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The3rdL posted on Mar 15, 2009 at 10:34AM
Now that you've made your Zanpakuto create the Shinigami to wield it in battle.

Inspired By: Jadzter18


Note:Please follow this format so that there will be uniform ideas, an easy read and fair to all.
-Arigato (Thank You)

Shinigami Format

Birthdate: Month, Day

Gender: Male/Female

Affiliation: Soul Society (Gotei 13, Kido Corp, Onmitsukidō: Secret Mobile Corps):

Rank: Captain, Lieutenant, 6th seat etc

Hair Color:
Hair Style:
Eye Color:
Description: (Looks and clothing)

Personality: (Traits, likes and dislikes etc)

History: ( Brief detailed history)

Battle Data*: In increments of 10 (100, 90, 80 etc)
*Average of the former Gotei 13 is 490 with a High of 560 (Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai and Sōsuke Aizen), and Low of 390 (Kenpachi Zaraki)
The allowed Max for each category is 100

*Max for a Captain: 500
*Max for a Lieutenant: 450
*Seated officer: 400

Agility (Shunpo):
Physical Strength (Hakuda):

Please make it believable and fair, stay true to the format and true to the rules set in the world of BLEACH.

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বছরখানেক আগে The3rdL said…
Name: Yuujiin Shizuka

Birthdate: January 2nd

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Soul Society-Gotei 13

Rank: 3rd Division Captain

Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Long Braids
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Ht: 5’11 or 180.3cm
Wt: 185 or 83.91kg

Description: A handsome dark -skinned man with a fairly muscular physique, his hair is worn in long dark braids much like Tōsen but with a dark blue tint, his eyes are dark brown almost black. His facial hair consists of a thin dark goatee. He wears a sleeveless haori over what appears to be the same uniform of the Onmitsukidō but with no sleeves, with long white gloves reaching the forearms, a white sash and white jika-tabi (boots).

Personality: Yuujiin is a quiet man who rarely interacts with others unless it is necessary, he tends to sit and observe people and situations only acting when it is of the utmost importance. When he talks it is usually short with one word being uttered. Yuujiin enjoys watching movies, he dislikes loud things. His favorite food is eggplant and he dislikes unsweetened tea. He is tough but fair with his squad taking every situation seriously, he wants to prove himself (by his actions and not his words) to the rest of The Gotei 13 and make the 3rd Division honorable once again. He also has another secret that only Yamamoto is aware of.

History: After graduating from the Shinigami Academy he was placed in the 1st Division under General Yamamoto who realized his true nature and goals, becoming a 3rd Seat. Under the order of General Yamamoto he was sent to Hueco Mundo to monitor the Vasto Lorde. After the incidents with Aizen and Amagai he returned under Personal Recommendation from the General and was made Captain of the 3rd Division.

Battle Data:
Offense= 70
Defense= 100
Agility= 80
Kido= 80
Intelligence= 100
Physical Strength= 70
Total= 500
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বছরখানেক আগে annvie9 said…
Name: Yumiko Mizuni

Birthdate: Unknown

Gender: Female

Affiliation: Soul Society (Gotei 13, Kido Corp, Onmitsukidō: Secret Mobile Corps): Gotei 13

Rank: Captain

Hair Color: Wine/blood red with orange and yellow highlights
Hair Style: Kind of like this link , Except she has a kido dagger hanging from where she pulled it back at the bottom and bangs that are swept over and cover her right eye.
Eye Color: A soft, comforting brown on her left eye, but a creepy but depressing red one for her right =)
Height: 5' and a half an inch or 167.6 cm
Weight: 73.8 lbs or 33.47 kg
Description: Yumiko is a young 15-year-old, although she looks like she's 13, and underfed. She wears the usual Captain's uniform, except for the haori. She decorated it all... emo-ish. The exterior of the haori is regular, but the interior is... see for yourself... And her dagger hanging from her hair. It's a kido dagger she asked Urahara to make for her. She inserts special, powerful kido in it, does pirouettes, and there's some major damage right there.

Personality: Yumiko is the most softhearted captain you will ever meet. But at the same time, she never ever EVER let's her guard down, even if it's just relaxing in Ukitake's house. She laughs and jokes around a lot, except for when things are really serious. But no matter how much she laughed or smiled, her facial expression always looked depressing. Like, really really depressing. She easily befriends people, and also easily persuades people. Not like a kiss-up, for she never uses her persuasion for evil ;]
As the role of a captain, she is a slacker. She rarely does reports, and is almost late for every meeting.Yumiko is very good at hiding things. Everything from emotions, such as fear and sadness, to power. In fact, she has twice the reiatsu of Zaraki Kenpachi thanks to her Samazamahi, but usually supresses it to the point where its a bit under the average captain's reiatsu.

History: Yumiko was murdered by a serial killer when she was 14. As a soul, she wondered about town aimlessly, and eventually irregularly turned into a shinigami*. Soon after, she met another shinigami that led her to Soul Society. At the Shinigami Academy, she graduated in about 2 years, and became lieutenant for the 13th Squad immediately. She stayed there for another 2 years, for that was the time it took her to master Bankai. Being homeless, she stays with Ukitake ever since joining the squad, and is still living at his house after she becomes captain. Besides, all the mortgage stuff is too much for a little girl like her =].

