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Assassin Academy RP(Hope you're a reader,because this is a long explanation.)
WARNING:The following information Below is to help improve your knowledge of the Arashidori universe.If you do not wish to read this information,please skip to the RULES section.
The Underground-The Underground is the home of all Assassins.The underground is one Large city,surrounded by many smaller cities that make up the entire Underground.The reason it's referred to as the Underground,is because the cities,homes,etc.,are all actually under ground.The Underground spans thousands of miles,starting from Arashi City,which is the largest city in the Underground,also the city in the center of the entire Underground,and then expanding outwards through tunnels and roads.As far as teleportation,most underground citizens ride on trains or walk the distance.There is also a city connecting Train system,that goes to every city.This is for Citizens who aren't Assassins to get places.There is also one tunnel that leads to the surface in every city.This is usually for people to get supplies from the surface.

As said before,many people actually live full-time Underground.Around 65% of the population in the underground is Assassins,and the remaining 35% is full of either Non-Assassin Clan members,or Civilans who decided they wanted to live in the world of Assassins.Some smaller cities,branched out fairly close to Arashi City,are completely Civilian-populated.Most of the Assassin populated citites outside of Arashi are branched out farther away.Most of the time,because of clan issues.

As you know,Assassins dominate the Underground Populace.Because of this,there are some very large and powerful families,usually families of Assassins.The more Well Known families,meaning the more skilled ones,are called Clans.Clans usually stand out to clients because of their unique skills that make them deadly.Said skill ranges from fighting techniques,to killing,or anything as long as it's infamous for getting the job done.Most of the powerful clans reside in Arashi city,however,there are still some Clans that live in other areas.

Most Clans become big due to reproduction(Duh).So,you might wonder what happens to kids in clans.Well,the same as on the surface.They go to school,play,and everything else a regular kid does.Well,everything except that underground kids go to school to learn how to kill,and not just their numbers and letters.During,and sometimes before/after,depending on the clan,their clan will teach them Clan-specific things,and this is how most Clans get popular.I mean,you know your good,when even your kids are awesome.right?

Arashidori Academy
If you're still reading this,i want to thank you for your time.Don't worry though,your about half way there.Only two more subjects to go after this one.Besides,the rp is about Arashidori academy anyway,right?Arashidori came into existence through a collaborative effort from all of the clans.They decided they needed some type of school to teach the basics,and decided to create the Arashidori Assassination Training Academy.Most people just Call it Arashidori Academy though.Upon graduation,most Assassins are assigned teams,due to being inexperienced and the fact that alone they have a lower chance of coming home alive.Arashidori is a large place actually.It has two separate buildings that are connected by ramps.The buildings aren't extremely far apart,bu they aren't very close either.The whole Academy together,is divided into three Districts.

The Educational District:This is where the students sit at a desk and read and write.They study and all of that stuff.Classes are usually held daily,except for saturday and sunday.Those are free days.This takes up an entire building.

The Physical Training District:This is where everyone comes to train,or for teachers to take their students to perform physical lessons and whatnot.The Physical Training District closes at 2:pm,and you need to ask special permission to use it later than that.This is half of the second building.

The Recreation District:This is where students usually spend their free time,eat,and if they choose to stay at the academy,their bedrooms.This is where you paint,eat pizza,play football,and take a nap.All of that stuff.This is the other half of the second building.

The Academy teachers are usually Non-active Assassins,and Cavilian clan members,who were born into Clans,but didn't want to be Assassins.

Depending on how long you've been in Arashidori,you have a different class.The classes follow as...

1st Class:Beginner(First year)

2nd Class:Intermediate first class(Second year)

3rd Class:Intermediate second class(Third year)

4th Class:Advanced(Fourth year,Final)

These for 'Classes',divide up the floors of the school(Two floors for each class).This mainly why the Education District Occupies a whole building.There are entire floors devoted to different classes.

