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posted by iHeartJesus
When i was younger i made an account on ফ্যানপপ and hade no idea what i was doing. I was a bad speller so i would always spell something wrong and people reported me because they thought i was to young to be on ফ্যানপপ but i wasn't. So i deleted my account and started over but dint say anything অথবা add stuff to the site i just poked around and and after awile i understood that i was doing everything wrong on my old account. for all the new kids just saying before আপনি do any thing on ফ্যানপপ just poke around and understand what to do before আপনি do something. And when ever i do something wrong অথবা spell something wrong please understand and if আপনি want আপনি can correct me =)
Like that seed
That stays in the ground
Inviolable secret
With the sun it'll grow
Like this, every sweet breeze
Will be able to proove
A reality that you're not able to see

Like this, if আপনি want, আপনি can dream
Stretch your wings and fly to the sky
Like this, গান গাওয়া from your heart, yeah...
আপনি can't go wrong...


Hope আপনি like it, this is how it is on Italian... if আপনি didn't notice, "Like this" means "Così", so when আপনি read "Like this", it's the part, on English, when it says "Believe"
hi i wanted to talk about fairy secret.It was awesome!the সঙ্গীত was incredible!i wish bc smith conducts the সঙ্গীত of the upcoming বার্বি movies.but i thought that fairy secret was a bit childish.I mean বার্বি চলচ্চিত্র are supposed to be for little girls অথবা boys.DO yuo think that teenagers can watch them? I think বার্বি চলচ্চিত্র will reach the top! i mean every other movie gets an oscar award but why not BM?Mattel is getting better দ্বারা the second.I have noticed বার্বি entertainment instead of mattel in FF and FS.Is it because those two চলচ্চিত্র প্রদর্শনী the real life of barbie? I have heard বার্বি the...
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বার্বি role as:
Clara from বার্বি in the Nutcracker, Rapunzel from বার্বি as Rapunzel, Odette from বার্বি of রাজহাঁস Lake, Anneliese and Erika from বার্বি as the Princess and the Pauper, Elina from বার্বি Fairytopia series, Annika from বার্বি and the Magic of Pegasus, Genevieve from বার্বি in the 12 Dancing Princesses, Rosella from বার্বি as the Island Princess, Liana from বার্বি and the Diamond Castle, Corinne from বার্বি and the Three Musketeers, Merliah from বার্বি in a Mermaid Tale and herself from The বার্বি Diaries, বার্বি in a বড়দিন Carol, বার্বি Thumbelina and বার্বি in a Fashion Fairytale....
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posted by manu962
All for one one for all বার্বি and three musketters

What are the chances
That we'd be here today
Different girls from different worlds
Trying to find our own way
Now we're the perfect team
Sharing the same dream

All for one
Who knew
Together we know what to do
Strong hearts, strong minds
Fighting for what's right every time
We'll never be divided
All for one
One for all

Don't try to stop us
Or keep us down and out
Power of four
Forever more
And now there is no doubt
Answering the call
Breaking down the walls

All for one
It's true (it's true)
Together we know what to do
Strong hearts, strong minds
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বার্বি & her sisters in a টাট্টু tale : Actors: Kelly Sheridan, Kazumi Evans, Claire Corlett, Ashlyn Drummond, Alex Kelly
Directors: Kyran Kelly
Writers: Cydne Clark, Steve Granat
Producers: Michelle Cogan, Susan Sullivan
DVD Release Date: October 22, 2013
Run Time: 75 মিনিট
Synopsis: বার্বি and her sisters set off on a Swiss adventure to the majestic Alps, where they're excited to spend the summer at a fun-filled riding academy. বার্বি can't wait to find a new horse to bring back to Malibu, Stacie is excited to prove she's an amazing equestrian, all Chelsea wants to do is ride the big horses, and Skipper… well, let's just say she's আরো interested in লেখা about the great outdoors than experiencing it. The sisters' vacation gets off to a rocky start, but when বার্বি discovers a mysterious wild horse in the woods, their visit becomes truly magical.
posted by Mariolka
Keira The Popstar:


"Crider!" Keira said, and ran to his cell. Suddenly something struck her, how were they going to get him out?

"Um . . . Nathaniel, how are we going to get Crider out?" Keira asked. She had a hairpin, but she knew, from experience, it didn't work.

