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IchigoShirosaki posted on May 19, 2010 at 09:31PM
hello. IchigoShirosaki here, i was bored and with the free time that i have today, i decided to do Bleach RP, anyone who wants to can join, i know their are some Create your own bleach character forums, you can use those as a reference for your character info. simple rules, spelling does not count.

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বছরখানেক আগে IchigoShirosaki said…
Name: Reiku Korushirou

Birthdate: December 25th

Gender: Female

Affiliation: Soul Society Gotei 13

Rank: Captain, squad 3


Hair Color: black.

Hair Style: slightly past shoulders

Eye Color: dull grey color

Height: 5'7

Weight: 150?

Description: at frist glance, takes on a mysterious and ruthless presence, but softens out after awhile, Reiku is described as a merciful goddess, due to her cat like grace and stance in combat and how she shows no mercy in battle. her additude changes at the mention of Hitsugaya Torushirou, in which who is a close friend of hers since her shinigami acadamy days.

Personality: typically Cynical, and calm tempered, playful at some moments, hotheaded, over protective, serious most times, but knows how to take a joke/

History: born into the pretigous Korushirou family, Reiku lived well and was aknowledged to be a true and utter Genius. she learned the name of her zanpakuto at a very young age, but no matter how much stronger she was, she constantly lived in the shadow of her older brother, who was already a shinigami. this constant difference of strength caused the siblings to have a bitter rivalry, the two constantly fought against each other, Reiku trained days on end to improve her skills. then she witnessed a horrible thing, her mother became possed by a hollow, and Reiku had no choice but to kill her, that and the murder of her whole family except for her father caused by the hands of her own brother, Reiku was forever emotionally scarred from this incident, and thus she became a bitter and cynical being, who showed not very much emotion, and she grew a lust for power which made her soul become bitter and become almost completely hollowifed. during her acadamy days, she met Hitsugaya Torushirou, and the two have been close ever since.
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 Name: Reiku Korushirou Birthdate: December 25th Gender: Female Affiliation: Soul Society Gotei 13
বছরখানেক আগে Pennypatch321 said…
Name: Haruko Matsumoto

Birthdate: June 23

Gender: Female

Affiliation: Soul Society Gotei 13

Rank: squad 3, third seat


Hair Color: Red-head

Hair Style: normally in spiky pig-tails, but when down, is chin length, while flared out.

Eye Color: blue-ish gray, with some hint of green

Height: 5'4

Weight: 135

Description: When she isn't drunk- She is very sweet, and smart. She fights well, and has good strategy.
When she is drunk- She seems crazy, and she isn't the brightest apple in the bunch. Don't let this fool you, just wait for her to not be drunk...

Personality: She is sweet when she isn't drunk. When she is drunk, she get's really crazy like most drunk people. She also tends to be lazy a lot, but otherwise, she gets hyper.

History: NONE
বছরখানেক আগে IchigoShirosaki said…
(im gonna start but feel free to join in anytime!)

it was rather quiet around squad 3, Reiku was busy enjoying a nice cup of tea while doing paperwork.

Reiku was about 5 feet and 7 inches tall, about over the shoulder length black hair and piercing dull grey eyes.

her eyes never were moved from the words on the paper, barely looked up, it was quiet, Kira Izuru, her vice captian was busy working dilgently on his work, she acknowleged his work, he worked hard.

she allowed herself to give him a blank glance, she sighed, he worked too hard sometimes, and with all that has been going on, he could use a break.

"Kira.." she spoke in her usual calm, cold tone, it sent shivers down his spine, he wasn't use to her addressing her as one of her subordinates, he was so used to being adressed by a sliver haired man, with a fox grin for a smile, Ichimaru, but he betrayed the soul society, and Reiku had honorably taken his place.

he wasn't too familar with Reiku and her ablities but he knew she was one shinigami to not tick off.

"yes captain?" he answered.

"go call in Haruko, adn take the rest of the day off. you need it."

"as much as i am grateful capitan, i am willing to loose sleep for my duties."

"Kira, take the day off go wake up Haruko, she'll do the rest.." she repeated as she started at him blankly, but not in a glare, just a stare.

he knew better then to object to this kind offer, he bowed to his captain and left to go find that crazy red head.
বছরখানেক আগে Pennypatch321 said…
Haruko was sleeping when someone came in and woke her up. She looked and saw Kira.

"Captain Reiku wants you to take my place while I get some rest." Kira explained.

Haruko sighed as she picked up a bottle of Sake and stepped out of bed, taking a sip of her drink. "Why does she have to get me? Why not anyone else?" She asked drunk-like.

"Well, you are third in command. When I take off, you take over." Kira explained again.

Haruko stumbled out of her room and into the office where Reiku was.
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বছরখানেক আগে IchigoShirosaki said…
Reiku watched as Haruko stumbled in, she sat there with a blank stare.

"what is it Captian?"

"as you are aware, i gave Kira the day off, i want you to finish his paperwork..."

Reiku waited for the whiny complant from the redhead, 1,2,3,4...5...

"but Captain, why? it's Kira's duty, it doesn't make sense to me!" Haruko whinned.

"dont.aruge.with.me." Reiku growled inbetween her words glaring at her threatingly.

"H-Hai Captain.." Haruko sighed.

Haruko went over to the desk and started to work.

Reiku sighed and rubbed her temples, then she gets up and walks out. "im going for a walk, dont try anything funny.." Reiku growled.

Haruko stared at Reiku's back and sighed, [i/]Reiku.... what has happened to you? you've changed so much, i barely reconize you.. what has happened to you my old friend?[i/]

Reiku sighed and went down to the pieir to the lake at the 3rd squad grounds.

she stared at her reflection and sighed. [i/]Aizen... what has happened to you? why did you betray me..[i/]
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বছরখানেক আগে LunaShay said…
big smile
igot 1 :)

Name:Kiyomi Tsadane


Birthdate:July 8

Age:140 soul reaper years,15 human years

Hair color:brown

Hair size:short

Affiliation:13 court guard squads

Kisike Urahara was her tutor

eye color:green

Captain of squad 2

Short(i love short ppl like toshiro and Ed :3)

She was friends with toshiro and momo at rukon district

Clothes:Soul reaper:...a soul reaper leutenant outfit...
Human:Green shirt with white long-sleeved undershirt.Blue jean with green shoes(or school uniform)

hates being called short

jokes alot of times and sometimes not

very smart

Personality:Kiyomi is a Kind girl but also aggressive sometimes.specially when people call her short.She likes toshiro(kinda)and visits him every day.shes also very strong but low stamina(shes good at blocking so...)

History:Kiyomi was adopted by Tina Tsadane and Hector(couldnt think of any names xD)Tsadane.her mom died of sickness when she was 5 and her dad killed her in a fire earlier after(mean dad...)When she died she was right by her house wondering what happened.right when she turns around,she sees a horrifying creature(hollow)and it jumps at her.She runs and runs until she falls down and thought she was now dead(she didnt know she was).while she had her eyes closed,she heard the monster scream and a slash."areyou ok?"a voice asked.When she opened her eyes she saw a old man in a black outfit with a sword."....y-y-yes"she said.Then,she doesnt know why but he smiled."i am Yamamoto and iim gonna take u somewhere safe"he replied.then,he clutched out his sword and took her to the Rukon District where shemet Toshiro and Momo.

Bankai's name:Hi Ringu
(fire ring)
Release Command:Burn inside
Kido:about 55
Physical Strength(Hakuda):90
her theme song is boulevard of broken dreams by greenday

a pic of her :D
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 igot 1 :) Name:Kiyomi Tsadane Gender:Female Birthdate:July 8 Age:140 soul reaper বছর
বছরখানেক আগে Ulquiorra2013 said…
Name: Kaien Masaki

Birthdate: Oct 5th

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Soul Society Gotei 13

Rank: captain, 9th squad

Appearance: Brown hair and brown eyes stocky and physically built

Hair Color: brown

Hair Style: short spiky

Eye Color: light brown

Height: 5'8

Weight: 158

Description: At first is very goofy until you get to know him then he becomes a funny guy

Personality: Very hotheaded never lets a challenge go but is very lazy and doesn't try at anything unless it's battle very smart but would rather not waste time thinking through stuff very serious when it comes to battle very full of himself he doesn't like to use his bankai will try to win anyway possible so as not to release his bankai

History: Jin was born in the world of the living and was able to see spirits ever since birth, he always stuck out from his friends and never seemed to fit in, he was always getting into fights like it was a natural thing, Jin witnessed his brothers death when he was shot in a robbery, Jin began to be haunted by his brothers spirit in his dreams in everyday life like his brother was calling out to him, one day when Jin was coming home from his football game he decided to take a short cut through this back alley and then he saw his brother he ran to him and through his arms around him only to go right through him and fall on his face then a hollow appeared and his brother sacrificed himself to save Jin and Jin watched as the hollow devoured his brother Jin died a few weeks later in a car crash, he wondered the world of the living for a few weeks then a soul reaper sent him to soul society, he went through the shinigami academy and when he got to the gotei 13 he was entered into squad 2 but always refuse to sneak around wear the black ninja suit and so he was sent to squad 11, his superior fighting skills and kido quickly became known throughout seireitei
Took the captains exam to become captain of the ninth squad, he is still often haunted by memories of his brothers death and his brother being devoured by the hollow even tho he doesn't remember what they are he sees them in his nightmares, he still looks for his brother among the hollows!!!

Realease: Gekido (Rage)

Shikai: Tsuiakuma (twin demons)

Shikai description: two short swords with u shaped handles that curve all the way so the run the same way as the blade, black blades with red engraved handles

Bankai: Tsuinakumano ikari (wrath of the twin demons)

Bankai description: the two blades grow longer into full sized swords still have u shaped handles, still black blades but are decerated with green, light blue, and red
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বছরখানেক আগে Ulquiorra2013 said…
wow is this only for girls or what?
বছরখানেক আগে IchigoShirosaki said…
no it's just your the only male who has replied to this, anyone is welcome.
বছরখানেক আগে gokuluigifan333 said…
Name: Kouji
Rank: Zero Squad Captain and 5th squad Captain
Age:113 soul reaper years, looks like 13 in human years
Eyecolor:Light brown and green when it nears the pupil
Haircolor: black
Personality: he likes to play the flute in his free time, he is a hard worker, a good friend, also likes a good fight but can get cocky sometimes and if anybody touches his flute they are about as good as dead
History: He was orphaned by his parents when he was born. So he had to survive and figured out that he had shinigami powers and was able to use his zanpakto around the age of 5(human appearance). He gained hollow abilities because of a close encounter of a hollow(he was bitten by a hollow and the hollow left his rietsu on the kid and the hollow rietsu fused with the shingami rietsu).He achieved bankai at age 7(human appearance). He obtained hollow abilities beyond that of a normal vizard. He has a secret ability(only bleacher knows what it is)

sealed zanpakto appearance: it looks like a katana but has a little more curve, is double sided, is longer, it has a flute shape as the guard and a black and gold hilt

Shikai: Yokobuejikoku(flute of time, idea off of ocarina of time)

Release command: Sing the passage of time

shikai apperence: the sword becomes a black and gold flute with a sharp end for cutting

kashouyaiba(song of blade)-blades appear in sky and rain on the opponent at semi-shunpo speed, only 10 fall down and travel start, song lasts 2 mins and the father into the song the stronger the attack

takafukou(falcon's sorrow)-a falcon made of fire appears instantly in front of the user and travels straight exploding on impact, speed is the same as the peregrine falcon diving, only one appears, song is 3 mins long and the further into the song the stronger the attack

mitsukaiyurushi(angel's forgiveness)- an angel made of light appears and heals the user,one note heals a part of a bruise or small cut the whole song heals everything except internal organs poison and broken bones, the song is 5 mins long and the further into the song the more it heals

Bankai: Kanashiiyokobuejikoku(sorrowful flute of time)

bankai appearence- the flute keeps the same shape but gets blood red stains on some parts of the black part and gets rusted on the golden parts of the flute

washirippuku(eagle's anger)- an eagle made of fire appears and strikes the opponent with its talons piercing the opponents body and after 5 secs explodes, it has the speed of a peregrine falcon, only one eagle appears , hunts down the opponent but the longer it takes the weaker it gets,if lasts too long hunting the opponent it will diminish, the song lasts 3 1/2 mins long and the further into the song the stronger the attack

kyuutenyurushi(heaven's forgiveness)-a group of angels appear and heal the user, if you play one note they just heal a cut or bruise if you play the whole song everything will be cured, the song is 6 mins long and the further into the song the more you get healed

kashoukokugen(song of time)-the opponent slows down by 50% but the user slows down by 30% , affect lasts for 1hr, the song is 4 mins long and you have to complete the song for it to work

theme song on the precipice of defeat

*not my full power and added history*
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বছরখানেক আগে bleacher1001 said…
Name: Matteo Ryozuke

Rank: Second Lieutenant of Squad 1

Height: 6'8

Weight: 195 lbs.

Birthday: January 21 (same as Yamamoto)

Age: 182 Shinigami years; 22 year old human appearance

Eye Color: Burgundy, almost the color of dried blood

Hair Color/Style: Dark Brown / Shaggy but short

Affiliation: Gotei 13

Description: Tall, muscular, and intimidating by appearance, much like Yasutora Sado. He is kind and gentle when outside of battle. However, if someone he cares about is hurt or if someone attacks him, he changes into natural born fighter. He is a good strategist and is a master swordsman. He is also able to use kido up to level 72 without an incantation. He has also achieved bankai.

Personality: He is always kind to others and is very respectful of Captains Yamamoto, Ukitake, and Kyoraku. If they are insulted in his presence, he will bring out his intimidating side and force the insulter to retract their statement. In battle, his personality changes completely. He goes from being a kind and gentle person to a cold and calculating battle master.

History: Matteo came to the Soul Society at the young age of two. When he entered the Soul Society he did not appear in the Rukon District like most sould. Instead, he appeared in the Seireitei and lived in the shadows for several years. While in the shadow, he made a home for himself in the air ducts of the Squad 1 Barracks. One day, when he was six, Matteo became tired of living in the shadows and decided to get some fresh air by the Sokyoku Hill. It was the first time that he felt true peace and was shocked by the next turn of events. He had been found by Captains Kyoraku and Ukitake. He was so surprised when they called out to him that he fell over the cliff of the Sokyoku Hill and was apparently plummeting to his death. Kyoraku and Ukitake rushed to the edge of the cliff so that they could dive down and try to save the boy, but they didn't have to. Matteo's shinigami powers manifested themselves and allowed him to flash step back up to the Hill. He was brought before Captain Yamamoto, who decided to take the boy as his personal student. After spending 75 years training Matteo and helping him through the Shinigami Academy, Yamamoto abolished the Third Seat position of Squad 1 and gave Matteo the rank of Second Lieutenant of Squad 1. Matteo kept a friendship with Captains Kyoraku and Ukitake throughout his time in the Soul Society and has even been permitted to speak to them by their names, something that is unheard of in all of the Seireitei. One final strange aspect about Matteo is that he can remember his time in the World of the Living, the deaths of his parents, and his own death.
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বছরখানেক আগে bleacher1001 said…
Matteo walks around the Squad 1 barracks after finishing his shift. He was glad that Lieutenant Sasakibe came to take over his shift. As he strolls down the hallway, he runs into Captain Ukitake, who is going to the Head-Captain to make his report on the 13th Squad.

