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TheCr3ator posted on Jul 06, 2014 at 09:37AM
The setting is 500 years after Aizen's rebellion. A deadly new enemy code named Titans have arisen. Titans are a perfect hybrid of Soul Reaper and Hollow. Though they hold allegiance to neither group and kill soul reaper and hollow without mercy. The Titan's have overrun soul society and pushed the soul reapers out, and now set their sights on the world of the living. The captains and lieutenants of the 13 squads that survived the initial attack are now taking refuge in the world of the living. Many have perished and others are missing, the 13 court guard squads for the first time since anyone can remember are crippled, and with out leadership, For the last 200 years the captains and lieutenants that remain have held back the Titan assualt on the world of the living, but not without sacrifices, Most of the world is in ruin and humans have gone into hiding. The captains are biding their time till they can mount a full scale attack on soul society and reclaim their home, but they are quickly losing hope in the face of such a strong enemy. But while in the world of the living many strong soul reapers and arrancars have come forth from all over the world to aid in the war which gives the captains hope once more at returning the world to normal. How long will it be before they can reclaim their home, no one knows, but for once in the last 200 years there's an end game. The army has began to grow. Soon very soon the remaining captain will lead the army through the senkaimon and lay siege to soul society in hopes of reclaiming their beloved home world.

- Create a Soul reaper or Hollow and Create their sword and just have fun it's ad lib so make it up as you go.
- If you're willing to join we need 13 captains for the soul reapers. post what captain slot you want and what faction need at least 6 before we can start.

Template is as follows.
Affiliation:(soul reaper) (Hollow)
Nature: i.e. Goals, what drives them, why they are helping.
Background: where there from. how they came to be here.
Release Command:
Shikai Name or Resurrecion:
Shikai or Reserrecion: ABbilities: Limit 3
Bankai: Name
Bankai: Abilities

Gotei 13"
Captain Squad 1:
Captain Squad 2:
Captain Squad 3: Akira Asahi (Thail)
Captain Squad 4: Keisen
Captain Squad 5: Shinju (Me)
Captain Squad 6:
Captain Squad 7:
Captain Squad 8: Shogan
Captain Squad 9:
Captain Squad 10:
Captain Squad 11: Kenpachi Reoul
Captain Squad 12: Ichiro (Me)
Captain Squad 13:

Espada 1: Stark
Espada 2 :
Espada 3: Sinphen (Sin)

Captain Squad 1: Kato
Captain Squad 2:
Captain Squad 3: Zack
Captain Squad 4:
Captain Squad 5:
Captain Squad 6:
Captain Squad 7:
Captain Squad 8:
Captain Squad 9:
Captain Squad 10:
Captain Squad 11:
Captain Squad 12: Rikou
Captain Squad 13:
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বছরখানেক আগে TheCr3ator said…
Here is my soul reaper to start.

Name: Shinju Maski (Beautiful Pearl)
Age: 19 by human standards
Sex: Male

Appearance: Shinju has long light blue hair that he wears slicked back, he also wears his bangs brushed to one side held up by Kenseikan (metal clips showing nobility). He a wears a white button up shirt with the top three buttons undone the collar sticking up (popped). He wears a pair of black slacks that hang lose on him, and a pair on converse shoes. He wears his sword on his back with the hilt over his left shoulder. He is 6 foot, lean and muscular, with light tan skin, He has no facial hair. He wears a medallion around his neck with scythe on it to represent everything he swore he wouldn't become.

Affiliation: Former Captain of the 5th squad. (Soul Reaper)

Background: Born in the slums of London, England in the late 1800s, his mother was murdered when he was just a boy. Shinju had to steal to survive, he had no family. When he turned 16 he came across a soul reaper on an assignment. The soul reaper accidentally awoken his powers laying dormant inside of him. He made his way to soul society with the help of the soul reaper. He attended the academy and 40 years later he was named Captain of squad 5.

Nature: Shinju is a master of sword fighting and hand to hand combat, he is terrible at kido. He enjoys the finer things in life. He can often be seen star gazing or reading books in his free time. He would rather solve things with a drink compared to fighting. He is confident and cool in all situations. He inspires those around him, and instills confidence in his piers.

Release Command: Reign over all dominion
Shikai: Umihebi (Sea Serpent)
Shekai Abilities:
1. Insho-tekina hiba (Striking Fang) - Fires energy in the form of serpents fangs at the enemy
2.Senpu (Whirlind) - Spinning his trident around his hand brings forth a violent tornado that sucks everything into it. Spirit energy included.
3. Kaze Kama (Wind Scythe) - Makes the wind around the user denser turning the wind into a blade that can strike the enemy.
Bankai: Tenwa Umihebi Katto (Heaven Cutting Sea serpent)
1. Hyo (Hail) - The Serpent strikes the sky freezing the atmosphere. The frozen spirit energy turns into tiny blades that reflect the light to look like hail falling from the sky.
2. Iki Toketsu (Freezing Breathe) - The serpent breathes out ice which freezes everything in front of it in solid ice.
3. Chen Funsai (Shattering Chain) - The chain around the serpent neck is shattered releasing it into the atmosphere. it then alters the gravity increasing strength, agility, speed, and stamina. Or it falls back down on the user and makes a armour around the user made of ice, that protect from fatal blows The armour can turn to liquid to make it lighter. The serpent cannot reform once this move is used till bankai is released again.
Shikai: The blade elongates into a trident with three tips, and a blue ribbon at the other end.
Bankai: User retains the trident, but Bankai summons a giant Dragon like serpent made of ice and water it can change it's form to what suits it best. It has a chain around it's neck that the soul reaper holds like a leash.
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বছরখানেক আগে TheCr3ator said…
Shinju:(The day is cold and long the sun hidden by clouds. It seems the sun barely shines unobstructed on the world of the living these days. Shinju sat with his elbows on his knees and hair hanging over his face. He was currently in a building called a parking garage that has long since collapsed apparently once upon a time human parked something called cars that used to get around in this place. One section collapsed just right so that is forms a throne looking seat of sorts, So when the captains first came he made this place his home. He looked to his right out over the shop district of Karakura Town, this place use to be full of humans out buying things, but there was no humans anymore. So the shop district was now just a barren waste land. He looked farther to the school, a place once full of hope where the next generations of humans would study. They wopuld graduate and take their parents place, and have kids of there own this was the cycle that had lasted since the world began, but no more. That was the first place to go. Flashes go threw his head of the school in ruins and dead humans everywhere. (He shakes his head to get rid of the images). It had been almost 200 years since the Titans came, they attacked without warning and over powered us easily they so were god damn strong. We tried to fight them in Seireitei, but old man Yama gave his life so that we might escape.

