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unohana posted on Feb 18, 2012 at 07:13AM
well if you were ask by Tite Kubo how would you like your bleach character to look like,how is your bleach character gonna look like??
1.describe hair style and face
5.squad or no squad
6.age and race
.:*This is for fun so enjoy typing about your very own character*:.
-Thank you

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বছরখানেক আগে unohana said…
so heres mine ok ^^
hair style : black long straight hair
with some strands of hair her face
face:green eyes with full lips and a
beauty mark under her right eye
2.clothes:she has a curvaceous
figure.in the soul Society,she wears
the shinigami clothes in human
world wears in the school uniform
with the top kinda open,street
clothes are a black shirt with a
purple jacket and blue jean
3.personality:she is sometimes
serious but some times she jokes
around.if gets mad she pulls out her
zanpukto and chases you with
it.when she is happy she gives every
one food and some sake(if they are
21 or older).she is a good fighter
and in battle she always wants to
protect others than herself
4.abities:bankai:rosa negrea
shikai: rosas de la murdre
in bankai she gains a black jacket
with a purple rose in the back and
thones all around it and the squad
number in the right arm
5.squad:former captain in squad 4. Former vice captain of 10.now in royal guard
age:325(looks 18)
বছরখানেক আগে unohana said…
ok whos next
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Hey, no offense, but I don't think you'll get too many replies, as there are quite a few forums for making your own characters already. If I were you, I'd think of a different thing for a forum and go with that, as you'll most likely get more replies.
বছরখানেক আগে unohana said…
this is my first time so i just type what came up in my mind but i will try again
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Try and find something that interests you, but hasn't really been done by anyone before.
বছরখানেক আগে blEachstar1 said…
Name: Makasu Yuumei (Entrust to dark and light)
Hair: Silver and short style kind of like Uryu's. Has some strands of bangs straight down in front of his face.
Face: Gold sharp cobra like eyes complimented by a slim pair of glasses and a perfectly chiseled jaw line.

Appearance: While in the Soul Society he wears a long black coat with an upright collar. The under clothes are pressed out all white open chest shirt, white ripped pants, black dress shoes, and a cross necklace encrusted with red emeralds.
Makasu's world-of-the-living outfit consists of a plain white button up shirt, grey pants, his standard glasses, red high kicks, and a cross bracelet. School uniform is a grey blazer with red linings and a white button up shirt with a black tie and grey pants complimented by the black shoes.

Personality: Has a low profile and keeps from too much excitement. Known as the quiet person in class. When roaming in the Soul society he takes things seriously. Trying to goof off while Makasu is serious just gets him to a point where he yells at you. He has a various hatred against cute things. A very respectable opponent when in battle. He is always ready for a challenge. When ever the upper hand is on his side a very poisionous smirk is put upon his face. As always having top grades coming up with a plan is no problem. The everyday regular spare time is studying or either training in the for upcoming battles with hollows.

Abilities #1: Meian (Light & Darkness) Meian gives Makasu a chance that entwines a light arrow and a shadow arrow, then before hitting it seperates. Also gathering more spiritual energy to make another shot more powerful. Along with this his whole personality changes. A blood thirst for kill smirk is smeared across his face those cobra eyes light up and his cross necklace drips blood while forming the arrow in his hand and releasing reduces energy but gives more of an affect than usual. This is just for Meian, it doesn't occur on a regular basis. When returning to normal a blast af wind ans spiritual energy is released then the rush of blood dripping from the cross stops.

Age: 18
Race: Quincy

বছরখানেক আগে unohana said…
@blEachstar1 wow!! thats so cool!! :D
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Since not that many people have posted characters on here yet, I'll post one I guess.

Name: Akira Shishira

Age: 902 (looks about 40)

Height: 5'6

Weight: 73 kgs

Race: Rogue Shingami/Visored (Bear in mind that I don't really like making Visoreds, and this is the first)

Visored Mask: Similar to Al's mask, from FMA, while he is in the form of the metal knight. The mask also has long, arrow-head shaped piece attached to the top of his Hollow mask.

Eye colour: silver (silver irises, black pupils while Hollowfied)

Hair colour/type: His hair is blue, and spiky like Ichigo's but longer.

Mannerisms: Akira has never spoken a word in his life, he is mute. This doesn't stop him from fighting with a fierce determination to find out the real reason why he can use Hollow powers. He is not so much serious, as seemingly saracastic half the time and very sincere the other half. He hates people who take their powers for granted and don't use them for a purpose, whether the purpose is necessarily good or not.