"Juushiro, how have you been my friend?" said Matteo. "I haven't seen you in about six months. For a while I was starting to think that you had died."

"No, no, I'm fine Matteo. If I had died, Shunsui would have started coming to you, asking you to drink with him and chase after women."

They both laugh at the prospect of seeing Shunsui trying and unsuccessfully picking up women. They also talk about the state of things within the Seireitei.

"So, has Sensei had you busy as of late?" Ukitake asked.

"Not really. I've had to lead a few patrols in the World of the Living. Other than that, all he's had me do is paperwork," Matteo answered quickly. "I think there is something strange about to happen though," he says as he is looking out a window. "Everything has just been too quiet."

"Maybe Ichigo Kurosaki will come crashing into the Soul Society and start another ruckus," Juushiro says jokingly.

"No, it's nothing like that. But it's probably just me, I've not been feeling good lately," Matteo says while rubbing his head.

"You are still having those nightmares about your death?"

"Yes, I am. I can still see it as if it were yesterday. I can still see that man stabbing my father through his chest and then slashing my mother to bits. Then there was my big brother. He tried to protect me from the man, but my arm was cut off by the man's katana after he had kicked my brother to the side," Matteo says looking off into the distance. "I still remember that my brother jumped in front of me and took my killing blow for me.....My big brother died trying to protect me. Seeing him die right in front of me was more painful for me than my own death."

Juushiro asks Matteo with a solemn voice, "Have you found your brother yet, Matteo?"

"No, and I am certain that I never will."

"Why is that?" the Captain asks with a puzzled look on his face.

"It is because he became a hollow. The blow that Shiro, my brother, took for me did not kill him instantly. He looked up and was forced to watch me and our family die, while he could do nothing about it. He vowed that he would get revenge against the man that killed out family...and he did."

"So, he became a hollow by choice in order to obtain revenge," Ukitake said.

"Yes, he became a hollow and killed the man while he was imprisoned for our deaths. When he finished his work there, he turned to me and tried to eat me because he lost control of himself.....After he had chased me for several days, I could run no more and decided to stand and fight him. When he lunged at me, I prepared myself for the pain but it never came. My brother regained control of himself and then ripped his own mask off. After he did that, he told me that he loved me and then killed himself. The gates of the underworld opened and sucked him in. That was the last time that I ever saw him."

In shock, all that Juushiro could get out was, "I never knew any of this, Matteo. How have you lived with such painful memories for so long?"

"I have often talked about them with Captain Unohana about my dreams. She has helped me through some dark times.....But I must be leaving. Goodbye, Juushiro."

Still in shock, Juushiro bids Matteo farewell and begins walking toward the Head-Captain's office. En route to the office, however, Ukitake can't help but think one thing: "How could someone live with such memories for more than one hundred years?"
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বছরখানেক আগে LunaShay said…
-Kiyomi sighs as she goes to Squad 2-

Kiyomi:-sighs again-my first day.I wonder how im gonna do.

-looks at squad 2 office-

Kiyomi:hmmmm.i wonder whos the lieutenant.If theyre nice or mean,fat or skinny..

Kiyomi walks in and a huge thing hits her whle body and bounces her back-


???:O who are you-gives suspicious look-i havent seen you here before.
go away if you dont belong.

Kiyomi:-Gets up fastly-Actually,Im your Captain ummm-looks at note-Marechiyo Omaeda.Am i right-looks up-(thinks)Jeez i was right about the fat part.but it didnt look like he was taller than me at first.-sighs-I should be used to it...everyones taller than me except Toshiro...

Marechiyo:-gasps-O your captain!-shakes hand-im Marechiyo Omaeda,Lieutenant of squad 2.

Kiyomi:I think i know by the paper.I just said it.

Marechiyo:Yes ma'm.But i didnt know that such a little-

Kiyomi:Such a little what?

Marechiyo:-sweats as in nervous-o n-n-nothing Captain

Kiyomi:-stares for couple minutes-fine ill let you go this time but NEVER EVER SAY THAT AGAIN!!!!

Marechiyo:Y-y-y-yes ma'm!I wont ever again-thinks-man,shes as short as a bean.Kinda like Captain Hitsuguya...But i shouldnt make any more comments about that again,otherwise ill get chopped up.-smiles-(talks)I promise.

Kiyomi:Okay.So anyway-looks at-where were you going in such a rush to bounce me off your stomache?

Marechiyo:-gets mad but doesnt show it to his new Captain-i was...ummm...going to ask where my Captain is.

Kiyomi:-couple minutes go by-So do we have any paperwork today?

Marechiyo:no we dont Captain.-thinks and talks-hey captain.since your new,how about you take a look around.


Marechiyo:So you can look and meet new people.Also see where places are.

Kiyomi:I know this is a plan to kick me out you know?i was already going to anyway.

Marechiyo:o really?-sighs in relief-great.You really should.Its a beautiful day so you aughta like it.

Kiyomi:-goes out and when shes far enough,he slams the door shut-

Marechiyo:THANK GOD!thats one annoying Captain.Man i wonder why they chose her.

Kiyomi:Im at the window you know?-looks inside-

Marechiyo:AHHHH!-gasps-Captain!ummmm all that stuff i said,it was a lie.Ya,a lie.i was just kidding around.

Kiyomi:-stares at-you shouldnt talk behind captains back.that will give you the worst consequinces.

Marechiyo:Y-y-y-yes ma'm!


Marechiyo:-still gets mad but doesnt show it- Y-y-yes ma'm-he runs off while shes just walking around looking for something or someone-hm.I wonder who the Captains are?

-and she goes and looks for them-


lol im horrible at these sorry
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বছরখানেক আগে bleacher1001 said…
As Kiyomi walks around in search of the Captains, she inadvertently finds her way to the Sokyoku Hill. When she reaches the cliff, she finds that someone is sitting there just looking out at the Seireitei.

"You there, by the cliff," she yells out, "don't you have something that you should be doing?"

The person gets up and turns around to see the rather small Captain and immediately bows to her. "Captain Tsadane, it is nice to finally meet you."

"Who are you?" she asks. "And why didn't you answer my question?"

"My name is Matteo Ryozuke, Second Lieutenant of Squad 1. And the reason that I did not answer your first question is that I did not have time to before, but I will answer it now.....I have no duties that I need to perform. I have been taken off-duty for three hours, so I figured that I would come up here and look out at the Seireitei."

"I see. Then for all intents and purposes, I will leave you be," she says in a rather serious tone.

"You don't have to leave Captain, in fact I would enjoy the company of a Captain," He says while smiling.

"Very well, I shall stay for a moment."

The both look out to the beauty of the Seireitei. Kiyomi looks up at Matteo and sees a glistening in his eyes and asks what is wrong. He replies, "It's just that this place holds a lot of memories for me. This exact spot is where my Shinigami powers manifested themselves."

"I see," she says. She then notices that a good amount of time has passed since she came to the Hill and decides to take her leave.

She bids him farewell and begins to walk away, when Matteo says, "Perhaps we can talk again sometime."

She turns around and only says, "Perhaps."

Matteo then notices the time and begins to worry a little bit. "Damn, Chōjirō is going to be really mad at me when he finds out that I should have been headed back about an hour ago. Oh well, can't change the past." With this said, Matteo rushes off to the Squad 1 Barracks.
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বছরখানেক আগে LunaShay said…
big smile
Note:shes only serious in the beginning so people dont treat her like a little kid.:D after that when she knows people better,she acts nicer :)

-Kiyomis walking past squad 2 barracks and Marechiyo knocks into her-

Kiyomi:-gets up-again you want to bounce into me,Marechiyo.Someday,i think youll kill me doing that.

Marechiyo:Captain,where have you been?!Someones here for you and ive been looking for you all day.

Kiyomi:Sokyoku Hill.Is that a problem...-walks past-

Marechiyo:Hmmm...?She didnt yell.Thats a once-rubbing his head-its like something changed her attitude.

-Kiyomi walks in the office-

Kiyomi:-looks-O hello Captain...

Ukitake:Ukitake.Captain Ukitake.


Marechiyo:-thinks while watching them from outside-WOW!she smiled!!heh.Never knew she would,i mean she seems like a grounchy troll.

Kiyomi:So why did you want to see me,Captain Ukitake?

Ukitake:Hmmm-thinks and remembered-O yes!Have you seen a student named Matteo?

Kiyomi:-thinks and answers-Yes sir.He was at Sokyoku Hill.Me and him were sitting and talking.

Ukitake:I see.-gets up-Oh.By the way,have you heard of the the hollow infestion?i was going to announce it at the Captains Meeting?

Kiyomi:No.-gets up-No ones told me yet

Ukitake:Hm?really?i told Lieutenant Omaeda to tell you.

-Kiyomi looks out at Marechiyo and he loks frightened-

Kiyomi:-sighs-Captain Ukitake,will you exuse me for a minute?

Ukitake:Yes,you are exused.I have to go anyway,Captain Tsadane.I will see you later at the Captain's meeting.-he leaves-

Kiyomi:-Gets angy-OOO Marechiyo.I want to tell you something.come here

Marechiyo:Captain Tsadane,I am sorry i didnt tell you.I was going to but you kept yelling at me.-bows-i am sorry,Captain Tsadane!

Kiyomi:-has a suprised look-ummm....its okay.-sighs-and im sorry i kept yelling out you.I was trying to act like a cptain and not a childish person.You are not in trouble.

Marechiyo:Thank you Captain.I greatly appreaciate it.

Kiyomi:....youre welcome.Now,was there anything else you need to tell me?

Marechiyo:hmm-thinks-o yes!theyre surrounding the soul society and it seems theyre after something or someone.

Kiyomi:I see.Are there some arrancars?

Marechiyo:Not that we have seen yet.

Kiyomi:I see.-grabs flashlight-well,see ya.-abut to walk out the door but Marechiyo stops her-

Marechiyo:Where are you going captain?

Kiyomi:You just told me whats been happening here.So i was going to go stop it.

Marechiyo:But its night.Dont you think you should go in the morning?And besides,You cant go alone.

Kiyomi:Okay.Do you want to go with me?

Marechiyo:No ma'm.

Kiyomi:then leave it to me.-she walks out and looks back-Besides,i was going to bring Matteo.

Marechiyo:You mean the guy Captain Ukitake was looking for?

Kiyomi:Yes.Ill just ask the Captain if i can "borrow"him real quick.But it might be 'till morning.Watch over the place while im gone.


-Kiyomi walks out while Marechiyo looks out-

Marechiyo:...She better make it back alive.
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বছরখানেক আগে bleacher1001 said…
Kiyomi shunpos to the Head-Captain's office. When she arrives she is greeted by both of Squad 1' Lieutenants.

"Greetings, Captain Tsadane. What brings you to the barracks of Squad 1?" asked Lieutenant Sasakibe.

"I need to speak with the Head-Captain immediately. Can one of you take me to him?"

"Chōjirō, it's your turn to train the grunts. I'll take Captain Tsadane to the Head-Captain," Matteo said.

"Alright, but don't do anything that would jeopardize the good name of Squad 1!" Chōjirō said in a quick tone.

"I miss one strike against a hollow and you hold it against me for 22 years. You need to lighten up.....Anyway, let's go, Captain Tsudane."

Matteo and Kiyomi shunpo to the Head-Captain's office. As they enter, Matteo announces their arrival.

"Yamamoto-sensei, Captain Tsudane is here to see you for an urgent matter."

"What is it that you need, Captain Tsudane?" asked Yamamoto.

"I wish to patrol the outer borders of the Soul Society in order begin quelling the hollow infestation. However, my squad is busy preparing for any offensive strikes that might come to the Seireitei so I do not have a patrol group ready. Therefore, I request that Second Lieutenant Ryozuke accompany me," said Kiyomi.

All Yamamoto says is, "Matteo, would you be willing to help Captain Tsudane?"

Matteo's attitude suddenly changes, as he says, "Nothing would give me a greater pleasure than destroying some hollows. I will gladly help Captain Tsudane."

"Very well. The two of you may take your leave now."

Kiyomi and Matteo leave Yamamoto's office and begin shunpoing to the Seireitei's Western gate. As they continue their trek there, Kiyomi decides to ask Matteo something. "Why did your personality change like it did back in the Head-Captain's office?"

"It is because of that damned Hollow race that I will never see my family again. I'll kill as many of them as I can before I die. That is the vow that I made to my dead brother!"

They pass through the gate and immediately see several Adjuchas level Hollows attacking some civilians.

Kiyomi stops Matteo and tries to come up with a battle plan. "Matteo, you take the Hollow on the left, while I will take the two on the--" She is cut off by Matteo, who rushes into the fight. "You fool," says Kiyomi, "if you charge in you'll die!"

As she says this, Matteo releases his zanpakuto, "Rise in the Night Sky, Mangetsu Oogama!" A six-foot long pole appears in Matteo's right hand. On the top end of the pole is a long scythe blade. On the other side of the same end is an identical scythe blade. At the bottom end of the pole, there is a stabbing blade in the shape of a shark's tooth. Then entire weapon is colored white, in fact it is the same color of white as a full moon.

The Hollow on the left turns around to see Matteo coming at him. However, the Hollow cannot react in time and is cut down by Matteo's blade. The Hollow in the center stops his rampage and charges at Matteo, whose back is turned. Kiyomi moves to help him, but Matteo is able to turn quickly and block the attack.

"You fell right into my trap, Hollow," said Matteo. "Hado 63: Raikōhō!" The yellow blast completely destroys the Hollow. Matteo then sets his eyes to the last Hollow in their presence. "Captain Tsudane, I'll take care of this last one."

"I don't know about that," said the Hollow. "Or would you also want to kill this young soul along with me." The Hollow holds up a young boy, who is screaming out of fear.