Battle Data:

Zanpakutō: Samazamahi (Varying Fire)
See "Create Your Own Zanpakutō" topic for more info. There's also some more of my character there, too. ^.^

Offense: 100
Defense: 80
Agility (Shunpo): 80
Kido: 100
Intelligence: 90
Physical Strength (Hakuda): 50

Total: 500 =D
*Even though she is a vizard, no one knows about it, not even herself. She actually supresses it with her own reiatsu, so it has never come to the surface. So she can't truly be called a Vizard.
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বছরখানেক আগে VioletShingami said…
Name:Lini Koummori

Birthdate:October 30


Affiliation: Soul Society (Gotei 13, Kido Corp, Onmitsukidō: Secret Mobile Corps): Gotei 13

Rank:The Lieutenant 4 Yumiko Mizuni(see above)

Hair Color:Long and Black
Hair Style:Tied with a large red ribbon in a big spikey ponytail.
Eye Color:a blood red
Height:Having a petite frame, she is 3 ft 9 in
Weight:40lb or 18.18kg

Description:Lini is a spunky 13 year old, who looks like a 9 year old,who is very skinny.has a bow around her neck which has a red jewel which is her zanpakuto*, and decorated the smallest size uniform into a unique school uniform.

Catchphrase: R u sure bout that?

Personality:Lini likes to keep to herself.She is a sweet girl to those who get to know her like her Captain Yumiko.Shy but has major anger isues. She can make someone cry in less than 30 seconds. Has a issue with being cheery at the wrong times, and suprisingly makes friends easily with her looks, which also makes them do what ever she wants to avoid making her upset.Loves to question people about their actions.Loves bitter things and enjoys picking on her best friend Kiari.Enjoys buying new ribbons for her hair.Unbelivably strong reiatsu. Very powerfull and is always getting on her captain about doing her work when
her captain starts to slack off.She is always stuck finding the
paperwork her captain hides,getting her to fill it out,then
running around to turn it on time.You don't even now how much effort it takes to get her captain to meetings on time!!!!

History:Being a orphan ever since she can remember, She never had a real home. That was intill she met her soon to be captain Yumiko.Lini stayed with her till Yumiko went to the soul reaper acedmey, where Lini followed her with her buddy Kiari and became known as a prodigy with amazing intelligence,flexibilty,and offense skills! How she died in the real world is something only her and her captain know about.Where she lives is a mystery.....maybe in a box?

Battle Data*:
Offense: 100
Defense: 45
Agility (Shunpo):100
Kido: 80
Intelligence: 100
Physical Strength (Hakuda): 25
Kinda wat she looks like(see below)

Abilities:Able to turn into a butterfly!She and control people with her flute,but it takes a lot of energy.

*4 zanpakuto info, go to craete ur own zanpakuto!!!
The video is of byakuya and Lini goodbye (byakuya's memories of hisana)
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বছরখানেক আগে RoseShingami said…
Name:Kiari Lyria

Birthdate:December 25


Affiliation: Soul Society-Gotei 13

Rank: 3rd Division Lieutenant(Lieutenant of Yuujiin Shizuka)c above

Hair Color: Orandeish-redish hair
Hair Style: Medium length but she pins her hair up sometimes to make in look shoulder length(it's kinda like a discuse!)
Eye Color:Hazel(changes from blue,brown,to green)
Ht: small and petite 3 feet and 10 in
Wt: 40 lbs or 18.18 kgs

Catchphrase: R U ok?

Description:Kiari is a cheery 13 year old, who can pull off 8. Her oufit is a black tank top over a white puffy sleaved shirt,with a knee length black skirt with pins on it, and sockings with black skater shoes.But she sometimes wears a orange school uniform.

Personality: Kiari is a cheery person with a smile planted on her face. When she isn't smiling, she is serious with a mean look on her face.Her anything but happy is rare.She is a bit of a cry baby and likes trying to get spolied by her captain,Yuujiin(See first intry). She gets picked on alot by her best friend Lini(see above). She hates when her captain puts on scary movies, and is addicted to sweet things.She enjoys candy and snacks that are super sweet.Being called a disgrace by the other squads, Kiari's dream is to work with her captain to bing grace and honor to her squad!

History: Being a runaway, she was prone to be happy.But she kept on smiling ang soon met Lini, who she soon ran away with to the Shinigami acdemy.After relaizng she had a gift of a prodgee with amazing intelligence,flexiblity,and,her greatest yet,her defense skills she went off on a jouney to defeat hollows. But after Aziens attack,Lini came to get her to bring her to join the 3rd division squad.How she died is a secret and who knows where she lives!

Battle Data:
Offense= 50
Defense= 100
Agility= 100
Kido= 100
Intelligence= 100
Physical Strength= 45

Abilities:She has a power that allows her to multiply herself!
The video below is what she looks like in her orange shinigami uniform and also what her sword looks like but Kiari's sword has a giant spiked ball at the end!:D Has a blue reiatsu that she can use to attack people with.It is her lightning attack!

My sword has a sphere keychain on it that turns into a giant pointy sphere(more info soon to be posted on Make your own zanpakuto)
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বছরখানেক আগে The3rdL said…
Sweeet! all of you guys shinigami look fantastic, love the detail and passion involved. Just remember not to let the total points go over 490...so bring the levels down a bit so as not to have 100 in everything.

