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posted by kellyclarkson12
Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds মহাকাশ is the fourth installment to the Angry Birds series. The release তারিখ was on March 22, 2012. It was first announced on the Angry Birds মহাকাশ page.
SPLASHES SHEET 2Angry Birds মহাকাশ লোড হচ্ছে Screen



The first posters before the Press Release first appeared in February 17, 2012. The very first poster featured a full sized page of the Super Red Bird along with the first video in the 16th. After the trailer, they released the সেকেন্ড trailer on the 23rd প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে two astronauts on a slingshot. Then in the 24th with the third trailer...
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We announced back in July that Angry Birds Trilogy was coming to major gaming consoles, and the wait is now over! That’s right, আপনি can now fling birds on the big screen if আপনি have XBox 360, PlayStation 3, অথবা (on the slightly-smaller) নিন্টেডো 3DS. The release is slightly overshadowed দ্বারা the upcoming release of Bad Piggies, but it is still big news. There is a trailer coming soon, and আরো can be found info at trilogy.angrybirds.com, including লিঙ্ক to purchase.

Here’s what we know immediately:

This is a single gaming কার্তুজ that contains the majority of levels from the original Angry...
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আপনি might have already noticed that this week’s Angry Birds বন্ধু Tournament is a bit different from the পূর্ববর্তি ones. If not, let me explain. This week we are being treated to a special, “Lotus F1 Team” Tournament. Not only does the tournament include four brand new racing-inspired levels, but there are also 60 prizes up for grabs! One of those prizes is Kimi Räikkönen’s racing suit. If you’re not a racing অনুরাগী don’t fret, just play the levels for fun and bragging rights!

Participating is simple: Once আপনি complete all four levels a congratulatory box will come up. Enter your যন্ত্রপত্র address to enter the drawing. “Sixty winners will be chosen from players who ‘Like’ the Lotus F1 Team ফেসবুক অনুরাগী page.” In other words, it sounds like it’s a যেভাবে খুশী drawing and not a competition based around your total score.
 Angry Birds Season Haunted Hogs Main Screen
Angry Birds Season Haunted Hogs Main Screen
Boooo! We broke the news of this update first. Angry Birds Seasons v3.0.0 is now available for iOS, PC, and Android via গুগুল Play, with আরো platforms coming soon. The update includes a brand new episode called, “Haunted Hogs”, which appears inside a new, “Seasons 3″ group. In typical Seasons fashion this looks to be a spooktacular update. Without further ado, let me jump into the gory details.

This update includes

30 new levels that take আপনি deep inside a haunted mansion. Did one of those spooky paintings in the background just blink at me? Run!!!! Ahhhh!! Vampire-pigs, Fraken-pigs,...
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A long time পূর্বে in a galaxy far, far away a bird chirped and forever shifted the balance of the force. Are আপনি prepared for what could be the biggest thing since the invention of the light saber?

It’s Official! New Info Emerges from the Dark Side

That didn’t take long! Looks like Fast Company will get the exclusive sneak peek at the forthcoming “Angry Birds তারকা Wars” game, which will include a huge line up of licensed products. The most notable nugget is that Angry Birds তারকা Wars will “hit devices” on October 28th (though there is some বিতর্ক on that). That’s right! It’s a native...
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Sound the alarm! Bad Piggies is now available for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC! Take a deep breath because there is a lot, and we mean A LOT, of information to outline (consider this our exhaustive guide to this amazing game). If you’re eyes have already glazed over, অথবা আপনি had too much বেকন for breakfast (shame on you!), then watch the “First Look” video above. It contains a lot of great info as well as a bunch of the actual gameplay. Okay, without further ado, let’s get started.


Like Angry Birds Space, Bad Piggies is launching simultaneously on multiple platforms. This is...
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If আপনি play Angry Birds Chrome, the past 60 days অথবা so have been absolutely outstanding. Today’s update marks the third update in less than two months, and adds two — count them: TWO — episodes to Seasons! আপনি can now play both Trick অথবা Treat and Mooncake Festival (the α and ω of the 2011 Seasons lineup, respectively).