Keisen: You know I was there too, I know what horrors we lived, I know what haunts you Shinju.

Shinju: (He looks up to see Keisen standing against the far wall. He was so lost in thought he hadn't noticed her approach.) Aye I know, very few of us remain that know what we fight for anymore. We are lost and without guidance. I see it more and more everyday. The new recruits are strong yes, but they are young and inexperienced. They will not be able to break the Titan's front lines. If we send them trough the senkaimon, then we minds well cut them down ourselves.

Keisen: The recruits, look for leadership if they see you waver in you're resolve then they will lose hope. We are hanging on edge of the abyss. Have you lost your resolve Shinju will you no longer hold your own?

Shinju: I don't know anymore, (He looks off in the distance again) we could activate order Zen.

Keisen: Aye, but you know more than anyone that's suicide. And no one is willing the sacrafice they're life to seal off this world by blowing up the precipice world.

Shinju: I would if it meant an end to this war. I could fly into the precipice world and use the Ragnarok machine Kisuke invented,

Keisen: We need to save that as a last resort, if this war was to go ill favorably. Besides you and I both know that Seireitei is our true home, we must try to reclaim it even if it costs us our lives. This is duty of the Gotei 13. (We must try he agreed in a hollow response). (She stand up off the wall.) Think of all of this, find your resolve again my old friend. (She then jumps over the side of the garage).

Shinju: What's the point. (He leaned back in the makeshift chair, and closed his eyes as he rubbed his temples. Just then a senkaimon opened in the sky. He looked up to see two Titans emerge from it.) Not again, they just launched an attack two days ago. It thought we had at least a week.

Zack: (He walked out of the senkaimon and looked over the world of the living. All of Karakura Town was in ruin. If these damn Shinigami would just die they could raze the rest of the world and rebuild it in perfection. They would kill all, but the perfect humans they saw worthy, and create the perfect human race. Then they would take their place as the new gotei 13. He looked over at his Lieutenant.) Do you have it.

Ashanti: Yes Captain. (She pulls a scrolls out of her robe and hands it to him.)

Zack: (reaches up and activates the device in his ear.) What was the message again Rikou.

Rikou: You should really start writing things down, Zack. For Christs sake you left just 20 minutes ago, you have the shortest memory of any shinigami I know.

Zack: I have the scrolls dammit, I was just fucking with you. (He heard a long string of cuss words and insults over the com, as he reached up and turned it off cutting the connection.)

Ashanti: Just read it Captain, it smells here and i don't like it.

Zack: Fine I guess we've wasted enough time here. (He opens the scroll and reads the printing on it. His vioce booms over Karakura Town for all to hear.) Attention Shinigami of the Gotei 13, this is an offer directly from our head Captain Kato. The world of the living is in ruins the Gotei 13 is all but gone. The humans have gone into hiding in fear of what really exists in the world. And he grows impatient at your defiance. He offers you a choice join us and take your former places, in the new Gotei 13 or be destroyed. For the next we come we will send all of the 13 Captain and spill your blood on the rocks. (He closed the scroll) I will return in 3 days for your answer, please make the right one. Open the senkaimon Ashanti

Ashanti: Yes sir. (She turns and prepares the door. After a few moments) It's ready Captain

Zack: (Turns to leave, but reaches out and catches a sword that's coming at him.) Oh what's this a sneak attack. So unlike a Captain.

Shinju: (Shinju Looks up to see Shogan, has attacked the messenger.) What does he think he's doing. (He turns and grabs his zanpaktou laying against the wall, and jumps from floor to floor climbing the broken building.)

Shogan: Do really think we would just let you leave Titan scum. You came here, to world of the living. So let's make it worth your while.

Zack: We came here as ambassadors of good will.

Shogan: There's no good will with in the Titan core. (Shogan goes to strike Zack again.)

Shinju: (Shinju shunpoes catching Shogan midair, He placed his hand of middle of Shogan's chest and threw him back.) Have you lost all sense boy?

Shogan: What do you think you're doing old man get out of the way. (Shogan raises his sword and points it at Shinju).

Shinju: Will you attack your own people now Shogan. (Just then he jumped out of the way as Ashanti sword hit were he was.) Oh ho a sneak attack here I thought you two were ambassadors of goodwill. (Shinju unsheathes his sword and get into a battle stance,)

Zack: Will you really kill a messenger? Shinju even you would not kill a messenger with your pride.

Shinju: What do you know of pride you sacrificed your pride to become that demon. Besides that you're lieutenant drew her sword, and when that happened you became a threat.

Zack: (Zack reached out and grabbed Ashanti hand.) put it away.

Ashanti: But Captain why two of them have come out of hiding. We can cut them down now.