History: He was an orphan while growing up in the World of the Living, a thousand years ago. He was part of the crusades in England, and followed his king with determination. He was killed during the Battle of Hastings in 1066. He was Captain of Squad Three, until he was defeated by Gin Ichimaru. When he woke, he was in the Department of Research and Development. Aizen had completed the infection process for Hollowfication and, shortly after, became Hollowfied, attacking Gin and Tousen, severely injured Tousen. He was cast out by Aizen and left to die.

Zanpakuto: Kabarie No Mori ('Lance of the Cavalier')

Release Command: Charge wildly (Denka mikon)

Bankai: Kiritsu Kishi ('Order Knight')

Shikai abilities:

Ketatamashii Mori ('Piercing Lance') The Zanpakuto hardens with order, and adds a certain amount, of this order, to the cut, when he cuts the opponent. This upsets the balance of chaos and order within the opponent's body, which reacts badly with the reishi around and can cause their reiatsu to become greatly unstable. The extra order also thickens their blood slightly, making it somewhat harder to move around, without losing breath quicker. Other side effects are a splitting headache, nausea and lapsed concentration.

Tsuchi Kamei ('Earth Affiliation') The wielder has the upper hand while moving about freely on anything counted as earth (i.e. rock, dirt, soil, land, plants/trees/grass). While fighting on earth, the wielder is much stronger than the opponent in terms of brute strength. While this is beneficial, it can slow him down at times. (Tsuchi Kamei is passive)

Bankai abilities:

Youmei Sokai ('Order Dispersal') When the opponent is cut, order begins to flow slowly out of the cut, until the blood flow clots up and begins to stop bleeding. The maximum amount of order that can be lost through this ability is five percent of any given cut. The body of the opponent, however, will slowly regain order. The lag-time for this ability is a minute. The opponent gains order back for approximately five minutes.

Special ability: The wielder's Shihakusho is covered by a thick armour, which can deflect Kido up to Hado 33, Sokatsui. To counter the weight of the armour, the wielder is given a speed bonus by three times as much.

Sealed Form: Zanpakuto is the same as a normal katana in this form. The guard is a four-sided cross, which is silver. The tsuba is steel grey with black underneath.

Shikai: The weapon changes into a short lance, with a pike head on the end.

Bankai: The lance becomes much longer and the head of the lance becomes a Zanpakuto-like blade, similar to the Shikai of Zangetsu, but in the recent form, from the latest Bleach episode 361. The blade is black, with a white aura around it. The lance-pole is approximately 1.5 meters long, while the blade is approximately 1.25 meters long.
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বছরখানেক আগে unohana said…
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Thanks XD. I've made a few Zanpakutos, so eventually I'll probably run out of ideas lol. I don't know how I pulled this one out, but after the added the bit about medieval England, it just occurred to me.
বছরখানেক আগে Kevy1 said…
I quite like the order Zanpakuto blackpanther.
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Cheers, Kevy. You should make a character for this as well man. And a Zanpakuto.
বছরখানেক আগে unohana said…
yes very nice thank you for posting it ^^
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Your welcome :)
বছরখানেক আগে unohana said…
its a honor to have someone post in this so thank you very much
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Hey, you should chat with me...
বছরখানেক আগে unohana said…
@blackpanther666 that sounds nice if you want to chat with me just message me ^^
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Okay then, XD.
বছরখানেক আগে unohana said…
বছরখানেক আগে heroicofa said…
Let me try

Name: Sheik kezakitsa

Gender: Male

Age: Over nine thousand years ( looks 15)

Apperance: short brown hair like a moptop but longer in the back. he is short and he isn't that muscular exept for his legs. blue eyes, devils peak eyebrows, and a tatue on his right armb that sais "Go to Hell"

Clothes: soul reaper robe bleached white, but also sewed another black robe to the back of the white one creating a cape like thing.

Personality: Calm, romantic, partily insane, and smart.

History: Sheik was the former lutendent of squad zero, but then he was bannished from the soul society. Angree and vengful he sets his sights on killing hollows and other soul reapers. He eventualy lerned bonkai and hen was abil to manipulate his hollowness so that his bonkai is his hollow self but having his shekai's usable.

