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Juliana_House posted on Mar 22, 2010 at 02:03AM
I figured it was time to have a fourm topic of "You know you're obsessed when" because they're SO much fun to read...partly because it's all true.

So I'll start with a few of my obsessions, and you can take it from here!


You know you're obsessed when...

1- You wear you're Mad Hatter hat any chance you get, (School, every time you watch Alice in theaters, shopping, ect)

2- You wear red and blue thimbles as fashion accessories

3- You have 2 weeks worth of Alice in Wonderland T-shirts that you constantly wear (you almost forgot you had other T-shirts that didn't have Tarrant, Iracebeth or Chessur on them)

4- Your poster of Tarrant hangs on the celing right above your bed. (Because there's no more room on the walls)

5- You could/can perfectly quote the movie after only 2 viewings.

6- You've somehow managed to find a HQ version, and play it on your iPod any chance you get

7- Other people ask you if you've seen the movie yet, then quickly take that back and ask you how MANY times you've seen it

8- You only draw Tarrant/Chessur in your doodles (or quotes from the movie)

9- You're constantly drinking tea *sips*

10- People fear for you're mental health (if you still have any sanity left, that is)

11- Your best friend has only seen it once and you wonder how you're still best friends

12- Your inviting your best friend over for the weekend to take her to see Alice in theaters again

13- You bought anything Alice you could lay your hands on (or afford at the time)

14- You saved up for March 5th for over a year so you COULD afford anything Alice related

15- Your parents still ended up paying for some of the Alice merch anyway (NOT my fault, the videogames were expensive)

16- You've lost count of how many times you've seen it. No matter HOW hard you tried to keep track

17- You wear your green Mad Hatter contacts every day

18- You're reading/writing one of these 'You know you're obsessed when'
 I figured it was time to have a fourm topic of "You know you're obsessed when" because they're SO muc
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বছরখানেক আগে Mysteriamoon said…
I have been thinking over a list like this for a couple of months now, so I have come up with quite alot of "obsessed" possibilities. I'll post some of the ones I've done.

19- You knew the story, characters, details, and trivia before the movie came out.
20- You dream of finding a way to Underland.
21- You freak out a little when you see anyone wearing clothing with red hearts on it.
22- You broke your bank at Hot Topic or the likes on merchandise from the movie.
23- Your favorite color changes to blue.
24- Your clothes stop matching.
25- You never brush your hair anymore.
26- You believe the hat pin is mightier than the sword.
27- You can spell and pronounce all the names from Underland.
28- Your Google alerts are set to tell you if someone in the world even mentions Alice in Wonderland once.
29- You can dance a Futterwacken. (Sort of...)
30- You speak fluent Outlandish. (Again, sort of...)
31- Your friends freak out every time they step into your bedroom – they are confronted by a huge, framed poster of the Mad Hatter.
32- You find some way to relate everything back to Alice in Wonderland.
33- You don’t eat Butterfingers bars anymore – Who knows what they’re actually made of?
34- You refer to your calendar as your “Orraculum.”
35- You spend all your free time on the Alice in Wonderland spot.
36- You curse in outlandish at anyone who says they hate Time Burton.
37- Your desktop wallpaper has something to do with Alice in Wonderland.
38- You are seriously thinking about changing your last name to “Hightopp.”
39- You want to study Dominion Over Living Things.
40- You memorize “The Jabberwocky” and recite it to anyone who will listen.

I have loads more, if anyone wants to know, but I think that's enough for this post.
বছরখানেক আগে HattersHat said…
I love this^^
So I imagined these ones

You know you're obsessed when...

41- The people around you know every detail of Alice in Wonderland even if they havn't seen it
42- You always wear a hat (even when you sleep)
43- You ask if you could have a Bandersnatch as a pet
44- You search for a white rabbit
45- Your only hobby is finding and making Alice fanwork (fanarts, fanfics, videos, ect)
46- You want a heart-shapes eyepatch
47- You're always ready to avoid flying teacups
48- You think you're life is only a dream
49- You tailored clothes for your pet (especially mouse or rabbit)
50- You never put down your hands
বছরখানেক আগে misanthrope86 said…
51- You decide that, when you have a child, you are going to call it "Tarrant", "Stayne" or "Absolem" if its a boy, or "Mirana", "Iracebeth" or "Mallymkun" for a girl.

