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Austin-P.O.V's(Me and my family সরানো to Mimi from NYC because my parents own "Moon's Matures Kingdom" and I have a BIG family I have 4 sisters Bridget [17] the oldest then me [15],Olivia [14], Peyton [12]and,Mia [4] my baby sister so I only have sisters no brothers but my family have the প্রণয় for সঙ্গীত so... here's the story)
mom-Austin get up আপনি will be late for school
Austin-[gron out of bed] But I don't want to
dad-Don't make me get the water budget
Austin-you couldn't
Bridget-[open Austin's door all wet]O YES HE COULD[close the door quickly]
Austin-[got up from বিছানা and quickly change then goes...
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I want to ব্যক্ত today is my b-day cool right so... this the story[PS. it on the 28 of march]

dad-she dating a boy with out telling us
Ally-thank's for the ride প্রথমপাতা Austin it was sweet of you
Ally-[before she went in she চুম্বন him on the cheek then goes in side]
Austin's P.O.V.[best night ever]
dad-Allyson Dawson your in BIG trouble
Ally-what? why?
dad-because your dating a boy with out telling us
Ally-I'm not dating anyone [mumbles]yet
dad-ok so... why did I see আপনি at the store with him
Ally-the man I sold drum sticks to
dad-NO he's too old... I mean the hot blond boy
Ally-1 he's my friend...
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in Mr. More-class we have a new student
Austin-Austin Moon
Mr. More-yeah what he ব্যক্ত so Austin আপনি can sit পরবর্তি to [look around the class] o Ms. Dawson [point to when she is]
Austin-cool [thinks yes I'm siting পরবর্তি to my dream girl ok Austin play it cool]
Ally-hey Austin nice to see আপনি again
Austin-yeah আপনি too
Mr. More-so class today আপনি will plant a ফুল and see how to care for a plant its due in 3 weeks so I will give আপনি the seed to plant it [gave everyone their seeds and pots] start planting
Ally-what seed do we have
Austin-a [see the name]Rose
Ally-I প্রণয় ফুলেরসাজি there my পছন্দ flower...
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