Zampatos: he has two one black and one white , but both have the same form. Names are Porzuma-Kirisaki ma (Plasma Slasher) and Juryoku-Funsai-ki ( Gravity Smasher)

Shekai: Activates by saying stair into the face of death. Juryoku-Funsai-ki turnes into and sledge hammer with the ability to manipulate gravity with a single hit. Porzuma-kirisaki ma turnes into a longer sword with a little bend at the end and completely made of plasma. It can cut through anything ( even other zampato)

Bankai: Black smoke surands Sheik and he gets turned into his hallow form, but he is carrying both his zampatos. and he has complete control.

Hollow form: A golden mask that come around the back of his head like a full helmet. He grows to about seven to eight feet. He has a muscular camo green chest with a hole just below his right shoulder. his arms and legs are a magma red and his hands are bone white. in his hands are his zampatos in there shekai form and he has two tails the same color holding on to the two identical zampatos with the same effects. Finally, he has two gold and metalic like wings that he can use as a indestructable sheild.

Other information: has a contagous laghter, some memory of his childhood. Died in a car axident before he was a soul reaper. He maybe a cousin to Ichigo. Studies about gods (If they are real, how to become one, and where are they.) not soul reaper death gods but actual gods like the greec and roan gods

Quotes: Its called troll logic.
i'll give you a choice getting killed or death.
If you thought kampachi was insane, wait until you get a load of me!
Its game time
I am pownage.

Lets see who can slay him.

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বছরখানেক আগে Arisawa157 said…
let me

name: Yumika Daria
age: 680 years old(looks like 15)
gender: female
hair: long pink hair with bangs like orihime inoue
eye: aquamarine blue with black pupil
personality: calm and not talk alot
race: shinigami
clothes: shinigami uniform with katana holder on waist
zanpakuto name: suisho tori (crystal bird)
bankai name: suisho no washi (crystal eagle)
shikai abilities:
kessho no hashira(crystal pillar)
would appear that the lines form a triangle around the enemy, and then came a pillar of crystal

aonami(blue wave)
suisho tori directed to the enemy and will form a large wave of soisho tori

description of shikai mode: a light blue zanpakuto because it made from crystals. the guard is like sode no shirayuki and the hilt too. the blade was bluish transparent(not transparent completely). on the end of the hilt, there is a long light blue ribbon (longer than sode no shirayuki).

bankai abilities:
suisho no ame(crystal rain)
suisho tori directed upwards, and will drop shards of crystal from the sky to the enemy for 30 seconds

aoi hane(blue blade)

if suisho tori broken, would assemble a blue crystal shards and stick to suisho tori and equalize the color

bankai description: the owner have a pair of eagle wings from crystals and the owner's half body was layered by the spiky crystals(the spikiest is on the arm).

বছরখানেক আগে unohana said…
that's really cool!!
বছরখানেক আগে Arisawa157 said…
thank you ^^....
বছরখানেক আগে unohana said…
your welcome ^^
বছরখানেক আগে Arisawa157 said…
big smile
haha... i have worked hard to make my own character ^^
বছরখানেক আগে unohana said…
and it is a very cool charcter ^^
বছরখানেক আগে ivoryphills said…
Age: 18
Height: 5"10
Race: African immigrant of Japan.
Eyes: Honey
Hair: Long, puffy, bright violet afro-like hair that grows downward
Face: long, dark, soft angles
Clothes: Usually wears flowing skirts and tank tops during warm days, or hoodies and cargo pants, both with comabt boots (she's following Sharon Den Asel's style with the boots)
Personality: Sort of dark and reserved until she gets too much sugar, then she's loud and random; very quiet because she's observant, and will speak her mind if need be. Loves poetry and sorcery.
Abilities: Pyro-spellcasting: Casting spells by writing a poem of the spell on paper and burning it as a sacrifice for the fire angel giving her fire-spewing abilities. Or, for quicker, close-combat attacks, use her firepower given to her by a fire angel.
Squad: None. She just hangs around the gang and fights when a fight arrives.
বছরখানেক আগে unohana said…
nice :)
বছরখানেক আগে 19goldwolf said…
Name: Yamato Tekkashi
Age: 20
Gender: male
Race: Human
Zanpakuto sealed form: Zetsumei Keiteki! (Death Whistle) it looks like a katana its blade is longer than the traditional katana ithas the same powers as its released form the handle color of the sealed form of Zetsumai Keiteki is black and silver
Zanpakuto released form: Zetsumi Keiteki Ryuu is released by saying "come forth Zetsumi Keiteki Ryuu" when it is used the wielder is given one minute of unlimited spiritual energy for swift and deadly attacks. can use fire based attacks, ice based attacks, and dark based attacks. yamato's sword has the ability to cause illusionand to control peoples shadows which by doing so he can contol the very person. if the opponent has any blood exposed they will fell severe pain in thier body and eventually they will die. its handle color is black and gold
Personality: at the top of his class, doesn't have any friends. he has a mysteries personality and is a bit of a loner. girls are attracted to him because of his personality, but he has no time for dating between school and being a soul reaper.
Skills: expert in all fighting styles. expert in all weapons but uses his sword which is a long blade katana and when he uses bankai it doesn't change much the color is different but it is more powerful than any other sword
History: was born human just like ichigo he could see soul reapers, hollows, and anything normal humans can't see. he doesn't wear the traditional soul reaper outfit he wears a normal clothes for his soul reaper form. he is a bit of a loner. he was given his powers by a dying soul reaper who was killed by an arrancar. perfers to work alone because of the people he was partnered with were killed by either an arrancar or a hollow. but when a fight is about to begin he goes in and takes all of the enemies out. this is what he looks like i created my character from tektek.org

