Magic mirror on the screen, who is the fairest one of all?
I made a তালিকা almost a বছর পূর্বে about my শীর্ষ 10 most beautiful animated females but my তালিকা has changed a little since then so I decided to do a remake. I hated only doing শীর্ষ 10 because there's so many that are so beautiful so I decided to make it the শীর্ষ 20. Please leave a মতামত telling me what আপনি think of it but keep in mind it's just my opinion, enjoy.

20.Snow White(Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs)

I don't care too much for her as a character, but I still প্রণয় her, but I have to say that she girl is absolutely gorgeous. I mean look at her in the picture I used of her, she looks like an angel. Her best feature for me would have to be her beautiful red lips, red as blood, which goes great with her amazing and charming smile. Also I প্রণয় her short, curly black hair, hair black as night. I think her hair is absolutely beautiful, it's so curly and when it blows in the wind it's just so graceful. Plus her lovely pale white skin that glows, skin white as snow. I know most people think Aurora is the gem of the classic ডিজনি era but I think that Snow White tops her. She looks like both a porclain doll and an angel. I don't get why so many people think she's just cute, she's gorgeous. However she does have her problems. There's the fact the অ্যানিমেশন wasn't as good as the others, but not bad. But her eyes are kind of creepy at times, her nose is barely drawn, and she's just too old fashion looking.

19.Kida(Atlantis: The হারিয়ে গেছে Empire)

I'm one of the very few people who actually appreciates her looks, I mean looks at her, she's stunning. This is what Pocahontas should've looked like, only different clothes, hair, and eye color. She has gorgeous blue eyes, a normal nose, amazing lips, a great smile, handsome dark skin, and of course her awesome white hair. For me her blue eyes are her best feature. She's really unique looking and realistic. She's আরো beautiful than most of the official ডিজনি Princesses. I found her absolutely stunning during the scene where she was swimming and during her crystallization. I wish আরো people appreciated her looks, she's absolutely gorgeous. However she does have some scenes where her face is too long and she looks a little manly. But I blame that on just being inconsistently drawn, but the অ্যানিমেশন is amazing. For me that's the reason she's not higher, that and the fact that the others just have better features.

18.Marina(Sinbad: Legend of The Seven Seas)

Unlike most people I actually find marina much prettier than Eris. I think just like Kida she's a unique and underrated beauty. I've always thought she was absolutely beautiful. I think people only think Eris is prettier than her because they're hypnotized দ্বারা Eris's amazing hair. marina has beautiful eyesm a normal nose, pretty lips, a lovely smile, and really cute hair. She's one of the few women who can pull off short hair, along with others that are on this list. She doesn't need long hair, she has such a beautiful face. She's so elegant and natural looking, she has so many beautiful shots. In all of them she looks so natural. Too bad not many people care much for her looks. No wonder Sinbad got jealous of Proteus when he saw that he would be marrying Marina. I mean look at her, she's gorgeous! She's so beautiful that she can have every member of Sinbad's crew turn against him and be on her side when they get into a fight. Now that's impressive. However compared to the others she's a little plain, plus there are some scenes where she looks plain. Plus the eyes-shadow, while lovely, kind of ruins that how natural beauty look she has.

17.Kayley(Quest For Camelot)

This girl is absolutely breath taking. She has absolutely gorgeous long brown(almost auburn) hair, pretty পরাকাষ্ঠা lips, an amazing smile, lovely skin, a great body, and beautiful hazel eyes. Call me crazy but unlike most I actually think she's prettier than Belle, who she's always compared to in the looks department. To me she looks like she could be Belle's daughter, her MUCH prettier daughter. Don't get me wrong Belle is very pretty but not beautiful, Kayley on the other hand is gorgeous. She's even আরো beautiful when her hair is loose. Too bad Garrett is blind, he probably wouldn't be so rude to her if he knew what she looked like. This girl would just need to be in a room alone with Beast for just an ঘন্টা and he'd have changed in that about of time, and she wouldn't even need to give him any of the goods if আপনি know what I mean. However she's not higher because her nose is barely drawn and she sometimes looks plain, but she's never ugly. Also the others have আরো unique looking eyes than she does.