This is so we all can gain insight into your character and get a fell for what they do in battle. Everyone cant be as strong as Aizen or Yamamoto if they are it gets pretty stale and unoriginal.
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বছরখানেক আগে annvie9 said…
Kiari-san, Yuujin isn't a captain, he's a third seat in the 1st Squad ;]

Yuujin-san, 491 is alright, right? =D

And I've got a piccy of Mizuni-taichō! =D
She looks somewhat like this, not too much. Imagine that face with different eye colors, hair color, and hair style. And shinigami clothes, too xD
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 Kiari-san, Yuujin isn't a captain, he's a third আসন in the 1st Squad ;] Yuujin-san, 491 is alrigh
বছরখানেক আগে The3rdL said…
Actually I am the 3rd Division Captain (read the whole history)...I really wanted to keep it in increments of 10.

If anything I'll keep it at 490 or go up to 500, bcuz thats how it was in the battle data on wiki....let me know what u guys think.
বছরখানেক আগে VioletShingami said…
ok!Kiari waz sick but she be on 2day(I hope) and my captain is pretty!
বছরখানেক আগে RoseShingami said…
I love ur video Lini(calling people by their shinigami names)!
বছরখানেক আগে VioletShingami said…
Thanks!luv urs 2!
বছরখানেক আগে VioletShingami said…
I finally came up with how Lini died in the real world!

Lini's Past Pt 1:

When Lini waz a baby,her mother died,leaving her with her acholic dad.her dad would beat her almost every night because he couldn't hold on to a job.Instead of going to school,she had to work to pay the rent.She would save 10& of any pay she made.Soon she secertly brought textbooks from a school and taught herself every lesson from the books.At 8,she was so beaten up,she ran away,where she ran into a hollow in a forest.The hollow came and stabbed her to the right of her heart.A captain(her eyesight was fuzzy) with white hair came to save her,but it was too late.She ended up near the soul society and met her soon to be captain soon after!
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বছরখানেক আগে annvie9 said…
Whoops, sowwy Yuujin-san, guess I kinda got a little confuzzled. ^-^"

Aha! Time to type up Mizuni-taichō's connections with other people =)
And she has been a captain for.... 17 years! Ya =D

Mizuni--taichō's Connections:

Ukitake-->Being homeless, she has stayed with Captain Ukitake for about 19 years. They know each other very well, and Ukitake loves her as a daughter, although she can get a tad irritating when she hides his haori.

Toshiro-->Yumiko loves Toshiro too, but only as a little brother. He's the only captain about her age, and is delighted. She visits Toshiro a lot when there's no orders, and always brings him a watermelon. Sometimes she brings Lini with her ;)

Hisagi-->This previous lieutenant used to be Yumiko's pet, before he was suceeded by Lini. She'd ride on his shoulders, just for fun, and she' make him get her buffalo wings in the real world. Sometimes she'd annoy him, but they were good friends.

Yachiru-->Since Yachiru is also loving and likes to give people nicknames, she's a good friend of "Kyandoru", which means candle (Yachiru is refering to Yumiko's hair). When needed, Yumiko'll babysit Yachiru for Zaraki. They usually catch the koi in Byakuya's pond and put them in Ukitake's pond.

Lini-->Ah, they're like best friends in high school. And since Lini "lives in a box", Ukitake let's Lini in. Lini usually goes with Yumiko on her missions, and they usually stick together. One day, they went on an amusement park in the real world and are having plans to build one in Soul Society.

Renji-->Sometimes when Hisagi was gone, and before Lini became 2nd seat, Yumiko'd torment Renji. Yup, she rode on his shoulders all around the Seireitei looking for something she supposedly lost. And then they wouldn't find it, and he'd look for it next time. Now that Lini is here, they'd "train" Renji by making him do push-ups while Lini and Yumiko sat on his back. Then Byakuya or Rukia would pass by and pretend not to notice a thing.

Ichigo-->Yumiko didn't really know Ichigo too well, because they've only really talked a few times. But someday, she was going to find him in the real world and "train" him, just like Renji.
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বছরখানেক আগে VioletShingami said…
CAPTAIN!!!!!!!!I am sooo with u on the amusement park thing!and with me going to see toshiro and bout sitting on Renji!!!!!!
বছরখানেক আগে annvie9 said…
Hmm, what're you guys opinions of making an Role-Playing (RP) spot? We can make a new spot or sumtin.
বছরখানেক আগে VioletShingami said…
Ok!I'm all 4 it!
বছরখানেক আগে RoseShingami said…
I'll do the role play! Wat bout u Captain Shizuka?
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 I'll do the role play! Wat bout u Captain Shizuka?
বছরখানেক আগে The3rdL said…
An RP spot sounds nice, Im in.

Here is a pic similar to what Shizuka looks like but only with braids
 An RP spot sounds nice, Im in. Here is a pic similar to what Shizuka looks like but only with brai
বছরখানেক আগে VioletShingami said…
Ok.when we decide how we r going 2 start this thing,let me knw.But for now, Lini(me) has a new crush! If u read b4,In Lini's Past Part 1,u found out that someone with white hair saved Lini right b4 she died.Well she fell in love with this guy.That's why she was in love with toushiro.But after a talk with Captain Ukitake, she found out that when awhile after Ukitake became captain,he went to the real world and sensed a hollow.he came to the sourced of the spirital pressure and found Lini with the hollow and killed it.But Lini ended up dying anyway.That talked marked my new crush,me,Lini.I now officaly LOVE Captain Ukitake!
 Ok.when we decide how we r going 2 start this thing,let me knw.But for now, Lini(me) has a new crush!
বছরখানেক আগে RoseShingami said…
That is soooo kewl! It really is sweet that u fell in love with ur hero!
 That is soooo kewl! It really is sweet that u fell in প্রণয় with ur hero!
বছরখানেক আগে VioletShingami said…
kewl! thank u! Captain Mizuni! How r we going 2 start the role play????
 kewl! thank u! Captain Mizuni! How r we going 2 start the role play????
বছরখানেক আগে annvie9 said…
Nice piccies guys ^-^
I could only find one of my character, so I'm gonna try and draw a picture, with my suckish drawing skills.

