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Chapter 1. Alot Happens in a Year

Alot can happen in a year.

Corinne, for instance, recovered fully from her “accident”. A small, circular scar, just above the left side of her waist, was all she had to প্রদর্শনী from the encounter.

Viveca had found away to remove any stain from any fabric, which came in quite handy, for the girls were constantly dirtying they’re uniforms.

Aramina had met someone who respected her occupation, and was aware of the constant danger she and her comrades always seemed to be in.

Renee has created an extremely detailed map, of the castle’s secret passageways, that all...
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It was over. As Genevieve walked back to the garden where her sisters were waiting, she breathed deeply. The adrenaline rush was ebbing, and a million thoughts were spinning in her head. The fear that had nearly consumed her mere মিনিট earlier was replaced with a sense of relief and overwhelming joy- their father was safe! They were safe-and altogether. Lacey had assured her that she could tend to Papa while Genevieve went to tell the good news.
Genevieve turned. Derek was running down the corridor towards her. "Your Highness, are আপনি all right?"
"Yes of course, silly," she laughed...
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*probably, not so hard connected with বার্বি movies, but some mention of them is there*

Who of us not been in love? Not spared this fate and Lolita. For a week she sat before the computer and felt sad. Lola's friends- Abbey, Lyssa, Ceci and Barbiella-decided to help her and bring her back to life. Barbiella undertook to find out from Lola, who is her secret idol.
-Loli! -exclaimed Barbiella entering the room of Lola. -Why are আপনি so sad? I've never seen আপনি so sad yet never!
-B R, I think I'm hopelessly in love,-sighed Lolita.
-Wow! -exclaimed Barbiella. -And who is he?
-He is my classmate, his...
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What if Delancy hadn't the proper grades at the end of the semester? What if Blair discovered she's Princess Sophia in another way? What would Dame Devin do to put her daughter on the সিংহাসন anyway? A twist in the story, a remarkable one.

Characters: Blair W. & Headmistress A. Privet
Genre: Suspence/Drama
Rating: T

Tell me what do আপনি think about it, this came to my mind after remembering what Emily hears at the TV... "Where glorious girls meet dreams of destiny!"
Also, for what Miss privet ব্যক্ত to Dame Devin: "If she completes the sememster" (talking about Delancy)
“Anneliese, I প্রণয় you,” Julian admitted.

Anneliese’s eyes widened. Her হৃদয় skipped a beat. “Julian loves me,” she thought, “He loves me!” She tried to speak, but couldn’t find her voice.

“Anneliese,” Julian whispered, his hand slowly caressing her cheek.

Anneliese felt her cheeks grow hot, her eyes close, her lips curve into a smile. She heard the sound of fabric shifting, someone moving. Her eyes opened. His face was inches away, his blue eyes gazing deeply into hers.

Anneliese couldn’t take it anymore, “Oh, Julian,” she sighed. Her lips crushed to his.

Julian was stunned, confused, and unsure of how to proceed. Her lips were soft and warm. প্রজাপতি rioted in his stomach, his হৃদয় lurched violently.
Every fairy has her own secret, a Fairy secret! All the secrets of Fairytopia kept in safety in Fairytopia's Secrets' Cavern. But in one day, the Cavern is invaded! If desecreted, Fairytopia is in trouble! Everyone in Fairytopia is hoping on The Guardians, and The Guardians are hoping on...Elina the fairy! Will Elina save her native country from an old evil and keep all the secrets in their place?

Well, a long time পূর্বে written FF, was originally titled A Fairy Secret. Screw Mattelz -_- and hey, the style I've written this প্রিভিউ is totally Mattelzish-like. So, wait if আপনি want to read it, অথবা don't wait, if আপনি don't want to read, lol.
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So this is my FF about Renee's family.I guess আপনি know who Michael and Bernadette are.BTW I'll write the story of how Renee met Michael after this.

It was 2 AM .Renee couldn't sleep this night.She remembered many things,many good days that made her miss them.She walked up the stairs.She opened the door of the Attic room.She saw some boxes.She opened them and after giving them a look ,she sat on the floor crying.All the sword,the weapons,her musketeer hat where there covered with dust after a long time of staying without use.

Michael noticed that noticed that Renee wasn't sleeping.He started...
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Firstly "Invisible" is just a working name.

So ,It all starts when Keira and Tori changed places..That's when Keira started to have a crush on Liam.She thought Liam loves her too but later she realized that he liked her only because he thought she was Tori.

Maybe some people won't like it because Keira will suffer a little bit and there will be a প্রণয় triangle.

Tori is going to be a little bit "naive" in this story because she won't realize that Keira loves Liam .But she's not an antagonists.

In this FF আপনি will read:

1.Will Keira and Tori still be friends?
2.What will Liam decide in the end?
3.What will happen to Keira in the end ?
PPS: magic lies in your হৃদয় is a seguel to PPS, With the same characters. In this new adventure, Keira finds out that she হারিয়ে গেছে a part of family somewhere beyond the seas and Tori discovers a plot of Keira's new manager+ Tori's new (first) tutor, Saneffa Crider who's also Crider's cousin who convinced him to steal the Diamond Gardenia. Saneffa's dream is to divide the বন্ধু and rule Meribella. With the help of some friends(old and new), They realise that magic is not always with wands and objects but in the হৃদয় where প্রণয় lies.
 Susan look like this
Susan look like this
বার্বি and the Secret Chamber
Susan as বার্বি
Louis as Ken
Margret as Teresa
Brutus: বার্বি aka Susan’s pet dog
Bette: She is villain of the story
Peter: Teresa aka Margret’s friend
Susan: Fair skin, yellow hair, green eyes and পরাকাষ্ঠা lips
Louis: Fair skin, brown hair, blue eyes and পরাকাষ্ঠা lips
Margret: dark skin, brown hair, brown eyes and oval shaped face
Brutus: He is a spaniel.
Plot of story
Susan and Louis are classmates, they are in their 2nd বছর of college. Margret is Susan’s best friend and Brutus is Susan’s dog. All three plans for vacation because college life had made them tired and bored. When one দিন when Susan was coming to প্রথমপাতা along with Brutus she saw a lottery ভান্দার and tried her luck. In this she got a chance to visit Rome with Louis and Teresa. Now আপনি have to wait to see that what happens with Susan, Louis and Teresa that change their life’s forever.
বার্বি stars as Pearl in all new movie,Barbie and The Magic Crystal!Pearl,one side is a ballerina dancer,other side is a princess of a magical land of Castell!When she discovers that Marika,her mother,Queen Rodial's sister is trying to rule Castell,Pearl decides to help them.The only way to defeat her is the Magic Crystal.Will Pearl be able to find the Magic Crystal?Find it in বার্বি and The Magic Crystal.
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