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A Million প্রণয় Songs Later

A/N: Oh my Days!! People I প্রণয় আপনি guys!!! Thank আপনি so much for all the মতামত on the last chapter. I প্রণয় আপনি all আপনি have all প্রদত্ত me so much আরো confidence now and I feel so much আরো motivated to write these now. Sorry for bugging আপনি all about it but it paid off right? Anyway I hope আপনি enjoyed it. Anyway my exams are nearly over, got three to go then it's SUMMER!! Woo hoo! We've been going to the সৈকত so much lately I think I went four times in the last week. It's just so gorgeous weather here! Anyway enjoy this chapter and please comment, thank আপনি I really appreciate it, and if আপনি could what do আপনি think of the story সামগ্রিক so far? Is it going okay? Was there one part আপনি didn't like অথবা I wrote wrong? I really would প্রণয় some feedback about the story overall. Thank আপনি xoxo

Chapter 14: No words Necessary

        Three days after her ফুলেরডালি were delivered they were still alive. Blair thought they wouldn't last much longer which was a shame since they were so beautiful. But had to be done sooner অথবা later. Probably the latter.
The দিন after Chuck had, had the ফুলেরডালি delivered for Blair Nate had noticed them. That pretty much summed him up.
He had pondered about who they were from before, but not coming up with anything he asked Blair himself.
“The ফুলেরসাজি are nice. Who are they from?”
She panicked, what if she put her foot in it and blurted out the truth, she ব্যক্ত the first name that came to mind. Her best friend.
That was stupid! What if Nate was to ask Serena about the ফুলেরসাজি and she would say she knew nothing about it. Then she would be rumbled. Nate would be annoyed again and all over flowers. But that's what Blair did she had to think everything out, think of the consequences but it would be okay. They were only ফুলেরডালি and Nate had no reason to doubt her word.
“That was nice of her”
Nate smiled over at Blair before hurrying out the door to work.
“Yeah, it really was”
Blair tried to keep the smile off her face but she couldn't. In fact everytime she walked past the ফুলেরসাজি অথবা স্মেল্ট them অথবা saw them in the corner of her eye, she would smile. But that's what was puzzling about about it she had no idea why.
        Nate wasn't the only one to notice the flowers. Blair alibi for them had noticed them too when she was round at the apartment.
“Who are the ফুলেরডালি from? They're gorgeous, they from Nate?”
Serena made that classic mistake of assuming they were from Nate.
Blair wasn't going to lie to Serena.
“No...Um just a friend”
But she wasn't going to tell the truth either.
“Oh they're so pretty, they're your favourite too, পরাকাষ্ঠা roses. আপনি don't tell everyone that”
It was true. Serena's statement. Blair never told people her favourite things only the people she felt closest too.
“I know”
“Your friend must know আপনি pretty well”
“Yeah...I guess so”
Serena could tell দ্বারা her tone she wasn't being totally honest. She was hiding something. But Serena wasn't going to get into anything at that moment. She might just be পাঠ করা to much into it. If there was anything to say Blair would tell her.
Another mistake Serena made. Blair never revealed her secrets.
_ _ _
        Later on that afternoon.
Blair had just been visiting Katie. She was getting bigger দ্বারা the দিন and Dan getting আরো nervous দ্বারা the day, দ্বারা the way he was অভিনয় people would think he was the one having twins.
Then the winter weather decided to show. The rain came pouring down. Blair had to make a quick dash for the nearest place to hide from the raindrops.
She found a স্টারবাক্স্‌ on her left and ran in. Obviously it was full, mostly with business men and women on their way back to the office from lunch. There was one she didn't expect to see. Sitting in a corner booth alone going over some papers. Chuck.
Alone with just a mug of coffee for company.
No Gabby.
“Blair. Hi”
Blair sat down opposite him and they began chatting one thing lead to another and the topic turned to Blair's birthday gift.
“Did আপনি like the flowers?”
“pink roses?”
Chuck worried for a সেকেন্ড if he had got the right ones.
“They're still your favourite right?”
“Yeah they are. I loved them. Thank you”
Blair reassured him of that fact.
“It was your birthday”
“Well thank আপনি all the same”
“I only wish I could have gotten আপনি something better”
Just a card would have been wonderful but her favourite flowers. They were আরো than enough.
“They were আরো than enough Chuck”
“It wasn't quite your seventeenth though was it?”
Again like most of their সাম্প্রতিক conversations it lead back to the past.
“Nothing can শীর্ষ that”
“Do আপনি still have it?”
“The necklace? Are আপনি kidding? I'll never get rid of it”
That reminded Blair she would have to get that নেকলেস out of the storage box. It deserved something better than that. She hadn't worn it in so long, maybe it was time to bring it out again?
        That very same night. Nate returned প্রথমপাতা with news, and not good news. For Blair anyway.
“What? You're kidding right?”
“I'm sorry but I have too”
“But it's Christmas”
“I'll be back on the twenty third”
Like that makes it better Blair thought.
“But it's still the বড়দিন holidays”
“I know but it's work Blair I have too”
“But আপনি wont know anyone”
Blair ব্যক্ত worried for her fiancée.
“Of course I will Serena's there”
“Oh yeah I forgot she's going back to California”
Even thought New York was her birth place. California was Serena's প্রথমপাতা now, she had a wonderful house in Beverly Hills on the পাহাড় শীর্ষ looking over the valley. From the ছবি it seemed beautiful.
“But you'll be okay wont you, I mean Dan and Katie are here so আপনি wont be too lonely right?”
Nate wanted to make sure his girl would be okay alone for three weeks.
“Yeah I'll be fine. Look I'm just overreacting, আপনি go to California”
Blair ব্যক্ত before stepping into his arms and holding him tight.
“Thank you”
He appreciated her approval. It was very important to get অথবা he would be in the dog house for months. But Blair wasn't about to let him get off without consequences.
