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On friday the দিন after Valentines দিন my Grandma got ran over দ্বারা a car on the way to McDonalds and the man didn't help her she is okay but hurt.However shes coming প্রথমপাতা today.She has scars all over herself and it hurts her to walk.To get over something about it is in these steps listed below:
FIRST:SPEAK YOUR MIND to parents,a teacher,a friend,or even a school counslor!They will understand that your hurting and well try to help আপনি get through it
SECOND:DO SOMETHING আপনি ENJOY play your পছন্দ video game,put in your পছন্দ movie,watch your পছন্দ প্রদর্শনী etc.
THIRD:HAVE আপনি FORGOTTEN YET?Its okay to remind yourself of what happened but see how your not crying?If আপনি are repeat these steps.
TIP:If আপনি visit that person try not to cry,it actually helps আপনি get through it :)
I hope these steps worked!From,Ariana
My brother Clifton is 4 years old and is sorta violent and its my fault.I wanna say I'm sorry and I wanna teach him good things but when I tried that he hogged up the video games but luckily,I was able to draw the line when he hogged up retro gamer during my FANTAGE time.I eventually was able to make a decision on un-teaching him about being violent and hogging up my electronics wish me luck on doing so I'll tell আপনি how it went soon!