Okay, get ready...I'm letting it all out...*takes deep breath*

Leyton is forced, predictable, fake, corny, boring, and gross.
Wanna know why? Well just take a look at all these reasons and আপনি will understand..(WARNING: It's gonna be REALLY big..)
it's just that the blonde twins bring out the evil hater in me.

1)I hate them because they're fake, forced, cheesy, pathetic and boring. And they also look very much alike. Like 2 dudes making out.
I dont like leyton because they seem forced to me...when lucas chose brooke he didn't do it because he couldnt have Peyton...and in season 4 when they finally do get together its as if we spend half the season watching their friendship with no real awkward silences অথবা moments where it seems lek they are going to চুম্বন (all methods that tv shows have used to প্রদর্শনী a couple will get together...and the way they প্রদর্শনী a buildup of emotion)..then all of a sudden Peyton tells lucas she loves him and Lucas says "Oh".

2)Then we see him talking to skills and saying how him and peyton just dont make sense...did he ever try with Peyton after season 1? He seems to give up easily on her but yet he can come back from the dead for her? I really have a hard time believing in this couple..

3)I don't like leyton because they are painted to be this great, amazing couple and yet....nothing. They aren't amazing. There is nothing special about them. I see no great connection between them that can make them a couple worth supporting. They don't even have to work for their relationship. It's not interesting at all.
I think Peyton only likes the thought of being "inlove" অথবা being with someone. And nobody else wanted her so she stuck with Lucas.
Even Jake told her she only wanted to marry him because Haley had Nathan, Brooke had Lucas.

4)I hate Leyton because of that "Lucas saves Peyton" crap. It's not that I'm apposed to the guy saving the girl. I mean I প্রণয় it when that happened on Veronica Mars, but at least when it happened on Veronica Mars the girl didn't look like a weak moron who couldn't possibly make it on her own.

5)I dont like Leyton because they just dont have that "spark" they had in s1. As a die hard ব্রুকাস্‌ fan, I can honestly say I used to like Leyton. In season 1. When they were sneaking around. They are too much alike. I remember in the OC, Seth and Anna actually broke up because they were too alike. Where him and Summer had absolutely nothing in common and they just seemed to fit together more.

6)I hate Leyton because Mark is trying to sell them like they're soul mates, destiny, অথবা meant to be. I hate couples like that. I find them unbelievable. I prefer couples that are true to life, messy and imperfect. Couples who's relationships are not determined দ্বারা effed up dreams and visits দ্বারা dead loved ones.
Have hated LP from the beginning, his obsession with her was juvenile and semi-creepy, as she was his half-bro's girlfriend and he didn't even know her and she treated him like crap cause she was soooo cool and tragic.

7)Now, I hate them because we're supposed to believe they are this epic romance, that's what they're spoonfeeding us, but I'm sorry, they have absolutely zero chemistry. They look alike, they dress alike, they like the same music, there is nothing for them to discuss. It's like "Wow, I really like Travis." "Yeah, me too."

8)Plus, they are selfish and both of them need to be around Brooke to have any personality at all. Besides pouting and mooning around.
She does. I mean she went from loving Jake and wanting to be with him to wanting Lucas. All because of some dream. How stupid do আপনি have to be to let a dream dictate your life.

9)Well the Leyton hate and ব্রুকাস্‌ প্রণয় is so easily tied to the Peyton hating.
Yup and all roads lead to "Peyton sucks!"

10)GRR LEYTON! What I don't get is how they can take an old relationship, that had barely any আগুন to begin with, and try and pass it off as "true love". I mean, I understand where Leyton অনুরাগী are coming from with their whole "from the beginning" spiel, but, in my experiences with the real world, intial attraction to someone wears off in like, I dunno, FOUR YEARS! I MEAN COME ON! Not only is it fake and forced, it doesn't even make sense! And, truthfully, did Lucas প্রদর্শনী ANY interest in Peyton during the second, third, অথবা even first half of the fourth season? NO! He was dating Anna, অথবা being with Brooke (afer professing deep true প্রণয় to her- hello! ), অথবা being with Rachel to make Brooke jealous! They don't fit together in appearance, their dialogue is God awful, and their "lovey" scenes repeat the same things- "I've wanted this for sooo long" অথবা "I've missed you". Really? আপনি just decided to profess your প্রণয় for OTHER PEOPLE to প্রদর্শনী how much আপনি cared about one another? While not talking to each other? অথবা even প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে the slightest interest in a serious relationship? Honestly! I know there are only so many actors on a show, but do these two NEED to be paired? My deepest gut feeling is that they were forced to begin with, they forced themselves back to gether, so hopefully they'll force themselves away from each other.

11)I can't stand Leyton. They try to be chessy but they can't pull it off. Not to mention cheaters shouldn't get to be happy together in the end.

12)If LP ends up together
the message that we get from this প্রদর্শনী is.
আপনি can betray your best friend and steal her boyfriend
and in the end, it will stilll work out perfectly for you.

13)Another reason is they simply cant match up to the exes.
Lucas cant be a jake for no peyton
and Peyton certainly cant be a Brooke for Lucas.

