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Okay so this is my Fanfic for the ব্রুকাস্‌ contest, hope আপনি enjoy and it is about their wedding but likee theres memories হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ also sorry about my bad spelling and if its really long!

In life people have their regrets and প্রশ্ন to themselves like “what if” “should I have done that?” “I knew I should have gone there” all these প্রশ্ন that we cannot justify অথবা answer because in truth all আপনি can do is wonder because আপনি will never know. But that’s not saying maybe, because where আপনি are today অথবা where আপনি end up may be because of that ‘what if’ প্রশ্ন and maybe, just maybe all those regrets in the past actually helped আপনি get where আপনি are today, I mean why live on the past questions? How about go for it and try to fix the mistakes আপনি made & it may be to late but do আপনি want to look back and go “I wonder where I will be right now if I done that”… If আপনি do keep wondering and never trying but if আপনি don’t, go for it, I did and now the only regret I have is regretting all the mistakes I made.
Nathan looks at Lucas laughing so much his stomach begins to hurt, Jamie is on the ground rolling with tears coming out just like Lucas. “You know I make আপনি the best man in hope that আপনি will actually be the BEST man” Lucas says in an annoyed/joking tone. Nathan shakes his head to stop the laughing. “Sorry Luke, it’s cute but funny also…” Nathan turns to Jamie who is still laughing and starts laughing again. “Uncle Lucas is crying!” Jamie gets the words out through his laughter. Lucas shakes his head, so what he was crying? It was his wedding দিন shouldn’t he be aloud, he finally got to this moment and its আরো than he could hope for, actually he never hoped for it which makes him proud because he didn’t have any expectations nor could he analysis what could happen. Lucas smiles and looks in the mirror, in the reflection he see’s Nathan holding Jamie and whispering something to him, Lucas turns “Hey, Jamie আপনি better not tell anyone! অথবা do আপনি want Mummy to know what happen to her English book?” Lucas gives Jamie a funny evil look, Jamie freezes and shakes his head. “Not cool Uncle Lucas” He says running out. Nathan looks confused, “wait, what English book?” Lucas turns back into the mirror and now focuses on himself. “Nathan, don’t worry…but how long do we have before we go out?” Nathan points to the clock it was nearly time and for some reason Lucas started to tear up again. “We got about twenty মিনিট left, so dude stop crying and get your self together! Even I didn’t cry” Nathan says holding back his laughter, “You know what Nate? Im sorry okay I just can’t help it, the দিন has finally come and these tears are natural for a man whose about to start his new life, okay? So go do something while I fix myself up” Nathan smiles and leaves the room, but he pops his head back in and has a big grin on his face “Luke দ্বারা the way, are আপনি sure আপনি want to say I do? I mean is this really what আপনি want? Because im seriously sick of wearing this tux and all” Nathan now doesn’t hold his laughter and walks off before Lucas can hurt him. Lucas shakes his head, feeling queasy now not anxious. He looks to the clock again and smiles, no আরো regrets but then a memory comes across his mind one that he can never replace অথবা change, one that never seems to leave a, memory that will be remembered.
Lucas looks to the clock, ten to twelve he sees. He gets up and walks towards the bathroom, “Breath, and the rest will come” he kept saying to himself. He washes his face and looks in the mirror, ‘this is the last chance আপনি have…don’t mess it up’ he laughed to himself, how pathetic could he get? He was trying to convince himself he could actually convince the one person that has never been convinced দ্বারা the thing’s he has অথবা hasn’t ব্যক্ত and even done.
“No, I can do it!” Lucas ব্যক্ত out loud, shocked দ্বারা his the hardness in his voice he shook his head and looked back in the mirror.
“Lucas Scott loves Brooke Davis” He ব্যক্ত and left to clean up the mess he had made along time ago… even if it didn’t work, he was sick of asking himself প্রশ্ন and getting no উত্তর and for once fighting seemed like the first thing on his mind.

