Chapter 1

Fade in বৃক্ষ পাহাড় Airport

“Hey it's me. Look I'm at the airport and I've got two tickets to Las Vegas. Do আপনি wanna get married tonight?” Lucas sat their waiting for a reply on the other end of line. After their was no response an ঘন্টা later Lucas began to sink in the chair as he was waiting for his flight to Las Vegas. When the plane began to board he thought back to the last two months that lead him to this point in his life. (Flashback to the Lucas and Lindsey wedding)... To প্রণয় and honor each other all the days of your life, until death do আপনি part as the minster finished then finally Lindsey spoke it was a comet, Luke. Could আপনি just give us a moment, please? Lucas asked the minister as he spoke to Lindsey the boy saw the comet and he felt as though his life had meaning. And when it went away, he waited his entire life for it to come back to him. Lindsey, I প্রণয় you, but this really isn't the time for a book review, ok? This completely caught Luke off guard and little did he know at this moment that Jamie, his little Jimmy জ্যাম was being kidnapped দ্বারা the crazy গাধা Nanny Carrie. Hours went on with no sign of Jamie. Nathan and Haley were worried that their son would never return. Lucas couldn't help but get that feeling as well. Could this দিন be any worse for him? Having the প্রণয় of your life leave আপনি at the alter and now the little boy আপনি care about the most is gone. His world was falling apart. Then his good friend Brooke came over and wrapped her arms around him.
"Everything is going to be ok Luke." That was the last thing he heard before Jamie came running into the room নিরাপদ and sound. One thing that দিন turned out ok but Lucas was still alone. That was when he began going down a dark path. It seemed like he would be like this forever. I really thought Lindsey was the one for me the one I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with these thoughts were replaying in Lucas mind every night when he went to sleep and every morning when he woke up he was just in a downward spiral that he did not think he would ever get out of until he one দিন he went to visit his good friend Brooke who helped him out of his darkness. The দিন it began to lift little দ্বারা little was when he went to see how Brooke was doing as she was getting ready for the arrival of the Baby she was going to take care of.

Lucas pulled up into the drive way of Brooke’s house. He was going to help weather she wanted it অথবা not. When he walked through the door Brooke was in a frenzy.
“Where the hell is it?”
“What are আপনি looking for?”
“My id they won’t let me take her without it. I need to prove I’m me! Where did I put it?”
“Breathe Brooke I will help আপনি look for it.”
After about 15 মিনিট of searching Lucas found it under the couch.
“Here আপনি are Brooke.” He handed her the card and saw relief spread across her face.
“Lucas আপনি are a life saver.”
“Let’s bring her home.”
With that they head out the door to the airport and wait for the newest resident of বৃক্ষ Hill.
Her plane landed on time and after the craziness of security the woman handed Brooke the baby and said.
“Brooke meet Angie.”
“Hi Angie how are little girl.” Angie just smiled and laughed at Brooke. Lucas stood in awe as he watched Brooke with Angie. This just felt right in his mind.
“Lucas do আপনি want to hold her?” Brooke asked noticing Lucas was just staring at them.
He nodded his head. She was an innocent child and he looked in her eyes and knew she was going to be ok.

Back at Brooke’s House

After an ঘন্টা of straight crying Angie had finally fallen asleep. Brooke and Lucas where just sitting one the পালঙ্ক talking.
“I don’t know if I can do this?”
“What are আপনি talking about Brooke?”
“Having a baby she cried for an ঘন্টা straight and I thought I was going to go insane.”
Lucas laughed a little.
“Brooke this what happens with babies… they cry.”
“I know I guess I’m just worried. “
“Everything is going to be ok.”
“What if something happens to her while she’s with me অথবা worst when she has her surgery I’ll never forgive myself.”
“Nothing is going to happen I promise আপনি that. আপনি are going to be great.”
“You didn’t say anything about the surgery.” Brooke begins to pout jokingly.
“ She’ll make it through.”
“Thanks Luke. I can always count on you. আপনি know I প্রণয় আপনি Lucas Scott.”
“I প্রণয় আপনি too Brooke Davis” When Lucas ব্যক্ত he loved her he felt that he meant it আরো than she did. With the past they had how could he be with her again? After hurting her twice with her best friend? This didn’t matter once again he was falling head over heels for Brooke Davis.