 Name: Yamato Tekkashi Age: 20 Gender: male Race: Human Zanpakuto sealed form: Zetsumei K
বছরখানেক আগে DJHelm said…
Name: Angelo Spada
Age: 17
Race: Japenesse refugee from Italy
No Squad: Nobody will accept him
Personality: VERY misunderstood and feared by all. He has a split personality. One personality is a pure and sad because everyone thinks of him as a monster and nobody gives him a chance. The second comes out when he releases his zanpakuto. The second is evil and talks about death but hates espada more than anything.
Zanpakuto: Ombra (Italian for shadow) looks like a katana with a Jet black blade and a black and blue handle with a middle that looks kind of like a compass rose and its power is that it can parilyze a person if Angelo can see his/her shadow.
Zanpakuto (released): L'ombra Della Morte (Italian for death's shadow)is released by saying "come forth a darker shadow" then he grows a pair of dark wings and has the ability to take away all emotion of someone and control them until they die. (looks like scythe in picture below)
Pet: Angelo has a pet raven that came to him one night as a boy (in picture below)
Made picture on the same website as the guy above me.
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 Name: Angelo Spada Age: 17 Race: Japenesse refugee from Italy No Squad: Nobody will accept him Pe
alphonse33 commented…
for the name আপনি don't mean Umbra do you? বছরখানেক আগে
বছরখানেক আগে unohana said…
oh my!! Very nice :D
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Name: Masaomi Takuya

Age: 2750 (looks 50-60)

Race: Shinigami

Rank: Captain-Commander/Squad One

Height: 6'4

Weight: 88 kgs

Hair colour: Grey, and long, coming down to his back, in the same manner as Jushiro Ukitake, except, instead of being straight, and long, his hair is braided and slightly curly.

Eye colour: Steely grey

Personality: This man fits the role of 'Head-Captain' perfectly. He is charismatic, commanding and ultimately cold; though, in retrospect, he cares for many of the Shinigami Captains and Vice-Captains, as though they were his own children. He is an odd man, being somewhat eccentric, liking to make tea and sit quitely in his office, but he also has a quirky sense of humour that comes out sometimes, during meetings and such. In battle, however, he is extremely focused and will not let anyone put him on the defensive. He is fluid, swift, and experienced in battle and only the absolute toughest of opponents will ever put a scratch on him, during battle. Despite these facts, he has an almost unquenchable sense of honour and will not kill an opponent, unless it is absolutely necessary.

