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 B.A.P "One Shot" জাপান Single: Bang Yong Guk & Himchan Concept ছবি
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This B.A.P ছবি contains সুবেশী ব্যক্তি, মামলা, প্যান্ট স্যুট, and pantsuit. There might also be hip boot, thigh boot, outerwear, overclothes, পদাবরণ, leging, and লেগ আচ্ছাদন.

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The wind wailed
As if the sky was breaking apart
Amidst endless hardships and tests
The world was not
As we wanted it to be
As we thought it would be
We held hands again
The six of us together all on both feet
So no one would fall
We got ready to run once again
Young Wild and Free
In the end the world is made up of our stories
Everyone says because we are young
The struggles we suffered Will turn into blood and flesh
(TN: আপনি will gain the fruits of your labour)
The autumn wind that tried to bury us in oblivion
Leave, return to the sky
Now, harshly, like crazy
We’re still alive
Now come on, follow me
We are Young Wild and Free
Answer me
Who dares to represent us in this world?
We made it back
We’ll tell everything as it is, ALWAYS in our own way
This is the monologue of youth
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

trans cr; tima @ baptrans
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All দিন keep আপনি my thoughts
I try to forget আপনি but I can’t do that girl
I try to hide my feelings
But it keeps প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে up girl
When I see আপনি Shy always Shine
You’re dazzling oh my girl
Why don’t আপনি know my feelings like this
Now I’ll confess
I প্রণয় only আপনি My Girl
Be দ্বারা my side My Love
I promise I’ll always protect you
You’re my shining star
My words of wanting to always protect you
Are all lies
After seeing how can I
Hide my feelings and become sensual
Your bright red lips
You sweet fragrance every thing
Makes my হৃদয় flutter...
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