And about the RP spot, I think we should get just a couple more people to join in first, and then someone can make the spot.
বছরখানেক আগে RoseShingami said…
okay! I look round 4 some more peoples! Lets ask the Make Your Own Zanpakuto people!Oh,and thanks on the pic thing!
last edited বছরখানেক আগে
 okay! I look round 4 some আরো peoples! Lets ask the Make Your Own Zanpakuto people!Oh,and thanks on
বছরখানেক আগে annvie9 said…
MMk, I made a separate topic for discussing the RP spot. Go talk about it there ^-^
Oh! I should start drawing my character, like I said I would xP
And I'm adding sum fun facts about Yumiko Mizuni, even tho it's not necessary xP =D

Fun Facts:
Yumiko always walks on the balls of her feet, unless fighting or running.
She walks barefoot.
Her voice is usually dreamy and far-off.
Yumiko originally didn't have read hair when she was living. It was black, actually, and when she became a soul, it was red.
She added the yellow and orange highlights.
The kido dagger swinging from her hair is made by Kisuke Urahara, at her request.
Yumiko loves her Byakuya.
Her nicknames for Byakuya are Byakushi, Bya-chan, Byakun, and Mr. Pink is Manly.
She'll be right by Byakuya's side, if he needs her.
Her catchphrases are "Oh cwappy" and "Uhmm... *scratches head* I dunno" .
She reads a lot. That makes her somewhat schmart ^-^
She can do kido spells up to 93 without the incantation.
She has twice the reiatsu twice Zaraki's, so that makes her a lot stronger.

Dat's it =3

I wuv you Byakushi!
বছরখানেক আগে VioletShingami said…
I made fun facts 2!:

Lini's school uniform is a strange dark version of her suppose to be school uniform in the real version(she didn't go 2 school)
Her voice is a chilidsh,shy,very different.
When she was in the real world she had short cropped black hair with black eyes.Her eyes turned blood red when she came to the soul society.
She always love gothic,especially gothic lotia!as u c in the pic.
When round Byakuya,she acts like Yachiru,cause him 2 be annoyed with her.
Calls everyone by their first names,not offical captain or Leuitant.
Her fave saying is:R u sure about that?
Loves 2 question people.
Hates reading
hates signing things
loves playing her flute
She loves bitter things,especially bitter fruit and chocolate!

Hrt when she waz in the real world(below)
 I made fun facts 2!: Lini's school uniform is a strange dark version of her suppose to be school u
বছরখানেক আগে RoseShingami said…
Awwww!wat a kute pic!
বছরখানেক আগে The3rdL said…
I made some slight changes to the character creator...just realized Captains should be stronger Vice-Captains and Vice Captains should be stronger than other seated officers... so the battle data has changed.
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বছরখানেক আগে VioletShingami said…
ill change mine soo it matches the new battle data!
বছরখানেক আগে DeathNoteNear said…
i like all of these pics! my friend kendally draws the best anime!
বছরখানেক আগে rusty746454 said…
Name: kuro ken {fire sword}

Birthdate: March 1

Gender: Female

Affiliation: Soul Society-X captain of the 2rd division and kido corp now-Arrancar
Rank: used to be Captain of the 2rd divsion now-Arrancar

Appearance: often with a mocking smile but sometimes very serious, rarely opens eyes unless in the heat of battle or something shoching has happened.
Hair Color:dark dark red
Hair Style: {3 styles} When younger her hair was much like momo's. After leaveing the soul society much of her face was covered besides some loss piece's of hair hanging out and one eye opening. After joining the Arrancar her hair is braided down her back.
Eye Color: fire- it has all the colors of fire in it Height: 4"11 {very short}
Weight: 60lb {very light}
Description: In the very begging of her life she wore the normal Shinigami unifrom haveing her sword at her lift side. During her days on the run she wore a black shirt with cuffs and black phants nothing special besides a red belt around her waist for her Zanpakutō. After joining the Arrancar she wears a jacket much like gin's only open and the blue in the jacket is red instead {link

Personality: She is very saratistic, this might be why gin is always quick on mocking others {will be explained in history}. Many are fearful when she opens her eyes. begging that she can transform into a black wolf {like yoruichi} she often has a smirk of a wolf on her face.

History: She was one of the first captains in the soul society. It was known that her Zanpakutō was created by her after finding some black metal type material.Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai and kuro battled it out after only begging captain for 100 years. The battle lasted for days until Yamaoto was out cold,when he awakened she was gone, he guessed she had died at the very end. Knowing it was wise to keep it a secert she was a live for many years, she wore cloths at which you could not tell many features. {time skip} It is known that Kuro was in another fight and as she lay there with bad wounds young gin showed up. After careing for her for a few days she was back to health and she took Gin under her wing and trained him after many years they seperated but she pledged to never "i will never fight against you "gin"".{time skip} after makeing several apperance to the soul socity in battles, it seemed as though nobody new her. When Gin left the soul socity she revealed herself and left right after him. She now works for aizen and the arrancar.