History: Being friends with Shunsui Kyoraku, his senior in age, has mellowed him out a lot. During his youth, he was a prominent Seated squad member of Squad Seven, under Sajin Komamura. When Sajin died, Masaomi got the chance to show the Bankai he had recently obtained, after a short spell in the Bankai Training Room. This gave him the opportunity to take the Captains's test and he passed with flying colours. This was surprising for Genryusai Yamamoto, who had never considered Masaomi to very skilled. Masaomi had taken quite a long time to graduate from Shino Academy, around seven years, which was longer than the average Shinigami. When he finally graduated, he hadn't even learned his Shikai.
After becoming Captain, Masaomi spent many years perfecting his technique and fighting form, learning to fight with one hand and with two hands, on his Zanpakuto. He also spent a lot of time training to fully master his Bankai, after spending several long, gruelling weeks mastering his Shikai fully. By the time he had passed a thousand years old, Genryusai Yamamoto died of old age and a heart attack. He was 8,202 years old. For at least thirty years, the Gotei 13 remained without a Head-Captain, Shunsui refusing to take the reigns of command. Central 46 continually badgered the man, threatening to remove him from the Gotei 13, if he didn't take the post. Shunsui further refused, until Masaomi intervened and offered himself up to them. He said he would take any test give him and take the position, providing they left Shunsui alone. Central 46 finally agreed and they gave him ten different tasks/tests to achieve, thinking that he'd fail. Masaomi, being very respectful and a worshipper of Shunsui, gave it his all and finally Central 46 allowed him the prestigious position of Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13.

Zanpakuto: Tatsumakisa-ji ('Tornado surge')

Tatsumakisa-ji ('Tornado surge')

Release Command: Flow with me (Touhou furo-motte)

Bankai: Ryuuchou Fujin ('Flowing Wind God')

Type: Wind/speed

Shikai Abilities:

Special ability: The blade of the Zanpakuto disappears and only the guard and tsuba remain. The wielder can form a blade from wind energy, or create a large blast of wind, that can be either be released, or used as a massive weapon. Can manipulate wind-energy to a small extent.

Kanpuu ('Cold Wind') This wind is much colder than regular wind, therefore, when it hits the opponent, it causes more damage. This appears as flowing aura around the blade of the Zanpakuto, and causes more pain with inflicted cuts by the Zanpakuto. The size of the aura can be adjusted at will, using tele-kinetic signals to allow this change. As such, the aura can be the size of the blade, or the size of a bon-fire (the largest it would get), depending on what the wielder wants the attack to do. Increasing the size of the 'aura' also increases the pain of cuts, by the Zanpakuto, as the blade is cutting the opponent, and forcing freezing air into the cut at the same time. This ability can be turned on or off at will and, while activated, consumes relatively small amounts of spiritual pressure.

Yokokaze ('Cross wind') Simple attack. This ability creates four 'strips' of wind, taking about ten seconds to do so and then shunpos, firing each blast, so that they are fired from different directions (i.e. north, west, south, east) and then they all hit the target at the same time. These blasts are fired at twice the speed of a Bala. Each strip of wind has a small portion of the wielder's reiatsu imbued within, so that, when all four blasts compact, they explode.

Kaze Suteppu ('Wind Step') Shunpo, and speed, are increased by 50 percent and 100 percent, in terms of speed and mastery for shunpo, and reaction time, appendage speed and flow through the air. This is passive and allows the user an extreme proficiency at moving around at high speeds. For example, Ichigo's Bankai allowed him to move at high speeds, while this is similar to that, this encompasses all notions and applications of speed.

Bankai Abilities:

Furo-seigyo ('Flow control'): This technique is very difficult to use, even at the best of times, but once it has been mastered, this is very useful to the wielder of the Zanpakuto. The wielder draws their Zanpakuto and spins it in a circle at very high speeds, until it causes a tornado-like, rip in the sky, which is directed right at the opponent and swallows them up, trapping them at the end. The wielder is then flung, at the speed of sound (speed of sound = 600 m/s), meaning they will collide with the wielder in anywhere from 1-3 seconds. The tunnel cannot be made, if the the wielder is less than 600 meters away from them. The collision causes a massive explosion between the two different kinds of reiatsu and requires the weaker to give way to the stronger. If they are fairly even, give or take, the blast will simply consume and damage both opponent and wielder.

Special abilities:

The Zanpakuto stays the same as in Shikai, retaining only the guard and tsuba. In Bankai, this Zanpakuto has complete control over wind energy and can use it in any way he wishes. The Bankai allows the wielder to use Kanpuu and Yokokaze too. It also gives three benefits to speed and shunpo:

Daippo: Kurauchingusuta-to ('First Step: Crouching Start') This ability gives an extra 100% speed bonus temporarily, as long as the wielder is crouching. This has no cooldown and a low spirit energy consumption.