Zack: They are under Kato's protection for three days, would you really provoke his wrath. You know what he would do to you. besides they aren't worth it. (He then turned and then both entered to senkaimon).

Shogan: What the hell is wrong with you old man you let them get away.

Shinju: They would cut you down where you stand. You're no match for them. (Shinju sheathed his sword and began walking away.

Shogan: Who made you head Captain anyways. I don't remember anyone nominating you the leader. You're just a washed up old Captain that has lost his will to fight. You sold out your resolve 10 years ago by letting that bastard live. (He lunged at Shinju who had his back to him, but was met with a sword.)

Keisen: That's enough Shogan. (She swung her sword sending his flying back into the arms of another Captain. Just then 3 more Captain appeared and drag Shogan away fighting.) "What happened to you Shinju was he really that important to you."

Shinju: Why Zack, I swore protect you, why did you sell your soul to that demon. What made you lose hope. What made you lose faith in me. I need to believe you will come back to us. I need to believe you can come back from this, that I can come back from this. (Shinju slowly walks away with head down so that his hair covers his face hiding the tears in his eyes.)
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বছরখানেক আগে TheCr3ator said…
Since no one is joining I'm going to create a second character for myself.

Name: ReiJin Hoshi (One light/ One Star)

Age: mid twenties (Human) 110 (Shinigami)

Sex: Male

Appearance: He has long blonde hair that he wears normal and messy. He is 5'8 lean and muscular. He wears the normal hamaka of the shinigami, but wears a sky-blue captains hamaka over it. He has green eyes.

Affiliation: Former Captain of the 12th squad.

Nature: He is gentle and quiet. He prefers kido, over hand to hand combat. He speaks rarely, but when he does he seems to contain great intelligence.

Background: As the successor to Mayuri, and the most recent leader of the bureau of research and development. He invent many useful devices like a ear piece that allows shinigami to converse cross realm. Also made great strides in fully understanding the hogyoku.


Release Command: Bring all creation to it's knees/ Bring all things under my control.

Shikai Name: Kurieita (The Creator)

Shikai Abilities:
1. Shogekiha (Shock Wave) - when spun releases a sound wave that weakens reiatsu bonds.
2. Ribasu (Reverse) - It absorbs any kido type attack thrown at it and sends it back at the user.
3. Has the abilty to directly control reiatsu particles in the air and use them to do different things.

Bankai: Sozo (The Creation)

Bankai Abilities:
1. Only ability is the user can absorb rieatsu particles in the air to increase healing time.


Shikai: The sword elongates into a a double headed spear with a shield over the hand-guard.

Bankai: Summon forth a Celestial warrior, and the blade transforms into a boomerang blade that can be thrown and will always return to the user. Celestial warrior carries two broad axes, and is directly controlled or acts on its own depending on the owners choice.
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বছরখানেক আগে TheCr3ator said…
Shinju: (Shinju lays on his bed in the lowest level of the Parking garage. This was the only part of the building that's was completely intact. So he made this his room, because it cut the wind and held back the elements. The cold didn't bother him, he never got cold. He laid his bed in a shallow sleep. He saw a bright light, behind his eye lids and opened his eys. He saw blue oceans as far as the eyes could see.
Pillars stuck up here and there, around the pillar he was sitting on. He looked over and saw, a man not much older than him sitting on the pillar across from him. The man had long blue hair that he wore slicked back, he wore a long white robe that looked like an Espada's robe.) Why have you called me here Umi?

UmiHebi: You know the answer to that question Shinju.

Shinju: Yea, I know what you want of me. But i can't give you that Umi. Don't ask that of me.

UmHebi: It's been 20 long years since you've called on me Shinju. 20 years confined in this prison. Why, why are you afraid to call on me?

Shinju: (Shinju stares off in the distance at the horizon, something was bugging him. Something he had forgotten.) It's not fear that makes not want to fight, just the opposite.

UmiHebi: You've forgotten haven't you? This use to be an entire city, surrounding the city was a beautiful ocean. 20 years of confinement has made the ocean rise and flood the city sinking it, these pillars are just the tops of the highest buildings. This city was once your fighting spirit, and your resolve. (He looked down through the water at the city far below.) You've destroyed my home (Umi Yelled).

Shinju: (looks down at the pillar he's sitting on, so that he doesn't have to look Umi in the eyes.) I know Umi, I have forgotten. I've forgotten the deal we made so long ago.

UmiHebi: (Umi looks down at his sword, then at Shinju's.) Look at your sword Shinju. (Shinju looks down at his sword.) Now look at mine. Your hilt which use to glow with a fiery blue shine that stood testament to your pride has now all but died it's black like your heart.

Shinju: (Shinju was quiet for a long time, taking all this in.) I can't do it Umi, I just can't. Everyone looms to me for guidance and to lead them, but I am no leader. I'm still weak Umi.

UmiHebi: I told you once that when we stand together there's nothing we can't accomplish. Take up your sword, Lead the Army. Call of me once more, use me. I'll always come when you call. When you get cut, cut the enemy deeper. When you're afraiid fake courage. When the enemy corners you, fight harder. Take up your sword.

Shinju. And what of Zazk?

UmiHebi: When he comes 2 days from now, take me and plunge me straight through his heart. Send a strong and clear message to Kato that the captain of the gotei 13 bow to no one. (Umi was so mad he slammed his fist on the pillar as part of it broke off and fell into the ocean.)

