I finished the series a while ago, and while I truly প্রণয় Avatar, I did have some problems with the ending, and I decided to write an প্রবন্ধ about them. Here they are:

To begin with, I’ll say the thing that we all hated: Zukos’ line in the final episode “Where is my mother?” আপনি NEVER end a series with a cliffhanger, unless you’re planning to make a sequel that doesn’t begin 70 years later.

My পরবর্তি problem is আরো of an opinion. When Zuko first joined their group, Katara hated him because she associated her mothers’ death with him. When Zuko helps her ‘avenge’ her, they start to get along, and আপনি start to get a feel that there’s a relationship establishing.
But no.
The end of the series ended up just as it started. Aang and Katara got together, and Zuko and Mai got together, and everyone was happy except me. I REALLY wanted Zuko and Katara to get together, so that disappointed me.

Also, what happened to Longshot and Smellerbee? Because they mysteriously disappeared after Jets death.

Ditto Azula. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HER? They showed that she went mad, but THEN WHAT? Did she die? Did she get arrested like Ozai? They had at least another episode of info that they left out!

Did I leave anything out? Because I feel like I did. If I did, than আপনি peoples post something in the comments. And yes, I know that আপনি can probably go and look this stuff up online, but why couldn’t they have just mentioned this in the episode? Okay, done now.