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posted by binegar
Lately there have been things that are really bad. For example clowns if you've herd about them then i would think that আপনি were lucky. Because some people don't see the news so they don't know whats going on. Also rudeness and this has been going on for quite sometime now acutely its been going on ever sense electronics came along. So if আপনি really think about it these are both caused for the same reason. ELECTRONICS. Yep that's right electronics a little bit of everyone had rudeness in them even if আপনি were the nicest person আপনি ever knew. Crazy right? And it doesn't help that clowns can contact each other and then get together and do whatever they want. It's because we have হারিয়ে গেছে are patients. There for i think we all need some time off of all electronics and go outside to play with your old বন্ধু who probably miss আপনি a lot so get your patients back!