Shinju: I will think about it. (Shinju stood up, and jumped into the ocean. He closed his eyes as he floated on his back. As he floated there Shinju, faded back into a deep sleep).
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বছরখানেক আগে TheCr3ator said…
Shinju: (Shinju wondered where he was, as he laid in his bed. He sat up and looked out the window,) Oh that's right. (He looked at his Zanpaktou leaning against the wall its hilt was blue again, not the black he become accustom too. He stretched his hand out, as the sword flew to his hand. A trick he had learned back when he was just a lieutenant. He hadn't fully tested it, but as far as he could tell no matter how far his sword got away from him he could call to it and it would come. He had won many fights with that tactic he would throw his sword missing the enemy and then will it to come back stabbing and unsuspecting enemy in the back. He stood and walked to the door exiting the building. He wen the apartments next door. and found one that the door was unlocked. He went into the bathroom and undressed. He looked through the doors, until he found a razor. He shaved his beard off , and then went to work with a pair of scissors cutting his raggedy blue hair. When he was done. He looked at himself in the mirror, He showered, and wrapping at towel around himself he quickly returned to him garage, Shinju walked over to a chest he had in the corner, and belt down to open it. Inside was a robe that looked like an espada's robe, but as he picked it up written on the back in clear Japanese symbols was the number 5. He Dressed slowly, taking a few breaks because his ribs bothered him. When he has fully dressed his took the robe and slipped it on. He then reached up and slicked his hair back and strapped his bangs down to the right with a kenseikan (Metal clip showing nobility). He strapped his sword to his back, and left the building. Quickly walking down the main highway.

Shinju: (Shinju walked through the door into the large room.) I see you started with out me. (Shinju laughed nervously)

Keisen: Sorry I just didn't think you were going to come. (Keisen stepped aside and made room for Shinju.)

Shinju: (shinju walked over the the table and nodded at ReiJIn. ReiJin began pressing buttons until a 3D model of the world appeared in the middle of the table. Shinju stepped up the table and placed his hands on the globe, he pulled his hands apart as the globe grew bigger. ReiJin's inventions were amazing.) Ok. (he pointed at the map). The plan my fellow captain is this. The world is divided into 4 factions. The Xcution control North America, and protect the area from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. The Hollows control south America. The surviving humans are here, under the Quincy's protection in London, England. And obviously we're here in Japan. This is the plan. We will send 3 Captain to London in order to enlist the Quincy, they then will stay there and help protect the humans. Captain Keisen you will go to Mexico city and seek out the man they call Sado. Captain Shogan you will go to Philadelphia and seek the Xcution's help.

Keisen: What about you Shinju?

Shinju: Me and the two Lieutenants. (He grabbed the globe and zoomed into Karakura Town). Will set up a garrison here at the Karakura Town high school. Ladies and Gentlemen, the wheels of time of begun to turn, events are now in motion that can not be stopped.

Keisen: That's suicide what if they send all 13 titans here first, what if Kato comes here. Can you and two lieutenants really hold them.

Shinju: (Shinju dropped his head, and looked at the table). We won't be alone. (He said quietly).

Keisen: What do you mean by that Shinju?

Shinju: (Shinju was quiet for long time, trying to decide how much he wanted to say at this time). The two lieutenants and I will travel to Hueco Mundo, and enlist the Espada's help.

Shogan: (Shogan laughed out loud, but when he saw no one else even smiling). Really that's idiotic for all you know old man they could join the Titan's. They're unpredictable and uncontrollable. Stark is the strongest espada born in over a 1,000 years fear of his power is the only thing the keep the espada together.

Shinju: That's why I will give Stark what ever he wants to join us, because if he joins us the rest of the Espada will follow suit and then the arrancars follow the espada.
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Sinwalker7 commented…
So espada are allowed in this? If so I may have a charater that I'll like to play. বছরখানেক আগে
বছরখানেক আগে TheCr3ator said…
Yes espada are allowed.
Sinwalker7 commented…
Awsome! বছরখানেক আগে
বছরখানেক আগে Sinwalker7 said…
Here is the charater I would like to be.

Arrancar: Sinphen

Sex: Male

Age: 21, newly turned.

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Sliver/white

Hair style: similar to Girmmjaw’s

Rank: 3

Espada Tattoo: Center of chest.

Appearance: He is 6:3 and weighs in at 100 pounds. He wears a suit similar to the other Arrancars. Nothing really stands out. His mask take the form of two horns at the top of his head that are aimed back. He also wears a pair of gloves that resemble claws.

Powers & Skills: When he is sealed he uses his katana proficiently and uses his speed to match any enemy’s strength. Using his speed he is able to cut through many enemy defenses. He can release his fire like cero from the palms of his hands and the bottom of his feet. This gives him a advantage when fighting hand to hand with an enemy. He tends to use only his creo, but he is able to use a black Bala and Sonido. The reason he don’t use his Sonido is because his speed is already on par with most flash steps, so he save it for appoints that have speed that have more speed then himself.

Zanpakotu: Dragón (Dragon) He takes his katna and grinds his claws on it. He call’s it’s name as he does this. The sword disappears and he grows two of his wings on his back and he grows his tail. Hi swings are four feet longo n both sides and his tail is three feet long. He also gets grow claws on his feet. He now can use his tail, hands and feet to relaese his cero. In this form his speed his faster and hi swings act like blades and alow him to fly at even faster speeds then when he runs or jumps.

Zanpakotu: Dragón Renacido (Reborn Dragon) This is his secert weapon. He calls his full name and his body falls apart, like a lizard sheding skin. He is now six feet in length now. Now he has all four of hi swings and his tail grow by a foot. His body is covered in scale like bones and his claws are at full leagth (about two and half inches.) His mask now covers his face and is in the form of a dragon’s skull. In this form he likes to fight like his adjuchas self. Useing his wings like blades and relaeseing his cero from his tail and mouth. He also uses a new attack he created when he was a adjuchas. He calls it dragón cero. This form of cero acts like a flame and he uses it tos round his target to limet it’s movments. Then he attacks with his speed and other cero attacks.