Also included in this update is a direct link on the initial “Play” screen to Angry Birds বন্ধু on Facebook. A minor addition, but still notable, as Rovio continues to plug their ফেসবুক app.
Now that the Curiosity Rover has landed on Mars, we can get a firsthand look at what truly is happening on the Red Planet. Angry Birds মহাকাশ v1.3.0 has landed for iOS, PC, and Android via গুগুল Play, with other platforms coming soon. Don’t let the descriptions in the video confuse you: Even though Rovio reported (and continues to report) that the planet is “Coming this Fall“, apparently the seasons in Finland are a bit different than elsewhere in the world.

Attention মর্দানী স্ত্রীলোক Users: We have reports that the faultiness of মর্দানী স্ত্রীলোক versions of Angry Birds has continued. Most of our reports...
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A new collaborative promotion between Rovio and McDonald’s China is now available! This is a brand new web-based mini game called Angry Birds McDonald’s. আপনি can play this in most any modern web browser, excluding mobile and tablets, দ্বারা going to mcd.angrybirds.com. The game does require Flash.

You will have to register in order to unlock any levels beyond the first two. Easy enough…if আপনি speak and read Chinese. While we’re not native speakers, we have deciphered it well enough to provide আপনি with these instructions. To sign up, আপনি have to click on the bottom-right most button (just...
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 Angry Birds Season Winter Wonderham Main Screen
Angry Birds Season Winter Wonderham Main Screen
Happy Holidays, to one and to all. Welcome the Winter and say goodbye to the Fall. Be merry and happy, whatever the reasons. But do not miss this update to Seasons!

That’s right, the Winter Wonderham update to Angry Birds Seasons (v3.1.0) is now available for iOS, PC, NOOK Color, and Android via গুগুল Play and the মর্দানী স্ত্রীলোক Appstore. আরো platforms will be getting the update very soon. We were the first to নিশ্চিত this update, posting some GameCenter imagery about two weeks পূর্বে and exclusive Rovio-official details yesterday. This is Rovio’s third episode to celebrate the বড়দিন and holiday...
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Angry Birds Support “Freddie For A Day” with New অ্যানিমেশন & Honorary Character
দ্বারা Bird Leader | 33 Comments

It seems that the Angry Birds have a thing for Rock ‘n’ Roll these days (see Green Day). Rovio and Angry Birds have announced that they are supporters of the Mercury Phoenix Trust and Freddie For A Day, which takes place every বছর on September 5th and celebrates the life of legendary rocker Freddie Mercury. To kick things off Rovio has created a brand new অ্যানিমেশন which features “‘Freddie’ the Angry [yellow] Bird riding his bicycle to the famous কুইন track ‘Bicycle Race’”.

To further increase awareness, there will also be a limited-edition Freddie Mercury Angry Bird t-shirt (no link available yet). In addition, tonight there is a special fundraising event hosted দ্বারা কুইন members Brian May and Roger Taylor. Proceeds from the event go to the Mercury Phoenix Trust, which is helping fight AIDS worldwide.
Attention all Angry Birds Chrome masters! This has been a fantastic 30-ish days for you! Chrome has received its সেকেন্ড major update in less than a month. This new update adds Ham ‘em High and three new Chrome Dimension levels. The menu has also be slightly revamped (again), now including multiple pages to better fit the expansion…plus!…

ABN, now has a link under the “Extras” area! To any Rovio employees who see this, we are truly grateful for this! Awesome.

45 new levels in Ham ‘em High

Three new Chrome Dimension levels, with the logos hidden within Ham ‘em High
At last, with the smell of freshly mowed ঘাস and really sweaty shoulder pads in the air, the brand new Angry Birds: Philadelpha Eagles web game is live! Be forewarned, football fans: The Angry Birds have no tangible running game, so it’s pass-pass-pass all দিন long. The game is playable at the Eagles’ ফেসবুক page.