16.Jane(Return To Neverland)

I know she's just a child but she's an absolutely gorgeous child. I think she's really underrated in both looks and personality. The অ্যানিমেশন in her movie is some of the best অ্যানিমেশন I've ever seen, which helps with her beauty. Her best feature is her gorgeous blue eyes. She has great natural lips, a dazzling smile, and really cool hair. Unlike most people I প্রণয় her hair, it's modern and cool looking. It's like something you'd see on a rock তারকা অথবা what you'd see a normal girl have. She's just so natural and unique looking. She looks like a child version of সিন্ড্রেলা in the third movie. No wonder she's the first girl that Peter has fallen in প্রণয় with. Can আপনি really blame him? I mean come on just look at her. Her mother, Wendy, is really beautiful too but not stunning অথবা gorgeous like Jane. I mean she makes Wendy look like a naked আঁচিল rat. For me she's the most beautiful of all the females in the Peter Pan franchise, including টিংকারবেল and her friends, though they're really beautiful too. However her flaw for me is her nose, it's barely drawn. They could have done a better job with her nose, especially since they were able to make normal noses in the original and the fact that the অ্যানিমেশন is MUCH better in the sequel. But other than her nose she's absolutely gorgeous. Ever since I was a little kid I thought she was one of the most beautiful animated characters.

15.Eilonwy(The Black Cauldron)

As many of আপনি know I really appreciate every aspect of The Black Cauldron, including Eilonwy's looks. I swear that during the movie I can't take my eyes off her, she's that gorgeous. She sometimes even destracts me from the actual movie because of her beauty. Her best feature is her long beautiful blonde hair obviously. She also has an amazing smile, pretty পরাকাষ্ঠা lips, a normal nose, and beautiful eyes. She looks like she could be Aurora's daughter, her much prettier daughter. I'm actually really convinced that Eilonwy is the daughter of Aurora and Phillip. She's absolutely gorgeous and I'm surprised her looks aren't better known. Too bad her movie isn't better known too. Throughout the movie she always seems to charm someone with her beauty and can আপনি really blame them? If she can amaze people with her looks at just the age of twelve imagine what impression she'll have on people when she's all grown up. However sometimes during the movie she looks plain and she kind of pales in comparison to the others on this list.

14.Daria(The Princess and The Pea)

Another underappeciated beauty, although for her it's mostly because her movie isn't very well-known. But I mean come on just look at this girl, she's gorgeous. She has such gorgeous red hair, stunning green eyes, beautiful red lips, a lovely smile, and a nice nose. Plus I প্রণয় her body, I mean I couldn't call her extremely sexy but it's still kind of hot but আরো importantly it's realistic. I can see why throughout the entire movie almost everyone keeps on commenting on her beauty, and constantly for that matter. It's like these people could go on for days about her looks, not that I blame them. Ever since I first saw her movie I thought she was absolutely gorgeous, she's আরো beautiful than most of the ডিজনি heroines. She actually kind of looks like a mixture of Ariel, Cinderella, and Aurora, with a little bit of Thumbelina(even though she's not Disney). However sometimes her smile looks weird to me. Also the অ্যানিমেশন is a little too old fashioned, ironic considering it was made in like the late 90's অথবা early 2000's. She sometimes looks plain and has some kind of weird looking shots. For me she will always be one of the most absolutely breath taking females ever in existence.


She's only slightly prettier than Daria because of how exotic she is. Use to I didn't care much for her looks but not I প্রণয় her looks, lets hope I don't change my mind again. No wonder her beauty is known from miles around and hundreds of princes come trying to win her hand. It's also no wonder that আলাদীন couldn't take his eyes off her. She has an amazing smile, great lips, big beautiful বাদাম eyes, and stunning long raven black hair. She looks even আরো attractive in her red outfit, She's so gorgeous and I can't believe I actually once thought that she wasn't that pretty. However one flaw of hers I can't miss is her absolutely horrible nose, the worst nose of all the ডিজনি princesses. But it's not just that, she a little bit in consistent and looks weird sometimes. In some scenes her eyes are too big, her head is huge, and her hair is too thick. Plus I'm not a big অনুরাগী of her body, I mean don't get me wrong she's sexy, but she's too thin. I've seen girls in real life with the body of all the ডিজনি princesses, except hers. I actually have two cousins who have the exact body as Rapunzel, and they've both been pregnant twice. But none the less she's still really gorgeous.

