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I'm gonna write something diffrent from the normal অনুরাগী fiction. I'm going to write a scene for Gossip Girl for Chuck and Blair.


Chuck Bass
Blair Waldorf
Eleanor Waldorf

Copyright-I own nothing. No copyright infringement intended. All characters and prompted situations belong to their rightful owners, All rights reserved for The CW.

Chuck has waited so long to tell Blair he loves her, that she has fallen out of প্রণয় with him. Chuck is in total regret about what he hasn't done, and tried everything to convince Blair she still loves him.
- Blair has just had a fight with her mother, Blair has just had a relaps with her Bulimia.

Scene 4- Waldorf Appartment- In the Bathroom

Blair stands up from the floor and looks at herself in the mirror.

Eleanor: (from downstairs) Blair, We're going for lunch feel free to যোগদান us when you've grown up

Eleanor and Cyrus leave.
Blair picks up her phone and calls a number.

Blair: I need আপনি here now

Blair hangs up.

(time passes)

Blair is sitting on her বিছানা crying.
Chuck pushes the door open.

Blair: I didn't think you'd come

Chuck: for you? anything

Blair: I just, I couldn't help it

Chuck walks closer into the room.

Blair: I needed someone here, I just called the first number

Chuck: what happened?

Blair: I just, nothing, nothing

Chuck: Blair...

Blair starts to cry more.

Blair: I'm I have a disorder... I just can't help it. Everytime I'm angry অথবা sad I just do it, I don't know... I don't know

Chuck goes to sit দ্বারা her.

Chuck: When my Dad died I didn't take it well

Blair: your telling me

Chuck: I know I acted like a...

Blair: Bass-tard

Chuck and Blair smile.

Chuck: yes, but I did everything exept the one thing I should of done... Listen to you

Blair: nothing new there

Chuck: আপনি were there, আপনি were always there and I didn't realise it

Blair: I don't blame you, your Dad died Chuck, It just happens

Chuck: but I'd of told আপনি then

Blair: yeah maybe but... আপনি can't change what happened

Chuck: But I can fix things


Blair: God, Look at us we're... what are we?

Chuck: we're Chuck and Blair

Blair: we're Blair and Chuck

Blair smiles.

Blair: Just so আপনি know, I'm about the other দিন that was a little bitchy

Chuck: It what your best at

Blair: Don't I know it

Chuck grins.

Chuck: are আপনি okay now?

Blair: yeah,

Chuck clears Blairs tears away.
Blair smiles.
Chuck gets up and walks towards the door.

Blair: Chuck...

Chuck: (with his back to Blair looks realeaved) Yeah

Blair: Thank you

Chuck: your welcome

Chuck walks out.

Blair: I প্রণয় you

Blair looks shocked with herself and puts her hand on her mouth.

 important call bass?!
important call bass?!
Please Review this skips ahead one মাস so enjoy
blair was walking around the house, she was 8 months pregnant and she couldn't wait for her little boy to be born. she sat down beside her eldest daughter and set her hands on her stomach. her baby had been quite most of the morning and now it kept kicking her. and not gently.

V: আপনি ok.
B: yes your little brother is very unsettled today.
V: which one?
B: what do আপনি mean?
V: little bro gregory and his new girlfriend rachel humohrey have been in and out of this house all day.
B: it's only normal, this...
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I am proud to present, even if a little late, the January FOTM interview with the awesome Natasha. Congrats, hun! আপনি deserve it!! :)

1.Tell us something interesting about yourself that we don't know.

Hmm, not sure what আপনি don’t know about me yet, some of আপনি know more, but the basic stuff is that I’m from Macedonia, born বছর 1989, studying languages and I’m obsessed with everything France related. I kinda have an OCD of keeping things in order and symmetrical. I like to change hairstyles and hair color pretty often. I’m pretty much obsessed with my hair, sometimes when I don’t like...
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 She's burning up...
She's burning up...
Chair Tales S02E22- Child's Play

It's been a week since Blair and Chuck spoke at Serena's house. A week since Blair made such a huge revelation to Chuck. Why did she do it, she thought, as she laid in her bed, পরবর্তি to her sleeping princess....she was the one who was so adamant that Chuck should never find out the truth. But that moment, when Chuck asked her that dreaded প্রশ্ন she felt it necessary to answer. It was her moment of weakness, like all the other times he would come to her and she'd fall for those eyes, she could never resist. She was glad that she'd closed the door when she did,...
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 Pour Your হৃদয় Out!
Pour Your Heart Out!
Chair Tales S02E05 - Would I Lie To You?

Blair is at home, she wakes up to an empty বিছানা wondering where her boyfriend is. She had a bad feeling that he had left her and she immediately gets on to the phone to speak to Serena.

Serena's phone is answered দ্বারা Dan as Serena is busy.