“Oh and remember Nate, Rodeo Drive wont be far away”
“Is that a hint?”
“Hinting? Me?”
Blair giggled pressing her head against his chest and he pressed his lips onto her head. It left Blair thinking, what was she going to do for the পরবর্তি three weeks?
_ _ _
        It was few days later.
Nate was packed and ready to leave for California. Serena was going to pick him up at the airport and drop him off at his hotel where they would have a drink অথবা two. Blair was as always her cautious self. She wanted to make sure Nate had everything before he got on the plane. Even at the airport, which was a bit late to start asking.
“Are আপনি sure আপনি have everything?”
Blair couldn't help but patronise him a little, he had a tenancy to be a little forgetful but they were just him having his blond moments.
“Blair I have everything. I've got to go”
He pushed on her. Bring প্রথমপাতা the issue to Blair that she would be spending the weeks building up to বড়দিন alone.
“Okay but I'll miss you”
“Come here.” Nate grinned and took a hold of Blair in his arms. “I প্রণয় you”
There. That one second. It was only a বিভক্ত করা সেকেন্ড but it happened and could not be undone. Blair paused and thought what to say back. It puzzled her but she was used to saying it now, she replied back.
“...I প্রণয় আপনি too”
She said. Not without hesitation.
Nate responded walking away from her towards the check in desk.
Blair waved to him before turning around and leaving JFK. She was going to have some alone time now. Do some Blair things. If only she could remember what those things were, it had been so long since the last time she did something Blair like.
_ _ _    
        Blair was rather proud of herself. It had been four days since Nate had been away and she was doing fine. Of course she was missing him but it couldn't be helped. She had been shopping, written a few আরো pages for the book, hanged out with Dan and Katie. It was fine.
She was having lunch with Eleanor and Cyrus and of course Dorota was around when she received a telephone call.
She gazed down at the caller ID, it was Chuck. Even though her mother hated interruptions she answered none the less.
Eleanor brought her head up from her plate fast than the speed of light. She had no idea that Blair and Chuck were in contact
“Hey Blair”
“Chuck? Why are আপনি calling me?”
She ব্যক্ত puzzled.
“Look I wouldn't ask usually but your here so... I need your help”
“What is it?”
Blair was intrigued দ্বারা his statement, Chuck actually seemed worried about something.
“I have this business meeting which I'm not nearly prepared enough for can আপনি just listen over my pitch and tell me what আপনি think?”
Blair instantly thought what about his girlfriend.
“What about Gabby?”
“She doesn't really get খাদ Industries”
That was a plain lie. She knew Gabby was a business woman, he had met her in লন্ডন at a business convention. So why not Gabby?
“And আপনি think I do?”
“You know me so...?”
That made her smile. Knowing that Chuck thought of her as his first port of call when he was in need of a friend and she would be there for him.
“Sure. I'll be over in half an hour”
Just as Blair hung up and put her cell back in her purse. She was greeted দ্বারা Eleanor's beaming eyes from across the table.
Blair slowly looked up from the টেবিল and replied,
“Yes mother”
A সেকেন্ড past. Eleanor glanced at Cyrus expecting him to say something in her favour. He did nothing. Eleanor spoke again.
“Chuck Bass?”
“Yes mother”
Blair repeated in a আরো pressing tone. Dorota kept pouring the চা into Eleanor's cup when she caught Blair's eye sight and smiled at her. Blair smiled back because she knew exactly what she was smiling at.
Dorota was always a big অনুরাগী of Mr. Chuck.
        Blair made her way over to the খাদ Industries building and up to Chuck's sky high office. He seemed so relived to see her but wasted no time in getting on with the matter in hand he didn't want Blair to think he had lured her there under false pretences.
“So what do আপনি think?”
Blair smiled at him for a সেকেন্ড before responding,
“Great. Seriously perfect. If I was thinking of investing, after that I would”
Chuck was relived, if he could win over Blair he could win over anyone.
“Yeah. It was great Chuck.” She smiled at him again. She didn't know what it was. There must be something in the winter air that made her smile so much. “You know I never thought আপনি could make this work. I'm ashamed to say this but I thought you'd fail. But I am so glad you've proved me wrong. I'm so proud of you”
“You are my toughest critic”
That short conversation reminded Blair of the old days. He had used the same line all those years পূর্বে however he had added,
“Second toughest”
But now she was. Bart was gone. Chuck had no one to live up too any longer.
        Just as they had finished talking about the business and Blair was talking about Nate being away. Chuck decided to do something about that fact অথবা just take advantage of it. However আপনি want to put it.
“Blair if আপনি ever want to do something while Nate's away...”
As soon as the words left his lips, he regretted it. Blair would probably assume the worst and fly off the handle.
“What? আপনি and me?”
Once they were out, he could not stop.
“Yeah, like old times”
He ব্যক্ত with a cheeky, devilish grin on his face.
“Well not too much like old times”
Blair protested to Chuck, and to herself.
“You sure?”
Chuck asked. He picked those words so carefully. He knew what they meant to Blair and he knew what she would think of the moment he ব্যক্ত them.
Blair wasn't sure weather to take that as a joke অথবা seriously. But for the moment, Nate was away and she was having fun. It was probably meant as a joke but to be on the নিরাপদ side she thought that was the right time to leave.
“Bye Chuck”
She said. As she did Chuck saw in her smile the old Blair returning back to the surface. The Blair he had fallen in প্রণয় with she was back. If only it was for the পরবর্তি three weeks, she was back.
“Bye Blair”


