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posted by CleoCorinne
Star light, তারকা bright
First তারকা I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have this wish I wish tonight

When I wish on a star
Gaze upon it from afar
I believe what's troubling me
Can melt away like snow

This isn't where we want to be
There is so much আরো we want to see
Sparkling lights, city sights
Busy streets below

I will keep doing all I can do
I will keep wishing 'cause wishes come true
I'm dreaming our বড়দিন will turn out right
That's the wish I wish...


When I wish my হৃদয় is full
Everything is possible
I can see beyond the clouds
Feel the stars as they all glow

I will keep...
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posted by Asabala1
Splish, splash! The water's perfect!
You, me and the deep blue sea!
Tails in the air like আপনি just don't care!

Splish! Splash! The water's perfect!
You, me and the deep blue sea!
Tails in the air like আপনি just don't care!
Yeah, yeah.

It's a mermaid party!
It's a mermaid party!
Bu-bu-bu mermaid party!
It's a mermaid party!

Bump up, 'cause tonight will be a good night.
Everyone swim through.
Spin around, change your gown.
The future's so bright.
You know that's what we do.

Everybody round the world,
All my girls, grab your girls.
Let me hear আপনি sing it, yeah
Now, yeah-yeah!

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posted by 88888888888
Princess Lumina /is the main character in Barbie: The Pearl Princess. She is played দ্বারা বার্বি and she is a mermaid who works as a hair stylist. She has the power to change the color of the pearls, and an even stronger power that she is unaware of. story/Lumina works in a mermaid salon, customizing hairstyles. She gets the chance to attend the royal ball, so her বন্ধু give her a গাউন, gown fit for a princess. At the ball, villains try to take over the kingdom, and Lumina finds out she is much আরো than a hair stylist after she finds an unexpected power within herself and transforms into her princess...
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Okay, I got the Junior Novelization of this movie too and there are some things আপনি all will be happy to know, so here they are:

All the characters:
At the ballet school
-Kristyn Farraday, our beloved heroine
-Hailey, her best friend, who helps Madame Katerina with the costumes
-Tara Pennington, the prima ballerina of the school
-Dillon Matthews, Kristyn and Hailey's friend. Kristyn has a crush on him and he feels the same way for her
-Madame Natasha, Kristyn's ballet instructor
-Madame Katerina, Madame Natasha's sister and seamstress of the ballet school
-Mr. Pennington, Tara's father
-Hannah, a little...
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Since I got the Junior Novelization, these are ALL the things different and completely missing in the movie.

First, a particular thing I need to tell আপনি all: I had a feeling the storybook pictures were somehow connected to the movie's original script, and IN FACT, they are. The Junior Novelization tells the story as the original script for the movie told it.

Character and places' names:
-Liam comes for the Kingdom of Stuffingsburg, and Duke Trentino is his uncle.
-The lady in the long purple dress is called Lady Hamilton, and knows Tori, Meredith and Trevi since quite a lot of years.
-The one who...
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Mark Twain's classic The Prince and the Pauper gets a glamorous modern makeover in the new DVD release from Universal Studios, Barbie: The Princess & the Popstar. While Twain contrasted two opposites – a prince, which everyone would want to be, and a pauper, which was not so attractive – Universal's two heroines both live a life that every young girl thinks she wants. But glamour isn't necessarily all it seems to be. As KIDS FIRST! youth film critic Cheyenne Nguyen, age 8, observes in her review, below, "There are always things that আপনি would like to change, but accepting who আপনি are...
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Barbie চলচ্চিত্র with 2D Animation
1. বার্বি and the Rockers: Out of this World (1987)
2. বার্বি and the Sensations: Rockin' Back to Earth (1990)

The Classic Type of বার্বি Movies
1. বার্বি in the Nutcracker (2001)
2. বার্বি as Rapunzel (2002)
3. বার্বি of রাজহাঁস Lake (2003)
4. বার্বি as the Princess and the Pauper (2004)
5. বার্বি Fairytopia (2005)
6. বার্বি and the Magic of Pegasus (2005)
7. বার্বি Fairytopia: Mermaidia (2006)
8. The বার্বি Diaries (2006)
9. বার্বি in the 12 Dancing Princesses (2006)
10. বার্বি Fairytopia: Magic of the রামধনু (2007)
11. বার্বি as the Island Princess (2007)
12. বার্বি Mariposa...
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posted by Kendall244
Baron Von Ravendale: King Kristoff's trusted advisor. He secretly wants to take over the সিংহাসন and creates a magic potion to do so.

