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crazieone106 posted on Aug 13, 2009 at 10:33PM
Feel free to generate your own Arrancar that can, of course, rank espada. Describe them, their abilities, skills, personalities, and zanpakuto's. :) They may reflect your own personality or who you wish you could be!

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বছরখানেক আগে Hijara said…
Rank:6th espada
Hair color:White
Eye color:White
He looks like Grimmjow but with white hair.The place of his hollow hole is unknown.The remains of his Hollow mask consist of both jawbones.
Gran Rey Cero
Hes very layed back.Like a mix of Grimmjow and Stark.Whan it comes to fighting theres no stoping him.
Resurreccion release:growl Kuroi Ookami!
His Resurreccion form looks like Star's a little bit.
In his Resurreccion form his sword can turn into white roses,Kinda like Byakuyas zanpakuto,it can cut up the foe.
I looked all day and i didn't find a pic that looked like him,sorry.
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বছরখানেক আগে RockstarKitty said…
okay my arrancar-
her name is Hathor Amorde. Her first name is an egyptian goddess, the goddess of pastimes, sexuality and fertility. Her last name is made up. She is 5'5 and about 102 lbs. She also has deep green eyes. She has bright red hair in hundreds of little ringlets that are always in a ponytail on the left side of her head. Her Fragments are like two giant shark teeth at the right side of her head, designed to look like a hairclip. She is infamous for being crazy excellent with a yo-yo. Her zanpakuto is named Supremo Atraccíon, which is spanish for supreme amusement. When released, Hathor's zanpakuto becomes 9 yo-yo's that attach to all of her fingers(thumbs are NOT fingers). All of these yo-yo's have different techniques and abilities, the only way to defeat them is break the yo-yo's(which is extremely hard) or cut the string(which is also sort of difficult but easier than trying to break the yo-yo's). Unusual skills that Hathor has is being able to tie a cherry stem with her tongue and being able to cook delicious foods(both of which I cannot do). Originally, Hathor was supposed to be Luppi's Fraccíon, but when he dies she becomes Yammy's Fraccíon. But if she has to be an espada I'm guessing she'd be like 7 or 8. Hathor's personality is much like Lilynette's. She is very energetic and tends to be on the playful side(this makes sense because the call for her zanpakuto is "come out and play"). She has a love/hate relationship going on with grimmjow, mostly hate though because he killed her espada. She also does not get along with Ulquiorra and tends to call him Bossy Pants. Her only actual friends of the Arrancar are Yammy, Lilynette, Starrk, Tia and Szayel. She also tends to be very immature and act like a child. Her most famous line(usually speaking to Ichimaru, Tosen or Aizen when saying it) is "One day I will rule Hueco Mundo and as much as I know the back of my head, you won't be in it to see me." All in all, Hathor is a very playful arrancar and-like the rest of them-is confident in her abilities. (Note: I made Hathor's mask fragments shark teeth for two reasons: one because shark symbolize a strong courageous warrior,which is what she is. two because they also symbolize destruction and terror which are hidden traits in Hathor). If you have any questions about her just message me! The picture I added is as close as it gets to her, even though she doesn't have ringlets.her outfit is all white and black (like all arrancar). She wears a shirt that resembles the top half of Luppi's outfit w/o the long sleeves and black gloves instead. She wears white booty shorts and thigh high black heels. Her Zanpakuto is attached to the right side of her left boot. Obviously I won't be able to find a picture of this but that's just the description. but like I said if you have any questions message me!
 okay my arrancar- her name is Hathor Amorde. Her first name is an egyptian goddess, the goddess of pa
বছরখানেক আগে RockstarKitty said…
oh and also her hollow hole is unknown and her other abilities are: cero,garganta,hierro and sonido
btw hijara, lobo(s) is starrk's zanpakuto's name. u cant use it. just saying, not trying to be mean or anything.
that's all
বছরখানেক আগে KingofEspada said…
Rank:2nd Espada
Hair color:Red
Eye Color:black iris,red pupil.
looks like a fusion of starkk and aizen's hair and beard.His hallow hole is in the center of his abs. The remainder of his hallow mask is a horn coming out his head.(like hyiori's)

Gran Rey Cero
Cero Oscuras

Hueso Barrera
Duo Cara

he's very funny and silly.Hes always goofing off and getting drunk.But if you ever get on his wrong side no matter who you are he'll kill yu without holding back.

Resurreccion:He draws his sword and calmly says, "Diablo's Inferno."

Resurreccion Appearance: his mask is fully back horn are coming out of his forehead and he has a crown made of gold on his head. he has bat wings,a tail that he can whip at people. he is surrounded by flames his sword has turned into a pitch fork and his power raises 10x. in this form he can beat the first espada in his non release state.

if i find a pic that resembles him i'll post it.
বছরখানেক আগে ichigo67 said…
okay heres my arrancar

eyes:dark purple
hair:its long and black and it has two potrusions on each side to look like dog ears
remains of hollow mask:on the back of his hand but it extends alittle ways up his for arm
hollow hole:on his cheek

grand rey cero
cero oscuras
"custom"twin cero

baro niuka

hes very quiet sometimes but most of the time he will speak,and hes one of aizens favorites(though the others dont know)but when it comes to fighting hes like noitora,ruthless and cold

zanpaktou:it has two chains on the hilt and on the chains two medallions are hanging of the chains with the jaws of a beats in then and the guard has three potrusions on one side the extend then carve and end halfway down the hilt

resurrecion:he holds his zanpaktou nex to either side of his neck and says-roar nene cerbero

reserrecion appearance:in this he grows two head and his hollow mask becomes a claw and and he gains a tail with a blade at the tip of it and his hair becomes ruffled and messy and is now holding a blade shaped like the wing of a demon and has black fur on his forarms and his chest,his eyes become red and he gains two small blades on his shoulders

resurreccion special abilty:he now has two head,but he can also split into two bodies,so he can blindside the enemy

resurreccion attacks:
twin cero-the can both shoot a cero at the enemy from both sides
twin slicing tornado:he spins around holding out there blades and slice the enemy at high speeds
demon wing flame:with both they can connect the blades at the ends and then join together again so both heads can shoot fire at the enemy for a wide range
dark flaming cero oscuras double:his greatest attack the two start spinning to distratc the enemy then when the enemy is distracted thinking theyre doing something else,they both stop spinning and shoot a cero oscuras from both sides with the flames added to obliterate the enemy completely
বছরখানেক আগে ManTheHarpoons said…
Here we go
Name: Lluisa Domenech
rank: 4th
eyes: lime green
hair: dark purple, falls down at her shoulders in a small spiral. Straight bangs.
Think Ulquiorra and Cirucci's bizzare bastard child, but with neither of their personalities. Childish out of battle, serious and analytical in battle. The remnaints of her hollow mask take the shape of two flat, curved horns coming from the back of her head. Her hollow hole is on her left foot, easily visible due to her habit of going barefoot everywhere.

Espiral Cero
A special cero that is launched form Lluisa's twin horns. As it flies, Espiral Cero spins like a screw, gaining speed and momentum, drilling into the foe upon impact.