52- If you already have children, you have officially changed their names to "Tarrant", "Stayne", "Absolem", "Mirana", "Iracebeth" and/or "Mallymkum".
বছরখানেক আগে Juliana_House said…
Haha, these are great guys, keep them going!
I have a few more to add to the list;

53- It has become your new #1 obsession (even topping your obsession you've had for the previous 7 years)

54- You were there when it was first announced and told everyone about it THAT day, even if they had no idea what you were rambling on about

55- You're airbrushing Tarrant for your Graphics art class (I'll post it if it turns out)

56- You watched it twice opening day

57- You spend sleepless nights praying to have a dream about Underland or one of it's inhabitants

58- You wish you were Alice

59- You spend hours talking to your poster of Tarrant (Hence the sleepless nights)

60- Even your teachers know how obsessed you are and let you know if they've seen it, just to see how you react. (Ironically, it was my Psychology teacher that did that to me)

61- You're investigating things that begin with the letter 'M'

62- You're looking for a NEW unanswerable riddle (because now everyone knows Why a Raven is like a Writing Desk)
বছরখানেক আগে xXSweeneyXx said…
63. You talk with a Scottish accent when you're angry
64. You talk about the characters like they're your friends
65. You compare people's appearences to characters (I saw I guy who looked JUST LIKE HAMISH this weekend)
66. Whenever you see someone with a big head you offer to hat it
67. You ruin your braces so you can have a gap between your front teeth like Tarrant
68. If you know a pair of twins you address them as "Tweedle Dee" and "Tweedle Dum"
69. Whenever you get mad at someone you scream "OFF WITH HIS/HER HEAD!"
70. You whistle the soundtrack nonstop
71. You've stopped killing bugs
বছরখানেক আগে Juliana_House said…
AHahaha, I don't know how I missed that one, I speak with a Scottish accent when I'm mad all the time!! HAhahaha, GREAT ones xXSweeneyXx!! =D

(And I actually had a Music teacher in Elementary School who is the spittin' image of Hamish)
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বছরখানেক আগে Mysteriamoon said…
72- You know all the lyrics to the songs on the “Almost Alice” CD.
73- You freak out when you meet someone who shares a name with a character from the movie. (That happened at an art show this last weekend. My dad introduced me to a photographer named Tarrant Scheuler. I was hyperventilating for the next hour or so, LOL.)
74- Your favorite sentence involves the words “Head,” and “Off with.”
75- Your friend, who has never seen the movie, can rattle off the names of the main characters, the names of the actors who played them, and the basic plotline going only on what you have told them.
76- You wish that you were small enough to travel by hat.
77- You find yourself repelled by anyone named “Hamish” or with the last name “Ascot.”
78- You look for a rabbit hole everywhere you go.
79- Most of your computer hard drive space is taken up by pictures from Alice in Wonderland.
80- People don’t ask you anymore what your favorite movie is. They already know the answer.
81- You take a lot of naps in hopes that you may dream yourself into Underland.
82- You brush your teeth a lot to get that perfect Chessur smile.
83- When you constantly ask yourself “Am I dreaming?”
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বছরখানেক আগে Juliana_House said…
Hahaha, Mysteriamoon, we must have been twins seperated at birth!! I can relate to almost every one of those (save for meeting a Tarrant)
I have another one to add

84- Your the first to find out when someone has watched Alice.

85- You drink 3 cups of tea a day (MINIMUM)

বছরখানেক আগে misanthrope86 said…
"63. You talk with a Scottish accent when you're angry"

HA HA HA! This is a GREAT one. I mean, they are all great, but this one made me cry laughing.
বছরখানেক আগে Mysteriamoon said…
I have loads more to add. These are just a few more. (Bear in mind that as well as considering things beginning with "M", I have been considering a list such as this for a while.)

