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 blaze the cat playing with আগুন
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Dear Silver Fans

Im soooooooooooooooo sorry for trying to get rid of silver(witch i now know is impossible) Its just my rage builds up when i see crap on websites that are wrong that make no lick of sence অথবা wrong উত্তর on quizes. I think my rage just exploded and i couldnt take it i went on a allout war with another fansite(silver's) and i wont stop till i had everyone convenced but a friend showed me the wrong to my right and now im truly sorry for what i ব্যক্ত and did. Because of this my fear is comeing true we are loseing blaze অনুরাগী and please i beg of আপনি dont leave.
AMAZEING im soo happy that we are now at the 80's mark(it may not seem like much but look on any other sonic girl অনুরাগী site) this meanse that silver is just 5 আরো away before she is আরো famous than him(and hopefully increaseing her chances of being in the পরবর্তি game) i am thrilled of how far we have come. when i first came here, it was like a train wreak! almost every প্রশ্ন had wrong উত্তর no topic in the ফোরাম relating to blaze except 1 and it was wondering if there was any blaze market stuff to buy. Half of the অনুরাগী on the তালিকা gave up on her(which makes me mad and sad). Very few অনুরাগী are still convenced to help blaze become better and im thankfull for that.(this comes out to the following:vela-nova, shadow_xox, gulara111, and to all the newcomers thank you)
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Hi, it's Vela again. On to the topic; I have had at leat 20 people ask me "New অথবা old Sonic?" With no both option. This isn't just a প্রশ্ন that people ask others, it's appearing on মতামত and boards. No one gives a both option.
Now, I প্রণয় both old and new sonic. And this war has got to stop. At the very least আপনি shouldn't yell at someone for saying both. (Happened to me twice.)
I'm starting to feel like an endangered species. Why do we need to fight over which Sonic is better? He's still the same Sonic. If আপনি want a 2-D platforming romp they are still releasing them; Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic Advance Series. As for the newer Sonic অনুরাগী আপনি have many deep and beautiful games to choose from; Sonic Unleashed, Sonic 06, Shadow the Hedgehog.
There's something for everyone. And I, being a অনুরাগী of both find the constant fighting meaningless. Why can't আপনি just try and understand eachother?
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