Brooke packed the last of her shoes for her trip to Paris to meet and greet with “important” people apparently as her mot-Victoria used to say. Brooke sighed as her mobile beeped again. “The car is going to pick আপনি up in half an ঘন্টা Brooke” she read. Brooke didn’t really feel like doing much lately her mind was focused on other things, things that were actually important to her. She starts to carry her luggage towards the door, she goes around the house making sure everything is off and she hasn’t forgotten anything. Brooke stops at the corridor lamp and her হৃদয় starts to ache “I miss আপনি so much.” Brooke says to the ছবি of her and Angie, she wipes away a tear and shakes her head, “focus” she says.
‘Come in!’ Brooke screams out loud to the person knocking on her door, she looks at her clock it was twelve o’clock the car was here early.
But apparently it wasn’t.
“Lucas” Brooke says in a shocked gasping voice. He walks up to her and hugs her, tight different to what Brooke was used to.
“Brooke” Lucas whispers in her ear. Brooke pulls away, feeling slightly uncomfortable but also off guard. Why was Lucas here? Wasn’t he supposed to be with Lindsey অথবা Peyton? Not her, he was never supposed to be with her and yet every time she saw him and the broody look he gave she couldn’t help but think of the প্রণয় she felt for him and how it never went away especially at nights and now without Angie and work not making her happy অথবা distracting her, Lucas was also the one thing that was important to her and seemed to never leave her mind and হৃদয় alone.
“What are আপনি doing here? I thought আপনি went to Vegas…? She didn’t mean to come off all bitchy but couldn’t help it.
“I was going to go to Vegas for a bit to clear my mind but I knew আপনি were leaving and wanted to say goodbye and also see how আপনি were since Angie” Lucas felt all the fear crawl back into him… he had to do this and he was he just didn’t know how to start especially when Brooke seemed unprepared to listen.
“Oh but what about Lindsey and Peyton” Brooke asked.
“What about them?” Lucas didn’t want to focus on them… for once he wanted to focus on Brooke and him.

“Lucas, listen I can’t do this right now my cars going to be here right now and im fine an-“Lucas cut Brooke off. “Brooke, Listen” He walked over to her and grabbed her hands, tight enough so she can’t let go but loose enough so it didn’t hurt her. Lucas placed her hands on his হৃদয় and looked deep into her eyes ready to let out the unspoken words, the truth and the প্রণয় that he had for her.

“Brooke, do আপনি feel that? That’s my হৃদয় beating, and see how it’s going fast? Well that’s because im around you, not because it beats that way usually, because in all honesty my হৃদয় doesn’t beat fast casually it’s only if im within fear অথবা anger and প্রণয় that it changes” Lucas takes a breather.
“Lucas please I jus-“Brooke tries to speak, but Lucas cuts her off again. Thank god he was holding her because she somehow felt light headed and shocked and every single emotion ran through her body like a circuit current had been lit up within her.
“Let me finish, please Brooke” she nods. “I have so many regrets, everyone does but my regrets have consumed me, because the mistakes I made were with you…I let আপনি go and everyday it replays in my mind how stupid I was to even not say anything other than sorry. I was an idiot for everything I had done with you. I may be a great writer and had my dreams come true and it’s great to know that when they have আপনি have been there both times but I want to share it with আপনি for আরো than a day, I want to share my dreams with আপনি forever.” Brooke is now holding on tight to his hands.

“Brooke I don’t প্রণয় আপনি I প্রণয় Peyton and I প্রণয় Lindsey but I am so in প্রণয় with আপনি that I am willing to প্রদর্শনী the world and আপনি how much, actually I am begging আপনি to let me প্রদর্শনী you, because in all the mistakes and regrets I have made, me being in প্রণয় with আপনি conquers all of that and lets me know that there is something in life to hold onto…do আপনি understand me?” Lucas says in a pleading voice, he looks at Brookes face uncertain of what is to come, he could see she has her poker face on but through it he could also see that she was holding back the tears.
Brooke now let’s go of Lucas and holds back a river tears wanting to poor out, she walks across to sit on the lounge, Lucas follows standing close but not to close for her comfort. Brooke looks back up at Lucas and the face that he has on, the broody face has now disappeared and all she can see is a man, the man she loves with a serious anxious face looking down at her but somehow she feels taller.