"We could try these." He took out some keys from his pocket.

"Oh, Nathaniel, আপনি little genius." She took the keys, and put them in the keyhole. Crider came out, and hugged her. He'd been in the terrible prison for a couple weeks, but he could still crush her in a hug.

"Hey . . . you're . . . crushing . . . me." Keira...
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 A বড়দিন Carol দ্বারা Charles Dickens
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
Chapter 2: The First of the Three Spirits
When Scrooge awoke, it was so dark, that looking out of bed, he could scarcely distinguish the transparent window from the opaque walls of his chamber. He was endeavouring to pierce the darkness with his নকুলের সাহায্যে শিকার করা eyes, when the chimes of a neighbouring church struck the four quarters. So he listened for the hour.
To his great astonishment the heavy ঘণ্টা went on from six to seven, and from seven to eight, and regularly up to twelve; then stopped. Twelve. It was past two when he went to bed. The clock was wrong. An icicle must have got into the works. Twelve....
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Barbie: Mariposa and The Fairy Princess is an upcoming বার্বি movie. It will be the 25th CGI-animated বার্বি movie, and it will be released in 2013. The movie is a sequel to Barbie: Mariposa and her প্রজাপতি Fairy Friends.

Story: "Fly with বার্বি in an all-new Fairytopia adventure in বার্বি Mariposa and The Crystal Fairy Princess. যোগদান Mariposa as she returns in Flutterfield with her fairy friends. Discover new পরী and embark on magical journey as Mariposa lead আপনি in a beautiful world and meet the enchanting crystal fairy princess!"
Succeding বার্বি the princess and the popstar is বার্বি in the পরাকাষ্ঠা shoes!
I had nothing to do so I just পোষ্ট হয়েছে this প্রবন্ধ with a trailer of the movie

In this upcoming movie বার্বি plays the role of Kristyn, a ballerina who discovers the magical pair of পরাকাষ্ঠা shoes that take her to a fantastical ballet world. There, she dances as a তারকা in famous ballets, and, magically, her dreams come true. In this movie Ken plays the role of Prince Siegfried a prince that Kristyn meets in the magical ballet world. He is Prince Siegfried from the ballet রাজহাঁস Lake.

Relaeasing in Spring 2013 Barbie: In the পরাকাষ্ঠা shoes!
This is a তালিকা of বার্বি চলচ্চিত্র অনুরাগী birthdays!

19th - link
27th - link
29th - link

9th - link and link
15th - link
17th - link

1st - link
16th - link
20th - link
22nd - link

9th - link
21st - link
22th - link

1st - link and link
4th - link
23rd - link
26th - link

1st - link
5th - link
12th - link
20th - link
26th - link

16th - link
29th - link

7th - link

7th - link
8th - link
18th - link
19th - link and link

6th - link

4th - link
24th - link
30th - link

12th - link and link
13th - link
17th - link
22nd - link
28th - link

If আপনি have not participate...
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This প্রবন্ধ may contain spoilers regarding the movie বার্বি In A Mermaid Tale 2. If আপনি have yet to see the movie আপনি may not want to proceed unless আপনি do not mind spoilers. Also, english is not my first language, so I hope আপনি can forgive some of my spellingerrors, if any shows up.

After watching বার্বি In A Mermaid Tale 2 online on Xtshare, I came to a decision to review the movie and share my personal opinions.

The Story - For most part the story proceeded in moderate pace. It was interesting and quiet easy to follow.

The Look - The enviorment the characters সরানো in are well done and quite...
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*Costant As The Stars Above: Fermo In Cielo Come Stella
*Free: Libera
*How Can I Refuse?: Come Rifiutare?
*Written In Your Heart: Scritto Nel Tuo Cuore
*I Am A Girl Like You: Son Come Te
*To Be A Princess: La Principessa
*The Cat's Meow: Non Devi Cambiar
*If আপনি প্রণয় Me For Me: Tu Amami Così
*Hope Has Wings: Vola Via
*Shine: Shine (Same title, different language, that's it)
*Here On My Island: Su Questa Isola
*Right Here In My Arms: Se Mi Stringerai
*I Need To Know: Mille Domande
*Love Is For Peasants: La Pagherà...
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If আপনি go now where the হৃদয় is আরো free
Where you're taken দ্বারা the rythim
A breath and the courage will help you
It will need only the first step, you'll see

