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Breaking Dawn part 2 clip :)
ব্রেকিং ডন
part 2
রবার্ট প্যাট্টিসন
kristen steart
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Smash!!! I jumped up out of bed. The winds had started to pick up just like Aunt Alice predicted. I could see the clouds getting darker; the air was think and cold. I got out of বিছানা trying not to wake up Jake and slipped on Jake’s T – শার্ট that was thrown on to the lamp shade পরবর্তি to my side of the bed. I stood up and was a little light headed I caught myself on the night stand. God, we have to not be so ruff in bed. I get to dizzy in the morning from all of it. I thought to myself. I don’t know what it is but there’s just this magnetic pull between Jacob and me. We could help it last...
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