Matteo responds in anger, "How dare you! You will pay for letting your hands just touch his skin!" He disappears and then reappears behind the Hollow. "Gekkoo Tsutsuku!" The blades of Mangetsu glow a very light blue and blind the entire area. When the light fades, Matteo is seen holding the boy and the Hollow has been sliced in half. Matteo set the boy down and deactivates his shikai, saying to the Hollow before he dissipates, "Die now, Hollow, and may you never rest in peace."

"Thank you, sir," said the boy as he was wiping away his tears. "Had you not been here, my family and I would have been slaughtered."

Matteo turns to the boy with a smile on his face. "You're fine now. You no longer need to worry. The Hollows in this area are gone. Just be careful from now on, okay?"

The boy eagerly replies, "Yes, sir. You can count on me."

"Good," says Matteo as he walks over to Kiyomi. "Thank you for not interfering with me, Captain. I apologize for rushing in. I'm the kind of person that strategises during a fight, not before."

"Next time, please listen to what I have to say before you charge in. It could wind up helping you," says Kiyomi.

"Very well. I'll listen next time."

Kiyomi responds kindly. "Good. Now lets head for another area."
বছরখানেক আগে LunaShay said…
-Kiyomi and Matteo look at a huge forest-

Kiyomi:This is one place we havent checked.Some hollows are afraid of shinigami so this is the first place I'd look.Are you ready-she turn her head to to Matteo-its a big forest so we've got to be ready.

Matteo:Yep all set.Lets just go in and kill all of those HOLLOWS!-he sounded like he was angry with some pride and a bit of sadness-

Kiyomi:Right.Lets go

-they walk into the forest-

-two hours later-

Matteo:Kiyomi,do you want to give up in the woods.We havent seen any hollow yet.Just want to go somewhere else?

Kiyomi:No,im positive i saw one im positive!

Matteo:You know,not everyone is perfectly smart or positive.You might be wron-

-a hollow tried to jump on the but they dodged just in time-

Kiyomi:-looks at Matteo-well,im really dumb then ,huh?

Hollow:O boo.I found just shinigami kid and a little pipsqueak.How boring.

Kiyomi:-gets mad-Heh.What did you just say.

Hollow:o pipsqeak didnt you hear me?

Kiyomi:-gets even madder-actually,im a CAPTAIN

Hollow:sure,sure.So you gonna run off now

Matteo:-whispers to Kiyomi-so what do you want to do?a counteratt-

-Kiyomi uses flashstep and starts attaking the hollow but it keeps dodging-


Hollow:Its not like your gonna hit me you little flea-

-it gets stabbed in the chest and falls down-

Hollow:W-w-w-what?-starts decinigrating-

Kiyomi:Like i said,im a captain.Dont mistake me

-Hollow disappears-

Matteo:Uh,Kiyomi?I thought we were gonna fight together?

-Kiyomi looks back and walks to Matteo-

Kiyomi:Sorry,it was a really important matter.

Matteo:Sure,sure.Now,lets go look for more


-as they walk off-

Kiyomi:Im not short...everyones just somehow tall
বছরখানেক আগে bleacher1001 said…
"Matteo," began Kiyomi as they walked away, "you said something about your brother when we left the Head-Captain's office. If you don't mind, I would like to learn more about it." Matteo tells her what happened with his family and his brother, as well as his arrival in the Seireitei. "I understand now why the Sokyoku Hill means so much to you. A place of death for one person becomes a place of peace for another."

"That's a very accurate definition, Captain. Perhaps I had you pegged wrong," said Matteo.

"Oh, really? What kind of person did you believe me to be?" asked Kiyomi.

"To be honest, I thought you were going to be strict like Soifon, the previous Captain of Squad 2. She was a very strict and cold individual. She idolized only one person and was very short-tempered," he answered. "But after talking with you and seeing you fight, I now know that I was completely wrong. You are much kinder and gentler, but you can be strict when necessary. However, there is something about you that I still haven't figured out."

"What is that?"

He waits a second and finally says, "Why do you go berserk when someone points out your height?"

"It's just something that I don't like," she answers rather quickly. "People are always poking fun at my height and never take me seriously. So I try to my best to get stronger so that they will accept who I am. But now that I am a Captain, I thought I wouldn't have to worry about that anymore. So when that Hollow pointed it out that I'm short, I had all those feelings rush back at me. that's why I acted the way that I did."

Matteo, instead of saying anything, begins to laugh but does not notice that Kiyomi is getting a bit upset.

"What the hell is so funny?!"

Matteo finally answers, "You and I are more alike than I ever thought." He finally is able to stop laughing. "You are criticized for you shorter stature and I have been criticized for my enormous hight."

"What do you mean?" she asks.

"Well when I was growing up, my height was the first thing to come. When I was 14, I had already grown to 6 feet. By the time I was 20, I had grown to my current height of 6 feet 8 inches. People were always intimidated by me, no matter what I did or said. The only people that really accepted me were Captains Yamamoto, Kyoraku, Ukitake, and....."

"Who else?"

"I would rather not say, considering what they have done," he says.

"You mean?"

Matteo looks down as if he were ashamed and says, "Yes, Captains Aizen and Ichimaru were the only other ones that accepted me. I was never that close with Tosen, but I did consider him a friend. I was also good friends with their Lieutenants, but I have grown a little bit wary of them."

"I see. I'll drop it the subject then," she says.

"It's alright, I've accepted what happened."

"Okay then," she says. They continue walking through the forest for awhile, then Kiyomi restarts the conversation. "So what do you think of the new Squad 3 Captain, Reiku Korushirou?" she asked.

"She's a good person. I've spoken with her a good many times but we aren't really friends or anything. She was one of Aizen's students. When he left, I could tell that it hit her hard so I tried talking with her. But when I brought the subject of Aizen up, she pushed away.....But if you are asking me if I have any problems with her, then no I don't."

"Alright," she says, "we should get back to our patrol. Since we can both take care of ourselves, I say that we split up. You head off to the left and I will continue straight ahead. We will patrol for one more hour and then meet back at the Western Gate. Understood?"

"I understand, Captain Tsadane," answered Matteo.

With that said, the two Shinigami split up, not knowing what awaits them.
বছরখানেক আগে gokuluigifan333 said…
Kouji was near the forest while playing his flute until he saw an arrancar in Kiyomi's direction

Kouji: better go help cause its an arrancar(sees another in Matteo's direction) (shunpos over to Kiyomi and sees Kiyomi fighting a won battle)sorry didnt know you were winning but we have to hurry so ill help

Kiyomi: sure (stab the arrancar but the arrancar dodges, but then shunpos behind him and executes 100 strikes, then Kouji appears next to the arrancar)

Kouji:bakudo 63:Sajo Sabaku (the energy rope entagles the arrancar) Hado 63: Raikōhō (the lightning strikes the arrancar and Kiyomi finishes it off) i gotta go help Matteo now(shunpos to Matteo) hey its been quite some time since we talked but we dont have time because its almost time for the captains meeting and youll be the representative of Yammato(probably misspelled)
বছরখানেক আগে LunaShay said…
big smile
-Kiyomi walks going striaght ahead,looking for anything suspicious-

Kiyomi:....I feel sorry for Matteo.His brother died of a hollow and hes just trying to kill them off for him.-sigh-If i could just bring him back and make him feel happy....

-A sword quickly comes at her but she dodges quickly-

???:Hmmm.A captain?O it must be my lucky day

-Kiyomi looks up to see an arrancar smiling creepily at her-

Kiyomi:-Gets up-Just Who do you think you are?Stupid filthy arrancar.

Arrancar:I am arrancar 21 Mizu Funmu girly.and im not exactly filthy.i cleaned up before i saw my first shinigami.And of course,its a captain,o goodie.a small one i have to admit to that.-looks at-are you the lower captains or head?

Kiyomi:Why is it any of your buissness of who i am.I'm supposed to be asking questions here.Now answer or die.

Mizu:My,my.Such a cranky one have to admit to that.So anyway-he attacks at full speed and Kiyomi blocks it somehow just in time

Kiyomi:-thoughts-remember,arrancars are strong even if theyre just in the 20's.Dont underestimate him.

Mizu:-pulls back sword-so are you going to attack or just stand there like a statue.I honestly dont have all night.

Kiyomi:Well,youre not gonna take me down.So dont underestimate me!

-jumps up in tree-

Kiyomi:.Kasai no ha(Fire Blade)-Kiyomis blade becomes on fire and she points it at the arrancar-are you ready?

Mizu:Hmph.This is why i hate kids,theyre so annoying-the arrancar brings his sword out-Tairyō ni otosu,Raiu(rain down,thunderstorm)
-he suddenly puts up his sword pointing the tree and blast a huge lightning bolt.and Kiyomi jumps off-

Kiyomi:Hmph-looks at Mizu-You are not that strong for an arrancar,or smart either.

Mizu:wait for it.

-suddenly a tree falls from behind her and smashes her

Mizu:-comes to Kiyomi-See.Whos so weak now.Hehe-when he picks up a side of a tree,she wasnt there-

Mizu:Hmm.Impressive.You dodged that tree.i actually thought I got you that second.But i see-looks back at Kiyomi who was cut in the arm by the tree-that it got your arm.

Kiyomi:...Just shut up already ive had it with your smack talk.Its actually annoying if you ask me.

Mizu:-looks in shock-N-no one talks to me that way

-After he said that he started going into his true hollow shape.First he was growing a wing,then another on his back,all made out of bone,attaching to his bone he had already on his arms-

Kiyomi:I see.A bird shape type arrancar.So Mizu,are you going to try to destroy me or try to look cool?

Mizu:Hmmmm...maybe both-goes straight to Kiyomi and hits even harder,knocking her sword out of her hand-


Mizu:-Picks up sword-ha,now lets see what you can do without your sword!-runs and punches her to a tree-

Kiyomi:-thinks-Dang,im nothuing without my zanpukto.How can i get it back?-gets an idea-

Mizu:Is that it?-looks at Kiyomi in the tree eyes closed-Is that all you shinigami captains can do?Thats just sad.

Kiyomi:Naibu nenshō(burn inside),Bakuhatsu(Explosion)-a huge explosion comes and burns Mizu to death.-

-Mizu screams-

Kiyomi:Actually were stronger than what we look!

-a huge explosion comes and the arrancar died,but it caused a forest fire-

Kiyomi:-Tries to get up-Damn.I cant move.-Sees fire all around her and these memmories she hasnt seen before start going through her head while she laid unconsious on the ground-

:D took me awhile more than usual to make this lol
বছরখানেক আগে bleacher1001 said…
Matteo continues on his path and is suddenly stopped by a giant reiatsu. He tries to search for the source but is unable to. He thinks to himself, "Damn, this reiatsu is so thick that I can't tell where it starts or where it ends. But for it to be this thick, there'd have to be more than one source. There is a small separation in the patterns of the reiatsu that give that fact away."

Suddenly, there is a large laughing sound coming from a tree directly in front of him. As Matteo notices this, two Arrancar swoop down from the tree. The one to the left is the one that is laughing. He is wearing a regular white Arrancar's uniform. The remains of his Hollow mask cover the entire top right portion of his skull. The eye that is within the mask cannot be seen and there is a bull's horn coming out of its side. He has long jet-black hair, his one eye is yellow, and his hollow hole runs through his stomach. His companion is remaining quiet with his arms folded. His uniform is basically a white version of the shinigami uniform, except the sleeves of his shirt are short. His hollow mask is much like Ulquiorra's, except there is a piece of his mask running in front of both his eyes. He has short white hair and his hollow hole runs through the center of his chest.

The one arrancar keeps laughing. "I don't believe this. It's nearly two hundred years since I see this twerp and now I'm going to get to finish what I started."

"What do you mean?" asked Matteo. "I have never met you before."

"You don't remember me you little weakling?! I'm the guy that killed you and your little family," the laughing Arrancar said in a serious tone. "I may not be able to get revenge on that piece of shit brother of yours, but at least I will have the pleasure of killing you once again."

Matteo looks at the Arrancar with wide eyes, unable to believe what he has heard. He then looks down with tears forming around his eyes.

"Look at that, you have the exact same look about you as you did then. I'll be doing the Gotei 13 a favor by getting rid of you. I am Midakaramu Inziki, Arrancar number 18, will now kill you once again!"

The Midakaramu rushes at Matteo with his blade drawn. As the arrancar inches closer, Matteo still does not draw his blade. As Midakaramu reaches Matteo, he brings his blade down and attempts to cut Matteo but his sword is blocked by Matteo's.

Matteo looks up at Midakaramu and says, "You have not idea how long I have dreamed of this moment. I can finally take my revenge against you for what my brother went through because of your actions!" Matteo pushes Midakaramu off of him and fires several Sokatsui's at him. A cloud of smoke is brought up by the blasts and the arrancar charges through, apparently uninjured by the assault. Midakaramu slices his sword at Matteo, making small cuts along his hands and forearms. They lock swords once again and then push away with a great amount of force.

Midakaramu looks up and says to Matteo, "At least you are fighting back this time, but it doesn't matter. Once I enter my Resurrección form, I will kill you."

Matteo fires back at him, saying "Then I won't let you enter it, scum. I'll just kill you before you have the chance!" With this said, Matteo releases his sword. "Rise in the Night Sky, Mangetsu Oogama!" The scythe appears and Matteo charges at Midakaramu, but is met mid-way by a stab to the stomach.

While Matteo had been busy releasing his zanpakuto, he did not hear Midakaramu release his. "Charge and trample, Tauros!" is what Midakaramu said in order to release his sword. In his released state, Midakaramu grows to become twice his normal size. His mask now covers the entirety of the top of his face. There is now a horn on the other side of his head and neither of his eyes can be seen. The top of his uniform rips off as he reveals a muscular chest. The top part of his chest is protected by a white chest-plate that extends to his shoulders. His arms are now totally covered in a hard, white substance and razor-sharp claws appear on the top of his fingers. While Matteo was charging towards him, Midakaramu sonidoed over to where Matteo was and stabbed him in the stomach with his right horn. Once this was done, he then sonidoed back to where he was originally standing.

Matteo, having stopped, questions what has stabbed him. He then looks over to the newly transformed Midakaramu and then realizes what happened. "Damn you to Hell, Midakaramu. I don't care how powerful you are, you won't hit me again."

"Really?" the arrancar says mockingly as he sonidos over to Matteo. "I was thinking that I would stab you one hundred more times so that you can truly realize the difference in our power." He reaches Matteo and attempts to stab him again, but Matteo disappears. "Now where the Hell did he go?"

Midakaramu got his answer quicker than he had expected. Matteo reappeared above Midakaramu, with one of his scythe blades under the Arrancar's neck. Confidently and calmly, Matteo says to Midakaramu, "Now go to Hell and, this time, stay there!" Matteo pulls the blade up and beheads Midakaramu.

