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The ship was all normal finally, silence and relaxation has returned. There was nothing but the beautiful view of space. I kicked back and just closed my eyes in the chair I was sitting in, slowly falling asleep.

“Roxanne. Wake up. We are approaching the Klingon প্রথমপাতা world.” Harrison gently shook me.

“Wha-….What? I was asleep that long?” I wiped my eyes.

“You knocked out cold. আপনি were snoring.”

I began to blush like a mature tomato….”I do apologize about that”

“I am going to fly down. I need আপনি to stay stealthy. And I will ask আপনি to pick me up when I am done. Got it?”...
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“See…Look, It appears exactly like you’re sister.”

“I can’t believe that….What if it’s a trap?”

“It isn’t, just sequence it to come out.”

“I can’t do that….” অস্থি crossed his arms and looked at his commander.

“Open it now! It is an order.” Jim pointed his finger at Bones.

“Fine. Okay….” অস্থি messed with the tube, until a release lever made a noise.

“There are আপনি happy? Let’s just hope she doesn’t kill us.”

My vision finally came back as I awoke out a deep sleep, suddenly all my thoughts returned to my head and I panicked. “John?! John?!”...
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posted by ObsessedAly
This portion Follows after তারকা Trek Into Darkness- So if আপনি haven’t seen the movie আপনি might be a little confused.

“Bones….come here”

“Yes captain? What is it?”

“I was looking at the Chirotubes, one of these just looks strangely weird.”

“What are আপনি talking about?”

“I think one of those tubes has your sister in it…”

“She was pronounced dead দ্বারা the Admiral. I went to her funeral!”

“I understand আপনি Mccoy…but আপনি have to trust me. Come on. I need to check and make sure it is really her.”

“Captain. That part is under lock down….”

“Just…Trust me, please.”

“Fine. But just so আপনি know, I don’t believe আপনি one bit.”

“You always have little faith in me Bones.”
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When my vision finally came back, I noticed I was in a really cold room. “John?”

“I am here.”

“What’s going on?” I looked around and saw a bunch of tubes with people in them.”

“This is my crew. I have something to tell you…My real name isn’t John Harrison. It is Khan Noonien Singh. I am one of these crew members, I am 300 years old. The admiral awoke me to make better weaponry for him, since I am intelligent. I must put আপনি with them, So I may keep আপনি safe.”

“What is that? I have never seen such a thing.”

“This here, It is a chirotube, it basically freezes you...
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“Excuse আপনি for what?! আপনি are compromising my best. আপনি know what? This here, whatever is going on between the both of you. It will stop now.” The admiral threatened.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” John defended.

“Look at you! You’ve changed because of her. আপনি aren’t the same anymore.”

“I am still the same man. I just never showed আপনি my brighter side.”

“Well say goodbye to your girl John. আপনি will not see her anymore, in fact never again.”

“No! I will. আপনি are wrong Admiral.”

“John! Stop. It’s not worth endangering the baby…” I shook his arm.

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A few months passed দ্বারা as we worked on building the torpedoes, I began to get quite hungry all the time, I started to throw up in the mornings, I was really moody, and then I realized. John and I never did that stuff safely, I was really scared.

“John….I am gonna go to the store and grab some things. Anything আপনি want?”

“No. I will be working. Be careful.”

I kissed him as I headed off to the drug store, I began to feel excited and scared at the same time. Having a baby. That would be something to see.

As I entered the store, I grabbed a pregnancy test, the আরো expensive accurate...
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posted by ObsessedAly
As we approached Earth I questioned a lot of things to myself…How did I end up with this guy? Why is all this happening to me? Why does he want me?

“Roxanne. When we land, I would like to প্রদর্শনী আপনি something.” John explained.

“Oh cool, alright.”

“I hope আপনি will like it.”

“I am sure I will…..Hey John…you have been অভিনয় strange. I mean, আপনি never would strike me as the kind of guy who was loving.”

“There is a side to everyone we don’t know. And certain people get to see those sides.”