Her Zanpakuto's name is Cabra Montés (Wild Goat)
The release command is "Charge"
In her Resurrección, Lluisa's horns grow a bit longer and gain a slight spiral. Her Espiral Cero is greatly strengthened in her Resurrección. She retains a weapon in her Resurrección, a segmented sword that resembles her horns called Cuerno Salvaje (Wild Horn). When swung, Cuerno Salvaje releases small flames as it cuts. Cuerno Salvaje can also be used as a way to direct her Espiral Cero more effectively.

that's all I have so far
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বছরখানেক আগে darkstark23 said…
mono kazuya
Appearance:he is very calm but loses his temper easily and has long hair that flows down to his mid-back but keeps it in a ponytail but only takes it out of the ponytail when he gets serious and wears the traditional espada uniform his hollow mask is on his chin and has a row of teeth with two fangs one of which is broken in half and his hollow hole is on his os elbow and his espada tattoo is abover his left eye

Cero Cohete:this cero he shoots form hi mouth and it begins to vibrate as its moving giving it speed and power and upon impact slices the enemy up

Resurreccion:he puts his blade n his mout and scrapes it across his teeth and says,Slam,Cocodrilo

Reserreccion apperance:his hollow maks is gone but he has both fangs and he gmes the humps a crocdile has on it back and it starts at his stomach but the humps seperate and extend over the shoulders and now has a scale arm on his forearms and his upper legs and now has the webbing a crodile has between his fingers and has a tail with humps on it as well and is now holding a large club like loves shikai but its crafted from a crodiles hide and its harp enough to cut the opponent

Resurreccion attacks:
Agua Bomba(Water Bomb)-this attacks he creates a water sphere which he send flying at the enemy by using his club as a bat and explodes upon impact and if the enemy cuts the water sphere it will stil explode

Aplastante En Curso(Crushin Current)-he swings the club at the enemy but then water forms around the weapon and as the water forms around the club it becomes pressuresed so whne it hits the enemy it will crush them

Penetrante Tapar(Piercing Hide)-with this attack he uses his spirit energy to sharpen his weapon even more then spins it above himself then throws it at the enemy and while its spinning in the air it gains momentum and if the enemy blocks the theyre blade will break instanly

Absorption:his blade also has the ability to absorb the enemies attack and fire it back 5x stonger

বছরখানেক আগে snowdemon said…

Rank:5th,but he actually has power and speed comparable to the 3rd

Age:looks to be at least 19 but is 539 years old





Appearance:Yukioni is fairly short for his gender his hair is short and short and sort of curly but more ruffled and has a few strands that run down from his forehead to mid nose and wears the traditional espada uniform he also very close with ulquiorra and halibel and neliel is his sparring partner

Remains of hollow mask:on the back of his left hand in the shape of a birds claw

Hollow hole:on his hip

Espada tattoo:on his stomach







Caja negacion


Cero Grande-this is his own special cero,he shoots it from his finger it piereces through any defense it is shaped like a birds beak,it will break any defense


Kuro dokugai-hes a male arrancar whos very clumsy and has an attitude but when speaking to his superior hes very respectful and sometimes forgets his place but natsuhana reminds him with a"tap to the head"(its a punch but she says"i tapped some sense into you")he is angered when somone Refers to him as"little boy"

Zanpaktou:its a blue sheathe and a white hilt with a guard that loks like a T but with two lines crossing through it

Resurreccion-Palmera Bicho(Palmetto Bug):he gains two antennas and on his back looks like the back of a cockroach and he gains and extra set of legs

His resurreccion special abilty,allows the antennas that he gains to shoot a deadly gas that will make the enemy fall deathly ill within minutes

Natsuhana-she is the older sister of kurotsugi,and is very calm and is very sweet,but tends to lose her temper alittle when having to put her little brother back into his place,she also has great respect towards her superiors

Zanpaktou:it has a orange hilt and sheathe and the guard is shaped like two crowns together at the backs

Resurreccion-Reina Medusa(Queen Jellyfish):she gains a skirt that is made up of seashells and she has a lowcut top thats made of jellyfish heads,and her legs are completely naked

Her Resurreccion special abilty,she gains a whip that looks like the stinger of a jellyfish that is constantly surging with electricity,the whip when it has struck the enemy,will send 10'000 volts of electricity through the enemies body and she can also spray water at the enemy from her mouth to make the damage much more severe

Zanpaktou:in its sealed form it takes the form of a katana with four wing like potrusions that come together at the ends that make up the guard and the hilt is purple

Resurreccion:He holds the guard infront of his eyes horizontially and says"Cross,Corneja"(spanish for crow)

Resurreccion Appearance:in this form he gains the wings of a crow and his fingernails grow long and sharp and his hollow hole becomes visible and his gains sharp claws on his feet as well and they look like the remnants of his hollow mask ans his mouth is slightly potruded and his arms are now covered in feathers and his hair looks like the back of a crows head and

Resurreccion Attacks:he has a few attacks

Corneja Pies(Crows Feet)-this attack he can extend his legs to slice the enemy,if the attack makes contact ,it will inject a poison that will slowly weaken the enemy bones

Fatalidad Pluma(Doom Feather)-he can shoot feathers as projectiles and if the wings are deflected then seconds after the delfection they will explode in black fire that can blow up a tall building

Espiral Pico(Spiral Beak)-with this he gatheres energy around his mouth and spins at high speeds at the enemy and the spirirt energy around his beak hardens with enough power to cause an entire building to collapse in on itself

Enhanced Hierro:His hierro becomes 10xtougher

Enhanced Speed:he also becomes 10xfaster

Enhanced Strength:he becomes strong enough to fight against

Enhanced Durability:Hes also able to take continuous damage with no signs of tiring whatsoever

Enhanced Cero&Cero Grande:his cero and special cero become much more powerful as well,his cero grande being able to create and explosion large enough to destroy several buildings in the proxcimity all at once
বছরখানেক আগে Master-B said…
Ok here i go

Name:Kajarune Ikino

Rank:6th Espada (also his rank number is tattooed on his cheek)

Age:looks 16 but is 373



Eyes:Midnight blue


Appearance:His hair is Onyx black with Orange tips on his bangs that hang over his right eye slicked back but shoulder length almost like Aizen
Smooth brown skin his facial features are almost perfect a cleft chin a scar from his right eye down to his chin a huge smile is the first thing most people notice he wears the traditional Espada uniform but the shirt is tied around his waist exposing his fairly muscular and toned Abs and chest his hole is on his pelvis witch is partly seen he also has an x shape scar on his chest

Personality:he is a mellow layed back guy with a cruel sense of humor laughing at other peoples pain or sadness but he never disrespects women and doesn't fight women either he doesn't really talk much the only time he's laughing at someone expense if hes not sleeping or out walking and thinking about something if he ever stops smiling you should probably get as far away as possible

Remains of hollow mask: a clown style mask that only covers the left half of his face it is smiling with its teeth bearing jagged overlapping one another


Cero(Midnight blue)





Caja negacion


Cero borrar:{his own special Cero that Kajarune uses that only he knows by holding his hands in a diamond shape in front of his chest and a what looks like a regular Cero with black electricity sparking off he fires at his foe if they can't block or doge it it dose major damage in the shape of a skull with its mouth open)

Resurreccion:he unsheathes his sword spinning it like a propeller in front of him then stopping and stabbing it into the ground he looks up and whispers Cry Frente a la muerte (Spanish for Face of death)

Resurreccion Appearance: the other half of his mask appears but it looks angery its mouth slightly open the still in the same fashion with to devil horns his muscles expand and a layer of armor made of the same substance as his mask covers his under belly and spine creating a long tail with a four fingered claw with a mask like his in the palm that has a mind of its own but obeys Kajarune his forearms and foreleg also have the armor on it like his chest and spine with razor sharp retractable hooks in them and his hair grows down to the ground anover his shoulders