12.Jean Grey(X-Men Evolution)

I know there have been several versions of the superhero group X-Men, but out of all of them this প্রদর্শনী is the best. The নকশা and style of the characters on the প্রদর্শনী is amazing. Look at her! I kept on thinking in my head that she's so gorgeous! I প্রণয় her long beautiful thick red hair! Her hair goes great with her amazing green eyes. I also প্রণয় her normal nose and sweet warm smile. Her lips are a really pretty shade of pink. I think that she pwns all the X-Men Evolution girls put together, even though Storm and Rogue are really stunning. Every time I see her I always think she's gorgeous. Is it really any wonder than Scott and Duncan fight over her, অথবা the Blob for that one episode. She's obviously the most beautiful girl on the show. In my opinion out of all the TV প্রদর্শনী heroines in history she's definitely the most beautiful of them all. However she's not higher because sometimes her face is too long and she looks plain, but সামগ্রিক gorgeous.

11.Anastasia's Sisters(Anastasia)

For those of আপনি who don't know their names they're Olga(pink), Tatiana(peach), and Maria(purple). I know they're not in the movie for that long but for characters who are only in the movie for like less than five মিনিট they're absolutely gorgeous. They have gorgeous eyes, amazing smiles, great lips, normal noses, and absolutely stunning facial structures. Maria has the best hair out of the three but Olga and Tatiana have great hair too. Tatiana looks really gorgeous for someone with short hair, much prettier than her real historic self, but she's lovely too. These girls are really breath taking and are actually আরো beautiful than most of the ডিজনি heroines. Although they're not as beautiful as their younger sister they're still breath taking. But they're not higher because they're not in the movie that long so they don't have shots in their movie that really stand out as much as my শীর্ষ 10.

10.Arista(The Little Mermaid 3: Ariel's Beginning)

Yeah as much as I hate this bimbo and the movie I can't deny that she's absolutely gorgeous. Lets forget that absolutely hideous version of her in the original and focus on how she looks in the prequel. I প্রণয় her long blonde messy hair. At least one of Ariel's sisters has normal hair, all of Ariel's sisters have ugly hair except for her. I প্রণয় her gorgeous blue eyes and how they sparkle. Plus the fact that she's a red mermaid is very attractive, she looks hot. Sure she's not nearly as beautiful as Ariel but she's still gorgeous. I actually even think she looks really pretty in the TV series which has horrible animation. She's obviously the prettiest of all of Ariel's sisters. She's not higher because there are times where she's kind of plain and her bangs look odd. Plus everyone else ahead of her is just on a different level than her.

9.Madellaine(The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2)

I know some people might think I'm crazy but I think Madellaine is so gorgeous and a million times prettier than Esmeralda. Save you're boos for the end. I know the অ্যানিমেশন was absolutely awful but it did have it's pretty moments and all but one of them had Madellaine in it. I প্রণয় her big beautiful green eyes! Her smile is so sweet, warm, and loving. I প্রণয় her red lips and normal nose. I also think she has really pretty short blonde hair. I প্রণয় that they gave her short hair because even though I prefer long hair I like a little bit of change. Most ডিজনি heroines have long hair instead of short so it makes her unique. Not just any girl can pull off short hair I think she's one of the very few who can pull off short hair. I know there are a lot of girls out there must be tired of heroines with long hair and want one with short hair but can still be a really beautiful girl, Madellaine is that girl. She's the most beautiful animated girl with short hair ever. I know people are going to ask how I could ever find Madellaine prettier than Esmeralda and why she's not here. Well I think Esmeralda is beautiful but not stunning অথবা gorgeous. Her eyes are creepy, her lips don't have a cupid shape, her features are plain and basic and her hair is a little over the top. I think people are only attracted to her because of her sexy body and exoticism. However I think she's আরো sex appeal and her face is just common at best with a body and hair that's nonexistent. Plus she has some ugly shots and in most of them she looks like a man. While Madellaine is realistic yet unique at the same time. She has a আরো down to earth natural beauty look to her. However the অ্যানিমেশন is DREADFUL she does have some bad shot, though at least she never looks like a man.