86- You no longer consider it an insult to be called a dodo.
87- You sleep with the novelization or visual guide under your pillow. (Oh, I am so guilty of this one.)
88- You cease to understand the word “Impossible.”
89- You make a list every morning before breakfast of six impossible things you believe.
90- You are known as “That Alice in Wonderland Freak.”
91- You have read this far on the list.
92- You have printed out a copy of this list and are highlighting all the things you have done.
93- You get cravings for squimberry tarts, even though you have absolutely no idea what a squimberry is.
94- After your eye doctor says you can get contacts, the first thing out of your mouth is “Can I get crazy green ones?”
95- Your spellchecker hates you for typing names like “Mallymkun” and “Iracebeth” constantly.
96- Your mother takes all your Alice-related things away from you. And it is a fate worse than death.
97- You made a playlist on your computer of songs that are not officially related to Alice in Wonderland, but that remind you of the movie.
98- Your friends hate hearing you sing because you only ever sing one song anymore: “Twinkle, twinkle, little bat,...”
99- You are intent on proving your muchness.
100- No matter how many times you see the movie, the funny bits still are funny (and they keep getting more so).
বছরখানেক আগে Juliana_House said…
Ahahahaa, I love you. xD
বছরখানেক আগে HattersHat said…
"94- After your eye doctor says you can get contacts, the first thing out of your mouth is “Can I get crazy green ones?” "

too bad that my doctor said I'm only allowed to wear contacs for maximum one or two days a month *cries*

101- You mistrust every cat that walks by, it's possible it want to steal your hat
বছরখানেক আগে Mysteriamoon said…
One or two days a month?!? At that, I'd say "What's the point, then?"

I may or may not have done any of the following. I'll leave you to your common sense to decide which ones I am guilty of.

102- You wave at all the blue butterflies you see and say “Hello, Absolem!”
103- You now insist that all dragons are actually Jabberwockies.
104- You take a vow not to harm any living creature (though you are known to break it occasionally).
105- You have ruined many a watch dunking them in cups of tea.
106- You find yourself attracted to very tall people.
107- You have been expelled for trying to kill the school bully with the Vorpal Sword.
108- You grin at all the cats you meet in hopes that one of them will grin back.
109- You are known to jump down holes you see, and have at least once gotten in trouble for jumping down a manhole.
110- Your wardrobe has been taken over by Alice in Wonderland-themed clothing.
111- You build a Horunvendush Day memorial in your backyard.
112- You hold services there occasionally.
113- You confuse your friends with Absolem-like logic and advice.
114- You don’t buy hats anymore. Instead, you make them yourself.
115- You decorate a footstool with papier mache too look like a pig lying on its back.
116- You dye the swimming pool red and fill it with rubber heads.
117- You wear prosthetic ears/noses/chins/etc. so that you look like you came from the Red Queen’s court.
118- You won’t marry a lord no matter how nice he is, just because he’s a lord like Hamish.
119- You want to move to London.
120- All kinds of strange red marks seem to turn up on your hands and you have no idea how they got there.
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বছরখানেক আগে xXSweeneyXx said…
121. Whenever somebody describes something as "impossible" you reply "only if you believe it is".
122. Your signature pick-up line is "I like Largeness"
বছরখানেক আগে Juliana_House said…
123- You drink purple Kool-Aid and call it 'Blood of the Jabberwocky'
124- You start mumbling off random quotes from the movie in the middle of your art class
125- You freak out whenever someone mentions Alice in Wonderland
126- You actually TYPE with a Scottish accent whenever you're mad.
127- You've devloped a sudden fetish of men in kilts (Even if you already found it attractive before, it's even more so now)
128- You dreamt you were Alice
129- You listen to the soundtrack 20+ times a day
130- You start to cry when you realize that it will already be out on DVD soon! (*sniff* She just grew up SO fast)
 123- আপনি drink purple Kool-Aid and call it 'Blood of the Jabberwocky' 124- আপনি start mumbling off ra
বছরখানেক আগে Mysteriamoon said…
I have done all of the following.

