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Travel to Naboo

A= Anakin Skywalker
P= Padmé Amidala
O= Obi-Wan Kenobi
D= Dormé
T= Captain Typho

Part 1
T: Be safe, Milady.
P: Thank আপনি captain. Take good care of Dormé.
The threat’s on আপনি two now.
D:(cries)He’ll be নিরাপদ with me.
P: You’ll be fine.
D: It’s not me, Milady. I’m worry about you.
What if they realize আপনি left the capital?
P: Well, then my Jedi protector will have
to prove how good he is.
O: Anakin, don’t do anything without first
consulting either myself অথবা the council.
A: Yes, Master.
O: I’ll get to the bottom of this quickly, Milady.
You’ll be back here in no time.
P: I’ll...
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স্টার ওয়ার্স
আনাকিন স্কাইওয়াকার
padme amidala
hayden christensen
নাটলি পোর্টম্যান
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Fireside Revelation...

A= Anakin Skywalker
P= Padmé Amidala

part 1

A: And when I got to them,
we went into aggressive negotiations.
P: “Aggressive negotiations”? What’s that?
A: Well, negotiations with a lightsabre.
P: (laughs)
Anakin moves Padmé’s নাশপাতি with the force,
then cuts it in two…

A: If Master Obi-Wan caught me doing this,
he’d be very grumpy.
gives the one half back to her.
(both of them smile)

part 2

A: From the moment I met you…
all those years ago…
not a দিন has gone দ্বারা when I haven’t thought of you.
And now that I’m with আপনি again…
I’m in agony.
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Soothing Presence...

A= Anakin Skywalker
P= Padmé Amidala

A: Don’t go.
P: I don’t want to disturb you.
A: You’re presence is soothing.
P: আপনি had another nightmare last night.
A: Jedi don’t have nightmares.
P: I heard you.
A: I saw my mother.
She’s suffering, Padmé.

I saw her as clearly as I see আপনি know.
She’s in pain.
A: I know I’m disobeying my mandate
to protect you, Senator…
but I have to go. I have to help her.
P: I’ll go with you.
A: I’m sorry. I don’t have a choice.

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 Padmé warmly greets Anakin as she walks into the sitting room of their apartment
Padmé warmly greets Anakin as she walks into the sitting room of their apartment
Padmé walked back into her apartment she had been sitting outside on her private veranda for the past hour, reflecting on all the events that had unfolded in the last few days.

She knew that her future with Anakin was going to be difficult but she had faith that their strong প্রণয় would get them through anything.

As she was getting nearer to the sitting room she took off her black জরি শাল that she had draped around her shoulders and folded it in her arms.

She was wearing a জরি pale navy blue dress with embroidered jewels on it.

Her dark coiled brown hair was pulled up into two intricate buns...
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