Resurreccion Attacks: Rápida rotación rollo de muerte (Rapid spin death roll)- Kajarune rolls into a ball like an armadillo and his fur and armor plating surrounds him in a ball and he luaches at his opponent with incredible speed and his tail and fur whip and cut up his foe also if you don't get hurt from that Kajarune slams into you as well

Agarre de la Muerte(Death's Grip)- The claw of his tail reaches and grabs your by the face flying up with you griped in its hand and slams you into the ground or a biulding then shoots a Cero at your face before releasing you

Ojos de la Muerte(eyes of death)- the mask in the claw and his eyes open and they both shoot beams of energy the can cut through just about anything

Tri-Cero de la Muerte(Tripel Cero of Death) - Kajarune holds both his hands out and the claw comes up over his head and they fire three black and blue Ceros that come together forming one huge Cero obliterating anything in its path

Enhanced Hierro:His hierro becomes 10xtougher

Enhanced Speed:he also becomes 10xfaster

Enhanced Strength:he becomes even Stronger then he is normally

Enhanced Durability:Hes also able to take continuous damage with no signs of tiring at all

Enhanced flexability: he has the flexibility of that of a snake

don't got a pick but use your imagination but if someone wants to make a pic i'd be happy to accept :)
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বছরখানেক আগে greeneyes4 said…
name;naiteimasu hana
rank;dont have one
kind;a substitute arrancar
swords name;chuurippu sakimasu,it has a form of a tulip
special ability;strength and speed
characters life;my character was a regular human like ichigo,able to see ghosts.she has met ulquiorra had become friends.ulquiorra really cared about her so he no choice to give her powers.once she had powers of an arrancar ulquiorra left her to the human world while ulquiorra was being controlled by aizen.now she was lonely but still cared about him.she had trained so hard with her sister who was a substitude arrancar to.they have become stronger every day.one day she had met ichigo near the river wich his mom died.it had ended there,once she had met him she needed to kill him from what he did to ulquiorra.

Theres more to talk about but i wrote to much
heres a picture of my character in her arrancar form.
 alright name;naiteimasu hana gender;female rank;dont have one kind;a substitute arrancar age;17 eyes;
বছরখানেক আগে greeneyes4 said…
বছরখানেক আগে Gaikotsu said…
Name: Hiragana Konitiwa
Gender: Male
Zanpakutou: Gaikotsu (Release command: "Sleep")
Rank: -0
Hair Color: Black
Eye color: Unknown
Abilities: Cero, Bala, Gran Rey Cero, Sonido, Hierro, Spiritual Pressure Restriction, Pesquisa, Garganta
Ressurection Abilities: Increased Previous abilities, Psyche Control, Shiramaru Cero de Meurte
Hollow hole: Location of heart
Clothing: Like Gin's But with a tight collar.
Hollow mask remains: A plain white mask with no eye sockets (which appears to be smiling.)
Hiragana's mood is unknown due to his mask, and almost never speaks. His hair looks like Ulquiorra's does and talks in a near same monotone voice. His height is 6"5' and wheighs 200 pounds( hes not fat, hes slender yet muscular).
He lacks any Fraccion as he prefers to work alone. His tattoo is located on the right part of his torso and shows his superiority and loyalty to Aizen. As the top espada he rarely gets to fight and kills anyone he fights almost instantly.
His resurrection keeps his mask but gives him fur mimicing the clothes of Jack Skeleton. His flesh turns to bone and he gains long wings and a long tail that gives the appearance of a blade on the end. He has a very serious attitude, and often will harm his allies to get what he wants. His zanpakutou has a black hilt, the gaurd looks like a skull and the sword part is a half foot shorter
than he is. If he starts to die, he will kill himself with his own sword and be reborn in another part of Las Noches. If however he does this in resurrection he shall be temporarily be given an immunity to all attacks and will increase power and accuracy dramatically and he will start firing a white cero into the air which will eventually fall and destroy anything within 1,000 miles of the firing site.
Although very serious he has a touch of insanity that gives him an extra bit of power, but could also be his death(to those who want to know how to kill him).
বছরখানেক আগে lecroixa said…
arrancar name: schaunne lecroixa


eye color: dark purple fused with black

hair color: same as eye color, but lighter.

clothing:a chinese-like vest only at the front side <backless>,
white shinigami pants,the vest is cut a bit short and has bandage below the vest and above the pants. elf shoes.

mask: white and black tin and sharp petaled flower eye patch.

cero color: dark purple

zanpakuto: con anima

ressureccion: reverse, con anima
( the symbols of the clock in roman numerals float around the air and reverses like a whirlpool. it fills the surroundings.


cero double






ressureccion states:

ziel gespertt- a giant blue rifle-like view of a target, produced by eyepatch. (german for target locked.)

geheiligt blast- a black lighting bolt.(german for hallowed blast.)

göttlichen Kreuzes- ( german for divine cross) everything lecroixa wears and holds, even her weapon, is shaped like a cross. a cross symbol appears on her chest.

<well, that's not all of it, i'll post a sample drawing.>

বছরখানেক আগে lecroixa said…

hollow hole:a little below the stomach

noteworthy mentions: speed is like the dark rukia even in normal form.
বছরখানেক আগে lecroixa said…
hair resembles nuriko from fushigi yuugi, the version when it was short.

when released, the long version when nuriko was a girl.
বছরখানেক আগে lecroixa said…
she has wings when in the divine cross state.

the ressureccion hair is just a longer version.
nuriko looks like this:

 she has wings when in the divine ক্রুশ state. the ressureccion hair is just a longer version. nurik
বছরখানেক আগে Naiuzu said…

Rank:Privaron Espada #104


Hollow Mask:Eye piece under his left eye,looks like and eye with tear drops

Hollow Hole:Left pectoral muscle


Hair:Dark purple

Asepct of Death:Lust

Personailty:Hes vert kind and laid back and he gets upset when somone even slightly touches his hair hes friends with neliel and has a major crush on halibel




Gran Rey Cero



Caja Negacion

Zanpaktou:In its sealed form it resembles a kodachi that has a guard shaped like an eye and a turqoise hilt

Resurrecion:He Holds his blade downward pointing to the ground and it glows and sprouts into wings tat flutter around and he calls out Flutter Mariposa(Butterfly)

In his resurrecion he has black butterfly wings on his back and his hollow mask now covers both his eyes with just his pupils showing,he now has antennas that stick out from his shoulders and his hair is now longer his hands now have claws and his legs are covered in small hairs

Resurrecion Special Ability:

Enhanced Hierro

Enhanced Durability

Enhanced Speed&Agility

Enhanced Strength&Speed

Butterflies:His wings can turn into butterflies can can from into anything he so chooses or he can use the butterflies to attack them,Heres a couple of abilite

Poisonous scent:The butterflies can let off a dangerous pollen the gives off a scent that can poison the enemy

Devour:This ability allows the butterflies to eat thhrough anything they touch

Butterfly explosions:they can also be detonated to explode

Cero la Muerte(Cero of Death):This is his own specila cerio he uses in his released form it fires a Diamond clored cero completely erases anything in exsitance that it touches

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বছরখানেক আগে Icestorm727 said…
This is a girl I already had made up
Name: Miki Schiffer
Age: looks 17 but can't age
Race: arrancar
Rank: 28
Hair: knee length and black
eyes: dark green
clothes: very long sleeves black collar long baggy like pants large black sash belly shirt
Hole: in stomach half covered by her sash
mask: full helmet with 3 curved horns
Zanpakuto: Mariposa midievil like sword with purplish blue handle black sheath
Comand: Unmask
Abilities: Cero Bala hiero resurrection sonido(unknown level)
Family: Ulquiorra Schiffer (older brother)
 This is a girl I already had made up Name: Miki Schiffer Age: looks 17 but can't age Race: arrancar
বছরখানেক আগে rantora13 said…
Hollow Mask:half demonic skull mask on right side of face.(coler:black)
Hollow Hole:on right sholder.
Eyes:Left:red Right:black(like all the light had gone from the world)
Hair:short and Black.
Personailty:lazy,yet quiet,vary well mannerd,follows orders,yet quick to anger.