Midakaramu's companion claps his hands and says, "That was rather impressive, shinigami. Midakaramu was a notorious murderer during his time in the World of the Living. You should feel happy to have finally rid the universe of his existence."

"A part of me is," answers Matteo. "My family, as well as myself, were victims of his onslaught in the World of the Living. I still remember it in my nightmares.....Now what is your name and rank, Arrancar?"

"I am known as Shirozuke. As for my rank, I can only tell you that I am an Espada. But I would like to know what rank you have risen yourself to, Matteo."

"I am the Second Lieutenant of Squad 1, Matteo Ryozuke. How did you know my name before I told it to you?" he asked. "In fact, I never announced who I was at the beginning of my fight with Midakaramu."

Shirozuke puts his hands up to his helmet/mask and pulls most of it up, leaving a little piece of it over his left ear. He then throws the mask on the ground and open's his eyes. "How could I ever forget my little brother?"

Matteo stands there in shock at the revelation. The figure before him is exactly what his brother looked like when they were younger, except for the fact that he was now taller. The white hair, the red eyes, and the small scar on his left cheek that was hidden by his mask. There was no doubt about it. Shirozuke is Shiro Ryozuke, Matteo's older brother. "Shiro, it is you!" Matteo shunpos over to his brother and touches him to see if he is real. Tears now forming in his eyes, Matteo says "It really is you, brother. I've missed you so much."

"You've grown, little brother," Shiro says as he looks over Matteo. "You've grown quite a bit. Who would have thought that you would be taller than me?"

"I know, I guess I just had a bigger growth spurt than you did. But, now that you're here, you can come and stay with me here is the Seireitei. You wouldn't have to live with me, but we could work something out."

Shiro looks down to the ground for a moment and then looks back up at his brother. "I am sorry, Matteo, but I cannot do that. I've sworn my loyalty to Aizen and cannot go back on my word. I told him that the only way that I would join him was if I could see you again before the real battle begins."

"What are you saying, Shiro? You can't honestly say that you have sworn yourself to Aizen! He betrayed the Soul Society. He betrayed everyone, even me. He was one of the only people here that I trusted and he just turned his back on us all. How can you support him?!"

"I already told you," Shiro began. "The only reason that I joined him was so that I could see you one more time. I don't want to fight you in the upcoming battles, Matteo, but I will if Aizen wants me to. I am sorry, goodbye." Shiro turns around and opens a Garganta. As he walks through, Matteo says something to him.

"If you leave now, you will be doing the same thing that you did 180 years ago. You will be forced to kill yourself again and be sent to the underworld, Shiro. You can avoid that by just staying here with me. If you won't go against Aizen because you are afraid to do so, then I'll protect you this time. Just don't go, Shiro!"

Shiro says nothing to his brother, he only lets the Garganta close as he disappears into the darkness.

Through his tears, Matteo can feel the heat of the fire against his back and turns around to see a forest fire raging. He then realizes that he can no longer sense Kiyomi's reiatsu as well as he should. With this realization, Matteo rushes into the flames in search of Kiyomi.
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বছরখানেক আগে Pennypatch321 said…
~back at squad 3~

Haruko shuffled through the papers that were on Kira's desk. [i]Wow. Kira really needs to learn to organize things..[i/] She decided to sort through all of the papers and started to put them in small piles.

The first pile was for the things that looked fairly easy to Haruko. This was the smallest pile because not many things seemed easy to her.

The next pile was things that Haruko thought that she could do, but she was just to lazy to do them. This pile was a little bit bigger than the first pile.

The last pile was the biggest, more than three times the height of the second pile. This was obviously the, "there ain't no way I'm doing this crap, I'll let Hira do it." pile. She pushed this pile off to the side, and started on the smallest pile.

Most of this pile were things that just needed to be approved. She just glanced at the letters and used the stamp that she found on Hira's desk, and stamped all 20 papers for approval.

She decided to move on to the second pile. These were mostly warnings of monster's in the area, so she read the titles which were the monster's names and set them off to the side while writing down the names of the monsters.

When she was done writing all of the names down, she put the note on Captain Reiku's desk.

She looked at the last pile when she heard her Captain coming inside the building. She saw a filing cabinet, and shoved the rest of the papers inside it. Just as Reiku stepped in, Haruko was playing with a pencil with an empty desk.

Captain Reiku looked surprised to see the desk empty. "Wow Haruko, I didn't know that you could be so fast with all that work."

"Yup, I can do things when I'm bored, but now I don't have anything to do, so, can I go back to sleep?" Haruko sounded, trying to keep everything a secret.
বছরখানেক আগে IchigoShirosaki said…
big smile
"go right ahead Haruko.." Reiku nodded, Haruko looked very releived, she quickly skipped out of the office, and made her merry way back to her room, praying that Reiku didnt find the papers that were stuffed in the filing cabinet.

Reiku walked to her desk, looking at the note, then placing it back on her desk, 'wow, not a single mess, no sign of any sake, i guess i doubted her abilities. maybe she has finally matured..'

Reiku walked over to the filing cabinet, and opened it to place a file away, and papers launched at her, and flew across the room.

a vein appeared on the side of Reiku's forehead, her face starting to turn deep crimson with anger.

"HARUKO!!!!!!" Reiku shouted at the top of her lungs, everyone in the soul society could have probably heard her.

Haruko jumped at the sound of Reiku's scream, yep, of course Reiku found out. "HARUKO WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!?!? IM GONNA FUCKING RIP YOUR DAMMN HEAD OFF ONCE I FIND YOU!"

Haruko started to run for her life, ignoring the strange stares from other shinigami.


once the other shinigami saw a red faced, steamingly angered Reiku they moved out of her way, you do not want to get in the way of Reiku when she is boiling mad, she send you to the hospital quicker then you could even blink.

Reiku chased after Haruko using her Reitsu to find her.

she almost ran over Toroshirou Hitsugaya, the Captain of squad 10.

her additude immidently changed into a soft, calm composure.

বছরখানেক আগে bleacher1001 said…
Matteo runs through the burning forest, trying to find Kiyomi. "Dammit, where is she?! If I don't find her then it'll just make things worse. We can't have a Captain down again." He continues to shout her name and running through the forest. He comes to a small clearing of trees and finds that the damage there was not caused by the fire. "She must be close then. KIYOMI! Can you hear me?!"

Kiyomi begins to regain consciousness but is still to weak to move. She hears Matteo call her name and calls back to him. "Matteo, Matteo. I'm over here!"

Matteo is just able to hear her and is able to find her seconds later. He sees her laid out on the ground and picks her up. "Are you okay?"

All she can say is, "I don't know why but I feel weak after fighting that arrancar." She starts to fall asleep again after saying this.

Matteo tries to wake her back up but is unable to. He then looks around and sees that the forest is burning extremely fast. Realizing this, he runs through the forest and finds a lake. "This will do just fine." Still holding Kiyomi, Matteo releases Mangetsu Oogama and then activates it's special ability. "Shio no Seigyo (Tide Control)." Suddenly, the water in the lake rises up and washes across the burning forest. Whatever water is left returns to the lake after the fires have been put out. Matteo then rushes Kiyomi to the Squad 4 Barracks.

"What in the world are you doing here at this time of night, Lieutenant? And why do you have Captain Tsadane in your arms?" asked a Squad 4 nurse.

"She's been injured in battle and I can't figure out what is wrong with her. Wake Captain Unohana, that's an order!"

The nurse leaves to go and wake Unohana while Matteo lays Kiyomi down on a bed. He stays with her until Unohana arrives.

"What happened to her Lieutenant?" Unohana asked in a kind, yet concerned, tone.

"I don't exactly know what happened to her. My best guess is that she was attacked by an Arrancar. I did not find the body of an enemy near her, so I would say that she won her battle. One thing that I noticed though, is that she was not seriously injured. There is only the cut on her arm and a bruise that she probably received from a punch."

Unohana turns to Matteo and says, "You have done fine Matteo. I will take care of her for now. Come back in the morning when you have had some rest. I will have someone inform the Lieutenant of Squad 2 of what has happened."

"Thank you, Captain, but I will personally inform the Lieutenant of Squad 2. After I do that, then I will go home to rest.....Thank you and goodnight, Captain Unohana." Matteo then leaves so that Unohana can begin treating Kiyomi.

En route to the Squad 1 Barracks, Matteo stops by the Squad 2 Barracks and informs Marechiyo of what has happened.

"What do you mean she's in the hospital, Matteo! Is she going to be alright?!" asked Marechiyo, over-dramatically.

"She'll be fine, Marechiyo. She's just going to need some rest. Captain Unohana assured me that she would be well looked after."

After calming down, Marechiyo says to Matteo, "Alright, as long as Captain Unohana says that the Captain will be okay then I am convinced. Now, you should get back home so that you can rest. You look like you've been through hell."

Matteo answers him, "I honestly feel like I have been. Goodnight, Marechiyo." Matteo then shunpos back to his room and falls asleep on his bed.

Morning comes quickly for Matteo. As soon as the sun rises, he is awake and getting ready to go to the Squad 4 hospital. On the way there, he recalls his dream from last night. Instead of the same nightmare as before, he dreamed of his encounter with his brother. He shakes those thoughts from his head as he arrives at the hospital. He instantly finds Kiyomi's room, as he can sense her reiatsui once again. He is surprised to see that she is awake and talking with Captain Unohana. "How are you doing this morning, Captain Tsadane? Feeling any better?"

"I am feeling much better. If you hadn't gotten me here when you did, then I would have dead from the smoke inhalation or I would have been burnt to a crisp. So, thank you, Matteo."

He says to her, "It was nothing. You would have done the same for me." He looks over at Unohana. "Could I borrow Captain Unohana for a few minutes? There is something that I need to speak with her about."

"Sure, I'm not going anywhere," Kiyomi says jokingly, as the Captain and Lieutenant walk out of the room.

They walk down the hallway and into Unohana's office so that there is no chance of Kiyomi hearing them. "Captain, I'm going to ask you very plainly. Was she poisoned?"

"Yes, she was. It was a neurotoxin that was attacking her heart. Had you not gotten her here when you did, she would have died from it," answered Unohana.

"It couldn't have been from the cut on her arm because it had wood splinters in it. So it had to be that bruise on her stomach."

"Kiyomi has told me that she defeated the Arrancar but the passed out. She also said that the last attack that he hit her with was a punch to the stomach that sent her into a tree," explained Unohana. "With that said, I would assume that you are correct.....Is there anything else that you wanted to tell me?"

"Only that there will be a Captain's Meeting in about an hour. Goodbye and I'll see you there, Captain Unohana," Matteo says as he vanishes from her office.

Unohana simply remarks to herself, "That young man truly is one of a kind. He can make someone think that nothing is bothering him when he has a great weight upon his shoulders."
বছরখানেক আগে bleacher1001 said…
Matteo had trouble being patient for the Captain's Meeting to start. He could not stop thinking about his brother's actions, as well as Kiyomi's injuries.

The Captain's Meeting started as it usually would. The only difference was that Kiyomi was absent, due to her injuries. Each Captain gave their reports on their Squad's progress and awaited any final comments from Yamamoto.

"Now that the normalities have concluded, there is a special report that must be heard," began the Head-Captain. "It is an update on the current state of Aizen's infiltration of the Soul Society.....With that report is my Second Lieutenant, Matteo Ryozuke."

When Makko hears his name, he enters the meeting room but is visibly nervous. This isn't the first time that he has been present at a Captain's Meeting, but it is the first time that he is the person presenting a report. "Thank you, Head-Captain. Last night, Captain Tsadane and I engaged several Hollow. These hollow ranged from Adjuchas to Arrancar. The first three hollows that were killed were Adjuchas class and they were killed in the West Rukon District. We then proceeded into the forests, where we were ambushed by another Adjuchas but Captain Tsadane finished it off easily. From there, we decided to split up. She continued to travel northeast, while I traveled northwest...Captain Unohana, would you please tell us what Captain Tsadane said?"

"I will," answered Unohana. "Captain Tsadane has told me that she fought a single Arrancar that gave it's rank as 21. She was able to defeat the hollow, but not before she could be poisoned by a blow to her stomach. This Arrancar's ability was, apparently, to send a neurotoxin into the body of it's opponent so that it would be able to make an easy kill. However, the Arrancar underestimated Captain Tsadane and was killed before the poison could take effect.....You may continue Matteo."

"Thank you, Captain," he replied. "While Captain Tsadane was engaging her Arrancar, I encountered two of them myself. The first one gave it's rank as number 18. I was able to defeat it, though it did take some effort. The other did not give away it's rank. It merely stated that it was an Espada. It did not fight against me."

"Were you able to find out anything else that could be termed useful, Lieutenant?" asked Kurotsuchi.

"The only other thing that I got out of them was their names. The one that I killed was called Midakaramu Inziki, who is also the man that killed my family and myself. The one that claimed to be an Espada simply referred to himself as Shirozuke....."

"What else is there, Matteo?" asked Yamamoto in his booming voice.

Matteo answers him reluctantly, "The Espada removed the majority of his mask, namely the part that covered his eyes...When he revealed his face to me, I saw the face of my brother. And he confirmed his identity as Shiro Ryozuke, my dead brother. He stated that his reason for joining Aizen was that he wanted to see me before the war in the Soul Society began.....That is all that I have to report."

"Very well, you are dismissed Lieutenant," said Yamamoto.

Matteo leaves the meeting room with a cold feeling in his soul, but he lightens up when the meeting is finished and is able to speak with Shunsui and Juushiro for a few minutes.

"So, you finally found your brother, Matteo? I am sorry that it could not have been under better circumstances," said Juushiro.

"Yeah, Yama-ji was very concerned about you upon hearing that," Shunsui stated. "I don't think that I've ever seen him so disheartened.....Just don't be surprised if he doesn't want to send you on missions anytime soon."

"I won't be. In fact, sitting behind a desk might help me to calm down. However, when the time comes I will be ready to face my brother. That's a guarantee."

Juushiro puts a hand on Matteo's shoulder and says, "Just be careful, Matteo."

"Yeah, it be really bad if you wound up dead," stated Shunsui. "If you died, I think that Yama-ji would really be pissed off. He'd probably fry whoever killed you just for touching you."

"I'll keep that in mind, Shunsui" responded Matteo. "But right now, I think that I'll get some rest. I'm still pretty tired from last night."

"Alright then. Goodbye, Matteo," said Juushrio as Matteo disappears.

Matteo quickly climbs into bed upon his return. He lies still, thinking about his brother's return and their eventual fight.
বছরখানেক আগে IchigoShirosaki said…
after the captains meeting, Reiku went after Haruko again, remembering the files Haruko tried to hide, she hunted her down easily, using Haruko's reitsu, which the redhead forgot to hide.

