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 Humphrey7 Omega Edition
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My new OS :3
Humphery picked kate up in his paws and ran the other direction of the circle. The wizard that humphery threw 5 ft away started to get up and started to run to humphery. Humphery started to run faster and that is when his paws started to inch there way off the ground."I can fly!?", so humphery jumped with all his force and shot up into the sky leaving a trail of dust. The dust made the wizard trip on a rock and face planted into the dirt. Humphery flew through the sky like a jet, holding his প্রণয় in his paws. Kate started to wake up and see humphery flying with her in his paws.
"humphery you...
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Humphrey and I continued walking towards the mountain, Paddy and Marcel mentioned. Humphrey kept asking if he could carry me again, and every time I told him I was fine, he would always look disappointed, as if there was something about caring me, that he enjoyed. But wasn't thinking about why. I was too busy asking if my feeling last night, were true, was I falling in প্রণয় with Humphrey? It was a very strange thought, I never expected myself to be feeling. But I decided I was thinking too much, and shook out of it.

We continued walking for quite a while. Neither of us said...
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Kate sniffed the dank air. Foggy air twirled around her, creating mini whirlwinds. She stood up, shifting her muzzle to the ground. Sticky paw steps broke the eerie silence as Kate padded over to Humphrey. His eyes were narrowed into mere slits.

"I just don't understand this weather. It's disgusting; never has it been this bad in seasons!" Humphrey exclaimed.

Kate ব্যক্ত nothing, but nodded solemnly. A slight mist started to fall from the sky. It became thicker; turning into fluffy snowflakes. Patches of white replaced the puddles from the after-melt. There was an endless cycle: snow, slush, and...
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Well guys I'm back and I guess I'll add to another story because I've completely forgotten where I was going with HIM(The Humphrey in Me), Goodbye Pack, and the Brotherhood. So what I will do is start from scratch and make a new thing which sort of involves wolves....They're werewolves.....And it's for a জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা I am actually deciding to create and might get published. (Have a artist as a friend....long story.) But since my pack here loves me...I thought it would be a good idea....But I want to know what আপনি brothers and sisters have to say....I don't mind if আপনি don't want me to...It's just easier because with each story I get feedback and I get better and better! So মতামত with your thoughts...I really really would appreciate it ^.^
I want to speak about characters персанажей animated Membranula А&О. In this part 1 (mum Kate).Это will pay attention on Willows, a she-wolf have for certain drawn attention of many spectators.
In a film it প্রদর্শনী as very good mother who is ready to intercede for the child. I wouldn't tell that in it bad character, is not, it simply differs from others. This character is very interesting দ্বারা behavior in various situations. For example, when her daughter Kate, it disappears, it is ready зделать all to find it. But when Kate (alpha) declares that (omega) that Eve has fallen in প্রণয় in Hamfri faints.
Sense of all this useless history in that, it is not necessary to judge people on one act!
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Source: Credit is here: http://ironarmygeneral.deviantart.com/
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Runt slowly got his sences back he did not know were he was
he smelled blood,drugs,and sick people
he found that he was in the hospial
the pack had advanced alot in technology
runt couldent feel his arm
your ok" stinky exclamed
what happend"runt asked
আপনি um আপনি হারিয়ে গেছে your arm" stinky studderd
what"runt ব্যক্ত looking at his arm
he saw a steel arm were his used to be
there is some one who wants to see you"stinky said
it was tasha runts girlfreind
Runt your ok" Tasha said
yeah if ok is a missing fucking arm" runt ব্যক্ত getting up
um Tasha i wanna know if um" runt হারিয়ে গেছে is words
what is it" tasha ব্যক্ত in her french accent (she was french not like marcel i meen real french)
will আপনি um marrie me"runt ব্যক্ত the thing he wanted to say sence he met tasha 4 years পূর্বে
yes i have been waiting for আপনি to say that" tasha said

the end for now
its really short but it is important
Song: "Day of the Dead" দ্বারা Hollywood Undead Hollywood Undead released a new song yesterday, and immediately, I thought it would fit A&O4. Overall, I like the result. If আপনি watch this, let me know what আপনি think.
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Here's Part 4. Mood roller-coaster is ahead so keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times. Enjoy.

Princess' POV

I woke up that morning in a bad mood from yesterday's events. It made me feel awful yelling at Hutch even though he didn't do anything to deserve it. The frustration of him telling me to talk with King just made me snap at him. I wanted to say I was sorry to Hutch when he woke up.

Realizing that a walk might help me clear my mind, I decided to head out of the den. I was parched so, I decided to head to the pond for a quick drink. The scenery sort of helped me relax, but I still...
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It didn't take long for us to hold off the Snow Wolve's counterattack, they had been unorganized and un-coordinated. "That'll প্রদর্শনী them!" Exclaimed Humphrey as the Snow নেকড়ে retreated. I had not seen him until now, so I approached him to talk. "Uh, hello there, আপনি are Humphrey right?" I asked, I had to be sure because, it's messed up to say but, grey নেকড়ে look really alike sometimes. "Yes, that's my name, don't wear it out!" He answered in a giddy tone. And that told me that he must be in a good mood. "I'm new here, names Connor. But I think আপনি must have heard about me from Kate, and...
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