A/N: Okay so if আপনি haven't guessed already the পরবর্তি episode will pretty much be all Chuck and Blair because everyone is away and I will reveal what happened in Palm Springs but I think most আপনি must know দ্বারা now right?! Anyway let me know what আপনি think. Appreciate it so much. Thank আপনি xoxo
Made দ্বারা Me :o) All Blair ships, vague message that Blair can do wathever and whoever she likes, even if people try to hate her... they can't NOT প্রণয় her অথবা come back to her. Haha.
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Here's a তালিকা of all the great musics that we heard everytime that Blair and Chuck were on tv. :)

Episode 1.01 - Pilot

"If It's Lovin' That আপনি Want (Part 2)" দ্বারা রিহানা Feat. Corey Gunz
Dinner Party, before Blair takes Nate into her room

"What Goes Around...Comes Around" দ্বারা Justin Timberlake
Dinner Party, after Serena leaves

"Hard to Live in the City" দ্বারা Albert Hammond Jr.
Limo ride to the "kiss of the lips" party

"The Gift" দ্বারা দেবদূত & Airwaves
Blair and Chuck watch Serena leave with Dan

Episode 1.02 - The Wild Brunch

"Tell Me 'Bout It" দ্বারা Joss Stone
Blair, Chuck and the group having Brunch

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My প্রিভিউ for a video I'm making. Song - Shiver ; কোল্ডপ্লে
blair & chuck
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Chuck Bass: Not as much as I enjoyed the memory of আপনি purring in my ear which I have been replaying over and over...
Blair Waldorf: Well erase the tape!

Blair Waldorf: Oh my God! Do আপনি like me?
Chuck Bass: Define like...

Blair Waldorf: Do you... 'like' me?
Chuck Bass: Define like.
Blair Waldorf: আপনি have got to be kidding me.
Chuck Bass: How do আপনি think I feel? I can't sleep! I feel sick, like there's something in my stomach... fluttering.
Blair Waldorf: Butterflies? Oh no, no, no, no no.

Blair Waldorf: Enough with the blackmail. Aren't আপনি bored already? I can't...
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Blair and Chuck have ear sex!!
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 ooooh Chanessa.....? Ouch কুইন B!!!
ooooh Chanessa.....? Ouch Queen B!!!
Episode 06- A Series of Unfortunate Events

Gossip Girl: # What do আপনি get when when আপনি ক্রুশ secrets with jealousy....i know
I want to find out...xoxo #

S: নমস্কার b.
B: (smiles) hey.
S: urmm...have আপনি seen gossip girl lately?
B: S, im happy...having a great time...why would i want to poison my mind with gossip girl?
S: Well i think আপনি need to check it out...(points to her computer)
B: Why? Whats on there..(she runs to the computer and logs on to gossip girl, there she sees and প্রবন্ধ and pictures of সাম্প্রতিক sighting of chuck and Vanessa together)... Its probably nothing...
S: ye...maybe...or maybe...
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Major spoiler! Episode 2x25. Not fake! The scene we all waited for! The three words, eight letters we all needed to hear!
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i প্রণয় আপনি
season 2 finale
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গসিপ গার্ল
blair & chuck
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