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posted by BriBree37
Dedicated to:Rhea, Talisha, Rachel, Kayla, an u all kno who u ar! U guys r sooo nice, thnx 4 bein ther 4 me when i needed it, an 4 bein so nice to such a dorky nerdy bookworm lyk me! I LUV U GUYS SOOOO MUCH! (for all u boys 2, thank you.)

Here's to you, my friends,
for friendship may wither, friendship may darken,
but friendship never ends.

Here's to you, Rhea.
Live each as if your last.
forget your grudges, angers and hates,
forget about the past.

Here's to আপনি Talisha.
you're a dear one, all can see.
you have a special place in my heart,
and, I'm glad আপনি decided to be kind to me,
otherwise, our friendship...
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posted by BriBree37
Do আপনি really understand?
How painful it is to watch from the sideline
Watch someone আপনি প্রণয় throw আপনি aside?
Do you? Do আপনি really?

Do আপনি understand the fear I feel?
No sleep, and the nightmares.
Haunt me through the day.
Do you? Do আপনি really?

Do আপনি understand?
Answer me true.
Do আপনি understand the tears?
The void of useless years?
I try to escape, to leave it behind, but I can't.


Do আপনি understand what it's like to fade?
To lose your grip
on what reality is
and what it isn't?

Do আপনি understand insanity?
Do আপনি truly?
Murder I've done it in my head,I প্রণয় the blood and the pain.
And maybe,
just maybe,

I'll murder again.
OK, to clear up, I AM NOT SUICIDAL! I just get inspiration from music, and I've been listening to rock and I got inspired for this. SO-- to recap, I'M NOT SUI--FUCKING--CIDAL!!!!!! Enjoy the damn poem/song/thing now.

Spill my blood on the stones
A crimson river flowing from what used to be me
Now crumpled and broken, shattered and alone
Something I didn't think I'd be.

You can spill my blood, a crimson tide,
But don't take my soul.
I'll make it to eternity,
if I can just keep it whole.

I'll চুম্বন the Devil, dance with a demon,
Hug both twice,
and then, I'd even
Gamble with Satan,
With Baphomet too,
and then,...
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