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হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ I don't actullay speak like that for one that's my mom for 2 Mom ব্যক্ত I can't put my real voice soo Ya!!
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posted by bananaboo
I প্রণয় my sister!! Her name is Olivia And Her ফ্যানপপ is TheCharmers Because it is her band name!! And Her birthday is August 7 Tomorrow!!! So যোগদান her club called TheCharmers!! And Wish her a Happy Birthday!! Please and Thank You!!!!
Because I প্রণয় her and আপনি should get to know her!! Her full Name Is Olivia Rose Lime!! Please যোগদান the club!! After all sis's do stuff for love!! I প্রণয় আপনি Olivia!!! And she is the best big sis ever!!! She loves to talk to me and Stuff! Check out her পরিলেখ ( TheCharmers) And Become a অনুরাগী of her পরিলেখ and Club!! I will miss her soon Because Now she is 17 Tomorrow she is 18 and that means Collage!! She is training to be a Therapist!! And She will go in California!! I live in Missouri!!! She will NOT come back for the Holidays And won't becoming প্রথমপাতা in the summer!! She is going to live there until she is out of college!! I won't get to see her for a loong time!! :(
Happy Birthday Olivia!!!
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added by bananaboo