Bruce: Baron Von Ravendale's frog sidekick

Corrine: Princess Kara's Cousin. She is jelous of Kara and dreams of being a princess, too.

Dark Sparkle: Corinnes alter ego and Super Sparkles biggest rival.

Gabby and Zoey: Princess Kara's energetic little sisters.

King Kristoff: Princess Kara's father, the king of Windemere

Madison and Makayla: Princess Kara's best friends. They're extremely smart twins who invent new gadgets for Princess Kara-and Super Sparkle

Newton and...
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Hello! I'm new here and wanted to share this প্রবন্ধ for আপনি <3 I'd প্রণয় to read people's own ideas in the মতামত below.

1. A movie detailing how Mariposa and Elina met
At the start of বার্বি Mariposa, Elina is narrating and it is made clear that she and Mariposa are friends. However, it is never explained how অথবা why the pair know each other. To me, the story of how these two became বন্ধু seems like a much better Mariposa sequel idea than Mariposa and the fairy princess. I would প্রণয় to see both return as I adore their characters <3

2. বার্বি as Sleeping Beauty
Mattel originally...
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SYNOPSIS: Barbie™ and her sisters, Skipper™, Stacie™ and Chelsea™, and their adorable new কুকুরছানা বন্ধু find unexpected mystery and adventure when they return to their hometown of Willows. While going through mementos in Grandma's attic, the sisters discover an old map, believed to lead to a long-lost treasure buried somewhere in the town. With their...
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বার্বি in the Nutcracker (2001) বার্বি as Rapunzel (2002) বার্বি of রাজহাঁস Lake (2003 বার্বি as the Princess and the Pauper (2004) বার্বি Fairytopia (2005) বার্বি and the Magic of Pegasus (2005) The বার্বি Diaries (2006) Barbie: Mermaidia (2006) বার্বি in the 12 Dancing Princesses (2006) বার্বি Fairytopia: Magic of the রামধনু (2007) বার্বি as the Island Princess (2007) Barbie: Mariposa and her প্রজাপতি Fairy বন্ধু (2008) বার্বি & the Diamond দুর্গ (2008) বার্বি in a বড়দিন Carol (2008) বার্বি Thumbelina (2009) বার্বি and the Three Musketeers (2009) বার্বি in A Mermaid Tale (2010)...
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posted by iHeartJesus
When i was younger i made an account on ফ্যানপপ and hade no idea what i was doing. I was a bad speller so i would always spell something wrong and people reported me because they thought i was to young to be on ফ্যানপপ but i wasn't. So i deleted my account and started over but dint say anything অথবা add stuff to the site i just poked around and and after awile i understood that i was doing everything wrong on my old account. for all the new kids just saying before আপনি do any thing on ফ্যানপপ just poke around and understand what to do before আপনি do something. And when ever i do something wrong অথবা spell something wrong please understand and if আপনি want আপনি can correct me =)
Okay, so I know some of you, like me, have already seen Princess Power even though it technically isn't released yet. So I am just going to write my thoughts and opinions about the movie. There may be spoilers, but I will try not to give anything away.

Okay, first I'll talk about the songs. There are three songs: Soaring, Superhero Beat, and Coolest Thing Ever.