Personatily: He keeps to himself and hunts on his own. When ever he has time he goes out and kills powerful hallows. At times when someone chanllge his powers he kills them with no mercy or pitty.

If you want to know more see the "Make your own Arrancar" page four close to the bottom.
TheCr3ator commented…
Nice Creative! Only মতামত is read the শীর্ষ posts I set up the story and there is a তালিকা of Captains and Titans named so far. Also Stark is the leader of the Espada's as a reference বছরখানেক আগে
TheCr3ator commented…
I'll also let আপনি post and continue the story. before I go. বছরখানেক আগে
Sinwalker7 commented…
Alright then give me a দিন after আপনি read this, if I haven't পোষ্ট হয়েছে সরানো on as আপনি like. বছরখানেক আগে
বছরখানেক আগে Sinwalker7 said…
(In south America, in the ruin country of Brazil. In a city, that name was forgotten. The weather is dark a gloomy.)

Sinphen: "sigh" You low level hallows are a bore. (He looks down a a swarm of wild hallows that have gathered around him over the weak he's been here, in the hope of killing him and gaining his power.) Guess fight you all is no longer worth it...so I'll just end it. (He raises hi right hand and aims it at the mass of hallows.) Dragón cero. (The hallows scream in pain as the fire like cero turns their body to ash. The blast is so strong that several buildings fall apart as the cero passes through them.) Oh dear...looks like I over did it a little. "sigh" Well at least they are out of my way

(At that moment a senkaimon opened in the sky above him.)

Sinphen: Oh? Whats this? Is someone coming to see me?

(A man walks out, a sword at his side.)

Sinphen: Oh? What is that? A soul reaper? Odd...I thought they all where hiding.

(The man looks to the sides then spots Sinphen, now he looks over the mass of destroyed buildings. He floats down and lands a few feet from Sinphen.)

????: Is that your handy work? (The man points the the destroyed city.)

Sinphen: And if it is? (Sinphen straights himself. The man looks him over.) What? You want something? Because if not, I got things to hunt. (Sinphen turned to leave, once his back was turned a sword edge appeared to his side. Sinphen rose his arm and the blade stopped in it's tracks.) Oh..so you came to fight? (Sinphen lefts his free arm and luges it at his attacker. The man jumped back to avoid being struck. Sinphen turns back around to look at his attacker.) Is that all? That can't be your full power is it? I thought soul reaper's blades had powers to rival us hallows.

????:Now I understand...your a arrancar, that solves things.

Sinphen: Hey! I'm not just an arrancar.( Sinphen pulls the side of his jacket to revile his tattoo) I'm the 3rd espada! Sinphen Draco! (Sinphen lets go of his jacket and glares at the man as he sheaths his sword.)

????: Well then...might as well introduce myself. I am the 3rd squad captain of the Titan core...you may call me Zack. (Zack bows a little then rises quickly to Sinphen's high.)

Sinphen: Titan? Oh...your the guys that raised hell on this world. (Sinphen grins and cracks his knuckles.) Witch means your strong.

Zack: Yes...very strong and I would like to-(Zack steps to the side to avoid a fist as Sinphen jumps at him. Zack jumps back a few more feet then looks at Sinphen.) Hey! I was about to offer you something!

Sinphen: Shove it up your ass! I only care about killing strong enemies and becoming stronger! And right the only strong ones to fight is you! (Sinphen raise his right hand and fires a bala. Zack dodges to the side and draws his sword.) Good your weapon has been drawn! Now the fun begins! (Sinphen charges! His fist is met with the edge of the blade and he is stopped.)

Zack: Look before we move on...two things. Frist...tell your leader that if the rest of the espada are as strong as you then we will like to meat. Two...I was holding back! (Zack swings is sword and sends Sinphen flying back He rolls in the a few times before landing on his feet. He looks up and watches Zack open and walk through a senkaimon.) If you like the offer meet me in one day! (The senkaimon closes and Sinphen growls. He looks down at his right hand and sees a faint line of blood form. He flicks his hand and grins.)

Sinphen: So the Titans want us to join forces? That just shows how scared they are of the soul reapers! (Sinphen snaps his fingers and a door to Hueco Mundo opens.) Well better tell Stark and the others...things are about to get intrusting. HA HAHA HAHAH!
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Nice Post! বছরখানেক আগে
বছরখানেক আগে Thailand said…
Japanese Female- Akira Asahi
Chinese(real name)- Ming Huo
Japanese Male- Haruki Mitsu(Nickname: Haru)

Age: Around 600, she stopped keeping track

Sex: Female

Height: 5’2 1/2”
Weight: 99 lbs
Hair color: Dark brown, like link
Hair style: Whenever she was younger, she had a male's hairstyle, an average short hairstyle, which is pretty much like her current male hairstyle.
Now, her hairstyle is like link, except her bangs are sideswept.
Her male hairstyle whenever crossdressing is like link
Eye color: Amber
Clothes: She is a crossdresser in the World of the Living, so she often dresses in styles that are current fashion for males, which can vary. She has 2 gold bracelets, one on each wrist, which are somewhat thick
Her shinigami outfit is opposite colors of what they are now, which is a Squad 3 outfit, along with a blue scarf
Scars:There is a scar on her upper right arm which is very noticeable, but she tends to wear long-sleeved things to cover it up. If someone asks about it, she will not tell.
Affiliation: Squad 3 Captain(Soul Society)