Haruko busted open the doors of her squad, to find Haruko and her older sister Rangiku drinking and laughing.

"C-C-Captian, fancy meeting you here.."

Haruko muttered nervously.

Reiku stood there, flames surrounding her, she was beyond anger, she was pissed to no end, she was all hell broke loose kind of pissed.

"yeah so you didnt think i wouldn't find out about those files you conveniently hid in the filing cabinet did you?" she cracked her knuckles as she moved closer to Haruko. "well think again, i wasnt born yesterday im not stupid.."

"actually you were, about 150 years ago." Haruko chuckled nervously.

a vein appeared on the side of Reiku's head, she grabbed Haruko by her collar and swung her arm back and punch Haruko as hard as she could, which is pretty hard, and Haruko went flying out through the wall and through squad 2 and ended up somewhere in squad 1.

"well that was a little harsh in my perspective.." Rangiku muttered.

Reiku turned towards her, and gave her the most scariest and murderous face she could muster, "Rangiku get out.."

"huh but why?"


'o-ok!" Rangiku scrambled out the door, Reiku sighed and sat down on the couch rubbing her temples. 'i swear to god, those two are gonna be the death of me..'
বছরখানেক আগে LunaShay said…
-Kiyomi waits for Unahana to come back from the captains meeting-

Kiyomi:Dang.First day on the job and i iss the captains meeting.How nice.

-Sees Unohana come into her bedroom door-

Unohana:Hello,Kioymi.Well,we looks at your health papers-looks at the and smiles-and it says youre healthy now.So it means youre all better,but you have to bring a crutch-gives her one-

Kiyomi:-gets up-Thank you,Captain Unohana.I appreaciate it.-goes on her way outside-


Kiyomi:Sooo....Now what?-sees girl running for her life-

???:-goes behind Kiyomi-Help me!

Kiyomi:-has questioned face-who are you?

???:Haruko!Where are you!?

Haruko:AHH!-tries to hide-

Reiku:-runs-Come out Haruko!I know your here-looks at Kiyomi-Who are you?

Kiyomi:I am-

Reiku:-looks at her with a concerened look-Oh!Your that girl they were talking about in the captains meeting,am i right?

Kiyomi:-blinks-Uhh i guess.Who are you?

Reiku:I am Reiku Korushirou,Captain of squad 3.And by the looks of it,you must be Kiyomi Tsadane,captain of squad 2,am i right?

Kiyomi:Yes.So anyways,who is this Haruko your looking for?

Reiku:Oh yes.Shes my lieutenant.Have you seen her?

Kiyomi:-looks back-You mean her?-point to Haruko-

Haruko:Yikes-and runs-

Reiku:Come back here!-runs after her-

Kiyomi:Uhhh...-confused but walks back to squad 2 barracks-


IchigoShirosaki,is it okay for me to do this thing so we can meet.if not ill take it off :)
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বছরখানেক আগে bleacher1001 said…
Matteo wakes up after sleeping for a couple of hours and decides to take a walk around the Seireitei. In his trek, he runs into Haruko; or it should be said that Haruko runs into him. All that Matteo can get out before he is tackled is, "What the Hell!?"

Haruko immediately get's up and apologizes. "Sorry, Matteo. I wasn't looking where I was going."

Angered, Matteo replies, "I never would have guessed that, Haruko! Damn, you sure do know how to be a pain in the ass. And I mean that literally!"

Suddenly, Captain Korushirou comes charging in their direction and Matteo is able to put two and two together. All Haruko does is jump behind Matteo and mutters, "Please protect me from my Captain. If she finds me she will kill me."

"And what the Hell do you think she's going to do to me if I help you?! I'm not going to protect you, Haruko, so you better start running!"

Haruko begins running away and sticks her tongue out at Matteo before she takes off. When Reiku approaches Matteo, all he does is point her in Haruko's direction in order to avoid a conflict.

"Those two sure are meant for each other, aren't they?" Rangiku says as she walks up to him.

"You ought to know, Rangiku. Haruko is your sister," replies Matteo.

"What are you talking about, Matteo? She's nothing like me."

Matteo looks up in the air and says, "Yeah, you're twice as annoying as she is." He laughs after he says this.

"Oh, really?.....Anyway, I'm glad that I found you. Captain Hitsugaya wants to speak to you about something. He said that it was urgent."

Matteo nods his head and they both head for the Squad 10 Barracks. When they enter, they immediately head for Hitsugaya's office. Upon entering, they do not find the Captain anywhere.

"I guess he hasn't gotten back yet," said Matteo.

As soon as Matteo says this, Captain Hitsugaya enters his office and greets Matteo. "It is good to see that Matsumoto gave you my message." He looks over at Rangiku. "This is something that I should discuss with Lieutenant Ryozuke alone."

Matsumoto sighs, "Alright, I'll leave. See ya later, Matteo." She walks out of the room and closes the door.

Matteo turns to Captain Hitsugaya, who is now sitting at his desk. "What did you want to see me about, Captain?"

"I will be blunt, Matteo. I want to know if you would feel capable of leading a small group of my troops on a patrol. Matsumoto has been having some trouble with her patrol group and I thought it would be fitting for another Lieutenant to help her out."

Matteo already knows what Hitsugaya is getting at. "And since I have just been a battle with and Arrancar and won, you believe that your troops would listen to me more than they would Rangiku. You also want me to put Matsumoto in charge at some point so that the troops will respect her. Am I right?"

"That is correct. I know that putting up with Matsumoto can be tough, but do you think that you can handle it?" asked Toshiro.

"Yeah, I can handle it. I've lead several patrols in the World of the Living. A couple of hops around the Soul Society will be a breeze."

Toshiro looks up at Matteo and then extends his hand to the Lieutenant. "Thank you, Lieutenant Ryozuke. And I wish to express my sincere condolences to you for what happened in the Rukon District."

Matteo shakes the Captain's hand and replies, "Thank you for the concern, Captain, but I'm fine. And I promise that I'll get your squad members back home, safe and sound."
বছরখানেক আগে Pennypatch321 said…
Haruko got slammed in the squad 1 captains room. Yamato jumped up from his desk and shouted, "Haruko! What in the blazing chambers of hell are you doing here?! You just ruined the wall I painted!!"

Haruko stumbled back on her feet. "Captain Reiku... punched... me..." she stammered

Yamato's shook his head and muttered something. "Go back to work Haruko. I don't have time for your silly games." He told her. Haruko stumbled out, heading back to the creepy Reiku.

After a few steps, she collapsed and Yamato ran over to her and shouted something that Haruko didn't hear. Haruko was unconscious.
বছরখানেক আগে IchigoShirosaki said…
(it's alright, you guys can use my character in your parts in when it fits, actually now that you added those parts in. it fits along well with the story line. now the pieces fit nicely.)

Reiku sighed as she laid down in bed, 'Arancars... i remeber that one... what was his name? oh right, Grimmjow, the Arancar, that nearly beat the living shit out of me... he muttered something about Aizen and his plans... what could he mean? what is Aizen planning?'
বছরখানেক আগে bleacher1001 said…
Matteo walks out of Toshiro's office and sees Rangiku standing there with her ear to the door. "I'm going to assume that you heard everything that we said."

Intimidated by Matteo's height, she squeaks out, "Yeah, I did...Sorry."

Matteo shakes his head, "It's alright. You were going to find out sooner or later.....I've already come up with a plan to get the Squad 10 members to trust you again. I want to warn you that it will be a bit painful in the beginning."

"I'm willing to go along with whatever you suggest. Just as long as it can get the members of my Squad to respect me again."

Matteo walks up to her and places a hand on her shoulder, "If my plan doesn't work then nothing will. But before we begin, what class of Hollow do you know that you can beat?"



Before he goes off with the Squad 10 patrol team, Matteo goes to the Squad 12 Barracks to speak with Captain Kurotsuchi.

"I don't see why I should help you with this matter, Lieutenant," snorted Captain Kurotsuchi. "You may have a high standing with some of the other Captains, but you do not have such a thing with me."

"I know that, sir. However, a Captain's duty is not just to his own Squad, but also to the entire Gotei 13. By refusing to aid another Squad, you will be creating dissension between your Squad and the others. If you do this, it would wind up destroying what little balance there currently is amongst the Gotei 13."

"He does make a point, Mayuri-sama," chimed in Nemu.

Mayuri gets up from his seat and prepares to slap her across the face. "How dare you interrupt this conversation, much less make me look bad! You insolent cow!"

As Mayuri's hand comes down to strike Nemu, Matteo shunpos in front of him and takes the hit. "I don't particularly like seeing commanders strike at their subordinates in anger. It sickens me."

Knowing that it would make him look bad in the Head-Captain's eyes, Mayuri steps back and hands Matteo a key. "Take it and use at as you see fit. Just return the key when you have released it."

Reluctantly, Matteo says, "Thank you, Captain Kurotsuchi. I will only take one and I will return the key as promised." He turns around to face Nemu. "You be careful, Nemu. You don't have to endure his punishments." Once he says this, he vanishes.


One hour later, Matteo has met up with his patrol squad. This small group consists of himself, Rangiku, two male shinigami, and two female shinigami.

Halfway through the patrol, Matteo begins instigating his plan. He sends Rangiku on ahead with the two other female shinigami so that he can talk with the two guys. "So what do you two think of Rangiku?"

"What do you mean?" one of them asks.

"Just what I said. What do you think of her?"

The other male shinigami speaks up. "She's alright, but I don't think she's to great of a leader or strategist. She's got the guts to fight, but not the power or mind to.....You're not going to tell her what we said are you?"

Matteo simply says, "No."

About ten minutes later, Matteo and the two male Squad 10 members catch up to Rangiku and the two other women. Matteo does the same thing that he did with the two males to the two female members and gets the exact same response. Once they are all together again, Matteo brings out the final stage of his plan. "Well now that we have finished this part of our patrol, I guess we'll head back."

As if on cue, one of the male Squad 10 members says, "At least we didn't encounter any Hollows."

As soon as he says this, a giant Hollow jumps in and forces them all back.

Matteo immediately orders the others to stay back, "Rangiku and I can handle this."

Matteo and Rangiku charge at the Hollow and begin slashing at the monster. Unfortunately, the Hollow is able to dodge all of their attacks and even grabs Matteo. "Damn, I can't move a muscle. If this keeps up, then I'm dead!"

The four members of the patrol squad look on in disbelief. The one person that they thought would never be caught off guard, was. And they could not do anything about it.

Suddenly, Rangiku jumps out of nowhere and releases her zanpakuto. The ash of her Haineko surrounds the Hollow and slashes it to bits, allowing Matteo to land safely on the ground.

Matteo looks over to where Rangiku is standing and sees that the four members of Squad 10 are surrounding Rangiku. He thinks to himself, "Maybe now they will respect her some."

About an hour passes and they return to the Squad 10 Barracks. Matteo immediately goes to Captain Hitsugaya's office to fill him in on what happened.

"So, were you able to instill a sense of loyalty to Matsumoto in my squad members?" asked Toshiro.

"Yes," answered Matteo. "It won't take long for word to spread throughout your entire Squad of how Rangiku saved me from a Hollow."

"You went to Kurotsuchi and had him loan you one of his Hollows, didn't you?"

Matteo smiles and says, "That's for me to know and for Matsumoto to blather about to you later." Matteo then vanishes to return the key to Kurotsuchi.


Upon arriving in the Squad 12 Barracks, Matteo is concerned about the fact that he has not seen Nemu. Usually, she would have been the one to greet anyone entering the Barracks. He finally reaches the sitting room in which he spoke to Kurotsuchi earlier and is shocked by what he finds. He sees Nemu lying in a pool of blood and rushes over to her.

"Nemu...Nemu...come on! Wake up!" shouted Ryu. He notices that she has been bruised by many blows and slashed in several places (arms, legs, and even her face). "Who did this to you? Tell me!"

She opens her eyes slightly and says only one name. "May...uri-sa...ma..."

With this information, Matteo gathers her into his arms and shunpos to the Squad 4 Hospital. Fortunately, he is able to immediately find Captain Unohana. "Captain Unohana, Nemu needs medical attention immediately." He lays her down on a bed as Unohana approaches. "She's already lost a lot of blood Captain. Will she live?"

"Once we get her patched up, she will be just fine. She will have to stay here for a while so that she can recover, but she will be able to return to her squad after that."

Matteo, visibly angered, responds "She will be able to return to her squad, but I guarantee that things will be different when she does!"


Matteo immediately goes to the Head-Captain's office to speak with him. He enters the office and is warmly greeted.

"Ah Matteo, I see that you have returned from your patrol. You have done well with the members of Squad 10."

Matteo answers quickly, "Thank you, Sensei, but that is not why I am here. I wish to express my wish to challenge Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi to a duel for his position as Captain."

Yamamoto is visibly surprised by the admission. "Why would you want to do that? Do you believe that you are ready to take on the role of Captain?"

"Even if I'm not, Sensei, I know that I would be a better Captain than Mayuri. He has continually abused his position as Captain in order to further his heinous experiments. He has also used his position in order to kill off members of his own Squad when he doesn't need them anymore.....And he has also harmed Nemu for the last time. I can't bear to see her in her current state."

Yamamoto closes his eyes and sighs. "Very well. I give you permission to challenge Captain Kurotsuchi for his position as Captain."

"Thank you, Sensei. I won't let all of your training go to waste."
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বছরখানেক আগে jlazlo said…
Hmmm this Rp seems fairly interesting.

Name: Ace Hanaroku

Age: 15

Height: 5'2''

Eyes: silvery

Hair: messy short, pure black hair

Clothes: He likes wearing jeans and a button up sweater/cardigan

Personality: He is young but can be very mature. He is a great friend, and very social though he can be a total bit--. He likes to have fun, but knows when to act the way he should at any momment. Though he seems happy as he always smiles, smirks, and makes funny side comments he is actually sad a little inside (history will explain)

History: He died through a murder from his abusive father who took it too far one night. When he came to soul society, he learned to treasure friends and be a good person. Though he smiles his heart is deeply scared. Because of his abuse in his previous life he finds it that he will never find someone that will take care of him, the loneliness will someimes get to him and he'll become totally different, he'll end up ignoring people for a few days, then return to normal.

Years after obtaining his sword then reaching shikai, he was taken in by commander. Thus he ussually gets away with everything. Under the influence of the commander he trained hard and obtained his bankai. He also became skilled in many areas while being at a young age.

Zanpaktou: Tsukaite
Release: Take hold!