“Lucas, Im 23 not 17 anymore and all the stuff আপনি just said, I can’t believe and not only from আপনি but from most of the people in my life because all have let me down to the point of me no longer letting anything in that could easily break me again, and technically I will never be fixed but I still have pieces left that I can rebuild from” Brooke’s mouth is now dry but she feels like a weight has been lifted of her shoulder.
Lucas cringes as the words come out of her mouth, he caused pain on this beautiful woman he loves all because he thought he knew what and who he wanted? He stays where he is, afraid to সরানো but even if he wanted to he couldn’t her words stuck to him and all he could do was stare and wonder.
Brooke waited but it didn’t seem like he was going to talk so she kept going not afraid to let out for once what she feels.
“And I will admit something to you, like I ব্যক্ত that night I’ll probably always will প্রণয় আপনি and here we are today and I still প্রণয় আপনি even though it hurts me. But me and আপনি again how can আপনি see it? Because when I see us again I see pain and আরো tears and Peyton and I প্রণয় Peyton and im sick of having stupid fights with her and I won’t re-live high school again. She loves আপনি and like আপনি ব্যক্ত আপনি প্রণয় her, and me? I rather be alone than in pain truthfully…”
Brooke is no longer holding back her tears; they are coming down her face as if the barrier has been broken.
Lucas moves অগ্রবর্তী the instant he see’s the tears coming out, each drop and each time she wipes them away a piercing pain hits his হৃদয় and its has if they are one and what she feels he feels it too. “Brooke” He places his hands on her face, she tries to look down but he holds her in place,
“Brooke please listen, I hurt আপনি so much I know I don’t deserve to have any আরো chances অথবা moments like these but please tell me how do I live without you?” Lucas is now pleading again. “I just…I just I need you, I প্রণয় আপনি and I can’t fight with আপনি anymore and I can’t be without আপনি anymore I just want to be with you!” Brooke is shocked দ্বারা the fierceness in his voice, everything he is saying sounds real and true but she can’t stand the pain anymore, she won’t. She pushes him away and gets up shocked দ্বারা her own tone of voice but not caring she starts shouting at him.

“Lucas, আপনি never know what আপনি want! আপনি have this problem never sticking to what আপনি do and who আপনি love! And if আপনি loved me then why did আপনি go with Peyton after we broke up? Why did আপনি চুম্বন her twice! When we were together” she holds back her tears once again and fights through the pain. “AND HOW COME আপনি NEVER SAW THE PAIN ON MY FACE WHEN I SAW আপনি WITH PEYTON RIGHT AFTER WE BROKE UP?” “Brooke I-“Brooke cuts him off not finished. “NO! LUCAS DON’T SAY আপনি ARE SORRY! Lucas how couldn’t আপনি see?” her voice is now a whisper with plead in her tone, high enough for Lucas to hear. “I loved আপনি so much and I told আপনি to fight for me and আপনি did but আপনি never done the one thing that would have proved to me that you’re the guy for me অথবা the difference is আপনি প্রণয় me… আপনি never stayed away from Peyton! We we’re fighting back than and আপনি never thought maybe I shouldn’t be around Peyton for awhile just until things cool off with Brooke and her অথবা MAYBE আপনি NEVER BOTHERED TO SEE অথবা CARE WHAT I WAS FEELING BECAUSE IF আপনি DID, MAYBE RIGHT NOW I WOULD BE IN YOUR ARMS BREAHTING আপনি IN REMEMBERING ALL THE GOOD TIMES WE SHARED AND GIVING EVERYTHING UP FOR আপনি JUST SO I COULD SHARE MOMENTS LIKE THAT WITH YOU!” Lucas saw the look on her face and was afraid to say anything else.
“Ha, and আপনি call yourself a writer? আপনি have such pretty words Lucas really আপনি do shame they are never heard when I actually admit what আপনি did wrong for you…” Brooke looks at her phone so she won’t have to see his face, it was all out in the open and now Brooke felt naked and just knowing that she admitted it to him the way she did makes her feel sad but she refuses to প্রদর্শনী him. It was now twenty past twelve the car would be here soon.