Assassins,Clients,& Contracts
You know where Assassins live,how they learn,and about the academy.But,what do they do exactly?Well,you can guess that the primary job of an Assassin is to kill.This is true.The purpose of Assassins,are to kill.They get Assassination contracts from clients,and then kill their target.Contracts don't have to be killing contracts,bu they usually are.However,there is more to it then that.You see,All the cities,and within them,all the clans,want and need money to keep running smoothly.They get money through Clients coming to them,giving them Assassination contracts,and doing them.Getting an Assassination contract,is the primary Issue.

Because every city and clan needs money,at beginning,there were many fights over contracts and such.Because of this,a treaty,otherwise known as the "Clan Unity Treaty",was signed by all the clans.This treaty had specific ways to deal with issues involving contracts.There is to be a Tournament every six months,the Underground Battle Torunament,or the UBT.In which all people,surface and Underground alike,are welcome to spectate.By competing with people from your Clan or city,you could boost your popularity among the clients,bringing in more clients,and therefore,more income.This tournament would bring in over 100 Assassins in total,and anyone was allowed to compete,but only eight would be allowed to participate in the finals,where everyone would be watching.

Clients are the people who request an Assassin's services.They usually want you to kill someone,but sometimes the contract can be about something they simply can't do themselves.Clients can come from the Underground or the surface.There isn't any discrimination,as long as the client pays the person he/she's contracted with.If you don't pay an Assassin,that's asking for death right then and there.

Aura is spiritual energy.Everybody has an Aura,and an inactive Aura,usually from a Civilian,is white.Anyone who's ever used their Aura has their own color,and signature.An Aura signature,is what someone will feel from your aura if you release it.Everybody's Aura is usually derived from their Genetics,which is why some clans have similar Auras.An aura,even when active,is completely invisible to anyone who can't,or never has,used it.Your Aura can decrease from physical pain and overuse,and if your Aura were to eventually disappear from decreasing to nothing,your soul would disappear too,which would kill you.

The reason most Civilians's Auras are white,and Dormant,is because Accessing your Aura isn't an easy thing to do.In order to release your Aura,you must either meditate,and calmly call upon it,Feel a very intense emotion,such as anger,sorrow,etc.,or the last option,which is to have someone else open it.The last option is rare,because they have to send a burst of Aura through you to awaken your own,and this has a 60% death rate when done.

Using your Aura,can be done in different ways also.Most people use their Auras to control raw energy,elemental energy,or simply to enhance physical capabilities,or channel it through a medium(weapon,object) to enhance the power of that medium.The more experienced users of their Aura could manifest it into a physical form,usually an object.Constructing objects solely out of Aura is very difficult,and most don't bother trying to learn it.
That's it!No more reading!Well,except the rules and such..but that isn't very long...

-No Godmodding.No ultra powerful techniques or anything,and no one hit kill characters.

-You can make as many characters as you want,but try not to make like,10 people and them stop using them all halfway through.

-Swearing is allowed,but only if it fits the situation.If your character simply badmouths people and uses profanity often,that's a different story.But try not to swear over and over without any reason.

-Sex can either be implied or very low detailed,but not frequent.This isn't that kinda rp,kay?

-Romance is allowed,but not to be focused on too heavily.We don't need pages filled with sappy stuff in an RP about Assassins. -.-

-You cannot kill any other character that isn't yours without permission from the owner of the character.

-Respect other RP'ers please.

-Try to spell correctly.I know humans make mistakes,but if it's possible,keep them to a minimum.

-Try not to do a lot of one liners if it can be evaded.

Character Sheet





Personality::(Optional.If you put a personality,make it longer than one sentence.That is not a personality,it's one or two traits of a personality.If your gonna make one,put in a bit of effort,or leave it blank with an n/a.)

Clan:(if any)

Clan History:(What their known for,any unique traits or abilities.)

Bio:(Optional.If you put a Bio,make it longer than one sentence.That is not a bio.If your gonna make one,put in a bit of effort,or leave it blank with an n/a.)

Aura Color:

Aura Signature:

Aura Technique(s):(Only two,and no OP moves.And if you can,explain what they do.)

The Song below is what the opening for Arashidori would be if it were an anime.
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