ske.


Innesluten i jordens famn
ska Du alltid vara!

Vem Du är
och vad Du är
behöver ingen förklara.

Tiden går
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Interview – “Down Town” magazine 7/6/2009

«I would like to be in Greece all the time»

Q: How do আপনি feel after your victory?

A: My feelings have changed a little since that day. But when I was on stage, I was fully devoted to my plan. I knew someone would win, and I ব্যক্ত “why not me?”. When I won I felt relieved, not surprised.

Q: Your song has broken many records. Why do আপনি think it was loved দ্বারা so many different cultures?

A: Honestly, that’s strange… অথবা maybe just difficult to explain. It wasn’t supposed to be an international hit. It was only a song I wrote during my vacations....
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I’m listening to the songs of the trees
in the park a দিন in April
They whisper and আপনি can barely hear the words
but the tone is already there

It was only the wind that was blowing
And the sun that was প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে itself
But maybe most of all it was
A springday’s memory of you

Come near my হৃদয় come near
Under the greenaries sifting light
A bittersweet longing remains
A time in the rush of love

So forget your lonely moments
Here is my longing embrace
Come let us travel together
Far beyond memory and name

Beyond the borders of eternity
There we belong together
Yes it was the wind that was blowing
In the trees a দিন in April
posted by Alexhelen24
Alexander Rybak greeted Joralf and Signe Gjerstad before the সঙ্গীতানুষ্ঠান in Snåsa church, where the grandson Ingvild Jorstad also played.

In the middle of the Eurovision Song Contest final stages went to Alexander Rybak Snåsa to play for Joralf Gjerstad Assistance Fund.

- He is a good man and it is a pleasure to be
able to make up for such an event. Moreover, it was Angela Farrell who asked if I could put off the দিন for this trip and it made it even easier. She was my first mentor, "said Rybak, while he signed the autograph hunters past Snåsa outside the church.

That it is the start of MGP-week...
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posted by jana-neso
Every night I rush to my bed
With hopes that maybe I'll get a chance to see you
When I close my eyes I'm going out of my head
Lost in a FAIRYTALE, can আপনি hold my hands and be my guide?

Clouds filled with stars cover the skies
And I hope it rains, you're the perfect lullaby
What kinda dream is this?

You could be a sweet dream অথবা a beautiful nightmare
Either way I don't wanna wake up from you
(Turn the lights on)

Sweet dream অথবা a beautiful nightmare
Somebody pinch me, your love's too good to be true
(Turn the lights on)

My guilty pleasure, I ain't going no where
Baby long as you're here I'll be floating on...
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