Lucas is surprised দ্বারা all of this and if she wants to scream then let it begin. “You know what is funny Brooke?” Brooke lifts her head up. “I’m fighting for আপনি now! Im baring it all and you’re throwing it back in my face!” Now Lucas was shouting. “You say আপনি প্রণয় me THEN BE WITH ME! It won’t be easy but we can work through it… Just give me that last chance give us the last chance! Im trying here…” Brooke starts to laugh.
“Trying? পরবর্তি time try before im completely broken!” She slams her phone on the side টেবিল and crosses her arms. “You need to leave, my car is going to be here soon” she says with no emotion in her tone.
Lucas looks at her getting angrier but won’t give up. “You want to know something to? I did and I am trying to fight for আপনি but after Nathan and Haley’s wedding আপনি didn’t try আপনি completely gave up! আপনি broke up with me! How come I have to be the one to always fix us, why can’t you?!” he regrets the words as they come out of his mouth.
Brooke checks her phone there is a message from Millie ‘car delayed ten minutes, sorry’ Brooke breaths in and out then looks at Lucas and all she can do is প্রণয় him even আরো and this makes her really angry. Brooke steps অগ্রবর্তী and throws the phone at his face and actually gets his head. Oops. Lucas looks shocked and rubs his head.

“You know what? Maybe after the wedding when I came to see আপনি I was coming to comfort আপনি not break up with আপনি but WHEN I SEE PEYTON THEIR OF COURSE IM GOING TO GIVE UP! AND WANT TO KNOW SOMETHING ELSE? I BROKE UP WITH আপনি BECAUSE OF PEYTON!” Brooke gives out a heavy sigh, she promised herself she would never mention this but right now it seemed like a good time. “Before the wedding Peyton told me she loved you, and i felt sick to the stomach because my best friend the person I প্রণয় so much loved the boy I loved so much and knowing your history I couldn’t go on knowing she loved আপনি and that maybe one দিন আপনি will realize আপনি প্রণয় her too… so I broke up with আপনি before I was cheated on again…” her voice is calm again. It is quite for a few মিনিট then Brooke broke the silence. “82 letters Lucas…” Lucas becomes confused.

“82 letters?” he asks. Brooke shakes her head. “I didn’t try to fix us? I gave আপনি the 82 letters I wrote for আপনি but weren’t going to give to you… if that’s not trying then I don’t know what is.”
Lucas recalls that night he saw Brooke in a new light and fell আরো in প্রণয় with her. Lucas sighs, “Brooke, I can’t keep going around in circles because the way we are going we might but for once don’t care about Peyton and what she wants because she doesn’t want me and I sure as hell don’t want her and আপনি know what I never knew that it hurt আপনি to see us together because I thought আপনি were past it, but that was because আপনি never told me about what she said… and if I knew that, I would have ran away from her just to make sure আপনি have that pretty smile on you’re face.” Brooke grins but not in an obvious way she looks at his face all broody again she walks over and stands in front of him then bends and picks up her beeping phone and walks back.
Lucas couldn’t help but laugh she was tricking him and getting his hopes up because she knew she could.

