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(June 6, 2011)

The first ten মিনিট of my drive, I couldn't see shit because I was crying too hard. It's a miracle that I didn't crash my CO's four hundred and fifty thousand dollar Ferrari 599 GTO. After that though, my eyes were clear enough for me to see.
Once I got out of the massive amount of traffic near Harborview, I made a phone call.
ring ring "Answer dammit!" ring ring
He picked up. "Hello?"
"Hello?!" I ব্যক্ত hurriedly. "Jon?"
"Yeah," he ব্যক্ত slowly.
"It's Colby! Scar ran out on me! She ব্যক্ত she was going to your house. Have আপনি gotten a call from her?"
"She ran out on you? What happened?"
"Do আপনি remember about a week পূর্বে when I told আপনি that I sedated Scar because she was depressed?"
"Yeah?" he said.
"She knows."

The conversation went dead after that. He couldn't think of anything to say and I didn't need to say more. After a few মিনিট of silence over the phone, we both hung up.
I made a সেকেন্ড phone call, this one to the Seattle Police Department.
In a few minutes, I had arranged a police escort that would stay with me until they fell behind.
Five মিনিট later, four Code Three police cars got on the highway and caught up to me. Two of them stationed themselves on my twelve and the other two on my six.

As long as we were in the city, we maintained a steady 120 miles per hour, the sirens and lights clearing a path for us through the traffic.
Once we left the city limits, I flashed my lights at the two in front. The one on the left dropped back to level with my window.
"I'm punching it. Try to keep up," I yelled over to him.
He nodded over to me and got on the radio. The other car in front of me dropped level with me on the other side.
I downshifted from 6th to 3rd and floored it. The howl of the twin-turbo V12 engine filled the কেবিন and the Ferrari jumped forward.
I hit redline at eight thousand RPM and 150 mph and pulled the paddle. The F1 gearbox upshifted in one hundred milliseconds.
The Ferrari 599 GTO pulled away from the cop cars in no time at all.
In the mirror, I saw them switch off their lights and slow.
"That was fast," I muttered under my breath, even though no one could hear me.
I shifted again.

The 599 GTO's claimed শীর্ষ speed was past 220, and I was pushing 230 as I hauled গাধা down the highway. The echoing howl of the Ferrari's V12 preceded us, but just barely.
I had suckered my iPhone to the Ferrari's dash, and it was open to the meebo app. I was talking to alphakate21 and Jon on it, because Scar was completely ignoring every message I sent her.
It was through them that I got status নবীকৃত তথ্য on what was going on.

I had been driving for 45 minutes, when I realized that I was almost out of fuel. I had just passed a gas station, and since I didn't know when the পরবর্তি one would be, I planted the brake pedal to the floor. The carbon ceramic brakes bit down and didn't let go, hauling the car down to 20 from 230. Even through the tinted windows, I could see the ground in the red glow from the front brake discs.
I pulled into the station and pulled up to a pump. I started pumping the fuel, 99 octane, and ran inside to grab something that would keep me awake, settling on a NOS energy drink and a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. I paid and went back to the car, where a trio of teenagers were taking ছবি of it.
I dropped into the seat, blipped the throttle to humor the kids, and pulled away. I heard their cheering and smiled softly.

The Ferrari screamed through Donner Pass, pulling 2 lateral G's around the corners. I felt as though I was being crushed into the side panels.

An ঘন্টা after the gas station stop, my phone rang. I flicked my eyes to it and did a double take at the contact. It was Scar!
I answered it instantly.
"Scar!" I yelled happily.
"Slow your roll, dude," she snapped at me. "I'm just calling to tell আপনি that the train engine tipped over. আপনি caught a lucky break here."
She hung up.
I shouted with exultation and slowed the car. Then sped it right back up as I realized that it could potentially be a trick. Hell অথবা high water, I was going to get her back.

20 মিনিট later, I got another call, this time from alphakate21. I answered it, hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.
"She wants আপনি back!" alphakate21 yelled into the phone.
"I know she hates me," I said, not understanding at first. "But why call- what?"
"She wants আপনি back!" alphakate21 repeated excitedly. I scarcely dared to believe my ears.
"Are আপনি sure?" I demanded.
"Pretty sure. She was crying when she ব্যক্ত it, plus she ব্যক্ত that she felt terrible for doing this to you."
I hit the horn in celebration. The signature Ferrari sound echoed through the tunnel.
At that point I was 40 miles from where I had to be.

I punched the gas and pushed the Ferrari to its limits. There was one instance where all four of my tires হারিয়ে গেছে their grip and I slid towards the edge. They regained it just in time and I was able to correct the car's trajectory before I careened off the edge.

12 মিনিট later, I was a mile from the station. I dialed Scar's phone and she picked up on the সেকেন্ড ring.
"Scar?" I ব্যক্ত softly.
"Hey, Colby," she ব্যক্ত dejectedly.
"I'm almost there."
"Okay," she said. "Listen, I'm sorry about-"
"Scar, save it. I don't want any apologies. This was my fault."
I hung up then, determined to get there.

I pulled into the lot at 60, saw her, and slammed on the brakes. I left the car running, pushed the door open, and leapt out. I got down on my knees and Scar ran into them. I scooped her up in my arms and sat there, leaning on the car. She buried her face in my shirt, and, trembling, I stroked her fur. I saw her tail wagging happily, but I focused on her face.
She looked up at me, tears in her eyes.
"I'm so sorry, baby," she wailed. I shushed her and cradled her in my arms. We sat there for আরো than an ঘন্টা until she had calmed down.
When she had, I carried her to the passenger side of the Ferrari and put her in the side seat. I was overjoyed to have my Alpha back and ব্যক্ত so. She smiled at me and we drove the 30 miles from the train station to my প্রথমপাতা in Kettle Falls.
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Well I guess I have a wanna be on my hands. He Goes দ্বারা the name of HumphreyWolfAlpha on ফেসবুক and on গুগুল +. Here is the link to his page, if আপনি are a friend of mine for some reason it wont প্রদর্শনী his পরিলেখ but if any of আপনি make it through প্রতিবেদন him for fraud. Hes tricking many people into thinking hes me and thats wrong for them!! www.facebook.com/Mitsi1991 I dont like that fact that hes tricking everyone into thinking hes me... Its not fair to আপনি guys if আপনি want something to draw and আপনি ask the wrong guy.
Oh gosh this is really old and I made it when I was pretty sad.. but I still like the song and I think it fits the movie a bit.. so yeah here it is.
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