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The heroine of the first movie as well, who visits Shimmervale this time.

Mariposa's best friend.

Queen Marabella
The কুইন of Flutterfield.

Prince Carlos
Marabella's son and Prince of Flutterfield.

Princess Catania
Princess of Shimmervale, the kingdom of the Crystal Fairies. She's the daughter of the King of this species of fairies.

An evil fairy that wants to steal all the magical crystals in Shimmervale. She's the villain of the movie.

A fairy with পরাকাষ্ঠা hair and পরাকাষ্ঠা clothes. Her role in the movie is still unknown.
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Mariposa is a প্রজাপতি fairy of a magical fairy land named, Flutterfield. She already is the main person in her first movie - বার্বি Mariposa ( Her প্রজাপতি বন্ধু ). This time, she visits a land named Shimmervale, where she becomes fast friend with a Fairy Princess - Catania.
This time, she glows with a new attitude and her face looks fresher than the old face. Her hair is Silky Golden, eyes are brown, and has a smooth face complexion. At the start, she wears her original dress, but later for the ball, she wears a dark purple and পরাকাষ্ঠা dress, with only one sleeve. Her wings are glitterized....
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