“Pretty girl. “ He whispers. “My pretty girl…Go to Paris and go flirt, চুম্বন and whatever with the men but just know that আপনি will always have my হৃদয় because it’s in আপনি and your হৃদয় is in me and im going to wait and even if it takes forever just to প্রদর্শনী আপনি you’re the one I want, I will and this time im not giving up. “ Lucas hears the car pull up and sighs.
Brooke Looks out the window and see’s the car, and for a বিভক্ত করা সেকেন্ড she considers canceling the trip but she couldn’t because she wasn’t ready অথবা maybe she just was afraid either way she was going to go to Paris. “Lucas, im sorry but I have to go…” Lucas walks up to her and embraces her, he kisses her cheek but then moves his lips to hers, he kisses her lips as if his been without his need to live for a long time, he moves his hands to her face and holds them like he used to, the way it should always be.
Brooke doesn’t সরানো অথবা stop him, she would let him do what she couldn’t do because she would be without it again for a long time and maybe this is what she needs to get her through for a few আরো years অথবা so. Lucas pulls back and once again looks into her eyes. “Brooke I don’t want anymore ‘what if’s’ in life and I don’t want a reason to hate it all I want is my reason to be and আপনি are the reason.” Lucas wipes Brooke’s tears away and gives one last চুম্বন on her lips before he lets her go.
Brooke walks to the door letting Marko in to collect her Luggage; she nods at him unable to speak.
“I don’t want আপনি to wait for me Lucas I know আপনি can live life without me just find something অথবা someone to distract you… usually it never works but sometimes it does. “ Brooke walks to the door and picks up her bag and looks back at Lucas. “Good luck” she barley says.

[Music comes on in back round]
I don't wanna fight no more,
I forgot what we were fighting for,
and this lonelyness that's in my heart,
won't let me be apart from you,
I don't wanna have to try,
Girl, to live without আপনি in my life,
So, i'm hoping we can start tonight,
cause i don't wanna fight,
no more,
How can I leave,
when everything that I adore,
and everything I'm living for,
Girl, it's in you,
I can't dream,
sleepless nights have got me bad,
The only dream i ever had,
is being with you

Lucas feels weak in that moment knowing he won’t see her again for a long time and he see’s that she’s already out the door.
“Brooke this is your home!” He screams confused দ্বারা why he is still inside… He walks to the door way.
“This isn’t a home, it’s a house a প্রথমপাতা is something আপনি actually want to go to.” She says without looking back and keeps walking forward.
“Brooke! YOU’RE MY DESTINY!” Lucas screams, Brooke turns and looks shocked, Lucas closes the door behind him and moves onto the drive way and this time he screams out louder.
“BROOKE PENELOPE DAVIS IS MY DESINTY!” Lucas feels like a fool but he doesn’t care he had to say it because if he didn’t he would fly to Paris just to remind her. Brooke is smiling and shaking her head.
“And Lucas Eugene Scott is a fool and a fool that I will miss” she says with a smile on her face. Brooke gets into the car and feels empty all of sudden and all she wants to do is run to him and চুম্বন him and hold him and trust him again because he did hurt her but he also fixed her and changed her into someone better and Lucas was right she was sick of having to ask what if and should i have done this অথবা that… But she didn’t stop and turn around she kept going and she doesn’t even know why.

“But you’re my destiny” Lucas whispers as he sits on the ground.

Lucas shakes his head as he tries to focus on something else, he looks back at the mirror and smiles “no regrets” Lucas says. Nathan walks in, “You don’t want any regrets? Then can we go get this wedding on a roll before PMS starts bitching” He says grabbing his and Lucas’s jacket, he hands it to Lucas when he walks দ্বারা and Lucas punches him in the arm, “Never again are আপনি going to be my best man” Nathan laughs, “hallelujah” he jokes, Lucas death stares him and puts on his জ্যাকেট and goes to his spot, the grooms spot with Nathan beside him, both of them look around to see how amazing everything looks, from the কমলা and white ফুলেরডালি to the white lights that light up the midnight sky and to the বাস্কেটবল painted wonderfully on the concrete ground with big bold letters saying destiny.

[Music starts to play in the back round]
And I will take
আপনি in my arms
And hold আপনি right where আপনি belong
Till the দিন my life is through
This I promise you
This I promise you
I've loved আপনি forever,
In lifetimes before
And I promise আপনি never...
Will আপনি hurt anymore
I give আপনি my word
I give আপনি my হৃদয়
This is a battle we've won
And with this vow,
Forever has now begun...

