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SeanTheHedgehog Presents

The Season 3 Premiere of

Ponies On The Rails


Peirce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Red Rose From Chibiemmy

Coffee Creme From KarinaBrony

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Metal Gloss From DragonAura15

Stylo From Jimmythedragon

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, Bartholomew, and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

Episode 21

The Return Of Red Rose

April 30, 1953

It was a nice দিন in Cheyenne, but just when everypony was about to get their work assignments, Gordon arrived.

Gordon: Heil hitler!
Hawkeye: Oh great, world war 2 is still going on after all.
Pete: Gordon, explain this idiocracy!
Gordon: It's the 8th anniversary of Hitler's suicide, and I'm celebrating.
Hawkeye: দ্বারা অভিনয় like a Nazi?
Gordon: Yes! আপনি have no honor for the glorious fuehrer.
Pete: And for that, আপনি get to work in the train yard.
Gordon: Whatever *Walks away*
Hawkeye: Red Rose was the only টাট্টু that could make him stop with his stupid shenanigans.
Pete: You're right. আপনি know what we need to do?
Hawkeye: Rehire her?
Pete: আপনি read my mind, but we better hurry before Gordon causes আরো damage.

But it was too late. Gordon went to where Stylo was, and planned to insult him.

Stylo: *Greasing wheels on train*
Gordon: *walks to Stylo* আপনি sir are an ugly pony.
Stylo: (This guy has been annoying me for three months now) Gordon, why are আপনি fat?
Gordon: I am a magnificent pony, ready for anything. আপনি never see me ruining my good looks.
Stylo: Oh. Does অভিনয় like a Nazi, and getting suspended from work help আপনি look magnificent?
Gordon: *Walks away*
Snowflake: *Arrives* Gordon, Pete changed your job. আপনি have to take a slow freight into Omaha.
Gordon: It's great that I no longer have to work in this train yard, but why do I have to drive a slow freight?
Snowflake: I don't know. Ask Pete.
Gordon: I hate slow freight trains.
Snowflake: Slow freight trains hate you.
Gordon: Be quiet. *Goes to train* Even worse, I have to use a steam locomotive to pull this train. UGH!!!

Gordon got the train started out of the yard. His train only had a few freight cars, but he picked up আরো along the way.

Meanwhile, Pete was calling Michael, the owner of the Southern Pacific.

Pete: Mike, I need your help with something.
Michael: What is it?
Pete: I was hoping আপনি would let me have Red Rose back on my railroad.
Michael: I'll talk to her, and see if she wants to come back.
Pete: Alright.
Michael: Is there anything else আপনি want to talk to me about? I want to catch the newest episode of Gilligan's Island.
Pete: No, that's all Michael. Thank আপনি for your cooperation.
Michael: No problem. *Hangs up*
Pete: *Sighs* I really hope she's able to come back.

Back to Gordon, who was still driving his freight.

Gordon: *stops at station*
Coffee Creme: *Climbs in* I'm the firemare.
Gordon: Great. Yet another টাট্টু to antagonize me.
Coffee Creme: Ok. *Shoveling coal into firebox*
Gordon: *drives train*

At first, Gordon was paying attention to the train he was driving, but got careless as soon as he started thinking about Stylo.

Gordon: *Driving train up hill*
Coffee Creme: Heavy freight trains have to go slow downhill.
Gordon: *Not listening*
Coffee Creme: Gordon, slow down.
Gordon: *Forgets to put brakes on*

Their train soon started going very fast as soon as it went downhill. It was too late to apply the brakes now.

Coffee Creme: Great work আপনি fool.
Gordon: Again with the antagonizing, stop it!
Coffee Creme: *Sees train in front of them* Ok *teleports out of train*
Gordon: What did she leave for? *Crashes into train*
Coffee Creme: *Sees damage* Oh Gordon. আপনি had to crash into those tank cars, carrying tar.

The tar splashed onto the engine, and some even went into the cab, and landed on Gordon. He was আরো dirty than hurt.

Back at Cheyenne

Orion: *stops streamlined passenger train at station*
Pete: *Waiting on platform*
Red Rose: *Walks out of train* Hi Pete.
Pete: Red Rose, so good to see আপনি again.
Red Rose: Yeah, I guess so. What have I missed?
Pete: There's a টাট্টু আপনি haven't met named Stylo. আপনি have to go with him, and clear the wreckage caused দ্বারা Gordon.
Red Rose: Of course. Where is Stylo?
Pete: He's waiting for আপনি at the train yards, with a breakdown train.
Red Rose: Ok, I'll go clear the mess with Stylo. *Goes to trainyard*

At the wreckage, Gordon stayed in his engine. He didn't want anypony seeing that he got covered in tar.

Red Rose: *Brings in breakdown train*
Coffee Creme: Red Rose, you're back.
Red Rose: Yeah, and I get to drive a train for once.
Stylo: *goes in cab* নমস্কার Red Rose. Whoever is this dirty pony?
Red Rose: That's Gordon. Didn't আপনি know?
Stylo: It looks like Gordon, but Gordon is a splendid pony. আপনি never see his good looks being ruined.
Gordon: *Ignores them*
Coffee Creme: *Arrives* আপনি can try, and get that tar off of you.
Gordon: I already tried. It didn't work.
Coffee Creme: That's a shame. আপনি really should apologize to Stylo after what আপনি ব্যক্ত to him.
Gordon: How do আপনি know about that?
Coffee Creme: He told me.
Gordon: *Facehoof*

After the mess was cleared, Pete arrived.

Pete: Well done Stylo, Red Rose, and Coffee Creme. *Looks at Gordon* It's strange how আপনি let a train roll downhill without the brakes on. I'm also surprised that আপনি got tar on yourself. You're not fit to be seen, আপনি must be cleaned at once.
Stylo: Will I be able to take over while Gordon is getting cleaned?
Pete: আপনি got it.
Stylo: *Goes in engine*
Coffee Creme: *Follow Stylo*

As they drove away in the engine, Pete and Red Rose took Gordon back to Cheyenne. He was still covered in tar when they arrived.

Gordon: *Looking around* How am I going to get cleaned?
Pete: *Sees Water tower* I know just the trick.
Gordon: *Sees water tower* Oh no. আপনি are not soaking me with water.
Pete: Yes we are. Unless আপনি want to look ugly for the rest of your life.
Gordon: Ok, I'll do it. *Goes to water tower*
Pete: *Climbing tower*
Red Rose: *Watching*
Pete: *Pours water on Gordon*
Gordon: AH!! *Falls on ground*
Pete: *Laughing*
Red Rose: *Laughing*
Gordon: Now everypony is antagonizing me! *Runs away*
Pete: *Returns* I'm sorry আপনি had to put up with him on your return.
Red Rose: Don't worry about it. It was fun. With Stylo around, things are going to be great.

The End

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