I thought I would be angrier when I wrote this. I’ve made no secret of how much I প্রণয় Tommy throughout the season, so I thought when he died at the end of the season finale, I would be overcome with rage and grief, that this review would be peppered with obscenities and rambling diatribes on the new level of suck this প্রদর্শনী has discovered. Instead, all I could think to write is this:

Thank আপনি for letting him be the hero.

We saw so many রঙ for him tonight. The drunk schlub trying to take a দোল at the best friend who took his girl. The naïve son opening his eyes to the monster his father has become. The lover willing to give his life to save the person he loves, even though she doesn’t প্রণয় him. And, finally, the friend who gives the most selfless gift to a selfish man … forgiveness.