Gran Rey Cero



Caja Negacion

Zanpaktou:sword length is 3"6.handle is 8in with a curve. gaurd is a crimson-red triangular gaurd.
Reslease(or reserection) my sword turns into a lance with a black dragon over my left arm(sword hand).with the ability to cause instant spiritual power and pressure loss if touched by the dragon over-soul.
plus i gain speed,strenght,and black dragon wings.
বছরখানেক আগে gokuluigifan333 said…
Age:200 looks 13
looks like chad but older(looks younger) but he isnt tall and is
Personality: he doenst like being a leader but likes being the first espada, loves to fight, he also likes to let his opponents have the advantage (being the only vaste lorde arrancar), he also likes to play with his opponents before killing them
Abilities: master hand-to-hand combat,cero(dark green), cero oscuras, cero de luz(cero of light his own move) cero combinado(combined cero of cero oscuras and cero de luz) gran rey cero, garganta, caja de negación, Hierro, Pesquisa, Sonido
Hollow hole location: place where heart should be
Zanpakto: destroy toro, he grows horns but also gets retractable claws(retains all powers), cuerno de destrucción(horn of destruction) its attack is stronger that pierces all defense and increases knockback
বছরখানেক আগে devilhunter3 said…
name=danta el diablo
mask=two horns growing on my head whiche is where i us cero from and you can't see my eyes.
personality=im #1 because i have so much power that even azian marked me as his =.l I also love to pick on the lower level arrancars. I also give out the punishments. there is only one person i fear and that's chad.
I have two swords
swords=immortality&black angel
sword powers=immortality@wings
immortality=I can't die because im immortal. the sword is all gold and sharp
black angel=let me fly.Three bladed sword all black.{when black angel rellink two of the blades vanish and wing form on my back}
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বছরখানেক আগে MasterAce22 said…
Name: Hitora

Gender: Male

Rank: 1

Espada Tattoo: On his back right hand

Hair: Like Stark's hair but pitch Black.

Eyes: Dark Green

Hollow Fragment: 4 claws the cover top part of his hand like gloves that extend to his wrist then wrap around the bottom of his wrist this applies for both hands.

Hollow Hole: Located where is heart should be.

Personality: Very calm and laid back. He is very loyal to any in command, if messed with will not hold back to kill.

Cero (Red)
Gran Rey Cero
Cero des Todes(German for Cero of death) Is a Cero that when fired is long and sharp like and an arrow and blows up on impact that he fires from his hand.

Resurreccion release: Notieren(German for Take down)

Resurreccion: In his Resurreccion he get's a black outfit like Stark's normal outfit with gold outlines. His Hollow Fragment turns into gloves that end halway at his fingers, each with a hole at the palm where he can fire Cero's like a gun.

Resurreccion Abilities:

Soul Kopie: (German for Soul Copy) Makes a complete copy of himself that has all the same abilities.

Regenerieren:(German for Regenerate) Two swords form in his hand one white with black jagged designs on the blade and one black with white jagged design on the blade.

Letzten Blick:(German for Final Glance) He sticks his arms oout and puts his hands side by side then he fires a Gaint cero that destroys anything in his path.

Relatives: Hinana (his Fracción)

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বছরখানেক আগে Naiuzu said…
Okay i got one^^

Lev Radenyever


Rank:22(but is really espada number 2 mock number given to him by aizen)

Appearance:hes a mid sized arrancar with his hollow mask in the shape of a necklace his hollow hole is on his temple and has aqua blue eyes and long black curly hair he wears the arrancar unifrom with the jacket half open and the sides of his pant leg have natural cuts up the middle

Personality:Hes a very peppy arrancar who spends most his time traveling around and bothering his fellow espada,but more so his sister Halibel,and he also sikes to hang out with ichimaru and talk to him for several hours and when hes with tosen he tends to mock his personaility which usually ends up annoying tosen,he is also very loyal to aizen and he holds aizen in the same high regard as ulquiorra,in a fght hes very precise and quick able to subdue his opponents easily




Gran Rey Cero





Fire Effect:his attacks pack heat,literally(xD)with every attack he leaves a scorch mark on anything he touches even the opponenets blade but it takes time

Zanpkauto:Its a katana with a Dark blue hilt and a crossguard that looks like an A

ILamas Espada(flame blade):In its sealed form he can use heat particles in the air to reconstitue his blade if it happen to be broken,

Resurreccion:Zorro(Spanish for Fox,Japanese for Great Fox Demon of the Fire)

Appearance:upon its realease it causes the entire area to erupt into flames His neccklace turns into fur padding on his shoulders and he gains claws and his feet become paws with claws he gains red armor that extends from his knees and his elbows down and stop at the wrist which has hanging from his wrist and ankles and he also gains flame like markings on his cheeks

Resurreccion Ability:His Physical abilites are enhanced

Enhanced Fire Effect:In his released form his the effect of fire from his attacks is enhanced allowing him to se anything he touches aflame

Energy Blade Generation:He is able to genreate blades made of his spirirt energy from his hand,he can also summon these from his fingers indivdually but are much less effective,they leave a burning effect when they slice through anything

Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Speed

Enhanced Cero&Bala

Enhanced Hierro

Cero Fuego(Fire Zero):this is his own special cero,it is able to burn through anything in its path

Grande Ilama(Great Flame):This is his most powerful technique,with this his body glows black with spirit energy and he fires a great black flame from his mouth and it fires out so fast its nearly impossible to avoid,it is able to cover an extremely wide area and it incinerates anything it touches,also it fires in the same fashion as a flamethrower

Resurreccion Segunda Etapa:Like ulquiorra he has a second released stage,For those he fights hes refers to it as"The look into the the devils eyes"In this form his snout like necklace has covered his mouth his claws on his feet have grown and have become much sharper the fur on his shoulders now flow down to his waist which then becomes a fur like mane around that end around his mid thigh but it has a lfame like appearnace at the end of it his waist his entire legs have become covered in a red fur and so have his arms his eyes turn black while his pupils turn red he gains a large tail that he uses like a club to knock his opponents with great power,it can split into smaller versions of itsself

Burning Spiritual Power:his spiritual power is further enhacned to the point where it can completely overwhelm his opponent and it also has the affect to set aflame the surrounding area his spiritual energy is able to heat the air in the area

Javelin Del Los Grande Ilamas(Javelin of the Great Flame):He charges his spiritual anergy into a black fire like spear and it si heated up to 10,000 degrees and is able to pierce through anything it touches able to incinerate anything it touches it is also able to create a large shockwave that is able to destroy half of las noches if gieven the chance he can also able to use it as a Melee or ranged weapon

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বছরখানেক আগে whiteflame55 said…
I suppose I'll flesh one I made in a separate forum out here.

