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Source: umm me, and the creaters of Balto I guess.
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Made দ্বারা myself. Explosions for the entire family!
michael উপসাগর
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Same status as last story.

তারকা was sitting there, totally depressed, when a news flash came on.
“Kaltag was recently buried near the warehouse মেটালিকা plays, but he was dug up দ্বারা a resident standard. Kaltag was found in the hospital, unexpectedly even দ্বারা doctors. This man is wanted for questioning, but not as a criminal. CNN reports.”
“Ralph! He wants me back that bad?”
তারকা heard his phone ring. He answered.
“Yo, brother! I’m alive! I need picked up.”
“Sure, I’ll pick আপনি up in the Mig 31.”
তারকা went to the driveway, got in the plane, and taxied to the hospital.
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A/N This is my first Balto fanfiction. I decided to do a fanfic about Mel and Dipsy the two সারমেয় introduced in Balto 3: Wings of Change. I was sort of wondering why no one made a fanfic out of this two. So here it is. It takes place a week অথবা two after the third film. This first chapter may seem lacking but I guarantee it'll get better . Enjoy.

Chapter 1: A প্রণয় Not Yet Recognized

In a general store in Nome, a plump dog named Dipsy was eating beef jerky. She normally গাউন some from the supplies, but she would at least give them to her friends...well sometimes. Once she finished eating, she picked...
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I heard this track in game and this scene popped into my head. Ive never done this before. Tell me what আপনি think. RuneScape - Arise Hero
This is another flashback chapter with Balto and Saba. I don't own Universal Studios.

Saba was trailing through the সৈকত near her father's প্রথমপাতা with her brother Dingo following g her. She was truly in the mood for adventure so she came up with an idea.

" নমস্কার Dingo, how about a game of hide and seek?"

"I don't know." Dingo ব্যক্ত hesitantly. " I was never very good at counting."

"It's okay." Saba giggled. "I'll teach you. Just put your paws over your eyes."

Dingo put his paws over his eyes as he was told but he lifted one up for a question. "Saba, how do I—"

"How rude." Saba giggled as she...
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This takes place after Wings of Change. I don't own the films. This will focus on Saba.

It's was another winter in Nome, Alaska. Children were running in their coats playing with their dogs, on a snow covered সৈকত were three red adult Alaskan Husky-Wolf hybrids. A large male named Dingo, a slender female named Saba, and a another male named Dakota, whose red কোট went through the bridge of his nose.

"Cold air we have today." Dingo sniffed.

"Dingo baby." Saba laughed. "This is Alaska. Snow, Sun, rain, অথবা shine, the air is always cold.


"Bet আপনি feel dumb." Dakota teased as he dug through...
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This is the last flashback chapter. The first time Saba and Iron will sing together. Balto and Saba have "The Talk." You'll have to see the end of this. I don't own Universal Studios.

Iron was all but too thrilled with what had just happened. Balto's daughter, Saba had asked him to meet back up with her the tomorrow at high noon for a গান গাওয়া session. To young Iron however, it may as well have been a date.

This was it. The chance of his life to spend just a little time with the girl of his dreams, he was going to make his move. Suddenly, Iron realized he overlooked one important detail....

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My first balto AMV! :D Enjoy!!
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