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There will be 4 যশস্বী in this game: Taylor Swift,Chuck Norris,Victoria Justice, and Taylor Lautner.(Not sure if I spelled his last name right)

Taylor সত্বর is the judge, the subject is astonishing.

Chuck Norris put down Chuck Norris, Victoria put down my hair, Lautner put down Myself.
Taylor S. ব্যক্ত "Who the heck put down myself?!?!?"
"Oh right we can't tell."
"The word Chuck Norris wins."
"Yay!" Chuck said.

Chuck is now the judge. The subject is ugly.

Victoria put down Boogeyman, Taylor L. put down Nerds, and Taylor S. put down my boyfriend. Chuck Norris was silent. He picked up
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Apples to apples has to be like my পছন্দ game of all time it is soo fun especially in large groups me and my family and বন্ধু can play for hours. Its a game of luck and skill আপনি really have to know the judge, which sometimes doesn't mean picking the card that is the closest to the word for example my sister is totally যেভাবে খুশী she will pick any card she likes so if আপনি just happen to throw away a card আপনি actually have a chance. Others though really look in to the cards and its never the same game twice it really is an awsome game it is also a great icebreaker আপনি get to know people and...
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