Hi Am Drag fans, I'm planning to start a campaign to save American Dragon series, but first I'm forming a team to lead this campaign. We will launch an online petition to fight for a new season and we will have a ফেসবুক page, an Instagram account and a website to promote the petition. This petition is gonna be huge, since we'll be aiming for 50,000+ signatures.

It's been আরো than 8 years since the প্রদর্শনী got cancelled, but the প্রণয় and momentum of fighting for a new season from Am Drag অনুরাগী never faded away. And our goal is to give the অনুরাগী what they have been fighting for: a new season and an official ডিজনি American Dragon ফেসবুক page. This campaign will be a long run, which might take months অথবা even years to accomplish, but we will be working as a team to support each other and it will be a valuable experience in leadership and teamwork for all of us.

If আপনি want to take part as a leader অথবা have any questions, please যন্ত্রপত্র me at saveADJLteam@gmail.com

P/s: I'm currently an admin of the Golden Age ডিজনি Channel page with 37k fans, which can help promote this campaign. And soon, we will be creating our own ফেসবুক page to promote this campaign.

Best regards!