Hitoashisaki ('One Step Ahead') This ability is passive and gives a casual speed bonus of 50%, to shunpo and their general speed. This can also affect evasion, appendage speed, reaction time and flow through the air. Flow through the air is increased by reducing friction on the wielder's body by a relative amount. (this same principle affects Wind-step, shikai ability 3, as well)

Sanjuurokkei ('Avoiding Trouble') This ability is useful for avoiding opponent's attacks. This increases evasion by 50% for a minute. Has a one minute cooldown. This has a relatively low spirit energy consumption.

Sealed Form: A normal Zanpakuto, with a grey/black tsuba. The silver blade is a typical length of katana, about 1.1 - 1.2 meters long. The guard is shaped like circle, with four indents forming a cross inside the circle to its hollow point, where there is a small circle shape missing from inside the circle; five rings interlap each other, and dangle, within this inner circle.

Shikai form: The blade disappears and only the tsuba and guard remain.

Bankai Form: Same as Shikai, but a long, grey chain now protrudes from the end of the tsuba.
বছরখানেক আগে unohana said…
very detail!! Good job! ^^
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
big smile
Hehe, thanks. Hey, just wondering, but are you still interested in the Captains Fighting Comp? If so, can you please post your character and her Zanpakuto, with a Bankai. Thanks.
বছরখানেক আগে unohana said…
sure thing but since i log in fanpop by cell phone i cant post pics so when i go to my friend's house to use the internet i will post the pic
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Okay, cool, sounds good to me. By the way, you will have to design a bios of her Zanpakuto and actually write a Bankai, with her abilities listed too. If you need help with that, then just message me and I'll give you a hand to do it.
বছরখানেক আগে Eris24 said…
I am going to post three me my sis and other sis
Me first
Name:Shaunee Andrews
Name Meaning: first: morning next: glory
Appearance: short light brown hair with blonde highlights and always leaves it down (I can't stand my hair up), my eye color is kind of unique it is hazel during the day and yellow goldish at night, I wear reading glasses so I can read better
Clothes: I like to wear shorts and long skirts, sweat shirts or tees, and I sometimes where short dresses with leggings my shoes are either clogs or running shoes (sorry I can't where high hells they give me blisters)
Personalty:sweet, kind, nice, smart (I am smartass smart I have a laptop in my room and a small ceminshtre seat), and I get ticked off easily because of one of my annoying sisters
Abiltys: She can heal or kill people when she sings
Squad: not on one she has two babysit at night
Age:19 turning 21 on Halloween
Date of birth: Halloween night 1995
Siblings: Karen and Noelle (actualy sisters)

Karen's info
Name:Karen Andrews
Name meanings:first: nightmare next: glory
Appearance: long straight magenta hair with sapphire blue highlights, levender eyes but when she is mad her eyes turn dark purple with flames in them
Clothes: she wears dark hot pick dresses and black high hells all the time even when she sleeps
Personalty: (me and her don't get along but she has kind of the same personalty as Nnoitra)
Abilities:she can people feel inferrer to her
Squad: not in one she has a lust for fights and blood
Siblings: Noelle and Shaunee (me)
Date of birth:April 19 1993

Noelle's info
Name: Noelle Andrews
Name meanings:first: Moonlight next:glory
Appearance:long wavy sapphire blue hair with magenta high lights, her eyes are light emerald
Clothes: pjs are a long black night gown everyday is a light blue dress with a light purple jacket she wears flip flops
Personalty: clever,kind,sweet,nice,cold at times, and friendly
Abilities: like mine except she also has vampire wings that are a darker color then her hair
Squad: not on one she not a good fighter
Date of birth: like Karen but after her by a year April 19 1994
Siblings: Karen and Shaunee (me)
I almost forgot Karen and noelle are twins I am the youngest two
I will post their looks on a you tube vid this week.
বছরখানেক আগে phoenix88888 said…
ok here it goes

name: sekachii sekourou (I have no idea if these are real Japanese words, I just wrote random things)

personality: always tired when not in fights, when in a fight he is very serious

hair: blue hair covering one eye

Zanpakuto: Uchuu (universe)

ability: Makes it so there's zero gravity for your opponent only so it's easier to cut them.

Bankai: don't know what takeover is in Japanese, but the bankai is: universal takeover

bankai ability: It's pretty much the same look as a normal Zanpakuto, but if it cuts the opponent their body is in your control.