Seal…yuxtaposición (justaposition)

The mask appears as a solid yin-yang symbol, entirely covering the arrancar's face (much like Tousen's mask). The mask itself only appears after blade release. The clothing she wears is entirely black and white, with a white sleeve pants leg on the left side and black of the same on the other. The rest of the clothing is an amalgamation of the two colors, swirling and centered at her abdomen. She appears to have two hollow holes, located just under the clavicle on both the right and left side, next to the shoulder. One is the result of the point at which she became a hollow, the other she created herself to satisfy her sense of balance. While the sword is not released, the bits of a hollow mask that are apparent form as eyebrows, but extend up into her hair and create ridges that are the same length.

Name: Huàbù Taijitu (translates as “Canvas of the Diagram of Ultimate Power” or “Canvas of Yin-Yang”
Her personality is one of balance. She refuses to be a part of the espada or become a fraccion on the basis that they refuse to search for strategies to bring shinigami and hollows together. She believes that the espada perpetuate that conflict, and has no trust of Aizen. Nonetheless, she's close to Stark due to his attitude and general preference to abstain from combat.

Igualdad (Equality): Creates a “room” surrounding the arrancar that cancels out any ability of the opponent deemed to be chaotic. Chaotic abilities are those that involve multiple facets, including complex blade energy attacks, and thus this ability excludes basic abilities such as normal ceros and low level hado, as well as any physical changes to blades or opponents. This ability only affects abilities used at a distance, so abilities fired at very close range that are complex will retain their full effect. Large creatures or forms made of energy will be repelled by this ability. The other abilities of Taijitu are not affected by this. This ability is constantly in use in all forms and does not draw from the user’s energy. The range is 15 meters.

Desequilibrio (Imbalance): The mask splits in half along the central curve of the symbol, and two forms are created, one with entirely pitch black skin and the black and white colors are reversed on the arrancar’s clothing, the other with completely white skin and the same clothing as the original form. The first of these forms is a close combat form that can use increasingly fast sonido as the fight progresses, gaining two curved blades that wrap around the arrancar’s hands. It is much more vulnerable to kido based attacks. The second form can only use a bala-like attack that sends out white jets of light from its outstretched hand, which strikes the opponent harder than any normal bala could. It is much more vulnerable to physical attacks. Any damage done to these forms is not translated to the combined form should the arrancar choose to return to it, though they are unable to split back into these forms for quite some time after reuniting them.

Surgido de la Nada (Arisen from the Void): Yin and Yang are considered to have arisen together from an initial quiescence. This attack can only be produced when the arrancar is in her normal form. A cero can now be fired with two times the normal force, and also emits an aura. Anything that comes within range of that aura appears to be painted a stark black and white. An opponent who is touched by this aura will have similar color changes on any area it touches, and any tissue it touches will instantly necrotize. Each of these ceros requires an intense amount of energy – the larger the aura, the larger the energy input. The maximal range of the aura, therefore, is determined by the strength of the arrancar, though the use of such a large one would deplete them of all energy.
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বছরখানেক আগে AhrimanLucem said…
Name: Ahriman Lucem Ferre

Sex: Male

Rank: 12

Ahriman was a Hollow and former Shinigami Lieutenant before he became an Espada. He became an Espada when he found Ulquiorra and Aizen at Hueco Mundo. He wanted a challenge and Fate gave him his challenge. the last only 2 minutes and he easily defeated both of them with his zanpakuto. The one thing is one side of him wanted to kill them but another said let them live and he listened to the other side. As he started to walk away Aizen offered him a position as an Espada rank 12 and he excepted it.

Personality and Description: He's described as being very powerful and brilliant. He's friends with Ulquiorra, Aizen, Gin, Tia, Wonderweiss, Luppi, and Grimmjow. His love interest is in Tia. His hollow mask is on his right jaw bone stretching down and around his neck. His hollow hole is on his chest but its covered up by his uniform and his tattoo number is on his left hip and Tia thinks its sexy when he shows it off. His uniform is his own making(meaning he made it himself). One sleeve goes past his hand, covering it and the other sleeve goes to his wrist. The only parts of his body you can see is his back, sides, and from the bottom part of his chest streching down to his top part of the hip.

Zanpakuto: it is a copy of captain commander Yamamoto's zanpakuto only the color of it is orange.

Abilities: He has all known abilities only they are enhanced and they were demonstrated when he fought Aizen and Ulquiorra. He gained an ability to absorb the power of a fallen espada and he has a lightning fast healing ability because he can absorb reishi at an alarming and powerful rate like Uryu Ishida in the Quincy final form.

Resurreccion: much like Wonderweiss' only one thing was added and that was a third eye on his forehead which can fire a powerful cero in a matter of milliseconds.

Aspect of death: Nihilism

Extra: He always say that he would like to fight yamamoto one on one to see if he is that much powerful.

Ericue commented…
Don't আপনি think আপনি are trying to OP him a bit? বছরখানেক আগে
বছরখানেক আগে AhrimanLucem said…
this is his image
 this is his image
বছরখানেক আগে whiteflame55 said…
I really don't want to make a general practice of this, but in this case, I really have to say something. AhrimanLucem, did you really say that this blade easily defeated Ulquiorra and Aizen? Isn't that just a bit beyond ridiculous? If he could do that, why would he accept a position as an espada, which basically makes him subservient to Aizen? And he has "all known abilities only they are enhanced"...that's just insane dude. That basically makes him invincible, especially combined with the ability to acquire more (which I don't understand, since he already has them all...right?), a fast healing ability, and the ability to absorb reishi. It just seems like you took anything and everything that was ever good in the show, and lumped them all into a single character.
বছরখানেক আগে AhrimanLucem said…
He joined them so when aizen is beaten he can destroy whats left of him and take over hueco mundo and in the future begin his own plans of taking over the soul society.
বছরখানেক আগে Ulquiorra2013 said…
Name: Arturo Grantz

Rank: 4th espada

Height: 5'9

Appearance: Brown eyes and brown hair, looks kinda like Uryu but older and more mature

Personality: goof off, drunk, lazy

Gran Rey Cero
Cero Ocuras

Ressurrecion: Guerrero de la Sombra (Warrior of the shadows)

Powers: calls forth dark beings that act as servants of the Espada, can create as many servants as it wants, second power covers user in shadows to hide reietsu and cover enemy in shadows to hide to Espada so he can attack, dark beings take the human forms but with pitch black skin and red eyes and they explode like suicide bombers in close combat equals, the explosion equals that of the power of a cero while in ressurrecion
বছরখানেক আগে bobbyboy100 said…
name:renren kenshiki sex:male rank:espada #5 eye color red clothing a long white espada jacket that is over a black leatard shirt and black tight jeans bio:renren was a menos that gathered other menos to absorbe there spiriual pressure renren keep doing that and finnaly evovled into a adjucha and keep eating other adjucha's,meno's,and hollow's and spent thousand's of years doing so and finnaly became a vasto lorde then as a vasto lorde renren devoured millions of soulreapers then aizen saw renren and asked him to join his army hen renren said yes and then aizen evovled renren into and espada personality caring for fraciona but he hates barragan description dark skined male mask a jaw bone
বছরখানেক আগে bobbyboy100 said…
name:jinta kikiro sex:male rank:5 eye color white number tatoo on his eye hight 8ft because he a former menos and because of conealed power jinta was a menos who devoured millions of hollolows adjuchas menos and even vasto lorde jinta stayed a menos because he concealed his spiritual pressure inside of his hollow hole therefore he does not have a hollow hole facial apperance weres a long white cloak that extends to his ancles and trim is black cloak is a v-neak hair color black unusal fetures hollow mask is half of a menos mask freinds halibel,ulquiorra,and zommari signiture skill(enhanced hiero and cero) cero black and red trim cero comes from finger zanpactou giant delta sword on back with purple guard resurection gosaiforeaoni(red flare demon) apperance black blade with rd hilt abillities hollow summoning able to summon hundreds of menos and hollows through blade enhanced cero one shot of cero can kill a captain acrifice if i kill all of summoned hollows and menos i get a giant demon stronger and bigger than allon thats all bye
বছরখানেক আগে wolfmaster3000 said…