And an infinite dance will take আপনি away
How much grace and perfect harmony
When you'll come back from the darkness
To প্রদর্শনী the light আপনি have
That আপনি have

The beauty that already shine in you
In that way that only আপনি have
It will make your way softer
Every spin is painted in the blue of the sky

And an infinite dance will take আপনি away
How much grace and perfect harmony
When you'll come back from the darkness
To প্রদর্শনী the light আপনি have
That আপনি have...
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Requested দ্বারা বার্বি Rosella

Blair impresses
She's a real princess
She shares her secret
In a strong friendship

She's enchanting
When she talks
And she has got
A cute smile
She has got a unique prettyness
And etheral hair

She's dancing
She's dazzling
She's enchanting

If আপনি want to look like Blair
It's not very hard
If আপনি truly come to her
You'll be বন্ধু for a life-time

She can transform
To a real princess
Into her own palace
She'll live with all her friends

Blair impresses(Oh,oh)
She's a real princess (Yeah,yeah)
She shares her secret (Oh,oh)
In a strong friendship (Yeah,yeah)

But her...
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Hey! I got this review-

This movie stars বার্বি as Lumina, a mermaid girl with the power to change the color of pearls. Cheerful and creative, Lumina finds herself working in a mermaid salon customizing fabulous hairstyles. And when Lumina has the chance to attend the royal ball, her বন্ধু adorn her with a গাউন, gown fit for a princess. At the ball, villains try to seize power over the kingdom, and Lumina finds within herself an unexpected power that proves she is much আরো than a hair stylist.

That's all I can find till now...Thanks!
বার্বি stars as Pearl in all new movie,Barbie and The Magic Crystal!Pearl,one side is a ballerina dancer,other side is a princess of a magical land of Castell!When she discovers that Marika,her mother,Queen Rodial's sister is trying to rule Castell,Pearl decides to help them.The only way to defeat her is the Magic Crystal.Will Pearl be able to find the Magic Crystal?Find it in বার্বি and The Magic Crystal.
Look at her in the spotlight
I প্রণয় her purple hair
She can do what she wants to
As crazy as she dares
She doesn’t need to be polite

I wish I had her life
Then I would be so free
I wish I had her life
I’d be another me

Look at her in the সিংহাসন room
Every hair just right
She has চা in the morning
And bonbons every night
Wouldn’t that be nice

I wish I had her life
Then I would be so free
I wish I had her life
I’d be another me

They’d do my nails
I’d stroll the grounds
I would wear whatever
And then I’d rock
Have time for me
It just might happen

I wish I had her life
Then I would be so free
And everything would suddenly
Be just the way that I dreamed it could be
I wish I had her life
I wish I had her life
I wish I had her life
I wish I had her life

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

So beautiful and bright
I wish I had her life
Congratulations to 3xZ for winning the FOTM! Let's ask here some information!

Congrats on winning, how does it feel like to be the FOTM?

First of all, I would like to thank all who nominated and voted me. I am very grateful to আপনি guys! <333 I already won FOTM on April 2012, yet... I still feel the same way like I am winning for the first time!

How did আপনি find the বার্বি চলচ্চিত্র spot?

I was looking for pictures and information about বার্বি Movies. And lo! I found this club is fulfilling my desire. :)
 My favourite character is Liana. She is very brave, daring, determine, beautiful, and has a lovely voice
My favourite character is Liana. She is very brave, daring, determine, beautiful,...
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 XTinkerbellx, our FOTM for October
XTinkerbellx, our FOTM for October
This interview is very অথবা extremely late but আপনি have to forgive with us and I know, anyone is totally busy in all these days not just only me and her, ok. Thank আপনি for your patience... 0:')

So, here's our interview...

1. How old are আপনি when আপনি see of any বার্বি চলচ্চিত্র for the very first time?
I was 5 and I got বার্বি in the Nutcracker for Christmas.

2. Who is your the most পছন্দ of female protagonist and why?
I like Rosella and Mariposa best right now. I can’t pick just one! I just feel like our personalities are similar in some ways (we feel like we don’t fit in, Rosella loves animals,...
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