Agility (Shunpo):100
Physical Strength (Hakuda):90
{i kinda didnt understand this part lol so tell me if its to high haha}

Zanpakutō name is hai she rarely uses it in battle mainly sticking to hand-to-hand combat. When she does she has complete control over fire even being able to stop it and turn it into ash. When the hai is swong it makes a huge over small amount of fire come out.


hai-on fire-link
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 Name: kuro ken {fire sword} Birthdate: March 1 Gender: Female Affiliation: Soul Society-X c
বছরখানেক আগে rusty746454 said…
those arent the close i wear just the person {its sooooo hard to find pictures that look like the person your thinking of lol}. Also i am relatively new to bleach soooo if anything sounds stupied or wrong in there i am sorry lol just tell me to change it and whats wrong about it

also i know i spelled Soul Society wrong many times but i really dont want to go back and corect it
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বছরখানেক আগে The3rdL said…
Sorry for not explaining that more... for the battle data the highest combined total of all categories for a Captain/former Captain is 500, the highest for a particular ctegory is 100...this is so of the Good side no one is stronger than Yamamoto and for the bad no one is stronger than Aizen....this is so others can get a feel for what your character would do in a fight and what they excel at.
বছরখানেক আগে rusty746454 said…
okay okay i get it now i am going to change it real quick
বছরখানেক আগে ajccole said…
Name:akarato zun


Gender: Male

Affiliation:ex luetenant of captain ukitaka

Hair Color:white
Hair Style:long tail and 2 plates infront of ears with beads
Eye Color:blue slash(animal like)
Description:wheres leutenents gi and a white mask only showing his eyes and hair

Personality:likes music, hates boasters, doesnt flirt.

History:famaly was soposadly killed in a car crash but was actualy killed by the captain commandar for saving urahara from captains comandars banka, used to have a girlfriend but she vanashed and he is always looking for her. he blames the captain comander for what he has done.

added info: follows the ex urahara captain and his goal is to kill the captain commandar

Battle Data:
duel katana:gemini angel
shieki:calles "make them cry" and he grows smal wing the swords lik to make a duble bladed sword.
Effect:the deaper the wound the more horable the nightmere the wounded gets.
bankai:grows gaint wing's(like of she the ultimate weapon) and swords se[parate and chains from the sword wrap around his arm and one sword turns black the oher turns white.
affect:unamaganable speed and gains controle of the earth.
mask: his mask doesnt have eyes but teirs flow don and his patarn is ying and yang.

Agility (Shunpo):n/a
Physical Strength (Hakuda):90
বছরখানেক আগে VioletShingami said…
hey every1! I love ur shingami! and its ok rusty! i ike ur shingami alot!urs 2 ajccole! i finally got 2 get on the computer!!!!!!!!happy day! rusty,all my pics match mine bio!just read mine and theres real good pics of my girl! and i got drawings!
বছরখানেক আগে annvie9 said…
Rusty, your shinigami is so much like mine we could very well be sisters xD That'd be cool to have an arrancar sissy though, and not know ^-^

MMkay, the RP Spot is up, so join and post your shinigami and zanpakuto, please ^-^
বছরখানেক আগে VioletShingami said…
where is the spot :C?
বছরখানেক আগে rusty746454 said…
just type in rp in the search box and then it should come up
বছরখানেক আগে Osamu_Tezuka said…

Name: Osamu Tezuka

Birthdate: Nov 27th

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Gotei 13

Rank: 6th Seat Of The 3rd Squad


Hair Color: Brown

Hair Style: Like Renton from Eureka 7

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5'3

Weight: 120LBS

Description: Has Hair Like Renton From Eureka 7, he has a very soft face, always smiling.

Personality: Osamu is rarely serious, he is lazy and comical always up for a prank and has a good sense of humor. he is also unafraid of death, he calls it "an awakening", for this reason he loves battle but does not purposely seek it.

History: Osamu grew up in a difficult house hold with 6 other siblings, his parent argued alot. when he got old enough he left the house and started training to become a shinigami. During his time in the Gotei 13 Tezuka made a reputaion for himself, the captains often decribed him as "a lazy good for nothing slacker". after achieving the 6th seat in the 3rd divison, he settled down saying " any seat higher then the sixth is to much work, so dont underestimate me just cause in in a low seat"

Zanpaktou - Bushou

Apperance - Looks Like A Regular Katana, Only The Blade Is Suprisingly Dull, and It Gives Off A Depressing Glow

Shikai - "Slouch" Bushou - Anyone Who Comes To Close To Osamu Loses Will To Fight, They Get Tired And Start To Doze. Making It Hard To fight back.

Apperance - The Hilt Becomes Black, and The Depressing Glow becomes a murky black glow that fully embodies the blade. and the hand guard also emits the black gloom.

Special move: Seppuku - Osamu Stabs His Blade Into Himself, Then He Slowly Starts to Bleed Out, Until He removes his sword. During this time he get profoundly more powerful and the radius of the his "doze field" ability slowly gets bigger but his speed and reaction time are slowed.