14)and Lucas and Peytons personalities are too similar.
when they are togehter to me it feels like they dont life the weight of the world off of the other person..they just add more.

15)I hate Leyton because I in no way find it believable that a girl would leave an amazing man like Jake for a boy like Lucas.

16)I hate Leyton because their relationship feels like a high school relationship. Just a boy and a girl who "love each other," and won't make it that long after graduation.
As a couple they suck. They should have just stayed friends. That was much আরো believable.

17)It seems to me like mark forced them togeher, like i knew from the beggining of s4 that they were gonna be together. Soo predictable!

18)I hate Leyton because they are not a couple that have weathered the storm. They have not dealt with-as a couple- trust issues like ব্রুকাস্‌ & Naley, অথবা abandonment issues like Naley, অথবা their own personal demons. All their problems have come from outside forces-ie Brooke, Psycho Derek, etc..- We have not seen them work for অথবা at their relationship.
That isn't interesting to me. Especially since the couples I tend to প্রণয় are couples who's problems are of their own making, couples who do and say stupid things to hurt each other and have to deal with that, couples that have to work through their emational crap so they can come out the other side stronger.

19)Yes Lucas and Peyton both have emotional issues that they deal with, but they have not dealt with them as a couple, and we've never seen them deal with issues that result from their emotional crap together.

20)Leyton is like Mark's fairy tale couple. Girl see boy. Girl প্রণয় boy. Boy see girl. Boy প্রণয় girl. Forces beyond their control tear couple apart. Couple is apart and let their be angst. Couple finally beats back outside forces and come back together. They live happily ever after.
Somebody gag me now.

21)It was so unrelaistic how Leyton happened.
Especially with Peyton having a dream and then Lucas having his coma dream thing. It was so stupid and pathetic. It doesn't happen that way in real life. I haven't liked those cheesy kind of story line since I was 13.

22)Now lets go on to precious Peyton. Her mom dies, her dad is never home, she her other mom dies, she gets shot in the leg(Im still trying to figure that one out), she has a brother, her brother stalks her, come to find out her brother isnt even her brother, she finds her real brother, psycho fake brother comes back and attacks you. blah blah blah. Now is all of that stuff realistic and necessary for one person? No I dont think so.

23)I don't think Peyton loves anyone, not really anyway.Peyton loves being in প্রণয় and having someone. She builds up relationships in her head to make them mean আরো then they do. But I still প্রণয় Jake and Jeyton.

24)They aren't meant to be...People think they are since they "loved" each other in season 1..Yet they never did প্রণয় each other It was a crush on Lucas' part and just being a ***** on Peyton's. Yeah, that just screams meant to be to me.

25)Season 4..don't get me started. The fact that they had to constantly tell each other they loved them, twirl around in the hallway. Have cookie dough fights, and make out in class, screams fake. Who does that? Leyton does, and it's sick. Please spare us all and stop twirling Peyton around Lucas...I'd like to keep my খাবার down, thanks.

26) Could they be anymore boring? Give me something to watch that entertains me! That means take Leyton off my screen before I fall asleep!

27) Lucas likes to save her..That doesn't mean he has to be in a relationship with the girl. Peyton just needs a superhero with her at all times and set Lucas free to live his life instead of playing সুপারম্যান for Peyton.

28)Especially After all that "Brucas is just about sex" crap. And then the Leyton "first sex" scene fell so far short of expectations for that "meant to be" couple.
As well as when আপনি consider what a big deal it was for ব্রুকাস্‌ in season 3, অথবা ন্যালে the first time they had sex.
ব্রুকাস্‌ actually had a great buildup as did Naley. Leyton was ram bam thank you. I didn't get that at all. If they were the meant to be couple, why did the sex suck so badly? Mark really did a poor job of selling his precious Leyton in that episode. Hmmm, I should send the man flowers

29)Leyton was in no shape অথবা form special. It was like, it is what we are "suppose" to do, therfore we should do it. Afterwards lets do it in the room that Brooke has easy access to. That is brillant!!

30)Another point- Leyton "broke up" in season one because Peyton did not want to betray Brooke. But the two didn't even get together when there was no Brooke to betray i.e. WHEN SHE WAS AWAY IN CALIFORNIA FOR THREE MONTHS. During this time, Lucas did not become romantically close AT ALL (to our knowledge) to Peyton, and in fact, talked to her about his DEEP প্রণয় FOR BROOKE. Their entire "finally" arguement is null and void because there were like eight oppurtunities for Leyton to get together! They had to come up with a reason to get together- a perfectly cheese-tastic বাস্কেটবল game championship kiss, in which, quoting an old প্রণয় letter (?), Lucas tells Peyton she's the one he wants to be with when his dreams come true. OKAY, WHAT?! The whole Leyton relationship in season four is so forced. It had no bulidup whatsoever, in fact, I had to rewatch episodes to figure out when all of this "Finally" crap started. It just popped up when the প্রদর্শনী needed a new angle. And I get that the প্রদর্শনী needs to mix it up. But আপনি can't mix things up with two people, who have absolutely no on screen chemistry, দ্বারা thinking, "Hey, wait? Didn't he like her a couple years ago? Why don't we do that again?"

Just a few opinions...