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 মেটালিকা /bloody প্রতীকী ~
So. I saw this movie once.

I can agree much of the অভিনয় is hard to take serious.
But the over all feel of this movie is very serious.
And it's a lot better then people give it credit for..

The one thing that reached my attention when পাঠ করা the reviews of this movie.
Is that someone stated that using beautiful blonde 17 বছর old girl who's completely "normal" wasn't the right choice for the victim of such cyber bullying.
Say that it'll be better using a mentally challenged person অথবা wheel chair person, অথবা even just a non blonde with no friends..

But here's something to understand.
This DOSE...
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#10: PINKAMENA (Cupcakes/my little pony)
What can I say.
She became one of the most well known Internet villains ever.
And while most hate Cupcakes, I find it humorous, and enjoy পাঠ করা sequels of it.

#9: FLIQPY (happy বৃক্ষ friends)
The character may not be অনুরাগী made, but the name Fliqpy is.
It's the perfect way of knowing the difference between nice flippy and evil flippy.
And most stories create Fliqpy as its own character, instead of just Flippy being snapped.
Always like how that happens.
Same with when people প্রদর্শনী Pinkamena and Pinkie as completely different characters as well.

#8: DISCORD (Discord's...
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His full backstory is never revealed.
Most known about his past, is that he worked as one of the canterlot guards..

STORY ONE (the story of Ditto)
Ganger is much less evil in story one.
As the readers can somewhat sympathise with him, due to being turned into an Changeling against his will.
But he still has fairly villainous scenes.
Most notably, is when he nearly turns রামধনু Dash into a changeling, and calls her a দুশ্চরিত্রা before doing so (the word itself isn't fully shown)

STORY TWO (Ditto Returns)
From here, Ganger becomes much less sympathised দ্বারা the readers.
As he wants revenge on Ditto...
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Anything involving 28 days later theme, is আরো then okay with me ;)
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