Name : ketsuki

Rank : 2 ( tatoo is located on the left side of his chest )

height : 6'3

persanilty : battle loveing, blood thirsty, sadistic,mean

hollow mask renment : ketsuki is the third class of minos grande and he has no hallow mask nor does he have a hollow hole he this is why he is ranked number 2

Zanpakuto : warugi koroshi ( evil murdous intent)

resurection : when his zanpakuto is fully released his Zanpakuto becomes a gaint 30 foot buster sword and he gains a hallow mask that resembles a skull covering his whole face and showing a bit of his hair, his hair turns black and his eye's begin glowing a demonic red the mask becomes his face and he gains a bone type of armor that is pure white with black outlineing.

powers : he has achived all the arrancar abilties but he has most devopled in





Spirt cannon ( a cero he has made up to go with his eminse spirtual pressure the cero is black with a red line down the middle it also is about a 5 foot long blast of energy)

Eenergey waves & pulse's ( he cane give out a pulse of energey as well give a wave of energey the energey is a red line that is a bit curved it's under cero but above bala )

fraccion : he has 4 subdornates two are male and two are female

*1 one is Mahou he is Ketsuki's most trusted subdnornate but know's his place and is loyal to his master his fracture peace rembles a mascerade mask and he wears a black tux with a top hat and cane ( the cane is his Zanpakuto in it's sealed fourm )

*2 is a Girl named Rem her mask renmeant looks like a hair clip she looks like she is about 10 or 13 but is actuall 4000 years hold she wears punk like outfit and if both Mahou and Ketsuki are gone this little girl is in charge

*3 is a big fat guy who often sleeps when Ketsuki hosts a meating he wears a monk rob his mask renment looks like a necklace his name is nemuri what can I say he eats alot and in ketsuki's eye's a fats slob who needs to know his place how ever Ketsuki trusts him and that Nemuri will never betary him

*4 is a girl who looks like a hooker short skirt high heels a shirt with no back and no sleves her mask renment looks like a leg brace around her thai her name is migoto she is attracted to ketsuki and is more than willing to do anything for him but she is the weakest of the bunch.

Backround sotrey : when Ketsuki was a hallow all he did was kill he was toped as the most wanted hallows by soul soceity he was labbled soul eater because he could steal people's souls he quickly moved up the hallow ranks and than became a third class minos even hallows feared him because of his ruthless Nature he was also on of the first hallows converted out of the third class of minios and he now plots to destorey Aizen witch Aizen e roam he doesn't care who kills Aizen just wishes some one will kill him so he can as he sais "fly away like a bird let lose from it's cage" he is also the new General because of his sadstic and battle loveing nature.

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 Name : ketsuki Rank : 2 ( tatoo is located on the left side of his chest ) height : 6'3
বছরখানেক আগে wolfmaster3000 said…
seriously no comments did I scare people away
বছরখানেক আগে bobbyboy100 said…
name :victor lisnete eyes:yellow hair:black short like stark apperance:regular espada offit hollow mask:a crown like barragan resurection comand:sink every one who comes before you esurection:rey de los maes(king of the sea)resurection abilities:los montes submarinos(sea mounts) makes horses made out of wate and they can sheilld me from attacks like cero los oceanos hoja(the oceans blade) able to have such geat water curents that are fomed into blades strong enough to destroy captains and vasto lorde oceano ceo(ocean zero)in jappanese means(vast sea hollow flash) flash)able to shoot cero stong enough to destroy giant buildings and cities but prohinited like oscuro cero matar de unmillion de wariors (kill of onemillion wariors) able to evapoate water on earth and bring it up to slice you into peices agua pulso(wate pulse)able to push vice caiptons yards away resurection dos(ios del agua(god of water) resurection dos abilities lanza al mar (lance of water) able to rise tons of water to crush you and slice you and mush youre body into water and oxygen
বছরখানেক আগে Rukiareaper said…
3rd espada
Abilty:Can crack a solid wall with a single punch
Weapons:long daggers
hair length: kinda like sakura
blood type:AO
green cero
She looks more like this in deatail

 name:Akahana 3rd espada Sex:female Hair:purple Abilty:Can crack a solid দেওয়াল with a single মুষ্ট্যাঘাত
বছরখানেক আগে espadafan said…
name:Aran Iscanda
rank:Espada no.4
Discriptions:has white hair and is Ichigo's hairstyle,blue eyes and complete white robes
power:Sonido,Cero,Garganta and Gran Rey Cero

