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queen-seli posted on Nov 28, 2012 at 06:12PM
Who / What is ur Favorite?!

1. Favorite Male Character in BDp2:
2. Favorite Female Character in BDp2 :
3. Favorite Character:
4. Favorite Vampire:
5. Favorite Human:
6. Favorite Werwolf:
7. Favorite Couple:
8. Favorite Coven:
9. Favorite Gift:
10. Best Scene:
11. Best Quote:
12: Best Fighter in the Final Battle:
13: Favorite Song on the Soundtrack:
14: Favorite Volturi:
15: Most Romantic Moment:
16: Most Dramatic Moment:
17. Most Shocking Moment:
18: The Moment u Cried:
19: Best Villian:

 Who / What is ur Favorite?! 1. পছন্দ Male Character in BDp2: 2. পছন্দ Female Character in

Breaking Dawn Part 2 2 উত্তর

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বছরখানেক আগে ebcullen4ever said…
some of my answers have more than one fave,bc I can't choose just 1.

fave male characters in BD 2:Edward, Benjamin and Garrett

fave female characters in BD 2: Bella,Alice,Kate,Renesmee

fave characters: Edward,Bella,Alice,Kate,Benjamin,Garrett,C­arm­en,­the rest of the Cullens

fave vampires: same as the answer above

fave human: Renesmee(she is half human,does that count?)

fave wolves: Seth and Jacob

fave couples:Edward&Bella and Kate&Garrett

fave coven: Olympic Coven(aka the Cullens)

fave gifts: Bella's shield,Benjamin's element control,Kate's electric shock

best scene: the end meadow scene where Bella lets Edward read her mind

best quote: "Now you know.No one's ever loved anyone as much as I love you"

best fighters in the battle: Bella and Edward(they are the ones who together tear Aro apart)

fave BD 2 song: A Thousand Years part 2

fave volturi: NONE-I HATE THEM!!!THEY ARE EVIL!!!!!!!

most romantic moments: Edward and Bella in the cottage and the end meadow scene

most dramatic moment: the battle scene(from start to finish)

most shocking moment: Carlisle's "death"

the moment i cried: the end meadow scene when both Edward and Bella say "forever" and then it fades to black and the last line from the book appears: and then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever.

best villain:Aro-he is super creepy and evil !!!!!!!!!!
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 some of my উত্তর have আরো than one fave,bc I can't choose just 1. fave male characters in BD 2:
বছরখানেক আগে mia444 said…
Favorite male characters in BD pt 2, Edward of course ♡, Garrett and Benjamin... same as you, sis 😊