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Amy is a two timer who likes to two time.I DID NOT MAKE THIS was uploaded by:SsSoutlaw4SsS,but was found on newgrounds
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On the দিন in Planet Mobius Sonic is going on the তারিখ with Amy. When the evening comes Sonic have to get the romantic rose for Amy and Sonic was ready for the তারিখ with Amy. 20 min. later Sonic was coming to pick up Amy from her house and go to the restaurant in Station Square. 1 ঘন্টা later Sonic went back প্রথমপাতা from Station and take Amy প্রথমপাতা and give her a চুম্বন and say "Good night, Amy and I প্রণয় আপনি soo much."

In the morning, Sonic was saying Good Morning to Amy and they went to the ভোজনকারী for breakfast and 1 ঘন্টা and 30 min. later they went back প্রথমপাতা and have fun.
 Amy Rose
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