Aran was actually a hollow and a very powerful Shinigami before becoming an espada.He was fighting against Ichigo and was defeated.Aizen was also at the battlefield so he saw what happened.After that,he recommended Aran to become an espada.Since Aran was so obsessed with power,he turned his back to the Soul Society.His best friend is Ulquiorra,and is always backing Ulquiorra up.He is always giving chances to Grimmjow because he always beg Aran to fight him.But once he fights,anything that interferes with his battle,dies.
Hollow hole:it is below his neck
Hollow fragment:his left palm
Hollow Mask:it is shaped like a knight's helmet with 2 small horns
He concentrates on his Hollowfication,so that he will not attack his comrades while using Hollow form
Release form:grows wings made of shadow and will get a boost in strength and speed
Extra: Would want to show Ichigo his full power.
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বছরখানেক আগে bobbyboy100 said…
name:sakino kisney sex:male rank:1 hair:brown and short race:high bread aspect of death:blade combat history:when sakino was a hollow he ate the remains of reyshe from dead arranchars and soon became an menos then roamed the midle of las noches seeking food but only found hungry adujuchas that were ready to eat as soon as they ponced on him he shot his cero at wild speeds adjuchas unable to keep up they were decentigrated and consumed by him and after that his evolution begun he became an adjucha and made a pack with several vasto lorde and adjuchas he then encountered a vasto lorde that was in front of an endless amount of gillions fireing cero at him all of his frends were quik to save him but were to weak to face that vasto lorde out of the shadows a voice was heard and it said "shatter kyoka suigetsu" and every last one of them were dead in one word it was aizen and he offered me to be at an evn higher levle of power i said yes he made me eat a soul reaper named "kymel kaname" and then i became a shinigami with powers like shikai and bankai and i could put on a mask and resurect i had unimaginable strength that is my life. shikai:shoro gyoshaari(cryig driver ant) shikai apperance (giant axe like barragans)shikai abilities ago no zaari (jaws of the ant) red beam of energy comes at you with a swing of the axe beam is able to drive through flesh like a knife on butter arisupurotekuto (ant nest protecor) a red sheild apoears infront of me takaisoshaku (death bite) when i hit opponent their bleding is endless and it can lead to a horrible death of cadiacular arest. bankai apperance a black plate jacket that extends to arms and are also like gloves come on me and two claws are attachted to glove like jacket peice bankai abilities satsusoshaku (deminishing bite) a large black ring appers infront of user and black beam of light is inside and it completly encloses the ring and aroun opponent and user and through that it paralizes enimie and leaves a massave amount of cuts and slashes on enimie honehyoumenkasoshaku (bone breaking bite) a hit with claw and enimie's limb fells loos and if enimie moves place were cut to much it will eventualy fall off ketteitekisoshaku(final bite) with one hit of claw wound can be fatal if to much motion mask:big 1ft long horns with sharp teeth like ichigo's hollow mask and one black streak in the midle and eyes turn yellow when hollow mask is put on ressurectcion:reyhormiga(king ant) ressurectcion apperance (face is same as hollow mask but have insect see through wings and body is completly coveed in arranchar armor ressurectcion abilities bill`on morder (trillion bites) trillions of blades come out of me and i spike up like porcupineblades go in every direction bala morder (a swing forward and arranchar skin makes a pointy blade like formaton and it shotts 56 trillion miles a nansecond tintocrear (red draw) in a single sonido i can split enimie in half other useless resurectcion:high power black and red cero,garganta,sonido,and hierro
বছরখানেক আগে BLAMargera123 said…
Name: Stone
Rank: 2nd Espada
Hair: Shaggy Brown
Eyes: Purple
Hollow Hole: In the Middle of Chest.
Mask: Small Fragment on his Chin.
Gran Rey Cero
Torture Devices: No.1 Earth Shackles, No.2 Menos Parasites, No.3 Deep Sleep Blades.
Tattoo: Right Forearm
He is very Muscular, he wears a baggy arrancar uniform with the chest open and tattered sleeves, and wears baggy arrancar pants, he has bandages on his hands and feet, and holds his sword in his hands.
Resurrection: (Anger) he bursts into flames, the flames disappear showing his whole lower jaw covered by a hollow mask with sharp pointed teeth, his forearms are covered by a large gauntlet with spikes and a piston of the top, and he has a ribcage around his chest.
Fraccion: Erizon, Javalxor
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বছরখানেক আগে Starlaya123 said…
Name:Amalia De la Torres
Rank:Espada Numero 7
Number Located:In her left cheek
Personality:She is very calm and serious but in battle she is arrogant and considers its opponents like little children.When not in battle she goes to read a book to pass her time.
Powers:White Cero,Garganta,Hierro,Sonido,Bala.
Resurrection:Vuela y Muere(fly and die)
Resurrection Form:In this form she gains a white helmet shaped of a birds head and gains white claws on hands and feet.Her teeth becomes fangs her arms and legs they are covered with black feathers and her eyes colors become glowing red.
Resurrección Special Ability:In this form, Amalia's speed and strength increase.
Wind Manipulation:In this form she can control the air currents and use them as ofensive and defensive attacks and she is able to fly faster than any arrancar.

Fraccion:Arrancar Number 36 Aurelorn.
Hair:Red Mohawk
Personality:He is very quiet and loyal to Amalia and he considers fighting something interesting.
Powers:Amber Cero,Garganta,Hierro,Sonido.
Resurrection Form:In this form he looks undead and his hollow hole appears in hes right eye while his intelligence is minimal.

last edited বছরখানেক আগে
 Name:Amalia De la Torres Rank:Espada Numero 7 Number Located:In her left cheek Hair:Purple Eyes:G
বছরখানেক আগে gufguf24 said…
Name: Zeo

Gender: Male

Rank: numerous

location of number: Unknown

location of Hollow Hole: under the rib cage

Hair color: Green

Hair style: shaggy and long enough to cover eyes and ears

eye color: Green

Mask covers: small part around left ear (covered by hair)

cloths style: very loose shaggy cloths

other details:
1.He wears a big Kasa hat (LOOK IT UP) that he is always messing around with

2.he also thinks of himself weak and doe's not want to fight any one of vice-captain rank or higher

3.he also thinks of himself as a lady's man (but hes not) and will not take rejection from a girl lightly and will keep pursuing them till they fall for his so called charms

Abilities: any that an numerous would have pulse can make sound waves that can MESS YOU UP!!!

Weapon: looks like a electric guitar but can be any kind of one

Wep-Description: alot of the time he is tuning or playing his his guitar and likes to play alot of the famous bleach songs that use guitar's

last edited বছরখানেক আগে
বছরখানেক আগে BLAMargera123 said…
Name: Erizon
Rank: Fraccion
Hair: Blond. Short.
Eyes: Blue
Hollow Hole: Middle of Chest.
Mask: Covers his left face, looks like a skull, and has a horn on the side.
Gran Rey Cero
Erizon looks like the same age of Tesla, he wears The Nobleman Arrancar outfit.
Zanpakuto: His Zanpakuto looks like a Battle Axe with purple tentacles attached to the blades, and has a large eye on it.
Resurrection:(Building Destroyer) Erizon grows 3,000 feet tall, grows another horn on the right side, and can create a large cero from both his horns.

(NOTE: this is my cousins arrancar i wanted to make one for him!!!)
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বছরখানেক আগে Satoru321 said…
Name : Satoru Dorado
Rank : 6th Espada
Hair : Black, short.
Eyes : Blue
Hollow hole : Where the heart is.
Mask : Covers his right face and looks like a taurus skull with a demonic horn.
Personality : Serious but can sometimes joke around, loyal to whoever is his master, and is kinda serious when it comes to orders that came around to arrancars, hollows etc.
Abilities : Cero, Bala, sonido, garganta, gran rey cero.
Special abilities : Can increase the power and speed of a cero by using his horn to concentrate more reiatsu to the cero.
Zanpakuto : looks like a katana with dark red in the edges and a black with gray handle.
He has a red sheath.
Resurrection : (Destructive Gap) He grows another taurus skull and his horn as well thus masking him completely. When so happens, he can go to any gargantas and can leave at any of them at free will. The only thing is that they must be at the same place.
বছরখানেক আগে Satoru321 said…
Oh yeah, also. His power is doubled when using resurrection.
বছরখানেক আগে DaZmIaN said…
Name: Dazmin
Rank: 1
Gender: Female
Arrancar Apperence:Her Arrancar mask is a circle arond her head.
She has got long black hair with side bangs. She has grey eyes. She wears the Arrancar uniform. Short skirt and a shoulder shirt and knee high boots. Her hallow hole is unknown. Has perment red tear trails on her face.
Personality: Loves to mess around with Ulquiorra. Liked Luppi before GrimmJow killed him. love intrest is now a soul reaper, hanataro yamada. Is never happy exccept when killing.
Resurreccion release: Blake Farrah (Black Fire)
Espada tatto: Right Shoulder
Resurreccion release: a lot like Ulquiorra's but the wings are black srounded by blue as well as her Zanpakuto which she can channel in to a cero which is crimson.

Cero(Black srounded by blue)


Gran Rey Cero

বছরখানেক আগে kuroneko-hime said…
hiyaz so my arrancars name is Sumizome Shikkan Ninetoka-hime (prounced sue-me-zo-eh-me she-can knee-nay-to-ka he-may ... ironic isnt it ... she can ... it means surrender and in french it means hassle XP)or a shorter version - Sumi-hime

she is kinda short tempered with long violet black hair and well lets say she is rrreeeaalllyyyyyy short as in lyk 4’3 she has brown skin not tan, BROWN ( i dont lyk tan its 2 orange) her mask fragment covers the left front part of her neck the fragment is white with 4 red slash (lyk cat claws) and a small crack in the top she has white eyes and sadly she is blind. she is number 7 rank wise and her number is on her back right above her butt along with maannnnyyyyyyy other tatoos her uniform is a simple white skirt that she can run in. a simple white sleeveless top she wears arm bands on her upper arms she has 2 pig tails ties up with black ribbons and her under shirt has a crisscross in the back and is black she also has a black loosly tied black sash

her zanpakuto is pure black with the 4 red cat claw slashs on the guard it has a long white ribbon on the hilt and a small onyx on the end of the ribbon.

her ressurection is both her wrists and hands and every thing she wears that is black, she has 10, 7 inch long claws and 7 throwing disks her ribbons turn into cats ears and she fires cero from in between her ears her hollow hole is right below her chest. And of course she has all of the other abilites like cero, sonido, gargantuan… so on and so forth. Oh and she has a black and white cero.