Battle Data*:

Offense: 50
Defense: 70
Agility (Shunpo): 100
Kido: 20
Intelligence: 60
Physical Strength (Hakuda): 100
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বছরখানেক আগে The3rdL said…
Sorry if I didnt explain it well enough Osamu_Tezuka, the allowed max for each stat is 100, the max of all combined stats is about 400 for a 6th seat, so it should be Off+Def+AGI+Kido+INT+Strength=400....

....FYI u can only use direct attack type zanpakuto in the 11th squad and 6th seats cant do Bankai
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বছরখানেক আগে x3motionx3mo said…
Name: Utsuro, Sumizome

Birthdate: January 1st

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Soul Society-Gotei 13

Rank: 1st Division Captain

Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Ichigo's
Eye Color: Right eye is an Aniridia and left eye is a white eye that can change your genetics.
Ht: 6' or 182.9cm
Wt: 150 or 68.0388kg

Description: A man that looks like Ichigo but muscular. He has a right eye with a black pupil and the left eye with a white pupil that can change his genetics (he has an eye patch like Kenpachi Zaraki). He wears clothings like Ulquiorra but wears the haori
over it. He wears white boots and gloves.

Personality: Utsuro is a lazy but nice man. He has his Vice-Captain do all the work but doesn't take the credits. He doesn't like nor dislikes anything. He doesn't care if his squad slacks off and he isn't aware of anything. When it comes to fighting he only uses kidou unless he has to use his zanpaktou.

History: After graduating from the Shinigami Academy he was placed in the 1st Division. He grew stronger and defeated the captain of squad 1. He became a captain with no shikai nor bankai, and with 2 captain level reiatsu. When he got his shikai it was more like bankai because his reiatsu increased by 2 captain level reiatsu. When he got his bankai he gain 2 more captain level reiatsu. He can time travel and went to the future when Aizen turned him into a hollow. In los noches he became a vasto lorde and became the first espada and betrayed Aizen with 2 more captain level reiatsu. He asked the Vizards for help and gained 2 more captain level reiatsu. He borrowed the King's Seal from Sojiro Kusaka to become a shinigami and gave it back to him. He went back to the past and was a captain with 10 captain class reiatsu. He can't control his kidou and if he uses kidou under 91 the kidou will fail and can destroy a radius of 2 spirit-mile. His zanpaktou can remain in bankai for 1 decade and it takes 1 second hor him to regain full reiatsu.

Battle Data:
Offense= 83-100
Defense= 83-100
Agility= 83.3-100
Kido= 83.3-100
Intelligence= 83.3-100
Physical Strength= 83.3-100
Total= 500
বছরখানেক আগে gemfire said…
Name: Masato Uesugi

Birthdate: August 1st

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Soul Society-Gotei 13

Rank: 6th division-3rd seat

Hair Color: black
Hair Style: medium/long
Eye Color: green
Height: 6ft
Weight: 191 pounds
Description: Light skin, almost always frowning, medium sized eyes
Bottom half of Shinigami robe, hooded top, headband with family crest on it(three black rectangles underneath one another)
Personality: Bored, emotionless, hates using his bankai in battle, sleeps a lot, can never be bothered doing anything, emo-ish, hates anything to do with bunnies.

History:After his entier family was poisened by his two brothers he trained to become a shinigami. Learning that he should just take life as it is but he still cant forgive his brothers for what they had done. Acheiving very high marks in training in all fields, he quickly rose through the ranks and landed himself in the 3rd seat of the 6th division. He did not want to advance any further, instead he dicided to laze around and do nothing and only fight when absoloutly neccesary.

Battle Data*:

Offense: 100
Defense: 50
Agility (Shunpo): 95
Kido: 55
Intelligence: 35
Physical Strength (Hakuda): 65

বছরখানেক আগে siamsam said…
Name : soui omote

Gender: male

affiliation: soul society in a 3 man squad rest died

rank: captain 14th division 3 people left usually in huaco mundo
appearance: black long hair, horned hollow mask and a
shredded hyori with no number on the back

height: 6ft 2

history: originally the 2nd seat for the 14th squad then was assigned to go to huaeco mundo with aizen two hundred years ago when they got there aizen turned on him hollowfied him
and left him.150 years later he came back to the seiratai
as a captain.

his zanpakuto is called shiro raikou (White lightning)sealed its a katana with a chunk bitten out of it
his shikai is a scythe with a chunk bitten out of it
and his bankai is a scimitar with a chunk bitten out of it
its power is like zabimaru's bankai but electric if it it bites you then it eates your riatsu. he found a way of extending it past bankai by stabbing him self with it to get his ultimate technique dragons kill.
battle data:
offence 150
defence 50
kido 50
agility 100
intelligence 50
strength 100
বছরখানেক আগে chaosnuclear said…
Name : Ryuu Kuragari

Birthdate : Unknown

Gender : Male

Affiliation : Soul society ( Gotei 13 )

Rank : I really dont know :S


Hair Color : Silver white
Hair Style : Messy and coolish i suppose?
Eye Color : red
ht : 6 or 182.88 cm
wt : 132 or 60 kg

Description : a cool looking calm type of guy, a messy hair that is going down, he wears a specialized suit to make him able to move faster, he got dark gloves.

Personality : Ryuu is silent type of guy, never really talks much. He only speak when is spoken too. He usually doesnt speak out, but he was always serious and ready to fight. He is intelligent and tough guy. He is not a smiley type of guy, you rarely see him smile. He also has a history that involves a girl that was very close to her.

