”Avada Kedavra”
And Harry Potter, the boy who lived…died.

But just like Dumbledore had said, he returned to life, though he had to good sense to pretend he was still dead. Lord Voldemort stood at the head of his army of Deatheaters, he sent Narcissa Malfoy to see if Harry still breathed. Narcissa lied to protect her son because she really didn’t care who own anymore, she just wanted to be নিরাপদ with her family. The Dark Lord knew that her allegiances no longer lay completely with him, so he sent his forever faithful servant, Bellatrix Lestrange, to নিশ্চিত her sister’s observation. Unfortunately for Narcissa, Bellatrix was আরো loyal to her master than to her family, and immediately proclaimed that Harry was still alive. Upon that, Lord Voldemort killed him again, and this time, Harry did not return.

After disposing of all the other “good guys” who refused to surrender, the Deatheaters had a party to celebrate their victory. Bella and Voldemort got drunk and…well, that’s how they got Imperio and Crucia.

And I think that ties up all the messy frayed threads that lie in between the real story and how we all want Bella and Voldy to still be alive and to have kids. Shame about the protagonists though…