Oh and if you havent noticed … she is female…

When in her resurection form she can increase her cero by mixing her blood in it. She can also create up to 37 wild cero made leopards which are faster than a sonido.

And yah that’s all .. Oh oh wait I have a pic …. Uhhh here


kk thx if u read it XP
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বছরখানেক আগে kuroneko-hime said…
oh and that reminds me wat is with all the freakin tall arrancars y can they b short!!! (and yes anything over 5'10 is tall...)
বছরখানেক আগে Archfiend07 said…
Name: Tartarax Planch
Rank: 7th espada
Hair color: Dark Blonde
Eye color: Red
He wears a trench coat, white cargo pants and black boots. His mask remnant is on his left side of his face which looks like half a turtles face, his number is under his right eye, his hole is located where his heart should be, his sword looks like a marine saber, bandages covers his whole upperbody up to his nose so all you can see is his eyes and hair
Gran Rey Cero
Ressureccion name: Hierro Tortuga (Iron Turtle)
Ressureccion release command: Defend
His attitude is like greed from FullMetal Alchemist
He has the hardest skin among all the espadas
Aspect of death: sloth

বছরখানেক আগে Shadow602 said…
Name: Azen Xiriana

Sex: Male

Rank: 2

Azen is an Arrancar who was treated pretty bad in Los Noches. His original rank was 36 but he managed to worm his way up. After he became rank 2 Aizen threw a fit and accused him of treachery. With the help of his best friend Nnoitra, he managed to stay in Los Noches and keep his rank. Soon after Aizen started spying on him and learned he had a shinigami brother named Taira. Aizen found Taira and murdered him. Azen found out it was Aizen and went on a killing spree. Aizen admitted what he had done and made a deal with Azen. If Azen left Los Noches forever Aizen would leave him alone. Azen agreed but vowed to himself that he would kill Aizen one day and avenge his brother.

Appearance: (picture) (skull mask is little strip of bone under his left eye) (Hole on back) (Number in left eye)


Abilities: He can turn into a shadow and easily dodge attacks, He is able to create energy with his hands and release it in lasers or spheres. He also has the ability to read minds and has perfect balance.

Release form: Unknown

 Name: Azen Xiriana Sex: Male Rank: 2 Azen is an Arrancar who was treated pretty bad in Los Noches.
বছরখানেক আগে Hagashi_Yuki said…
big smile
Name: kaze shimasu
age: 14
gender: female

her hair is gray, ofcourse its show there, and her eyes are blue, i wasn't able to put some detail... hollow mask is at her ears, but i forgot to draw it...her hole is at her arms...

her ability is cero like stark's los lobos, the blue one, she use a sword to defend herself when she relise her sword it turns to a girl older an taller than her. she represent imagination....

she never had any rank in the Los Noches, well she refuse aizens offer, Her ability is wind, while her sword is snow-like temperature. i haven't finish coloring her picture, but this is how she look...

 Name: kaze shimasu age: 14 gender: female her hair is gray, ofcourse its প্রদর্শনী there, and her eyes ar
বছরখানেক আগে Zordaik said…
Name: Kenshu Isuka
Sex: Male
Rank: None

Appearance: Messy, shoulder length black hair. His bangs usually fall in front of his left eye, and extend to the base of his nose. He is about the height of Renji. His mask remnants run down the bridge of his nose, and split off at the nostrils. They run parallel around his mouth and stop at his jaw. He wears black robes with a large hood that covers up to his nose, though he rarely ever wears it up.

Personality: He is a quiet and often very serious type, having smiled very few times in his whole life. He either respects someone greatly or hates them terribly. He is also very loyal to the people he respects. Loyal enough to throw himself into any situation, regardless the danger, at the mere snap of his idol's fingers.

History: Isuka was a rogue arrancar. He strongly disliked the idea of being ruled over by a superior, so he dedicated his life to becoming powerful enough to overthrow anyone who tried to rule over his kin. Then, at about the time of the bount invasion, he snuck into Las Noches. His intensive self training allowed him to enter unnoticed, save for Aizen. The first opponent he ran into was Yammy Llargo, and after a quick fight, Isuka was ready to strike the killing blow. However, he was stopped in the nick of time by Ulquiorra Schiffer, who made quick work of Isuka. Aizen, who was present during the entire event, then told Ulquiorra to let Isuka live, due to the large amount of potential he possessed. Isuka, awed by the sheer power of Ulquiorra, pleaded to be trained by the espada. Ulquiorra finally agreed to it, but made Isuka Promise to keep himself secret from the other Espada. For a time, Isuka was trained and seasoned into a formidable warrior, but eventually Grimmjow Jaggerjack found out about him. Due to the bad blood between him and Ulquiorra, Grimmjow at first resented Isuka, but in time grew to know him as an aquaintance. Then Ulquiorra was killed. That, along with the dissapearance of Grimmjow and the absence of Aizen, threw Isuka into a rage unlike any other. He then vowed to kill Kurosaki Ichigo if he had to suffer a thousand years to do it. He then went off on a search for Grimmjow to complete his training. His whereabouts is currently unknown.

Bala (Dark green)
Cero (Lime green)

Zanpakuto: A very long katana with a dark green hilt. The blade is a light green, and the hilt guard is a golden circle with green designs along the length.

Resurreccion: Escorpion (Scorpion)

Appearance: He gains two claws, much like Findor Carias', and a large scorpion's tail. Both are a very dark green. His entire body is covered in protective scorpion-like armor. His mask also extends down his chin, like scorpion fangs.


Madriguera (Burrow): In his release form, Isuka can burrow under the ground and move incredibly fast while doing so. He can use this ability to escape combat or to surprise opponents.

Gas de muerte (Death gas): Isuka opens his claws and shoots out copious amounts of light green gas. When inhaled, it does a number of things to the victim. First, the toxins travel to the optic nerves and blur the vision of the target. Next, it travels to the muscles and slowly begins to kill off muscle cells. Finally, it travels to the major organs and causes damage to them. The gas can be eliminated if the victim applies enough reiatsu to it before it enters the body.

Cero Veneno (Venom Cero): A special cero fired out of the stinger. This cero can be a variety of colours, depending on what Isuka wishes the effect to be.
Green: The cero also expells a mist that corrodes cells.
Purple: The cero does not cause direct physical damage, but rather is absorbed by the target. The venom in the cero then disrupts the victim's senses, starting with sight, then hearing, smell, taste, and finally feeling. The effect takes 3:00 minutes to activate and lasts for about five.
Red: Like purple, it is absorbed by the victim. They are then paralyzed for a time dependent of the amount of energy Isuka has put into it.

Canon de puas (Barbed cannon): Isuka shoots his tail stinger at his opponent. It will regenerate in a split second, so he can fire many stingers in a short time.

Cero garra triple (Triple claw cero): Isuka shoots a regular cero out of each claw and his stinger, tripling the power of his cero.

Feel free to comment.