Lucas freeze’s as he see’s Jamie walking down the aisle with the rings.
“The time has finally arrived” Nathan says প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে Lucas the time, twelve thirty. Prefect Lucas thought and one last memory leapt into his mind and so much প্রণয় leapt into his heart.
[Music begins to play in the back round]
I'm here again
A thousand miles away from আপনি
A broken mess, just scattered pieces of who I am
I tried so hard
Thought I could do this on my own
I've হারিয়ে গেছে so much along the way
Then I'll see your face
I know I'm finally yours
I find everything I thought I হারিয়ে গেছে before
আপনি call my name
I come to আপনি in pieces
So আপনি can make me whole.

Lucas rolls off the lounge the only way he was bothered to get up to stop whatever sound was annoying the shit out of him. He stumbles across kicking a few বিয়ার bottles away, he didn’t get drunk he passed out too early to get drunk; he turns the corner and comes to a stop. He didn’t know if he was dreaming অথবা if it was a sick joke অথবা if maybe he died and went to heaven but dream অথবা reality he didn’t care and he didn’t সরানো অথবা speak, he just stared at the glowing beautiful অ্যাঞ্জেল that was in his door way.

“Brooke” He gasps slowly. Brooke can’t help but smile and feel so excited that nothing could trample this moment, and she means nothing. Lucas smiles and wipes a tear away
“What about Paris?” is the only thing he could ask. Brooke shakes her head and takes a step into the door way. She puts her bag down and takes out a black scarf, Lucas looks confused and Brooke has the biggest grin on her face which looks like it’s lived there. Brooke puts the scarf around her eyes,
“You’re the one Lucas, and I প্রণয় you” she whispers, “Brook-“Lucas gets cut off দ্বারা what’s coming towards him, he catches it and reads what it says, “DESTINY” he reads out loud off the basketball. Brooke takes off her scarf and is still smiling,
“You’re my destiny Lucas” she starts to half walk/run towards him, Lucas drops the ball and takes a step অগ্রবর্তী ready to catch her. Brooke jumps in his arms and kisses him with so much force, Lucas pulls away to get some air but Brooke is already back to স্নেহ চুম্বন him, Brooke kisses his lips then cheeks then neck and then his lips again. They stay still for a moment looking into each others eyes and seeing the same thing. Love. Brooke moves her lips to his ears and Lucas shivers and can’t help but breathe fast,
“Im you’re destiny and im the girl for you” Brooke whispers into his ear. And both of them with there breathing lacking pace অথবা reasonable volume hold each other, with the বাস্কেটবল on the ground the door open the scarf around Brookes neck and their প্রণয় ready to begin without fear and a new re-gain of trust and honesty.


Lucas breathes in and watch’s Haley take her last step পরবর্তি to Rachel and then the pretty girl he always loved appeared with that smile on her face and that look in her eye that made Lucas tingle everywhere and his হৃদয় beat too fast for words.

Brooke walked down the aisle something she never thought she would actually do, she looked around to the people watching her she saw the faces but at that moment their faces didn’t matter, because Lucas was in her presence and waiting for her to come to a halt, waiting for her to give his প্রণয় to. Brooke smiles as she remembers how she got here,from trusting once again and since that night he confessed his প্রণয় to her a বছর পূর্বে Brooke is still happy and for once is living a dream she wants. Paris didn’t matter, nothing did expect him and her and for once Brooke didn’t stop to think about anyone around her and she realized sometimes doing things for yourself, actually does some good for আপনি which should be the first thing আপনি look after not something অথবা someone else.
She watches Lucas as she takes one আরো step পরবর্তি to him and Lucas winks at her and mouths the words “pretty girl” Brooke grabs his hands before she falls from the loss of blood and feeling প্রণয় weak the সঙ্গীত stops and priest begins.

“I do” Lucas says
“I do” Brooke says

Then without any hesitation they চুম্বন the perfect চুম্বন in the perfect moment and at the perfect time.