Nature: Though she looks a bit young for her age, she is a very intelligent and knows when to take things seriously. She can read the situation well and is good at strategizing. However, she can be short-tempered if pushed enough and she does not like taking orders from those below her rank, which can cause a problem if in a bad situation; she prefers to be a leader rather than follow.
However, she can also be a happy, loose person if outside of her work, if she knows you well enough. She tries to be serious to set a good example to others, to know that hard work will get you everywhere. She is basically trying to set this “big sister” example for her whole squad(and perhaps others).
She can sympathize other people’s feelings, since she hates for anyone to feel sad. She hates the feeling as well, and she will do her best to make you feel better.
She is a like a motherly figure towards others

Background: Akira was born in the province of Junrinan in the 1st District of West Rukongai before the attack, being one of the only people who were Chinese here at the time. Before coming here, whenever alive, she was buried alive by the people of Kashgar, China, since she was considered to be a demon, a person sent from Hell to bring destruction upon the people. The only thing she had left to remember this dreadful day was her blue scarf that her mother had given her(she is one of the only soul reapers who has a slight memory of when they were alive). However, they were wrong with these assumptions, and she ended up in the Soul Society. She was an outcast here as well, however. She had told a couple people about how she had died, for she remembered it too clearly, and people started to believe that perhaps she was one, brought to destroy the Soul Society once she was killed in the human world.. However, an old friend of hers who thought differently, Daisuke, helped her through this, believing that the only way to come around this was to start a new life as a completely different identity. So, she soon started dressing up as a male and calling herself Haruki Mitsu, a Japanese name, so she could finally fit in as a Japanese male with the rest. And it worked. She always kept her scarf hidden away but with her, to not give out her identity, since they had all already seen her with the scarf on.
She was poor, and she had no home, unlike the others. She often stole food from people in the District, whether big or small, just enough to keep her from dying of starvation. And her friends usually offered her a home to stay or some food, but she always politely declined, she was afraid that they would soon figure out the secret she was holding if she moved in with people.

After years of going through this, Daisuke finally convinced her to enroll into Shino Academy. She was a bit frightened to at first, she was adjusted to living like this, not being fed food by other people, not being taken care of, and she was afraid that someone may figure out her identity. However, Daisuke finally convinced her otherwise, but did say to “be a bit cautious if you feel uncomfortable”.

She was a slacker here in the beginning. She didn’t care about becoming a shinigami, she was here just for Daisuke, her closest, and only, friend, who was aiming to be a Captain. However, this soon changed. It was a day whenever it was the first day students were fighting hollows and practicing on their swordsmanship and zanjutsu. Akira and Daisuke were fighting together. Daisuke was having an easy time fighting these hollows, but Akira not too much, she had not learned anything and did not expect to fight them so early, so she just watched Daisuke. However, this day was the day the titans had decided to attack, Akira being the first in sight in their location. They then attacked her, slicing her arm deeply(this is considered the first sign of the titan's attack by others). The titan was so strong, no one was even aware of what they were, and whenever Daisuke went to help her and fought the titan, he was stabbed in the chest multiple times, killing him. Akira still remembers his face and the moment he was stabbed, which had scarred her in her mind, and she still remembers it by the scar on her upper right arm. She was left in a shocked and depressed state after all of this, as well as alone again. She was left like this for a while, but in the process, she also thought of something. It was Daisuke’s goal to become a Captain, and he wanted Akira to join him. Daisuke wasn’t here anymore, but she still was. She would aim to be a Captain for his sake. She then started studying hard and practicing by herself, though she did have some trouble with Hado, and she still does to this day.

She then became one of the smartest in the class, and soon passed and became 2nd seat for Squad 3. She worked hard during this time, still going away from others, and she finally perfected her bankai. However, she does not like to use it against many people, she prefers to stay in at least shinkai mode unless it is a grave emergency.

After many years of trying to perfect her bankai, she was positioned as Captain of Squad 3 after the former captain had passed away. This was whenever she revealed her true identity to everyone, she believed that once she gained this position, they would not want to derank her again. However, the Captains claimed this as nonsense, and accepted her as so. However, there are still some shinigami who believe that she is in fact a demon, most likely even a titan, and do not talk with her often, fearing that they will be sent to hell if they get associated with her.

She now goes by the name of Akira Asahi, since she still wants to feel like she fits in, so she changed her name to this. She is not as shy as she used to be not that she has been in the Gotei 13 for so long, but she will not be the one to joke around unless she knows you well enough. She does not like growing close bonds to people, since she does not want the same to happen to others as what happened to Daisuke. She, however, will protect whoever she can, she does not want to see another person die, in a time that she could prevent it.

She knows she is now accepted into the Soul Society, but she still cross-dresses as a male in the World of the Living. She feels comfortable with this for some reason, she doesn’t know why herself, probably because Daisuke had always convinced her that dressing like this was best.

Release Command: Hono ni makikomu(Engulf in Flames)
Shikai Name: Minami no Tori(Bird of the South, based off of the Vermillion Bird)
Shikai Abilities:
Moeru yona surasshu(Fiery Slash): Basically the name, Akira does one long slash, sending a flaming slash at the opponent. Depending on your strength, it can either be quick and powerful or slow and weak.
Hi no obu(Orb of flames): The opponent becomes trapped in a ball of flames, allowing the user to make the ball come in and squeeze the opponent, burning them. However, this is difficult to do unless the opponent is still.
Bankai: Name: Minami no moeru tori(Flaming bird of the south)
Bankai Abilities:
Kyoi no tori(Bird of Wonder): the user sends out a flaming bird from the tip of the sword, sending it towards the opponent. The bird can do only a couple things, including wrapping itself around the opponent or going head-on at the and going through them and attacking with flames.
Nijū no ken(Double the Sword): An exact replica of her sword is made out of flames.
Shikai: link
Bankai: link. except the dragons are birds. There is a unique part of the sword, you can remove the birds and throw them at enemies, and, unless they hit the enemy, they will come back to her. Kind of like a boomerang. The sword also becomes on fire, except for the handle.