(i want his zanpaktou to be secret sorry, lol)
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বছরখানেক আগে LunaShay said…
-Kiyomi walks in to squad 2 barracks,greeted by Marechiyo-

Marechiyo:Captain!Youre all right.-picks up by shirt-i told you not to go out!what were you thinking?

Kiyomi:That i was going to win and i did.Marechiyo,im fine,trust me.

Marechiyo:...-lets go of her shirt collar-I dont belive it.You just bugun in the Gotei 13.You dont know much about these guys.

Kiyomi:Actually,i studied about them

Marechiyo:But you mustve obulously underestimated them to be in bad shape like that.

Kiyomi:-sighs-that was my zanpukto.Its one of my moves.

Marechiyo:To almost KILL you.

Kiyomi:NO.Its not that that almost killed me,i dont have much stamina so i got hit hard into a tree-gives serious look-what are you trying to say?

Marechiyo:That you shouldnt go without your lieutenant,pretty much me,anywhere where theres a fighting ground with an enemy.Theyll underestimate you because of...-stops talking-

Kiyomi:Why?....What were you about to say?

Marechiyo:...Nothing.It was nothing.

Kiyomi:-goes to the door-Im going for a walk.

Marechiyo:But dont go in the forest-tries to change the subject of what he was about to say before-or you dont know what will happen

Kiyomi:Gives a little wave-see ya-and walks out to squad 1 barracks-.
বছরখানেক আগে bleacher1001 said…
Matteo quickly arrives at the Squad 12 Barracks and calls Kurotsuchi out with a threat. "Come out now, Kurotsuchi, or I will destroy your labs, your research, and then your barracks!"

Mayuri walks out with the same look on his face that he always has when he is disgusted with someone. "Is your threat about what happened with Nemu? If you had not interfered then she would have only been slapped across the face. But when you intervened I decided to take more drastic measures."

Matteo clenches his fist and draws his sword. "I am sick and tired of you using your position in order to make yourself untouchable. It's time that someone stopped you from harming others for your own personal game.....In my belief, you are no better than a Hollow that is hungry for another soul."

"So what do you intend to do about it?" asked Mayuri. "With your sword drawn like that, I would say that you intend to kill me."

"I do intend to kill you, Mayuri," fired Matteo. "But I will do so in a duel for your position as Captain of Squad 12."

Mayuri shrugs his shoulders and says, "Very well. Since you want to die so much, I will put you out of your misery once and for all." With this, Mayuri draws his sword and blocks an attack from Matteo. He pushes the Lieutenant away and releases his shikai. "Rip, Ashisogi Jizō"

"If you're going to release your, then I'll release mine as well. Rise in the Night Sky, Mangetsu Oogama!" Matteo's double-bladed scythe appears and he charges at Mayuri.

Instead of blocking his attack, Mayuri allows Matteo to hit him with his attack. Mayuri takes advantage of this and attempts to stab Matteo, but the scythe-wielding shinigami is able to release his blade from his opponent and dodge the hit just in time.

"I must say that I am surprised by your movements," snorted the scientist. "You do not seem like a person that would be smart enough to read an attack. Beneath your outer appearance, you must be as cold and calculating as myself."

"Don't ever compare us, Mayuri! I am nothing like you!"

"Oh, I agree. Our personalities are completely different. You are kind and compassionate to others, while I am a man of science."

Angered by Mayuri, Matteo fires back, "At least my compassion has allowed me to build trust amongst my fellow Shinigami. You use fear to command your subordinates, and that is something that I can't stand.....Time to end this." Matteo once again charges at Mayuri, but this time he activates one of his shikai's attacks. "Gekkoo Tsutsuku"

Suddenly, a flash of white light comes across the landscape and nothing can be seen for a few seconds. When the light dissipates, Matteo is seen standing behind Mayuri; his zanpakuto covered in the mad scientist's blood. Mayuri can be seen with a long gash appearing down the left side of his body.

"I see now what your zanpakuto's power is. It is merely deception, but I must say that it is very good," says Mayuri. "However, a shikai is no match for a bankai." Matteo turns around as he hears Kurotsuchi say the dreaded words. "Bankai, Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō" The giant half-baby half-worm appears between Matteo and Mayuri.

"That is one ugly bankai," retorts Matteo. "But I can defeat it."

"You are a stupid fool, boy. No shikai can stand up to my Bankai!"

Matteo calmly responds, "I never said that I was going to defeat it with my shikai." Mayuri raises a brow at what Matteo has said. "Bankai.....Mangestu Shiteiru Ookami (Full Moon, Shining Wolf)"

After a cloud of smoke caused by the release dissipates, a large white wolf can be seen standing before Mayuri's Bankai.

Laughing, Mayuri shouts out, "Is this your bankai?! It is undoubtedly the most useless thing that I have ever seen! Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō, run him down."

Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō charges at the wolf but it just stands there. As soon as Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō reaches the wolf, the white haired beast disappears and then reappears behind the giant monster. The wolf then says, "Shiteiru Ookami Gekijoo (Shining Wolf's Fury)." The wolf begins to glow and then charges at the monster before it. As soon as it is within 10 feet of the giant, a giant explosion of reiatsu occurs around the wolf and it begins slashing at the creature with its claws. After it slashes Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō 10 times, the wolf backs off and watches the giant monstrosity explode.

"How is this possible?! No Bankai should be able to do that, especially the Bankai of a Lieutenant!" bellowed Mayuri.

The wolf turns around and responds, "Sometimes, things don't always work out the way you plan, Kurotsuchi." After it says this, the wolf is surrounded by a blinding light as it begins to change form. When the light dissipates, Matteo can be seen standing before them in a new form. "This is the second form of my Bankai." The second form is an armor worn by Matteo. To reach this form, Matteo simply shapeshifts from one form to another. The top of the armor is simple chain-mail covered in a shining, white fur tunic with the symbol of the moon in the center of the chest. The tunic does not form sleeves, is lined with the color navy, and the chain-mail can be seen because it is short sleeved. On the wrists, are navy colored gauntlets with four white bones on the tops of both of them. The pants that Matteo wears are unchanged in style, but the color changes to white with navy lining. The shoes are unchanged in both style and color. There is a white hood attached to the tunic that can be pulled over the head or left back. Finally, instead of a scythe, Matteo is given a simple double-edged sword that is sheathed behind the back. The sword is silver in color, has no crossguard, and the hilt is wrapped in a navy colored cloth.

Mayuri responds by yelling, "How can you do that?! A bankai is only supposed to have one form!"

"My bankai is different, Mayuri. The true form of my bankai is a wolf wearing this armor. When I was trying to achieve bankai, I had trouble in the transformation because of the two different aspects that I had to manifest. So, Mangetsu Oogama and I came up with a solution...By already being able to shapeshift, it was relatively easy for Mangetsu Oogama to teach me how to do the same. Once I learned, it became possible for me to successfully achieve Bankai. However, I can only shapeshift into this form and in my wolf form, and I can only shapeshift while my bankai is activated."

Mayuri just stands as still as concrete, unable to believe what he has seen and heard. Matteo takes advantage of this and activates his bankai's most powerful technique. "Kiba Mangetsu Tataku (Fang of the Full Moon Strike)!" Matteo draws the sword sword on his back and draws a circle with it in the air. The circle is visible as white colored reiatsu takes the form of the circle. The circle flies at Mayuri and hits him. Since the circle was able to hit Mayuri, the circle expands around his body. It forces his arms to be spread out along the circle and it forces his legs to be spread out along the circle as well. After this is done, the sword begins to glow white and Matteo charges at Mayuri. Once Matteo reaches Mayuri, he attempts to stab the man but is stopped by the last person that he expected.

"Please, do not kill Mayuri-sama," said Nemu as she trembled between Matteo and Mayuri.

"How can you say that Nemu? All that this monster has ever done is hurt you."

"I know that, Matteo," she replies. "But he is still my father and I--" She is cut short by Mayuri's hand protruding through her stomach.

"Stupid little wench, I do not need you to help me fight!" roars Mayuri.

In total shock of what has happened to her, Nemu can only say his name, slowly like before. "May...u...ri-sa...ma..." Mayuri removes his hand and she limps forward into Matteo's arms.

"She has gotten what she deserves! That should teach her to never interfere in my affairs again."

Matteo looks down at Nemu and then looks at Mayuri, who is still bound to the circle by his other arm and two legs. He then looks down at Nemu again and holds her close, trying to keep her from going into shock. "I hope that you can forgive me for what I am about to do, Nemu." He looks back up at Mayuri and his sword begins to glow again. He speeds forward, with Nemu in his arms, and impales Mayuri. "Go to hell, Mayuri Kurotsuchi."

As soon as Matteo pulls his sword from Mayuri, the circle glows white and explodes into dust, taking Mayuri with it. Suddenly, the Head-Captain appears with a haori in hand. "Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi has been killed in a Captain's challenge; therefore, the winner of this battle, Matteo Ryosuke, is the new Captain of Squad 12."

The Head-Captain hands Matteo the haori and puts in on quickly. As soon as he does, he immediately shunpos to the Squad 4 Hospital so that Nemu can receive medical treatment.
বছরখানেক আগে jlazlo said…
As Matteo enters the 4th squad barracks he yells for assistance "Anyone! i need assistance asap!". Out of his yelling one of the squad members appear, she bows quickly and answers "i'm sorry but all the members had a seminar on the basics of healing. And they left me to watch but i'm not well trained enough to help"

Matteo looks down at Nemu who is slowly losing consious. "Are you sure there is no one here?!"

Startled the officer answers "well there is sombody but he isn't really part of the squad but he is skilled", "thats good enough for me", She quickly runs to the room and they follow.

As they enter the room Matteo quickly sees a young boy with black hair, his eyes are silvery and attracts his attention to it.

(sorry i rather post like this)
Matteo: 'looks at the officer' Are you sure he can help?!

???: Why yes, i can. I'am Ace, let me help.

Matteo: I dont know, maybe i should find the captain.

Ace: you're wasting your time. Set her down.

Matteo reluctantly puts her on the mattress.

Ace starts to work on Nemu, he uses different kidos and a few postions.

An hour later.

Ace: Done, She is stable, her wounds are almost healed but thats should be fine enough. When captain Unohana gets back, Nemu will be in her care.

Matteo: I see, thank you. 'sighs'

Ace: Well, i guess i'll be getting back to gramps. See you later captain.

Matteo: Cap- Oh yea. haha. Thanks you again.

Ace: oh and since you're the new captain, you should see the commander and give a report.

Matteo: Yea thanks for the reminder.

Ace exits the door.

Matteo 'thoughts: Interesting kid. I have a feeling i'll see him around.
বছরখানেক আগে bleacher1001 said…
Matteo stays with Nemu for a few more minutes. When he decides to leave and gets up, she wakes up and grabs him by the wrist. "Matteo, where is Mayuri-sama?"

Matteo looks down at her, afraid of how she will react. "Nemu, I'm sorry but he left me no choice. He was going to kill you in order to get to me.....I hope that you can forgive me."

She looks up at him and sees a tear rolling down his cheek. She takes a finger to his cheek and wipes away the tear. "Why are you crying? I thought that you didn't like my father."

"I didn't, Nemu. In fact, I despised him. However, I just couldn't stand his constant torturing of you...I just don't want you to despise me for killing him."

Nemu looks at him and says, "I won't despise you for killing him. But now that he is dead, I have no purpose to live. What am I to do?"

"Why don't you stay on as the Lieutenant of Squad 12. I'm not a scientist so you could be the new President of the Research and Development Institute as well. How does that sound?"

Nemu looks at him in shock. "You would not mind my presence?"

"Of course not, you're the main reason that I am the new Captain of Squad 12. However, there would be some changes in the types of research that would be done."

"That will be fine...and thank you, Matteo" said Nemu. "Thank you for standing up for me."

"It was no problem, Nemu. I have to go for now but I will return. Goodbye."

She finally removes her hand from his cheek and closes her eyes. "Goodbye..." She finally falls asleep.


A few minutes later, Matteo arrives at the Squad 1 Barracks to give his first report to the Head-Captain as the Captain of Squad 12. He is quickly ushered into the Head-Captain's office. "Sensei, I have come to give you my report."

"Come in, Matteo. Or should I say Captain Ryozuke?" chuckled the Head-Captain.

"No matter what position I gain, you will always be my Sensei and I will always be your student. Therefore, I have no right to request that you call me anything other than what you wish."

"Very well then, Matteo. What do you wish to report?" asked Yamamoto.

"I wish to report that I am prepared to immediately take over my position as the Captain of Squad 12. I have also decided that Nemu Kurotsuchi will stay on as my Lieutenant and will also become the President of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute."

Yamamoto is somewhat surprised. "I am actually surprised that you are going to keep her as your Lieutenant. I would have thought that you would have wanted to eradicate any trace of Mayuri from Squad 12."

"That was my original thought, but I realized that it would do more harm than good. The members of Squad 12 look up to Nemu and, besides that, I do have an attachment to her."

"So I have noticed," said the Head-Captain. "If this is all that you have to report then I suggest you return to your Squad. You may leave now, Captain Ryozuke."

As Yamamoto says this, a young Shinigami enters his office. "Yamamoto-sensei, would it be alright if I--" he stops short after seeing Matteo. "It is nice to see you again, Captain....."

"Ryozuke. And it is nice to see you again. What is your name, I never did ask?"

Yamamoto chimes in. "I am not surprised that you do not remember him. Several years ago, I took in Ace here and have been training him. Just as I did you. I took him in while you were on your last patrol in the World of the Living."

"That explains it then. My last patrol in the World of the Living was a five year stint, so I wouldn't have seen you. And I haven't been housed in Sensei's house for many years, but it is nice to meet you." Matteo extends his hand for Ace to shake.

Ace accepts the gesture and says, "I will also be taking your place as the Second Lieutenant of Squad 1."

Laughing, Matteo replies by patting Ace on the back and saying, "Well, you have some big shoes to fill!"

"Don't worry, I won't screw up," Ace retorts.

"Good. Glad to hear it.....Well I have to go. Goodbye, Sensei. Goodbye, Ace." After he says this, Matteo then vanishes.
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Ace: Hey gramps! 'smiles'

Commander: Ace, as always smiling! Why don't you go walk around.

Ace: 'scratches head' I don't need to do paper work?

Commander: knowing you, you won't do it.

Ace: I see. Well i guess ill be on my way. 'vanishes in the in the wind'

Matteo walks along some of busy markets just passing time.

Suddenly a vase smashes on his head: OUch!!

He slowly gets up but he turns and catches another the flying at him.

Matteo: Who the hell- There! 'he points and sees someone duck on top of a roof'

Matteo decides to catch the culprit but as he reaches the roof no one is there. He finds a note there.