I think out of all the computer animated heroines she's the most beautiful. I think what's so beautiful about her is that she's actually realistic, maybe a little bit too skinny but still realistic. I প্রণয় her hair, I প্রণয় that braid and how those bangs of hers flop everywhere. I think she looks prettier in the সেকেন্ড movie than in the first because the অ্যানিমেশন improved and she has আরো detail in her face. She has a normal nose, I প্রণয় her lips, smile, and blue eyes. She has the most realistic face out of all the animated heroines ever. She doesn't have a weird nose, too thin অথবা puffy lips, অথবা huge eyes. I even think she even looks pretty as an Ogre, as an Ogre she looks like a mixture of কুইন Latifah and Raven Symone. She's definitely the gem of Dream Works since they don't make too many beautiful heroines. her and marina are the only beautiful heroines Dream Works has made. I can't really name why she's not higher, just that the others are prettier than her.

7.Vanessa(The Little Mermaid)

The one of the most beautiful villianesses ever! Ironic considering that her true form is one of the ugliest animated females EVER! I প্রণয় her hair, it's so long and curly. She has a normal nose, yeah noses are just important to me. I also প্রণয় প্রণয় her big purple eyes, purple is just so uncommon and unique. Her eyelashes are so long and luscious. I also really প্রণয় her lips. Oh why couldn't have Ariel's lips had looked like this? I also think that she's incredibly sexy! Even though her true form is a fat, ugly octopus lady that just makes me প্রণয় her looks more. I find it hard to believe someone so gorgeous is actually really hideous. However just like with every single villian in existence(except Azula) she has creepy weird eyebrows. I also hate her skintone, it's so clammy, I think I just made a lame sea pun. Her smile is sometimes lovely but also other times creepy. Plus she has some really ugly shots, worse than any of Ariel's. Also I've always thought that she was basically in other worlds an almost identical Ariel.

6.Tiana(The Princess and The Frog)

Part of why I think she's so gorgeous is because she's African American. I know it might sound racist but I think part of the reason she's so attractive is because she's african american. I absolutely প্রণয় her big brown eyes, smile, and lips! I always thought she was absolutely gorgeous! Her eyes and smile are what won me over. I also have to say that I প্রণয় her hair, I think it's really pretty. Sure they could've had it be down at least once but it's still pretty. I think she would've been really gorgeous with her hair loose. I also think she's really hot and sexy! In fact she's one of the hottest and sexiest animated females ever. I think she looks the prettiest when she's in her blue dress, like in this picture. She would've looked prettier with her hair loose. She was even cute as a frog. The reason she's not higher is because the others have just a আরো unique quality to them.

5.Azula(Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Out of all the অবতার girls I think she pwns every single one of them put together. She's not only the most beautiful girl on the show, she's also the most beautiful জীবন্ত girl, the most beautiful animated asian girl, the most beautiful TV প্রদর্শনী female, and the most beautiful villianess. She's even আরো beautiful than Vanessa. I প্রণয় her hair, it's so long and beautiful. I even প্রণয় it when it's up, her bangs are so lovely and the way they move. She looks the best when she has her hair down, thankfully she got her looks from her mother and not her father. I also প্রণয় her hazel eyes and red lips. She has a nice nose. She even has a lovely smile for a villianess, while it is evil a lot, she does have a few moments when her smile is sweet. Plus she's the only villian who doesn't have creepy eyebrows. Most people think Katara is the most beautiful girl on the প্রদর্শনী but even though Katara is my পছন্দ character on the show, Azula is a million times prettier than her. Even when she's insane she's beautiful. It's really impressive how breath taking and mature looking she is considering she's only fourteen. I once saw a short video of her with the song Everybody's Fool, they showed a scene where she looked absolutely GORGEOUS and used the like "Perfect, দ্বারা nature". I always thought of her looks as perfection and I figured perfect দ্বারা nature represents that she got her looks of perfection naturally. She's not higher because the others are just আরো my style.

4.Odette(The রাজহাঁস Princess)

This girl can only be described as out of this world GORGEOUS! The most GORGEOUS blonde in existence! I think she has one of the most beautiful hair styles EVER! I just wanna get my hands on her hair, it looks so soft and it's just so gorgeous! Wouldn't আপনি just প্রণয় to brush her gorgeous golden hair? I also প্রণয় her beautiful purple eyes and her lovely smile. Her lips are also nice, even without a cupid shape. I have to say I think the fake Odette is slightly আরো attractive than the real Odette, only because that black red makes her so hot and sexy! For some reason she's always getting compared to Aurora, but in my opinion I think Odette makes Aurora look like this link . While Aurora is very beautiful I don't get the big deal about her looks, she certainly can't compare to someone as angelically beautiful as Odette. Whenever I see Odette I do this *EYES POP OUT*, *WOLF HOWL*, "HOT! SEXY! GORGEOUS!". However she's not higher because the others are a SMIDGE bit prettier.