“Why do আপনি care for me so much?”

“I care for আপনি because, I saved you, It...
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posted by ObsessedAly
“I’m sorry.” John apologized to me.

“Why are আপনি sorry?”

“For what just happened. I didn’t mean to be pushy.”

“You weren’t.” I hugged him tightly. “So what now?”

“We are headed back to Earth in which we will build torpedoes for the admiral. I have acquired the necessary ingredients for it.”

“What will আপনি have me doing?”

“Just hand me to the tools for it.”

“Sounds good…I think I might shower.”

“Allow me to check the shower. So I know it is safe.”

“Hehe, okay John. I see where আপনি are going with this.”

I began to undress myself as we entered...
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“Quickly now. We need to move.” John grabbed my hand.

“How are we getting out of this hell hole?”

“We need to hi-jack a ship. But first to get the ingredients….stay here while I go get them.”

“Ok—okay…I will just hide in this corner.”

As মিনিট passed by, I listened to the sound of shooting, and watched our old ship blow up into pieces as the Klingon ships headed down to their planet.

Where are আপনি John? They are coming back down….as I thought to myself…… weird voices echoed louder and louder.

Oh no….they found me. The voices began to get louder and louder. Then...
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“Oh my…..what do I do?” I just watched John patiently wait outside.

The enemy ship landed onto the ফ্রোজেন platform, John was hiding behind a icy rock to ambush the aliens. A few of them walked out a moment later, holding huge guns…As for me…..I have never been this far out in space, so I had no clue as to who they were.

Those aliens began speaking in strange tongues I never heard before, John just hastily stared into them, he didn’t respond, the aliens yelled and out and started to shoot at our ship. John leaped from over the rock and they all started fighting each other.

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“It will be about half a দিন to reach Kronos.” Announcing to Harrison.

John just nodded his head to me.

“Would it be alright if I took a shower?”

“Go ahead. And wear this when আপনি get out.” He handed me one of his black মহাকাশ fleet shirts.

“Thank you.”

This ship wasn’t too large, so there was little room for privacy, I shut the curtain in from the front of the ship and undressed then switched on the water to a little before the H since I always liked my showers very hot….as I stepped in, the water just ran down my head, very soothing, trying to relax and take everything in....
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“So what exactly are we going to do work on?”

“We are going to follow the Admirals orders and complete these tasks he asks of. First off we are going to perfect a new ship……. Now let us be going.”

“But what role do I play in this? I don’t know a thing about ships অথবা how they work. I just know how to fly them.”

“Well, since আপনি are so curious…You will be assisting me on whatever is needed.”

“But আপনি don’t seem like the kind of guy who needs assisting. আপনি are Superhuman like আপনি told me before. There is no need for me.”

“Two heads are better than one. Still, it...
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“HEY YOU!! Stop running! That’s mine!” I furiously yelled at this unstoppable man.
Of course, all he did was turn his neck and glare at me and today of all days, I would so happen to lose one of the most important things to me….just perfect.

I picked up my legs and forced myself to run after someone who is probably miles ahead of me দ্বারা now, well maybe I exaggerated it a bit. The sky was just perfect, the temperature was quite chilly though. There was a billion buildings I had to run though just to get to this guy. Everyone I passed দ্বারা gave me dirty looks.

Turning the corner, using my...
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Character's Full Name: Roxanne Dakota Lancaster
Reason অথবা Meaning of Name: Roxanne meaning: Dawn
Dakota meaning: Friend
Nickname: Roxy
Reason for Nickname: Best friend in high school nicknamed her
Birth Date: Thursday, September 10, 2236 (story takes place in 2259)


Age: 23
Height: 5’ 4
Weight: 120 lbs
Race: Caucasian/ Scottish/ Spainish
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Body Type/Build: Skinny- with curves
Skin Tone: Tanned
Shape of Face: Round
Ears: Small
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown with blonde highlights
Hairstyle: Long- touching the lower stomach
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