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Soo i পোষ্ট হয়েছে this প্রবন্ধ when i first joined fanpop, and then i took it off...and now i decided what the hell i'm gonna repost this lol, also my writin wasnt that good back then (still isnt, but its better now lol) so sorry if theres lots of mistakes...

Ok so I am majorly pissed off at Mark!

This is my rant on two of Mark Schwahn's intervies. Now I have two উদ্ধৃতি in this article. If আপনি compare the two quotes, আপনি will notice that Mark contradicted himself.

I know this is probably a little late, but I was just watching one of Mark's interviews about the brucas/leyton(pucas) triangle. So I'm gonna take a quote from it. "I think most অনুরাগী think I'm stubbornly clinging to an idea I had for the show, and thats actually not true. Um do I think Lucas and Peyton were designed as soul mates and destined to be together, well there was a lot of that, sure. Do I insist that thats the journey we will absolutely take, no its not." Ok so that is a quote from that interview.

Now I'm gonna take another quote from one of his interviews. This quote is from the interview, where Mark explains why he had Lucas choice Peyton, in the 601 episode. "He picked Peyton. Can আপনি tell me when that started bouncing around in your head, why আপনি went that way?" the interviewer asks Mark. And Mark answers, "Um I can try. Um I would say, um the seeds for me were planted for him to pick Peyton in the pilot, in the first episode. Now অনুরাগী of the ব্রুকাস্‌ relationship will feel as though I'm discounting the energy that they had, but I'm not. But um when Lucas is on the river court at the end of that pilot. Ya know I think we feel like this is the girl that is his soul mate." Now that is a quote from that interview.

Now if আপনি look at kew points of each quote আপনি will notice that Mark totally contradicted himself. He ব্যক্ত that most অনুরাগী think that he's clinging to an idea for the show, but he says thats not true. But as আপনি guys can see in the সেকেন্ড quote, he says he's known since the pilot. I mean if thats not clinging to an idea, than what is? Please tell me, because Mark is just flip flopping all over the place. I mean why is he saying one thing, but than totally saying another in another interview? It absolutely befouls me! The whole thing just totally pisses me off! I mean the least he could do is not contradict what he says. If he decides to say one thing, than stick to it! Don't go and say something different later on!

Anyways I just had to get this off my chest, it was completely driving me crazy. And I just thought I would point this out to other ব্রুকাস্‌ fans.

Sorry if the উদ্ধৃতি aren't exact to what he said, but I tried.

If আপনি guys want to see the interviews, here are the urls to the চলচ্ছবি on youtube:

brucas/leyton(pucas) triangle:

Mark explains why Lucas chose Peyton:

(not my image, i found it)