History : When he was a 5 he fell into a cliff in soul society and was drag into another dimension. After few years he came back to soul society without having a memory of it. As soon as he got into Soul society, a bunch of hallows appeared, so he didn't have choice but to fight them, Ryuu had slain all of them but he took alot of damage. He was bleeding to death, but before he died, Captain Unohana found him and healed him as soon as he can. When Captain Unohana reported what happened, He was asked to train as a shinigami, he was not good at first, nobody really groups with him, He was a loner, until a friendly girl talked to him and they became close, but an incident occurred, the girl died because Ryuu wasn't able to protect her, and after that Ryuu just trained and trained until he got really strong.

Battle data

Zanpakotou : Kaze Shukketsu (Bleeding Wind)

Offence : 120
Defense : 70
kido : 30
agility : 100
intelligence : 80
Strength : 100

বছরখানেক আগে Nomad5334 said…
KK my one!

Name: Kogorana Deronatchiga

Birthdate: 22 May


Affiliation: Gotei 13

Rank: Former Captian of the 2nd Squad

Appearance:When u look at him he kinda would freak you out at first with his clothing style...Considering he doesnt where the shinigami uniform...Instead he wears basically a copy of it but its Lightning Blue Colour
Hair Color:Lightning Blue....
Hair Style:Kinda like ichigo's but bigger spikes but smaller than kenpachi's
Eye Color:Blood Red
Description:He is very strong with immense power...And was killed in battle by an Arrancar... Tho he did put up a good fight...

Personality: He likes thunder storms....they interest him....for some reason... and he loves to see anything storm related..like rain lightning really anything at all..Thats because of his zanpakuto being Inazuma(Lightning Flash in english)

History:(was never heard of untill he joined Gotei 13.)

Physical Strength:100

Total all skills together:550

Now because i didnt post on the Zanpakuto thread ill just do it here in a quick format...

Name: Inazuma, A normal blade of course
Shikai: Strike, Inazuma!: A curved Scimitar type blade with lightning comming out of tip
Bankai:Hayasa Inazuma: Blade is completely made of lightning
The shikai can shoot 6 bolts of lightning before it needs to go back to normal the bolts are slow but can kill people in 1 shot so use them wisely
Bankai Power: Can shoot very fast lightning bolts from random area in the sky and target any possible enemy within 100 feet

Rusty posted his one of former 2nd sqaud captian and said is arrancar so ill make up new crap and say thats who killed this guy
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বছরখানেক আগে matthewn89 said…
Character's Name: Kazen Kusimuki
Zanpakuto's Name: Ozukimaru
Look: A normal katna
Shinki Command: Tear their heads off, Ozukimaru
Shinki Look: a blade w/ a half circle by the gaurd
Shinki Ability: To stop time for my enemy so they think im just sitting still
Bandkai: Demon King, Ozukimaru
Bandkai Ability: gives me more speed, once fully charge one cut multiplies into 900 Billion cuts, more to come later

My Character is part of the Royal Family he is the oldest one in the family besides his mother and father

On his right hand only is a glove that makes his spiritual presure to that of a captains it is fingerless gloves

He is the next one to inherit the thrown after his father dies

He loves to fight but not at full power you half to be a threat to him to get him to use full power
বছরখানেক আগে GaretStrife said…
My shinigami!

Name: Garet Strife (couldn't be anything else).

Zanpakuto: Pure Waterfall (check my xanpakuto section for more information).

Height: About 6ft.
Hair colour: Red.
Hair style: Hair to his shoulder blades that also hangs around his face and nose.
Eye colour: Brown.

Before he became a captain he wore his own modofied shinigami outfit with no sleeves and a hood at the back. Garet also wears his trademark red belt cloth and bandana. His zanpakuto rests in a small sheath on his right leg.

Loud, sarcastic and a complete 1st grade loon when off duty. While on duty he is respectful to his superiors and works well in a team. Has complete trust in his younger brother Lloyd Strife and other members of his patrol unit.

Spent several years commanding a patrol unit throughout Hueco Mundo with his younger brother Lloyd and six others. After twenty years in Hueco Mundo he returned to Soul Society to find out they had been betrayed by Aizen. He was promoted to Captain of the 5th Division shortly after his return.

Offense: 80
Defense: 70
Agility: 100
Kido: 80
Intelligence: 100
Physical Strength: 90
Total: 520

বছরখানেক আগে Gallior said…
Shinigami Format
Name: Takashirō Namikaze AKA Hiko Seijūrō XX

Birthdate: June, 5th

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Ichigo

Sword style(s): Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu

Rank: substitute shimigami and is of Captain Commander power level
Appearance: muscular tan skin but thin
Hair Color:white
Hair Style: Hair slicked back but long enough to reach his shoulders
Eye Color:white but he is not blind
Weight: 215lbs.
Description: usual shimigami outfit with a skull belt and skull shoulder pads and a black hood with teeth on the rim

Personality: laid back most of the time but is serious about honor and cares about everyone around he hates hypocrisy and unneeded deaths. he is also very balanced in his ways and believes that if someone does something wrong and another does the same thing they should be punished equally. and can comunicate with all Zanpakuto.