3.Ariel(The Little Mermaid)

I know some of আপনি might be shocked because of how obsessed I am with Ariel but there are others prettier than her, but she's still gorgeous. I প্রণয় her long beautiful red hair, in fact she's probably what got me to প্রণয় red hair so much. Some people think her bangs are weird and too big, sometimes they are but most of the time they're cute. I also প্রণয় her her hair is an unnatural hair color, it makes her unique. I also think she has such a dazzling smile, it's so warm, loving, friendly, and expressive. Her nose is normal, yes I'm still on that. I প্রণয় her big blue eyes, they look the best when she says "I প্রণয় আপনি daddy", they had so much detail, emotion, and depth in them. I think she's much prettier than Vanessa. Sure Vanessa does have that sex appeal but Ariel has a আরো natural beauty to her. Her eyes are a আরো natural and real color, her hair is আরো unique, her skintone is আরো healthy looking, and Vanessa can't hold a candle to the beauty of her smile. Ariel may have some bad shots but Vanessa has bad shots that are a million times worse. The reason she's not higher is because I'm not too big a অনুরাগী of her lips, they're nice but TOO thin, but a lovely color. Also her eyes, while I প্রণয় them, they aren't as unique as the others eyes. Plus the others are just slightly prettier.

2.Melody(The Little Mermaid 2: Return To The Sea) and Giselle(Enchanted)

I usually try to stay away from making ties but this one I just couldn't help it, they're most just so beautiful. Besides Melody to me looks like a a younger black haired version of Giselle. Melody has such beautiful long black hair, I just প্রণয় her messy bangs and how there's one stand of hair that stands out. I also প্রণয় her gorgeous blue eyes, pretty পরাকাষ্ঠা lips(though a little thin), amazing smile, glowing pale skin, and normal nose. For a little girl she's really gorgeous, so gorgeous that there's only one who's prettier than her but we'll get to her later. Unlike most I actually think she's much prettier than her mother. Giselle is just so beyond gorgeous! She has such gorgeous long curly red hair, beautiful blue eyes, pretty পরাকাষ্ঠা lips, a normal nose, and a great smile. No wonder Edward wanted to marry her from the very moment he saw her, she's gorgeous. She's also really gorgeous in live-action, one of the most beautiful women alive. Just like Melody, unlike most I find Giselle much prettier than Ariel. To me she's a realistic version of Ariel. I may loath Giselle but she's gorgeous. However these two aren't higher because there's just one animated character that no one can compare to.


There's absolutely no প্রশ্ন about it that আনাস্তেসিয়াa is the most gorgeous animated character ever to come into existence. She has the best hair, smile, lips, and eyes. She even has the best outfits. No one can come close to her beauty, she PWNS all animated characters. She has absolutely gorgeous বাদাম blue eyes, that aren't too big অথবা too small, they're normal. Her hair is absolutely amazing, she has the best bangs, beautiful color, and gorgeous curls. She has great lips, they're full but not too full and not too thin, and a beautiful shade of pink. She has an amazing rose leaf complexion that looks great with her skin tone. Her nose, while sometimes pointy and thick, is pretty normal and I প্রণয় it, not too big অথবা too small and not too pointy for most of the movie. She also has a really realistic body, it's not too thin অথবা too sexy but is still really sexy. Her smile is the best I've ever seen; it's warm and loving, dazling, expressive, realistic, joyful, witty, and I could just go on forever. Her facial structure is phenomenal! She also have the best পরিলেখ I've ever seen. She has absolutely no flaws in her looks, she's absolute perfection! I could go on forever about how absolutely gorgeous she is but my keyboard would break. Why some people think she looks weird is far beyond me, she's so gorgeous that there's just not a word for it. I'm pretty sure that all of the ডিজনি girls are jealous of this girl. I mean seriously does this girl have one single flaw? To me she looks like an animated version of Miley Cyrus, who in my opinion is the most gorgeous woman who ever lived. I should probably stop before I break my computer. So to sum it all up she's the fairest of them all.