Etc.: Her blue scarf hides her spiritual pressure well, unless you are trying to feel her spiritual pressure you will not notice her.
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Cool glad আপনি joined. Like i told Sin just make sure to read the above posts I set the story up, and when your ready to post feel free to do so. বছরখানেক আগে
বছরখানেক আগে TheCr3ator said…
Shinju: (Shinju stood at the broken window watching the first rays of light escape over the horizon. 1 more day till this war started, then the fate of everything would be decided. He reached his hand out as his sword came to him, and left the parking garage. He walked down the highway towards ReiJin research center. As he approached he didn't hear the normal pounding and screaming inside, but he entered without knocking anyways. Reijin and himself had become Captain around the same time. So they spent most of there time together in Soul Society.) Yo Crazy you in here.

ReiJin: I wish you wouldn't call me that, I prefer gifted.

Shinju: Alright (He walked over and sat down on the desk. As he looked about he saw ReiJin at his computer, well you could call it a computer. It was a giant glass panel that was like big computer screen, and he ran it with his hands. The computer was programmed to respond to his touch only.)

ReiJin: These humans were amazing creators, they invented so many weird and interesting things, but their one problem is they never finished any of it. In the last 200 years I've had so much down time that I've perfected them. I built some called a jet-pack, solved world hunger if there was any anymore. I've even built a inter celestial space travel capable of traveling the nearest star system in 3 years harnessing .... but you don't want to hear this ramble.

Shinju: No not particularly. (Shinju cut off a piece of apple and stuck it in his mouth. He stopped and thought as he chewed.) What do you know of Operation Zen ReiJin.

ReiJin: It was a project created by Kisuke Urakara. (He started typing on his computer till a folder came up on the screen. he grabbed it and opened and pulled a few files out then threw the folder aside.) Kisuke believed that harnessing Reiatsu would allow the Ragnarok machine to create solid object, water, food, rock, even an entire planet. (He sifted through the files till he found a video then opened it.)

Shinju: (Shinju saw a man in a green and white stripped hat standing there and he was talking about stuff that Shinju didn't care about or understand.) What happened?

ReiJIn: Well 3 and half minutes into the test the stabilizer that held this created world intact broke down and the world imploded on itself. Kisuke, Tessei, and 13 Shinigami were pronounced dead.

Shinju: That's.... sad for a lack of better words. But i didn't come here to discuss old research stuff. Do you have the medicine.

ReiJin: (ReiJin stopped typing immediately, you know the medicine was a short term solution for him. Eventually he'll become immune to the medicine, and then you won't be able to hold him back. It's been 30 years Shinju, and you know what it does to you.

Shinju: Aye I know.

ReiJIn: So why do you do it then?

Shinju: Where is it ReiJIn?

ReiJin: In my desk over there top drawer.(ReiJin watched Shinju walk over the desk and grab the vial, then Shinju exited the building and went home.) Shinju i fear for you.

Shinju: (Shinju quickly walked into his garage and shut the door, He walked over his thrown and sat down. He grabbed the syringe and filled it with the drug, as he plunge the needle into his arm. The effects took a few minutes to take hold, but his blood felt cold and body grew numb as he sat back in his seat he fell into a deep sleep.) He saw a bright light flashing in front of his eyelids, so he opened them. Standing before him, was him.

?????: Long time my old friend, did you really think he could run forever.

Shinju: (Shinju was back in his inner world, but the water had dropped significantly so that the tops of house in the city were showing again.) Where is Umi?

?????: Oh he took a walk while we settle our differences. This could get ugly. hahahahaha

Shinju: I've ran too long from my inner hollow, and i was sure that i took the medicine last night,

Hollow Shinju: Oh you did take that nasty substance that numbs your mind and sends me back into the deepest recesses. But after 30 years I've learned how to fight it.
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Titans wear black robes with red lettering almost the opposite of a captain's robe. They also only have one level to their sword like a ressurecion but it looks like a bankai. I'm gonna post a profile for stark in the next few days because he's one of the main characters in this story.
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alright বছরখানেক আগে
বছরখানেক আগে TheCr3ator said…
Here is Stark's profile and it will kind be a back story mixed in.

Name: Ferrari Stark

Age: 28 (human) 330 (Hollow)

Sex: Male

Appearance: He stands about 6 foot tall with white light skin, not pale and not too tan.
His hollow piece is on his wrist and forms a bracelet of sorts. He wears a tradition Espada robe that hangs open, but it has pockets on the sides that normally puts is hands in. He also wears a pair of white jeans and a white t-shirt under his robe. He wears his sword at his right side with the hilt pointing in towards the middle of his belt. He has long brown hair that he just lets fall where ever. (looks a lot like Stark).

Affiliation: Espada 1. Leader of the Espada.

Nature: Ferrari is quiet and rarely speaks, he is intrigued by many things and delves into science himself. For an Espada he has been called quite human. He prefers rational actions over brute force. Ferrari originally was displeased by the standards of hollow, he thought that they could do more than just devour humans for power. Ferrari, even being an Espada believes that the Shinigami and hollows should work together, instead of the pointless killing. He also doesn't believe in fate or destiny and believes that every living thing should find there own path.