History: Classmate of Ichigo and long time friend current master of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu and head over heels for Rukia but hides it by making jokes about her and Ichigo

abilities: Shinsoku (lit. God-speed) and Shukuchi which requiers great foot work

Agility (Shunpo):100
Physical Strength (Hakuda): 100

Zanpakuto is always in shikai
Zanpakuto name: Tyrael
shikai look: a double edged long sword with a scabbard for the use of battou-jutsu
Ability: can change into any melee weapon and absorbs opponents spiritual pressure and fires it back in a highly dense highly focused beam
Bankai: Archangel Tyrael
Bankai look: same exepth outfit, scabbard, and handle are made of bone similar to the picture but with 9 tentacles of light on each side that are used as extra hands and wings
Ability: same a shikai but manipulates the space and time within the reach of his reaitsu making every thing around him change to his thought and the Zanpakuto will and make copies of itself so that the tentacles can be of more use
last edited বছরখানেক আগে
 Shinigami Format Name: Takashirō Namikaze AKA Hiko Seijūrō XX Birthdate: June, 5th Gender: Male
বছরখানেক আগে smithtommi said…
Name: 護 月 (Guardian of the Moon) Shichiyou Hogosha

Birth Date: June 3rd

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Soul Society (Gotei 13, Kido Corp, Onmitsukidō: Secret Mobile Corps): Soul Society-Gotei 13, Formerly Onmitsukidō

Rank: 9th Division Captain

Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Messy
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5’10
Weight: 160 lbs

Description: A tall man in his early 30’s with a somewhat muscular chest and brown hair that is never brushed and appears to be shaggy because it is so untidy. He wears a short sleeved Haori and the standard Shuhakusho. His Zanpakuto is Umi Megami (Sea Goddess) and it is the most powerful of all water Zanpakuto. Shichiyou has the ability to turn into a chipmunk, similar to Yoruichi turning into a cat. This is due to his time spent working in the Stealth Force before becoming a Captain.

Personality: Shichiyou is a somewhat quiet person with a great sense of humor. When he does talk, he is often known to crack a joke, (most of them having to do with Hitsugaya’s size.) He likes to read books pertaining to Soul Society history. His favorite food is sushi and he prefers to eat with his lieutenant and is very well respected among his subordinates.

History: After graduating from the Shinigami Academy Shichiyou was placed in the 2nd Division and was quickly recognized for his talents and became the 4th Seat of the 2nd Division. He remained with the division for 5 years. The last year of his service in the 2nd Division was marked with the betrayal of Sosuke Aizen and the battles against the arrancars. Shortly after Aizen’s betrayal, he was sent with Captains Kurotsuchi and Zaraki to Hueco Mundo where he single-handedly defeated five Arrancars on his own. The total strength of the arrancars was that of 2 Espada and he was given the rank of 9th Division Captain upon his return to the Soul Society.

Battle Data*:
Zanpakuto: 海女神 (Umi Megami) “Sea Goddess”
Bankai: 拉波,讐海女神 (Assai Nami, Kyuushuu Umi Megami) “Crushing Wave, Revenge of the Sea Goddess”
Offense: 80
Defense: 100
Agility (Shunpo): 80
Kido: 100
Intelligence: 100
Physical Strength (Hakuda): 50
Total: 510
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বছরখানেক আগে ouchi said…
I cant put the profile of my shinigami because its a vizard and HE is not a member of Gotei 13. HIs a member of Zero Division Squad.

its kinda sad that i cant share my shinigami here..
বছরখানেক আগে Naiuzu said…
Name:Tori Naiuzu

Birthdate:april 15th

Afilliation:Soul Society-Gotei 13


Rank:Luitenant of sqaud 5

Hair:black with purple tint
Hair style:shor with bangs that hang down to his eyebrows
Eyes Winter Blue
He wears the normal shinigami unifrom the only decoratin is the necklace that hangs from his luitenant badge that is on his left arm,it was gievn to him bt his parents when he was still a human

Personality:Tori is quiet and not very talkitive mainly only to the people he knows hes very calm but has abit of a temper problem and is very laid-back,,he believes in taking consequneces for any wrongs,and hes quick to serve the consequences himself if anyone runs from them,in his free time he likes to read and practice the guitar,he likes music and spicy foods,his favorite food is spicy shrimp,he knows hisagi very well along with matsumoto and is very close to ukitake,he dreams of becoming the 2nd division captain,

History:In the past when he was still a human he used to hang out with his closest friends all the time,he also had a little sister whom he protected from bullies all the time,then one night the house they lived in caught fire,he tried to escape but he died with the necklace his parents gave him when he was young that belonged to his grandmother,his parents managed to escape with his younger sister,but were admitted in the hospital,although they died the next day,tori then became a soul in the rukongai in the same district ukitake grew up in,one day he was attacked by a hollow but was saved by ukitake,and ukitake took him in as an adopted son,ukitake admitted him into the shino academy where he met hisagi and matsumoto and they became quick friends,and after graduating he was admittied into squad 5 and soon became its luitenant

Offense: 70
Defense: 70
Agility (Shunpo): 80
Kido: 70
Intelligence: 60
Physical Strength (Hakuda): 80

430 equal :P

Zanpaktou:in its sealed form its a normal kodachi with black hilt and a circular tsuba with potrusions on each side
Shikai:Onikage(Demon Shadow)
Shikai Ability:The blade melts away and a large shadow shoots out from the hilt into the ground and turns into a blade and attacks the enemies shadow,causing the enemy to take the damage inflicted to the shadow,or it can entangle an enemies shadow allowing him to attack the enemy freely
Kuro Orochi(Black Serpent):this ability allows him to channel his spirit energy into the opponents shadow,causing the shadow to engulf the enemy and suffocate them
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