D: Hello, Serena's phone.
B: Dan?
D: have the wrong number...
B: Dont be stupid! It's Blair!
D: I know...
B: Where is Serena i need to speak to her now!
D: She's kind of busy what do আপনি want?
B: Its really important Dan i need to ask her something!
D: Maybe i can help? Unless of course it's girl stuff....thats not...
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 Avoiding each other...
Avoiding each other...
Chair Tales S02E03 - Dawn of the Dad

Its been a week since Chuck and Blair's সাম্প্রতিক fall out and things have been a bit cold between them. Blair is going on a weekend trip with the D.A.Y to New York as this is where the original West Side Story was set. Meanwhile and coincidently, Bart is visiting Chuck in New Haven whilst Blair will be away.
Blair has told Chuck about the trip but he seemed uninterested, his response was minimal and in her opinion he wasn't very bothered.
Blair is just glad that she can have a weekend break and can go back to New York, maybe even visit her mother, which she hasn't...
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 Grown up...?
Grown up...?
This is Season 2 of Chair Tales.
Catch up: Blair, Serena and Dan are at Yale বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় and it is set in their final বছর at Yale. Nate is not around as he is travelling the world. Blair's mother is still living in their house in Manhattan. Lily still lives in Manhattan. Eric and Jenny both attend other Universities. Rufus has moved out of Brooklyn to Jersey City.
Due to the fact that they have all moved away from the Upper East Side, unfortunately there will be no Gossip Girl Blasts anymore, in fact Gossip Girl isn't around any আরো so this season is based on their futures after High school...
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Serena made her way through the lobby of the hotel, the echo of her heels loud and clear against the marble floor. She was trying to prepare herself for facing her mother. Lily খাদ would not handle the news of one আরো দিন spent without locating her stepson very well. Cursing at Chuck under her breath she pressed the button of the elevator, why did he have to make everyone so damn worried? Why couldn’t he just act like a normal person and be with his family? After all that is what they are right? His family; herself, her mother, Eric, Nate, BLAIR. Thinking of her best friend and her sad,...
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 Weddings are where people get together right?
Weddings are where people get together right?
Episode 09- Four Break-Up's and a Wedding

Gossip Girl:# ফুলেরডালি are blooming and bells are ringing....a spring wedding is on the horizon....and Gossip Girl will have front row seats...after all I am your one an only...for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health...You know আপনি প্রণয় me. I do! xoxo Gossip Girl #

At the wedding reception Serena and Blair are having something to eat. Well Serena is.

S: Are আপনি gonna eat that (pointing to Blairs plate)
B: Umm can have it...
S: (takes something from Blairs plate) Hey...dont আপনি think the bit where Harry messed...
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 Silence: A Virtue অথবা a Vice?
Silence: A Virtue or a Vice?
Dont forget to read episode 7 "I know What আপনি did Last Sundown" first because i've পোষ্ট হয়েছে two episodes today, episode 7 and 8, so read 7 before পাঠ করা this one!

Episode 08- The Silence and the Lamb

Gossip Girl: # Ssshhh! Quiet....Haven't আপনি heard? All's not well on the Upper East side....tempers are running high so Gossip Girl is on the alert...any developments and you'll be the first to hear about them! xoxo #

It's been a week since the East Siders clashed with each other.
Chuck and Blair are still over, Serena and Dan are not talking, Neither are Dan and Vanessa.
Chuck hates Nate and Serena...
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 Hot New Couple!
Hot New Couple!
Dont get bored with the building up a storyline....and also trying to get আরো of the characters involved!

Episode 05- East Side Story

Gossip Girl: # Rumour has it that Chuck খাদ and Blair Waldorf are going steady? Is there such thing as a happy ending? We surely hope not...otherwise there would be nothing to gossip about! আপনি know আপনি প্রণয় me xoxo #

Nate and Chuck are hanging out.
It's the দিন after Blair and Chuck got together. They had spent the পূর্ববর্তি night together, their first time as a couple, so this is their official second...
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 NYC Confidential...!
NYC Confidential...!
Episode 04 - Art is a Healer

Gossip Girl: # Gossip Girl here, your one and only উৎস into the scandalous lives of the Upper East Side...what do i have in store for you? A প্রণয় story even Shakespeare would be proud of...All's Well That End's Well...You Know আপনি প্রণয় Me xoxo Gossip Girl #

In School.
Serena and Chuck.

S: Had a blast last night?
C: What?
S: I saw আপনি managed to return to your old ways...
C: I dont know what you're talking about...
S: that wasn't আপনি i saw at the bar covered with women?
C: Calm down ok....i was...passing time.
S: one মিনিট your asking me to help you...
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 Spotted: খাদ Bouquet???
Spotted: Bass Bouquet???
Episode 03- A তারিখ With the Devil

Gossip Girl: # Spotted, খাদ at Flower's Inc. Is that rose for a Waldorf অথবা are আপনি treating know what they say...players only প্রণয় আপনি when they're playing...careful B, don't go getting pricked দ্বারা a thorn! আপনি know আপনি প্রণয় me xoxo Gossip Girl! #

School Corridor
Chuck approaches Serena....

S: Hey....Chuck...
C: Did আপনি talk to her?
S: Ummm ....yeh...but if আপনি wanna know how she's feeling আপনি should ask her not gonna be a messenger অথবা anything.
C: I doubt she'll even look at me let alone talk.
S: Maybe আপনি should atleast try Chuck!
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 Late Night???
Late Night???
Episode 02- Last Nights ডিনার is Today's Lunch!

Gossip Girl: # Spotted, non-virgin, leaving the খাদ Bar at 6 in the morning?...wearing last nights attire...who had a late night? Thats our girl! আপনি know আপনি প্রণয় me! #

Later on:
Serena approaches Blair who is walking into school.

S: নমস্কার B! Wait up.

Blair looks back but continues to walk.

S: B? How are you? oh Ye how was last night. did আপনি make an appearance?
B: It was dull.
S: Really? The Basses dont do dull! Come on what was it really like?

Chuck comes up from behind inviting himself to the conversation.

C: What was what like? (gives Blair...
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I didn't make it but I loved these scenes they were so sad but amazing!
blair & chuck
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