Sekachii is captain of an unknown squad called squad zero he is a kid (like Toshiro), but is more powerful than the head captain.
বছরখানেক আগে Riku114 said…
i guess i can post some too

Name: Kyomi Susuwami
Appearance: She has long, straight, black hair with bluish green eyes and is 5' 10''
Gender: Female
Seat: Captain of Squad 13
Rank: Captain
Name of Zanpaktou: Kuro no Tenshi (Black Fallen Angel) by: me
Command: Screech Kuro no Tenshi
Bankai Release Name: Kuro no Tenshi Shi no Himei (Death Screech of the Black Fallen Angel)

Description in Shikai:
The regular blade turns into a blade with spikes coming out like a featherless wing. Basically only the bone of a wing.
Shikai abilities:
1) bokashi no tsubasa (feathering wing) the zanpaktou grows sharp reshi that appears to look like feathers
Weakness: none

2)heirō (halo) a circular purple light appears and places the enemy in a temporary trance into the sight of heaven
Weakness: If you don't see it nothing happens and if the enemy has much stronger reshi than it only affects for only like half a minute to a minute.

Description in Bankai:
The left arm gets covered with armor shaped lake many pakmans but mainly black with a red outer rim. At the end of the armor is a metal claw that goes over the left hand. The sword basically stays the same but is a tiny bit bigger. (Being held in right hand) In Bankai mode, it grows two wings that are obviously made out of reshi on the outside but on the back side covered in metal. The reshi color is dark purple and gets larger with the wind armor as more reshi is taken. Increases the speed, strength, defense, and allows super fast flight.

Bankai Abilities:
1) tsume no seichou (Growing Claw) The claw on the left hand triples in length making its reach even farther.
Weakness: none

2) sora tobu tsubasa (flying blades) The shield protection on the wings fall off and begin to hurl at the enemy circling them 3-8 times going by how many grew from the reshi. They can fly from about 7 yards to 12 yards depending on the amount thrown.
Weakness: Eats up tons of spiritual pressure and leaves you with only boned wings temporarily. *They grow back as fast as you can pour out enough spiritual pressure but at a minimum of 15 min.

3) Tenshi no hogo bokkusu (angel's protection box) End's the Bankai and almost eats up all of your reshi (about 80%) but traps the enemy in a small tight box that can last up to 48 hours as long as the user is alive.
Weakness: Can be avoided leaving user with little reshi, but it is rather hard because the amount of reshi being sent is about the size of the tsunami.

Name: Shingo Kusanagi by me
Gender: Male
Eyes: Light Blue
Seat: Lt of Squad 13
Hair: Short Dark Brown Hair that is somewhat spiky.
Zanpaktou: Satsugai (Murdering King)
Release Command: Kill Satsugai
Appearance: Turns into a scythe. The blade is black and the handle is blood red.
Ability: (lefts and rights do matter)
1. tanken o nageru (throwing daggers) Shingo whips Satsugai from in front of him to the right. The middle of the arc created is where the daggers get shot. The faster and harder the swing the farther and faster the daggers fly. 3-15 daggers are thrown depending on the amount of effort put into the wing. To keep a good amount of spiritual pressure you should only fire 38 or fewer daggers. This ability takes some time to master with the timing

2. Kousoku dyuaru (fast dual blades) Shingo bounces the scythe between his two hands to create two blades. The blades are still bound together by an invisible string of pure spiritual pressure that makes the impact of an attack on the Zanpaktou not as damaging on the hands. Although once one of the hilts looses the hand that it was being held onto, it transforms back into the single scythe.

3. Pisutoru no hakka (firing pistol) Shingo swings the scythe in a circle to his right using his right hand and it turns into a pistol. The pistol never runs out of ammo. *The ammo is small partials of spiritual energy being shot. If done too much it may end up being really damaging. Only 65 or less should be done.*
Bankai Name: dengen kureijī satsugai (Power Crazy Murdering King)
Bankai: Shingo gets a coat similar to a soul reaper cloak but with a red leather behind the second layer. This red leather appears on the bottom of the cloak. Across theft shoulder to the right side of the hip then all around the hip is a strap/belt that holds all the weapons. On top of that, there is armor covering the shoulders, arms, neck, forehead that drags around the cheeks *one large head garment*, legs, and knees.
Bankai Abilities: The long belt and strap holds the scythe, the 38 daggers, a pistol with 85 bullets, and the dual blades. The abilities are basically the same but the held onto acceptation is gone for the dual blades and you don’t have to do all the exact motions to create the weapon.