131- You start calling a kid in your dance class Tarrant. (Seriously, this kid has the craziest natural red hair you will ever see in real life.)
132- You just about die of happiness when you find out that your cousin produced Coraline... Because that means she worked with Henry Selick, who directed The Nightmare Before Christmas AND KNOWS TIM BURTON!!! *Faints*
133- You crack up when you see a road sign for "Hightopp Drive".
134- You suggest that for next year's spring show, your dance class do a futterwacken.
135- Time has no meaning.
136- You saw the visual companion on a shelf at the library, and watched in horror as someone picked it up before you could get it. (She put it back, and my heart rate returned to normal. I grabbed it and took it to the checkout desk before she could think about it twice.)
137- You have a crick in your neck from sleeping with the visual guide, novelization, and visual companion under you pillow.
138- You literally wore out your CD of Almost Alice. (No joke.)
139- Your brother got a kick to the shin for saying that Alice in Wonderland is stupid.
বছরখানেক আগে tournesol said…
140.-Tarrant is a name you're actually considering for your future son
141.- you start to jump into every hole in town!
বছরখানেক আগে xxLovettxx said…
142-At any chance you get you manage to quote something from Alice in Wonderland.
143-Speak with a lisp like some of the characters in the film.
144-Have persuaded your sister to change her name to Mirana and if you dont have a sister you've adopted your best friend as your new sister and persuaded her instead :D
145-Scream when you see anything Alice in Wonderland related.
146-When you get a house, you are going to call it Underland.
147-The Alice in Wonderland DVD no longer works because you have watched it too many times... O_o
148-Ask for a pet Jabberwocky/bandersnatch.
149-Have attempted to paint a cat with blue strips so that it resembles chesh.
150-Have named your cat Chesh.
151-Whenever you see a cat you expect it to start talking and then evapourate!
বছরখানেক আগে BurtonWannaBe said…
OMG!!! I love this.

152-(related to 149)Have ACTUALLY dyed your cat grey with blue strips.
153-Argue with your cat about whose fault something is.
154-Tried to make a potion to make your cat disappear.
155-Dyed your hair an unnatural orange and painted your face white with all Hatter's make-up.
156-Have taken your father's old dress cloths and fixed them up to match Hatter's.(I have sadly done this and i make him wear them since they are to big for me)
157-Have thought of every way for all Alice in Wonderland names to apear on a licence plate.
158-Treasure your Alice merchadise as national treasures.
159-Have, literally, argued with your art teacher aboout how good the movie is. AND WON!!!
160-Will not let anyone touch your Alice DVD, even your own mother.
161-Have started to wear your make-up like Iracebeth, Tarrant, or Mirana.
162-Will not even speak with your brother/sister until they watch the movie.
163-All your school projects become Alice based.
164-You have filled up an entire drawing pad with Alice in Wonderland drawings. (A 50 sheet book!)
165-Have sold other movie merchandise to be able to buy Alice merchandise. (I no longer own anything Twilight)
166-Refuse to believe any movie is beter then Alice, including Avatar.
167-Have already made plans to legally change your name to Alice Kingshliegh, move to London, and search for that rabbit hole. And hopefully find a man named Tarrant Highttop.
168-Yell at your computer because you can't finish the PC Alice game.
169-Have beaten the DS Alice game in one night and still continue to play it. (I have played it over 20 times and never get tired of it)
170-Have actually read the original Lewis Carrol Alice's Adventures in Wonderland because of the movie.
171-Have read every fanfic on the movie, no matter the rating or paring.
172-Want to paint your entire house in Underland themes.
173-Have spent four days of no sleep working on a miniture Underland.(My friend did this)
174-Walk around with a Mad Hatter plushy, either bought or made.
175-Have an altar dedicated to Tim Burton and his genius.(No I don't have one but I've seen one)
176-Always wear your pair of Hatter earrings with anything and freak when you've forgotten them.
177-Demanded an Alice in Wonderland birthday cake with figurines and everything.
178-Can actually figure out where the movie is by just the music while in a different room.
179-Have started embrodering Alice characters in everything you own.
180-Bought the Blue-ray/DVD/Travel combo pack even though you don't have a Blue-ray player just to have all three copies of the movie.
181-Are trying to convice your parents to get a Blue-ray player just to be able to watch Alice in Wonderland and the Futterwaken.
182-Have come up with an entire themepark based on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and can describe it to anyone who asks. (I have sadly spent days thinking about every detail for this)
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বছরখানেক আগে xXSweeneyXx said…
LOL @ 181-Are trying to convice your parents to get a Blue-ray player just to be able to watch Alice in Wonderland and the Futterwaken.