Matteo: hmmm, "lets play, im really bored" 'at the bottom is a drawing of a bear' Heh, this kid is pretty silly. Im not wasting my time though.

Ace: WHY NOT?! 'grins'

Matteo turns to see ACe on a branch: Oh so its you all along. I dont wanna play because these are childish games.

Ace: Well i didnt know you were all mature now! Mr.Captain! haha.

Matteo: bye ace. 'turns when he is smashed by another vase' where the hell do you get these vases!! 'massaging his head he turns to see Ace gone' heh sly kid. Im GONNA GET YOU!! 'grins'

বছরখানেক আগে bleacher1001 said…
Matteo chases Ace around the marketplace until he finally catches him by the back of his shirt. "Damn, you're a fast kid. But listen, I really don't have time to do this. It's not like I don't want to be friends with you or anything, I just have a lot on my plate. I've got to take over a Squad, reorganize the R&D Institute, and then put up a position on the coming Arrancar invasion."

Ace responds, "I know. I just want to make a good impression. I've had some problems in my past and treasure any friends that I do have. And plus that, I want to know what it is exactly to be a Second Lieutenant. Is there any real difference in position between me and Lieutenant Sasakibe?"

"Not really, except that you will be sent on more patrols than he will. Other than that, your rank is the same. Just don't do anything to piss him off. He can be a real tool."

Ace asks, "How so?"

"As an example, I once tried to strike Hollow in front of the Captain of Squad 7 and missed. He panicked because I missed and killed the Hollow for me. After he did that, he struck me across the face and told me that I had disgraced the name of Squad 1. He still has never let me forget that day, and that was 22 years ago."

"Wow, that was harsh," responded Ace.

"Oh, you shouldn't have to worry about that too much since you're young. He has a soft spot for kids. But after you reach 25, look out," Matteo says while laughing.

"Okay.....So what are you going to do now?"

Matteo thinks for a minute and then comes to a decision. "I am going to go check up on Nemu and then I am going to introduce myself to my new Squad. So I guess I'll see you later."

"So you're not gonna tell Gramps about me hitting you with the vases?"

Matteo laughs. "No, I won't. Just next time, tell me that you want to hang out, instead of doing something that will get you hurt. Okay?"

Confused, Ace asks, "What do you mean? I didn't get hurt."

Just as he says this, Matteo whacks him hard on the back of his head. "Now you have." He laughs as he shunpos to the Squad 4 Hospital.

Ace shakes off the whack rather quickly and thinks to himself: "I really set myself up for that one."
বছরখানেক আগে jlazlo said…
Ace sits for a while and thinks. "hmmm, where did he say he was going again? Hospital, yea plus they always have good free food there"

Ace vanishes.

As Matteo walks in the halls he heres noises comming from Nemu's room. Concerened he holds onto his zanpaktou. Opens the door quickly, and rushes in "Hey!"

Ace looks up as he sits on the couch eating. "oh hey! to you too"

Matteo releases a sigh of relief, "what are you doing here? i just left you like 15 minutes ago. And how did you get here before me?" Ace sits up and swallows his last bite, "well the free sprit that i am, i learned how to use the sewers." He smiles, Matteo turns his attention to Nemu. He asks "ah, Nemu you okay?", she leaves her eyes closed but answers "Captain? Yes, yes im fine. Thank you for asking."

Matteo feels relieved and remembers that Ace is still there, He looks at Ace who looks bored. "umm so why are you here? shouldn't you be patrolling?" Ace laughs at the idea "Well you see, gramps let me have the day off, which he ussuall does. So i just go around exploring. While doing so i hang round all the barracks. Which means i hung out at the squad 12's before. So you see, im here to say hi to a friend too. Right Nemu??" Nemu smiles, "yes of course Ace, you curious little one"

Matteo takes a seat by Nemu's bed. "well its nice to know that your friends with alot of people Ace. so you know the people in squad 12? 'Ace nods' Well do you want to tag along with me as i introduce myself?

Ace thinks for a while then quickly answeres. "Of course! anything for a friend." He lets out a laugh. "well when you're ready i'll be outside in the cafeteria they always give me food" Ace walks out the door
বছরখানেক আগে IchigoShirosaki said…
Reiku sighs as she stands in a field outside back behind the squad 3 barracks, she takes in a deep breath.

suddenly the skies in that area turn very dark, and it starts to rain.

Reiku holds her Zanpakuto in her hand, she holds it up in the air.

"Vanish with the sounds of Thunder and bring a fiery destruction across your Path, Raikari-Ryuu!"

her zanpakuto disappeared and in it's place was a ball of lighting in her hand as a stray lighting bolt shot from the skies and hit her hand causing a loud noise to echo. soon a blue fiery Dragon appeared in front of her, it towered over her, but she had bulit a strong bond with the dragon since she had frist learned its name, she could never be intimdated by it.

it stared at Reiku momentarily, then made a soft growl, then took on the shape of a human, a female human.

Raikari-Ryuu was the most beautiful creature ever seen, if she were an actual human or shinigami, she would have any male drooling for her.

she had long blue hair, and piercing light blue eyes, she wore a Sakura Patterned Kimono, simular to Reiku's Shinigami Robes, but different.

Raikari-Ryuu stared at her master, and slightly bowed.

"what is wrong Reiku, why call upon me at this hour?"

"i must Harness more power, i fear Aizen is up to no good, i dont know his plans, but this time he wont get by me so easily."

she sighs, "what more power can you have, you almost have as much power as the commander. you are probably an even match to Ichigo Kurosaki, or maybe even stronger then him."

"i've heard from Rukia that he also became a vizard, so now he can Harness his hollow powers... that's what i want, im not as strong as i use to be, these Arrancars some how are stronger, and i've grown weaker, and it has become harder to control my inner Hollow, everytime i fight, it seems when i use Bankai, i lose control after awhile..."

"hm. and your asking me this?"

"you can help me in some way cant you?"

"yeah but only in your Consious, you pass out and fight you remember that place, the place inside your mind which i consist in, but on the outside you would be going Hollow, and god knows what would you do. it's better to be up against someone. i might suggest Hitsugaya.."

"that's out of the question, there's no way i will let him get hurt as a result of an experiement."

"i say Hitsugaya, because, he would be able to stop you if things got out of hand, and you know this." Raikari-Ryuu sighed.

Reiku sighs. "it's still out of the question, i have someone else in mind."
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বছরখানেক আগে bleacher1001 said…
After Ace leaves, Matteo takes a look at Nemu, whose eyes are still closed, and thinks to himself, "If I had just been faster then she would not have been hurt like this. If I had just activated my Bankai sooner....."

Nemu opens her eyes and sees that Matteo is staring into space. "Is something on your mind, Captain?"

Matteo looks back at her and says, "I was just thinking of what happened at the barracks earlier."

"I already told you that I did not hate you for killing Mayuri-sama. So why are you still thinking about it? You should be happy that you have attained the rank of Captain."

"I am happy, Nemu," said Matteo. "I just wish that I had ended that fight sooner. If I had, then you would not have gotten hurt."

Nemu takes his hand that was on the side of her bed and grasps it with her own. "Captain, you don't need to worry about me. I'm fine and I am almost recovered. So you do not need to beat yourself up over what happened. I had done this to myself anyway."

Matteo sighs and says, "Alright, as long as you are okay, then everything will be fine.....And you don't have to keep addressing me as Captain. Just address me by my name, okay?"

Nemu widens her eyes by this gesture, "But you are the Captain! Why would you not want me to address you by your title?"

Matteo simply says, "Because I don't want you to. Isn't that a good enough reason?"

Nemu calms down and agrees. "Yes Capt--I mean, yes Matteo. That is a good enough reason."

Matteo smiles at her, still holding her hand. "Well, I am going to go and introduce myself to our Squad. You just stay here and get some rest." He stands up. "I'll be back later, okay?"

Nemu simply smiles and says, "Okay, I will see you later."

Matteo walks out of the room and makes his way to the cafeteria. He finds Ace sitting at a table and talking to one of Nemu's nurses. He walks up and sits down at the table. "So, how's it going Ace?"

"Pretty good. I've got some good news...Nemu is going to discharged from the hospital this evening."

Matteo pats him on the back. "That's great. I don't think that I would be able to get through my first day as Squad Captain without her.....So, are you ready to go?"

"Yeah," replies Ace. "We'll take the sewers to get to the Squad 12 Barracks. It's quicker that way."

They arrive at the Squad 12 Barracks within ten minutes, much less than half the time that it would have taken by a normal route. Ace and Matteo walk all around the Squad 12 Barracks, meeting the members and learning about the Squad's operations as a whole. Then they come to the Research and Development Institute.

Matteo walks through the doors and sees that everyone is busy. He is suddenly approached by a man with three small horns on his forehead. He extends his hand and says, "So you are the new Captain of Squad 12. I am Akon, one of the researchers here in the Institute."

Matteo shakes his hand. "Yes, I am. The name is Matteo Ryosuke."

"Well then Captain Ryosuke, do you want me to show you around?"

Matteo responds quickly. "Not really. To tell you the truth, I won't be in here that much."

Akon is shocked and panics a little. "What is going to happen to the Insitute?! Don't tell me that you are going to shut us down!"

"No, no, I'm not shutting you down. I just won't be taking over as President of the Institute. Nemu will be taking care of that."

Now calm, Akon responds, "So you are going to keep Lieutenant Kurotsuchi in the Squad. That's great. Without Mayuri around, perhaps she can finally find a happiness in life."

Matteo smiles at the comment. "Yeah, I hope that she can.....By the way, I want to tell you this. Even though I will not be involved in the Institute, I will be abolishing some forms of research."

Akon immediately answers, "Good. I have a feeling that I know which ones you will be doing away with and, frankly, it will be for the better."

"I'm glad you see it that way, Akon. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to finish introducing myself to my Squad." Matteo walks around the Research and Development Institute, introducing himself and talking with the researchers about the types of research that they are doing.

After spending a few hours of introductions, Matteo sends Ace back to Squad 1 and he goes to pick up Nemu. He enters Nemu's room to find Captain Unohana sitting next to her bed. "Captain Ryosuke, it is good to see that you have arrived."

Matteo is surprised at how Unohana addressed him but then remembers that he is, in fact, a Captain. He smiles and says, "I guess news travels fast.....So is everything going alright?"

Unohana stands up. "Yes, she is ready to be discharged. All of the papers have been filled out and she says that she is ready to go."

Matteo is ecstatic to hear this. "That's great. Thank you for everything, Captain Unohana."

Unohana simply says, "You're welcome, Matteo. Goodbye to both of you." She then walks to the door and leaves.

Matteo walks over to Nemu's bed in order to help her up. "Let me give you a hand." He is able to help her up, but she quickly falls down.

When she falls, a tear comes to her eye. "Please, forgive me. I will try to do better."

Confused, Matteo then picks her up and makes sure that she rests her head on his shoulder. "Don't worry, Nemu. Your days of torture and punishment are over."

Matteo gets her back to the Squad 12 Barracks quickly and lays her down on her bed. "Maybe you should take things kinda slow. After all, you did take quite a hit and your spinal column has probably not readjusted to what it once was yet...You get some sleep and we'll try again tomorrow." He smiles as he says this.

Tired, Nemu says to him, "alright," and then immediately falls asleep. Matteo pulls up a chair and sleeps in it, next to her bed, the entire night.
বছরখানেক আগে jlazlo said…
Ace wakes up refreshed and smirk as always. Until he realizes he has to go on patrol again. "Awww. Time to go i guess" He gets up and takes a quick hot shower. After his shower he quickly leaves his home to do some patrolling.
বছরখানেক আগে bleacher1001 said…
After sleeping an entire night, Matteo wakes up with the sun shining in his face. He finds that he has been covered with a blanket and looks over to Nemu's bed. When he does not see her in it, he jumps up and looks around, only to see her standing out on a balcony. He slowly walks up behind her and says, "I'm glad to see that your able to walk again. I was a bit worried."

She turns around and smile. "You didn't need to worry about me. I heal very fast."

"Still though, I can't help but worry. You and I are somewhat similar and I cherish that."

"How are we similar?" asked Nemu.

Matteo pauses for a moment. "For one thing, we both know torture. We are both different from other shinigami. And we both know betrayal."

Nemu stands at the balcony's edge for a moment and then walks over to Matteo and puts an arm behind his back. "What is the torture that you have felt?"

He simply responds, "My dreams are my torture." He looks down at Nemu, smiles, and then looks out to the Seireitei. "Nearly every night, I see death in my dreams. And when I wake up, I see it again."

"Just as every day that my father was alive, I was tortured. And every night, I would also dream of it and desire to do better so that it wouldn't happen.....What is your difference from other Shinigami? We both know that mine is the fact that I was created through science."

Matteo looks back to her and says, "Unlike most Shinigami, I can remember every aspect of my death. I can remember the day, month, year, and manner in which I was killed. I know who killed me and I can also remember what he did to my family." They both walk over to the balcony's edge and sit on it. "As for betrayal, I was betrayed by Aizen and Gin. I had considered them both to be my friends and then they defected from the Seireitei."

Nemu looks at him quizzically and asks, "How is it that you say that I know betrayal? I was never close to any of the defectors."

"You were betrayed by Mayuri...A father should never strike at his child in anger or hatred, nor should he experiment on them. By ignoring this fundamental truth, he betrayed you and your innocence. He made you think that you are worthless and that you are no better than dust.....That was my greatest reason for standing against him. I am just sorry that I did not do it sooner."

She places a hand on his cheek and turns his face towards her. "You do not need to apologize to me, Matteo. I know that you were not strong enough then, but you are now and you were able to accomplish your mission." She closes her eyes and smiles at him. "Well, I need to be going. It's my first day as the President of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute and I do not want to be late."

"Before you go, I have something for you." Matteo rushes into Nemu's apartment and grabs his bag. He takes something out of it and brings it to her. "I hope this is alright." She opens up the package that he brought her and it contains a white cloak that is the same length as her shinigami uniform. On the back of it is the symbol of Squad 12, her rank, and the new insignia of the Research and Development Institute (The kanji for Research: 研究). "Do you like it?"

She puts it on slowly and looks up to him. "I love it. Thank you."

Matteo wears a big smile over this and then notices her red choker. "I almost forgot. I got you something else too." He pull out of his pocket an amulet on a white choker with the kanji's for their names on it (Matteo: マッテオ; Nemu: 郷). "I hope that this is acceptable as well."

She takes off her red choker and asks, "Would you please help me put it on?"