Background: Ferrari was giving the name Stark as an honorary title (almost like Kenpachi is the strongest Captain) for being the leader, and the strongest of all the Espada. Ferrari was born right after Aizen's fall from power, and he spent most of his time wondering the deserts of Hueco Mundo. He was very dissatisfied at what Hueco Mundo and the hollow race had become. So he set out to build the Espada again. His first goal was to make every strong hollow an Arrancar, but they still returned to their old ways. He then tried to destroy those hollows that refused to change. After many years of destroying hollows he realized this wasn't the right path, so he built of Espada counsel of the strongest Arrancars to oversee the weaker Arrancars and hollows. Even though he forced the council together in fear, he blieves that the hollow deep down are capable of reason, so he leaves it a democracy instead of a dictatorship. When he couldn't figure out a way keep his immense spirit energy from killing lesser hollows he turned to the help of the ReiJin the leader of the Bureau of Research and Development in Serieitrei. While working with him he met a Shinigami by the name of Shinju, and he quickly realized that Shinju and himself were two sides of the same coin, that they wanted the same thing, but had different ways of getting it. Reijin not particularly hating hollows jumped at the chance to show off his scientific prowess and created an amulet for Ferrari that cancels his spirit energy making so he doesn't affect those around him so much.


Realease Command: Strike Down

Resurrecion: Gran Caballero (Great Knight)

1. Lanza de truenos (Thunder Lance) - He throws a lance and as it travels it collects energy, then releases the energy upon impact. This move grows stronger the farther the lance travels.
2. Proteger (Shield) - Ferrari raises the shield on his left arm and a giant barrier of energy forms reflecting attacks, Stark cannot attack in this stance,
3. Hender (Cleave) - When Stark swings his broad sword it sends a wave of energy out. (like Ichigo's getsuga tenshou)

Appearance: When Stark releases his sword, he grows to be 8 feet tall. He has a breast plate, and a helm made of hollow armor. The helm covers his head but leaves his face open. He also summons a kite shield also made of hollow armor on his left arm and carries a broad sword that is 6 feet long on his back.
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So he can't attack when gaurding a can't gaurd while attacking...a simpale weakness. Can't wait to see him in battle. বছরখানেক আগে
TheCr3ator commented…
Yea he can use his shield, but his সরানো that guards doesn't allow him to attack. Because I didn't want him to be to over powered, বছরখানেক আগে
TheCr3ator commented…
But he can still use his shield to block normal attacks while fighting. বছরখানেক আগে
বছরখানেক আগে TheCr3ator said…
Sorry I haven't posted in like 3 months, but I've been out of country do to Job requirements. I hope Sin and that random girl, you are still interested. Also the story isn't too far along, so people are still eligible to join. We still need Captains, and Espada.
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Byukua: (The wind ripped out over the endless forest at the base of Execution Hill. The sun had just started coming up over horizon, as Renji stood up to stretch his legs. It had been so long since they had time to relax like this. Byukua wasn't one for just sitting around, and doing nothing. But it was always a good thing to take time to relax, and with Rukia in the world of the living most days the Kuchiki household was to quiet and lonesome. So he had invited Renji to train on Execution hill, and they were currently taking a break while watching the sun rise. When a particular noise hit his ears, it was footsteps approaching them. As he turned his head to look at the source of the noise. A messenger approached over the crest of the hill, but something seemed strange about this messenger.)

Messenger: Urgent message from Captain Yamamoto all Captains and Lieutenants are to report the the 1st squad barracks for a council. Effective Immediately.

Byukua: What's your name messenger. (He said without turning his gaze away from the rising sun.)

Messenger: My name is Leint

Byukua: Leint.. huh. That's a nice name, (Byukua shifted his gaze slightly to observe the messenger. Byukua didn't recognize this kid, and he thought he knew all the messengers. It was his job to know everyone, security had been tighter in Serieitei since Aizen's rebellion. He hadn't trusted anyone in a long time. Kurosaki had some how won his heart though he would never admit it openly. Leint the messenger stood there uneasily shifting his weight from one foot to the other. Like a lion ready to pounce on his prey, nothing like the other messengers who would rather run than fight.)... but I'm going to have to ask you to hand over your Zanpaktou Leint. (He could see Renji looking at him inquiringly)

Leint: I'm sorry Captain Kuchiki I don't understand, but do we have time for this Captain Yamamoto is waiting and you know how angry he gets when people keep him waiting.

Byukua: I'm afraid we do, because you're not a real messenger are you Leint?

Leint: I don't know what you mean Captain, Head Captain Yamamoto gave me this urgent message.

Byukua: That scroll you hold in your hand has a seal, but it doesn't have Captain Yamamoto's seal. So again I will repeat the question. Who are you impostor?

Leint: (Leint stood there uneasily for a few seconds, then smiled.) Ha well you're just as perceptive as Kato said you would be. Man I guess I can ditch these lame clothes. (Leint pulls the robe off, the reveal a t-shirt and pair of jeans.)

Renji: (Renji just seeming the catch up.) Captain what the hell is going on.

Byukua: I don't know Renji I was wondering the Same thing.

Leint: (Looking a Byukua he couldn't get a read on him. His Reiatsu was pulsing up and down, as if he were doing it on purpose so Leint couldn't get a read on him. Meanwhile his lieutenant Renji had no Reiatsu at all. He assumed this man was Renji, because the only intel. Kato had given him was that he had bright red hair. Leint finally chose to go after the weaker force.) He you with red hair are just going to look at me.

Renji: (Renji just stared at the intruder that had impersonated a messenger. He said his name was Leint, but was that a lie too.) My name is Renji. Now is name truly Leint?

Leint: Aye it is. Now will your hand over your Zanpaktou's, and come quietly or shall I take them from you?

Byukua: (Byukua stood there patiently, never taking his eyes off of Leint.) Renji take care of this from the way he sounds, there's more of them I will go protect Head Captain.
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Sorry for who ever was actually following this, but i'm not going to go on, because i don't want to get to far ahead if anyone is going to join. But i'm still looking for people to join.