I convinced my parents to get a Blu-Ray just so I could watch Alice in Wonderland. I was successful :D
বছরখানেক আগে BurtonWannaBe said…
You are lucky! My parents still wont!
বছরখানেক আগে RaiAcing said…
183-You start calling your friends and family by the names of the characters
বছরখানেক আগে adieee said…
184 - (continuing 183) you freak out when they won't answer to the names you've given them
185 - You have changed your name to one of the characters' and won't answer to any other name
বছরখানেক আগে ShadowIngram said…
185- You can fluently repeat the Hatter's list of hats.
186- You repeat the list any possible opportunity.
187- Your friends are now sick of hearing the list of hats.
(All three of those are totally me!)
188- You know the full recipe for Pishsalver.
189- You are constantly trying to find the recipe for Upelkuchen.
190- You wrote a story based on Alice in Wonderland.
191- Every time someone asks if you're alright, you answer: "Size. Fez. I'm fine." (Me again!)
192- Your favourite word is now "fez".
193- You are attempting to create your own Alice LEGO sets. (I'll have to admit to this one)
194- No one knows what in Underland you're talking about when you say "Off with the bloody big head!"
195- You constantly shout: "You're late for your soup ya wee besom!"
196-You've noticed that there is no red or white kings in the movie and wonder why the game hasn't ended yet.
197- You laugh derisively when the term "Aunt Alice" turns up in The Battle For Rondo.
198- You stick a tag onto your drink bottle reading "Drink Me".
199- You constantly compare any knife to the Vorpal Sword.
200-You celebrate Frabjous Day.
201- The phrase "mad as a hatter" brings new meaning into your life.
বছরখানেক আগে ttyla said…
202- you've confiscated the DVD to make 500+ screen caps of Tarrant Hightopp... And you still aren't done...
203- you are embarrassed whenever some one claims you're obsessed with Tarrant
204- you then become proud that you have memorized all the lines of the movie
205- you are now bragging that you are obsessed with the movie, Alice in Wonderland
206- you've reached this far in the list and you are still wanting to add to the list
207- you have actually ADDED 'you know your obsessed with Alice in Wonderland when' to the list
208- you have this forum as your favorites on Fanpop and check it regularly for more list updates.
বছরখানেক আগে ttyla said…
209- you have used your computer microphone to record the movie, audio only
210- (continuation) you transfer that to your MP3 Player/ Ipod
211- (continuation) you put the track of AIW on repeat and play it 24/7, even while your sleeping
212- (continuation) your mother confiscates the MP3 Player/ iPod because you listen to it non-stop.
213- (continuation) you realize your mother just did you the biggest favor ever: you now dream again every night and have renewed opportunity to dream of your favorite AIW characters.
·4 মাস আগে extrameggs said…
on the off chance that someone sees this godforsaken thread:
214 - you can make tarrant and time sing, using utau and what you can grab off the internet
(i have links to these covers, if you like)
215- you have imaginary friends of these characters
216 - you have bought a skin in some video game that reminds you of them (mad hatter shaco...)
(now everyone thinks im flexing with paying money for it... pay 2 win, kek.)
217 - even after 9 years and that wack movie adaptation, you are still here
218 - you looked at this message