A very very old story I wrote several years ago. Only just now, have I finally gained the courage to post it here. My accuracy of how I portrayed a lot of what I wrote may অথবা may not be that much but it was written with how I perceived things. I understand interpretations are not always correct but I really hope this was as close as possible to maybe being at least a little. Also the শিরোনাম might not be too fitting.... Well despite that I hope আপনি like it anyways.


The passing of days. The passing hours. The minutes. The seconds. Time drudges on as the হৃদয় slowly beats growing fonder. Longing for the one who was furthest away. This was how it felt to Rangiku. Unable to see the face of the one she loves made it painful at times but, her হৃদয় grew ever fonder of him.

Counting each passing second, staring off into distance. Wondering. Just wondering. Where could he have run off this time? জিন often disappeared without a word. Here for a moment. Gone the next. A mystery that left her wondering with many curious questions. He never spoke of where he was going. If she so managed to get just one answer it would only be a vague one. Leaving her with আরো প্রশ্ন and the desire to find their answers.

Little did she know, it was to keep her from being involved. To protect her. জিন very well knew if he spoke a word অথবা hinted to where he was going she would immediately become involved. It was far too dangerous and imagining what would happen to her was enough for him to keep his distance. This left Rangiku wondering what he could possibly be hiding that she didn't deserve to know? They were once বন্ধু weren’t they? Did he forget that? Did he care at all? No. Of course he cared. There was no doubt about that. So what would cause him to disappear without a single trace? One thing was for certain. She hated it. She hated not knowing. Hated the waiting. The guessing. The wondering. Just one answer. Was it too much to ask to know?

Rangiku asked many of these প্রশ্ন but, never found any answers. In time maybe the উত্তর would appear. She had no choice but to wait. Wait for the future and the things that it held. She’d wait for him but, fearing that patience may just wear itself thin. However it was going to be, Rangiku found herself unable to fully let it go. Unable to fully stop herself from waiting. There had to be some hope. As long as that faint glimmer of light remained it would be worth hanging on.