The are the two that I created that I like the most and i have 11 microsoft word pages of mine and black panther's characters. They are in 10.5 size.
বছরখানেক আগে ArtWaffle said…
Ok let's see
Name: Shirohana , kageshiro , lindshiro , idk xD
Weight :95 lb
Height: 5'1 1/2
Age: over 600 years look's 23-25
RANK!: she was captain of squad 2 and 4 a long time ago she is currently the fourth divisions 6th seat and has a close relationship whit Unohana so close that they make fun of each other when theyre bored
Relatives: Kuro kokushibio(older brother ) she is part of the kokushibio noble family
Eyes: amber/hazel
Hair: white hair under the shoulder length ,hondulated
Personality: Wille she is a person of fun,jokes and has anamazing talent drawing, painting and playing violin she is not to be taken lightly . She can be caring and will risk her own life to save others she can be violent and will not hesitate in taking away your life . She is honest and a born leader
Power: She,unlike most shinigami, does not posses a sword, she often uses hand to hand combat and since her seniority she surpasses , although little, Yoruichi in speed and strength . She is proficient in her hado defensive/offensive skills but refuses to use them. Her initial power is based on the four elements . She has predatory senses associating her whit tigers or/and wolfs
Clothes: she wears a tight black shirt whit sleeves and tight dark gray pants , she wears black ballerina shoes (forgot their name) and a small obi around her waist .She has never gone to the human world .... Yet
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বছরখানেক আগে unohana said…
very nice!!^^
বছরখানেক আগে unohana said…
i am going to add another fan made character
বছরখানেক আগে unohana said…
name:saki Honoka
age: 221(looks 19)
race: shinigami
seat: former captain of squad 4 and 6 now in royal guard
shikai:Sakurako"cherry blossom child"
-her shinkai in a long zanpakto with rings around it and a red ribbon in the top. When attacking with the zanpakto in shikai a small child spirit shows up and attacks as well. The color of the zanpakto is gold in shikai.
bankai: rena de la rosa( queen of the rose)
-in bankai she has a long jacket which is tthe color dark red and a light pink ribbon around her hip and a dimond in her forehead
street clothes: her street clothes are a red sukeban jacket with black sailor fuku school uniform a long black school skirt
The way she looks: has long black hair with dark purples eyes,light skin. She looks like a sukeban but isnt one
personality:she acts tough but has a soft spot for friends. She loves to fight and likes to scare people and aways carries a weapon
বছরখানেক আগে ArtWaffle said…
Ok ^w^ me too!
Name : Kuro kokushibio
Age : 1,408(lol) look's 27-29
Gender: male
Weight: 150 lb
Height: 6'4
Race: shinigami/noble
Hair: black waist long hair
Eyes: aquamarine blue whit a little bit of apple green
Personality: He is a fun man to be around, he resembles Aizen in the eyes in a sort of way that everyone tells him , he gets annoyed by this stating that he is far better than the bastard. He is kind whit the people around him ,wise and just ( because of experiences over the years) he detest's war pointing out that a "leader should know better than to punish his own kingdom to misery " he likes to play on the piano since" being a noble has so much free time"
Shikai : his shikai is a long black katana (see ichigo's new bankai) it's guard has a bunch of silver rings making a wave all around the guard one of his attacks is "Soukushi " (sudden death) throwing away his full concentrated reiatsu in a wave . The second one is " Jisonowa" (stalk from the shadows) that is the ability to practically be one whit any shadow with the purpose to remain unseen
Bankai:....... That one's a secret
Relatives: Shirohana / kageshiro Shiro (younger sister)
Clothes: new bankai ichigo stile whit gloves and everything but silver chains instead of X's on his chest and gloves
Special abiitly: hollow mask , he doesn't use this tecnice because he finds it too aggressive
Squad position : captain commander
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বছরখানেক আগে unohana said…
love your character^^
বছরখানেক আগে ArtWaffle said…
Thank u ^w^!
বছরখানেক আগে unohana said…
your'e very welcome :)
বছরখানেক আগে ArtWaffle said…
Soo.... Du u like unohana? Cuz' I LOVE her xD .... Fav character hehe
বছরখানেক আগে unohana said…
yup!!! I have a load of pics of her in my profile! Message me if you wanna talk some time!^^
বছরখানেক আগে ArtWaffle said…
Lol !! Someone else to chare my obsession !! I love her too !! I have 1,845 pics of her on my iPod xD no kidding