16 Levels: One per week that Philadelphia plays. The level is unlocked the Monday prior to the actual game. The Eagles have their “Bye Week” on the weekend of 21 October, so no level on the 22nd. (A tad inconsistent with the scheduling.)
“Playoffs? Don’t talk about playoffs!...
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Angry Birds বন্ধু has been updated for the release of the newest Green দিন album, called “¡Uno!”. This is part of a trilogy of albums that Green দিন plans to release in the coming months, and we are guessing that each album release will correspond to an update to Angry Birds Friends. This update is officially numbered at v1.6.5. Be sure to check out the original post, which maybe we can call the “¡Cero!” update?

This update includes:

10 brand new levels full of head-banging and গিটার smashing! Our walkthroughs চলচ্ছবি are live if আপনি need help.
Another “Heart Like a Hand Grenade”...
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Cartoon Network is considering developing original content as apps and games first rather than as TV shows, in an effort to create its own digital brands to rival the likes of Angry Birds.

"One of the things we are considering and talking about is how do we play in that digital মহাকাশ for original content?" ব্যক্ত Stuart Snyder, president and chief operating officer of parent company Turner's Animation, Young Adults and Kids division.

"I don't think everything has to be created as a show. Things can be developed as shorts, they can start as games, they can start as apps… That is the nature, more...
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Man, Rovio has gotten so darn good about teasing us with what’s to come. Today is no exception! On the heels of the amazing release of Bad Piggies comes this perplexing image that they just পোষ্ট হয়েছে to their ফেসবুক page. The caption simply reads:

The birds are about to go on an adventure… but where? Clue tomorrow!

So I guess we will know আরো tomorrow, but who wants to wait a whole day. Not this guy! Well, unfortunately, like you, I don’t know what this is, but it’s fun to speculate. Here is what I see:

Something covered দ্বারা fabric. Duh!
It’s seems to be space, as I see stars in the background...
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Are আপনি worried about losing all of your hard work in Bad Piggies? Scared those sneaky pigs may sneak up behind আপনি and eat your progress? অথবা are আপনি just looking for a little extra security in your gaming life? The goal of this guide is to help আপনি in the event something goes horribly wrong. In some cases, these backup methods can ALSO be used to transfer your progress to another device. This way আপনি don’t have to start from scratch. That said, as of now transferring progress only really works when the devices are the same (e.g. iOS to iOS, for example).

Universal Precaution: Do not remove...
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Alright, details are sparse at the moment, but Rovio is definitely planning something. Sometime during the night the Pigs formed themselves a union and decided they needed to go public (you can see their press release below). In addition to the press release, those portly pigs have launched their own ফেসবুক and Twitter accounts. So what’s going on? My guess is this will eventually end up with a brand new game, but that’s just me. Whatcha thinkin?! Yu likez? Share your insightful thoughts and opinions below.

Here is copy from the official press release from the, “King Pig Office” on “Piggy Island”:

Today – Piggy island

We haz ফেসবুক and twitter
Yu no like?
We has new
Gotta go
moar later
k thanks bye

About Pigs
Pigs are awesome. Birds stink. OINK OINK! 4 আরো info check out facebook.com/badpiggies
If you’re one of the millions who have the BlackBerry PlayBook and still enjoy playing Angry Birds, then you’ll be excited to know that an update is waiting for you.

Now at version 2.3, Rovio stated in the change log that “The Bad Piggies don’t just have a new game — now they’ve taken over Angry Birds with 15 of the PIGGEST levels ever! Take a break with 15 stormy levels for Surf ‘n Turf! The Bad Piggies have taken over with 15 PIG THEMED Angry Birds levels!”

The cost of the app is still $4.99 and আপনি can download it here from the App World
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posted by Patrick-Star54
After the phenomenal success of Angry Birds, a video game in which players use a slingshot to hurl birds at pigs on অথবা inside various structures, here come Angry Birds sweets from a Finnish firm whose sales have hit an all-time record.

Finnish মিষ্টান্ন and catering company Fazer has hit an all-time sales record with its Angry Birds sweets, ব্যক্ত Good News from Finland, the online service of Finnfacts.

According to company, it has sold five million bags of Angry Birds sweets globally since the product was launched in June. The company hasn’t disclosed information on how much the sales are...
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