Matteo walks inside with her and they stand in front of a mirror. Matteo then pulls it to her neck and ties it, but not as tight as her red choker was. "Is that alright?" he asks.

She turns around and hugs him. She stands on her toes so that she can reach his ear and whispers, "It's perfect." She give him a small kiss on his cheek and then vanishes.

Matteo just stands there for a moment and then exhales hard. "Damn! I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. Now that'd be something, instead of me seeing her in Squad 4 it'd be the other way around." He thinks about that for a second and then says. "No, I think I would rather the both of us stay uninjured.....Oh well, I guess I should patrol around the barracks; make sure everything is going alright."

He walks out onto the balcony and closes the door to Nemu's apartment. He then walks over to the edge of the balcony and jumps over the side. Once he lands on the ground, Matteo begins walking around his Squad's barracks when he finds Ace sitting under a tree sleeping. "He must have been patroling and got tired...Time to get him back for earlier." He walks over to where Ace is and sees that there is a small tree opposite the one that the boy is leaning up against. Matteo walks over to the other tree and cuts it so that it will fall in Ace's direction. It does this and, just as Matteo had guessed, it falls just short of where Ace is standing.

Ace is startled by the falling tree and jump up, "What the Hell is going on here?!!!"

"That's what you get for throwing two vases at me."

Ace looks up to see Matteo standing on a branch of the tree that he was leaning on.

"What the Hell were you thinking, Matteo?! If that thing had been a bit taller then it would have killed me!"

Matteo jumps down from the branch and walks past Ace saying, "Well I guess that you're fortunate that it wasn't tall enough then."

Ace just stands there thinking, "This guy is about as nuts as I am. I'll need to be more careful around him...However, this just gives me another reason to bug him some more." Ace laughs a little bit and then follows Matteo.
বছরখানেক আগে jlazlo said…
After a minuter or two of silence Ace breaks the silence. "So where are we going exactly?" Matteo doesnt reply he only smirks. Confused Ace asks again "Where are we going Matteo"
বছরখানেক আগে bleacher1001 said…
Ace asks Matteo one final time, "Matteo, where are we going?"

The Captain finally let's up and tells Ace where they are going. "We are going to visit a very old friend of mine. If you are going to be the Second Lieutenant of Squad 1 then you must meet this person."

Excitedly, Ace asks "Who is he? Is he some sort of ancient fighter?"

Matteo simply smirks and says, "I never said that the person was a he, did I?"

About ten minutes after Matteo says this, they arrive at their destination: The Shiba Clan Compound. Ace just stands there with his mouth agape at the sight of the giant human arms holding up a banner. Matteo walks on ahead of the young Lieutenant but turns around after noticing that he isn't being followed. "What are you standing there for? We need to get inside before the whole place is put to sleep!"

Ace snaps out of his trance and quickly follows Matteo. They are greeted heartily by the guards and personally escorted to the owner of the home. When they reach the owners sitting room, Ace is completely shocked as to who they see. He sees Kūkaku Shiba, a youthful-looking woman of average height with long messy black hair she usually wears bandages over. She wears a white skirt and provocative red robe. He also notices that she is missing her right arm.

"Long time no see, Kūkaku. You look exactly the same as you did 168 years ago."

She looks up after taking a puff from her pipe. "Can it, shorty. You're making me sound old." She then takes a look at him and notices his haori. "So you've finally been made a Captain. Which Squad?"

Matteo looks over at her and smiles. "Well, I wasn't exactly made a Captain. I kinda killed one of them and took his position."

Kūkaku nearly breaks her pipe out of surprise. "You killed a Captain! Who?!"

"Kurotsuchi is the one that I killed.....He got what he deserved, though I think that he deserved more."

The woman sighs in relief. "At least you weren't fool enough to fight Zaraki or Hitsugaya...Did you use your bankai?"

Matteo quickly answers, "Yes, but only a very few people saw it. They've been ordered never to speak of what they saw, except that they saw me completely eradicate Kurotsuchi's body."

Kūkaku looks at him with concern. "What about Nemu? Did you kill her too?"

"I would never kill her. No matter what she does, my blade will never touch her skin."

Kūkaku is somewhat surprised but does not express it. "Have you been sleeping well? The last time you came here those nightmares of yours were giving you a horrible trouble."

Matteo looks down at this question, but answers nonetheless. "My nightmares have increased with the return of my brother and the death of my mortal killer by my own hand."

Matteo spends about an hour and a half with Kūkaku, telling her of everything that has happened. After Matteo finally finishes, Kūkaku asks him a very important question. "What'd you bring that runt here for?"

"That's what I forgot to tell you. Ace here is taking over my position as Second Lieutenant of Squad 1. I was hoping that you could give him the right of passage." He says that last statement with a smile on his face.

Kūkaku gets up and goes to the door. "Anything for an old friend."

Matteo and Ace are led to the firing room. Once they arrive there, Kūkaku gives Ace a ball with a strange symbol on it. "What the hell is this for?"

Matteo answers before Kūkaku bites Ace's head off. "It is the only tool that you need. I want you to pour as much reiatsu as you can into that thing and try to form a sphere around you with it. If you can do that, then we can continue with your right of passage."

Ace stands there for about an hour and is finally able to form a sphere around himself easily. Kūkaku then explains step two. "Alright, for your next step you should step into this room." She shows him the way to the firing tube.

Matteo then chimes in. "Now, I want you to form that sphere again. This time, however, I want you to hold it no matter what. Do not let your concentration slip or you WILL die. Got it?"

Ace gulps and the responds, "Yeah, I got it." He forms the sphere and stands in place.

After he says this, Kūkaku closes the tube and then declares, "Flower Crane Cannon.....FIRE!!!"

On the part of Ace, he is unexpectedly thrown into the air by a massive explosion. Fortunately, he has been able to stabilize his sphere. "Damn you, Matteo. Gramps is gonna hear about this." Just as soon as he is launched, the Second Lieutenant lands on the other side of the Rukon District.

Matteo shunpos over to the crater that Ace made upon impact in order to see if he is alright. Miraculously, Ace emerges without so much as a scrape. "Great job, Ace. You passed the test."

As soon as Matteo says this, Ace punches him in the jaw and yells at the Captain. "Do you have a loose screw in your head or something?! If I hadn't kept my concentration, I'd be dead by now!"

Matteo immediately gets up. "That is true. But, what is also true is that you did keep your concentration. In fact, you kept yourself a whole hell of a lot cooler than I did. When I was launched from the cannon, I was kicking and screaming inside the sphere. However, I was able to keep my concentration." He looks at Ace and pats him on the back. "You will make a great Lieutenant, of that I am sure."

Ace looks at him. "Thanks for the compliment, but I need to get going. I'll talk with you later."

Matteo looks at him and smiles. "Alright. Don't do anything too reckless."

"I won't. Bye." With this said, Ace vanishes.
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বছরখানেক আগে IchigoShirosaki said…
Reiku follows the reitsu of Matteo, she had to speak to him, she more so had a favor.

she found him, "good evening Matteo."

"oh Captain Kuroshirou, hello."

"may i have a word with you?"


"good follow me." she muttered as they began to walk towards squad 3 barracks.

htey go in and Reiku sighs, "please take a seat."

he sits down, as she makes some tea and then sits down as well on the other couch across from him.

"what is it that is bothering you?" he asked.

"i wanted to talk to you, about your brother if you dont mind." she answered sighing.
বছরখানেক আগে bleacher1001 said…
Matteo looks at Reiku quizzically and asks, "Why do you want to know about my brother?"

Reiku sighs and says, "I had remembered you saying something about him earlier and it made me curious about him. However, you don't have to talk about him if you don't want to."

"It's fine. Talking about him might help to put my mind at ease." Matteo pauses for a second before continuing. "My brother and I were born in Japan in the 1820's. He was four years older than me. When we were young, both of us were considered prodigies. Shiro, by the time he was four, could wield a sword and was a great strategist for his age. He could see the flaws in any person's fighting style and be able to act upon it. A month after I turned two, we played with each other and dueled with wooden swords. Though I still think he threw a few of those duels, I was able to beat him a few times. Our family wasn't rich but we were provided for and happy. We had no idea of what was about to happen."

Reiku puts down her tea so that she can give her full attention to Matteo.

"It was the middle of summer when it happened. Shiro and I had been outside playing and had come inside in order to cool off. When we heard a knocking at the door, my father answered it. He was met by a sword that impaled him through his heart. The man continued to stab my father until my mother rushed in. He then began to slice her up. Having heard my father's screams, Shiro ran into his room to grab his sword. When he returned he froze at the site of our mother's mangled body.....I was closer to her than my brother was so the man came after me first. He raised his sword and was going to decapitate me, but my brother stepped in and took the hit for me. It was not fatal for him because he blocked part of it with his sword. He bled to death and was forced to watch me die right in front of him." Matteo stops for a moment and opens part of his shirt, showing Reiku a scar that runs from his heart and downward to the right side of his body. "This is the scar from the blow that killed me."

Reiku looks at the scar deeply, knowing that wounds from life should not be present in death.

"After the man killed us, he was arrested a few days later for our murders. My brother and I never did find our parents, but we were able to find each other...My brother became consumed with hatred for the man because he killed me. Shiro told me that he did not care if he or our parents had died, but that he was appalled at the fact that I was killed along with them. He became a hollow and killed the man in cold blood. When he finished his work there, he turned to me and tried to eat me because he lost control of himself.....After he had chased me for several days, I could run no more and decided to stand and fight him. When he lunged at me, I prepared myself for the pain but it never came. My brother regained control of himself and then ripped his own mask off. After he did that, he told me that he loved me and then killed himself. The gates of the underworld opened and sucked him in. That was the last time that I had seen him, up until now that is."

Reiku closes her eyes for a second and thinks about his story for a minute. She then decides to ask him more. "How were you connected to Captain Aizen?"

Matteo looks up in surprise and then looks back down. "Sōsuke was a dear friend, as well as Gin. Sōsuke taught me a lot in the use of kido, as well as how to combine it with my zanpakuto's abilities. Outside of training, he would look at the stars with me. But that was when I was very young. We stopped interacting like that after I turned twelve. After that, our meetings were strictly business, though we would chat every now and again."

"What about Captain Ichimaru?" asked Reiku.

Matteo laughs for a minute. "Gin was the very definition of friend. He was always nice to me and would always make time to talk to me. He was my first real friend. Even though he was a Lieutenant when we first met, he was always so kind...In my mind, he kind of took the place of my brother. But when they both betrayed the Soul Society--betrayed me--I was furious. I wanted to wring their necks so much that I grew to despise their names. I wanted to kill them for the longest time, but I grew out of it because I knew that revenge would get me nowhere."

Reiku smiles a little and says, "At least you were able to realize that."

"That was the case. But now that my brother is back, and it being because of Aizen, my hatred is returning...and my nightmares are increasing. I will make sure that Aizen pays for what he has done. I have sworn to myself that he will pay." He pauses for a moment and then looks at Reiku. "What about you? What about your past? I only know that you were Aizen's pupil.....And don't worry, I won't hold it against you if you say kind things about Sōsuke. I can completely understand why."
বছরখানেক আগে IchigoShirosaki said…
she closed her eyes, and took in a deep breath. "as you know i came from a noble family,i too had a brother, his name was Daisuke, but unlike you and your brother, we had a bittered relationship, i was considered a prodigy and a genius, cause i had been the youngest member in my family to learn the name of my Zanpakuto." Reiku took a breath and sighed as she looked down at the floor.

"though i constantly lived the the shadow of him, we constantly fought each other out of jealousy and pride, our mother never approved of our arugements, our father just laughed it off, saying things like 'thier just kids they'll grow out of it', but it didnt end, it got worse with each passing day."

"then it happened, the one thing i will never forget.." she muttered as she shuttered.

"what is that?"

"my mother became a hollow, and i was forced to kill her, i could never forgive myself." Reiku breathed.

Matteo looked at sympathetically. "that is truely horrible."

"yes, but that wasnt the one thing that drove me over the edge. my brother was acting strange, and on that night, i witnessed something horrible, somthing that leaves an emotional scar on me even today.."

"what happened?" he asked.

she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "i witnessed the death of my family by my own brother's hands, only me and my father lived. he murdered everyone out of greed and lust for power.. and... i lost it... i became devoured in an urge for revenge, and i almost became a hollow, if it wasnt for Aizen."

"what did Aizen do?"

"he saved my life, in more ways then one, he took me in, and trained me, i looked up to him, i admired him, and i think over time i fell in love with him, i became his commanding officer after i graduated from the acadamy. he was like the family i lost besides my father. i'm also rather close to Toushirou, i met him during my time in the acadamy. i had a close bond with both, but back to Aizen."

"he was a man who wasnt who i thought he was, when i learned the truth, i was enraged, and that day i encountered him, and i fought him with no success. he had hurt Hitsugaya and Momo, i vowed to get revenge for them.." she sighed.

"those are my reasons why i think we could relate to each other, because in a sense we suffered the same fate, and betrayal."
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বছরখানেক আগে randomfan13 said…
Whats going on here?
বছরখানেক আগে bleacher1001 said…
Matteo looks over at her, unable to speak. He couldn't believe that there was someone like him within the Seireitei. "I must say that this is rather shocking. I knew that Aizen's betrayal left you scarred, but I had no idea that it did this much to you.....You are right in the fact that we can relate to each other because of our loses, and I would be honored to have you as my friend."

They both stand up and walk outside, looking out at the Seireitei. Reiku then says to Matteo, "Thank you for hearing me out. I have been needing to tell that to someone that would be willing to listen."

"It's no problem. I did the same thing with Captain Unohana. She really helped me through some dark times." He hears Reiku sigh again. "What is it?"

She waits a moment and then answers. "I know that there is no way for me to defeat Aizen with my current power. In order to defeat him...I will need to gain the powers of a hollow."

Matteo looks at her in shock but immediately composes himself. "I see. And you're telling me this why?"

"I am telling you this because I will need your help to defeat the Hollow within me. I can't go to Toshiro and ask him for his help because I don't want to hurt him. With you, it would be easier."

Smiling, Matteo responds, "I understand how you feel. But I must warn you, Hollowfication is a harsh process. You can die just trying to tame it."

She looks down to the ground. "I know that, but I feel that I have no other choice. Please, help me."

Matteo looks to the sky and then turns back to Reiku. "Alright, I will help you. We will use my personal training area so that we will not be disturbed but, in return, you must help me overcome my hollow. I now know that it is the cause of my nightmares and I don't want it to come out and hurt Nemu. She and Sensei are all that I have."

"You have a deal Matteo. I will meet you in front of your Squad's barracks in two hours."

Matteo shunpos to the top of the building. "Two hours, got it." And he disappears.