Okay, Superhero Beat was probably my পছন্দ song in the movie. Why? Well, the beat was super catchy (haha, super catchy? Get it? Never mind.) Also, I really liked the lyrics in this song. সামগ্রিক it was a really good song. Although,...
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posted by SilentForce
(Hey, hey, hey, hey) We give it our all we got
(Hey, hey, hey, hey) We give it our all we got

Hey, look out, we're here, we're strong
Look how we get along
I stand দ্বারা me and you
It's just what we do (hey)

Here to stay, we landed all around
Bar high, feet on the ground
I stand দ্বারা আপনি and me
The way it should be (hey)

Hey, now, what are আপনি waiting for?
It's all that we are and more
Let's leave it out on the floor

(Hey, hey, hey, hey) We give it our all we got
(Hey, hey, hey, hey) We give it our ready অথবা not
(Hey, hey, hey, hey) We give it one আরো last shot
(Hey, hey, hey, hey) We give it our all we got

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posted by DifferentFree
The "Two Voices, One Song" Lyrics from the newest musical, বার্বি and the Diamond Castle.

It's so rare to find a friend like you
Somehow when you're around, the sky is always blue
The way we talk, the things আপনি say
The way আপনি make it all ok
And how আপনি know, all of my jokes, but আপনি laugh anyway!

If I could wish for one thing, I'd take the smile that আপনি bring
wherever আপনি go in this world I'll come along!
Together we dream the same dream.
Forever I'm here for you, you're here for me.
Oh ooh oh
Two Voices, One Song

And anywhere আপনি are,
আপনি know I'll be around.
And when আপনি call my name,
I'll listen for the sound!

If I could wish for one thing, I'd take the smile that আপনি bring.
Wherever আপনি go in this world, I'll come along!
Together we dream the same dream.
Forever I'm here for you,
you're here for me.
Oh ooh oh.
Two voices, one song.
Oh ooh oh.
Two voices, one song…
posted by Asabala2
Nori :It wasn't very long ago
Malucia came, she took my wings away
All of my magic was gone, that was my darkest day
But now
My luck's gonna change

Cause you're here!
You're here
All of our problems disappear
Pretty soon I'm gonna have my wings
This is solving everything
And it makes me wanna sing
Because you're here!
You're here!

Romy : And I'm ashamed to say
Malucia came, she took my tail away
No আরো swimming for me, that was my darkest day
But now
My luck's gonna change

Cause you're here!
You're here
All of our problems disappear
Now I know my tail's coming back
And my life will be on track
And I know it for...
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All I really wanna do is be right here
And be just who I am
Yeah, I'm finally stepping up to center stage
To lent a helping hand

Every princess
Needs a story
This one will be mine
Cause I'm in the perfect place
And now's the perfect time

What's gonna happen
I can't wait to see
What's gonna happen
It's all up to me
I'm gonna turn the page
Prepare to be amazed
Now that I've got it made
Woah-ah oh
It's nothing I'd expect
What's gonna happen next?

Oh, yeah!

It's nothing I'd expect
What's gonna happen next?
As some of আপনি may অথবা may not know, I have started to re-watch all the বার্বি Movies. I adored them as a child and watching them again makes me feel very happy <3 I thought I would record my thoughts on them as I watch them.

Firstly, I thought this movie was a touching homage to the original. Everything from remixes of the old songs to Keira being an anagram for Erika, it was a comforting reminder of my favourite childhood film. I also appreciated aspects that kind of made fun of it, like when Keira tries to pick a lock and says it always works in চলচ্চিত্র as a reference to the time...
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As this বার্বি movie begins, Madame Natasha is critiquing her young ballet dancer’s warm-up numbers as they prepare for the arrival of several international ballet talent scouts. Tara and Dillon perform their Pas de Deux under Natasha’s critical eye. বার্বি as Kristyn, and her best friend Hailey wait backstage. As soon as the other two are finished, Kristyn is called out to perform her solo, which she dances to perfection. However when she finds herself overtaken দ্বারা the music, she decides to start improvising her choreography, much to the displeasure of the Madame, who reprimands her for...
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Requested দ্বারা barbiegirl2435 (well, sort of... lolz!)


The princess the spoon can choose
The princess must have many shoes
A good poise will have
Will প্রদর্শনী elegance
Delightful, fascinating she will be
You will never see the princess confused

Do a plié without falling
Always be careful with what আপনি say
For the whole দিন আপনি must contain yourself, আপনি know
In with the stomach and up with the chin
Straight and still with the back
Bow in a good way and wear the gloves to wave

High with the shoulders, in with the stomach
Finger on your chin
Turn your head...
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