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 ☆hope আপনি like it~
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I can already tell the amount of haters I'm gonna earn when I say "I wish there were আরো writers like Sergent Sprinkles".

This is, in my opinion, the greatest ক্রিপিপাস্তা ever.
Not even for the plot. But the but most of the narration's are the reason why I would say the story is a bit of an inspiration to me.. As he/she really knows how to fill certain moods when describing the settings..

Not only that, but the fact that কাপকেক has some of the greastest অনুরাগী চলচ্ছবি and অনুরাগী sequels is also why I am a good supporter of the story.. It has one of the greatest songs ever "Get ready...
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I'm not saying this is a perfect movie.
But it's actually a surprisingly GOOD movie.

It starts off on On October 29, 1993 where the parents of Charlie Grimille record him as he is part of the SCHOOL PLAY.

During the play, Charlie is put on a fake noose, as part of the play. But suddenly the trap door opens, like আপনি see in real noose sets, but it is soon revealed that this was NOT be part of the act. And Charlie is accidentally hung for real.

20 years later however, students at the same school resurrect the failed play as a misguided attempt to honor the accident.

A student named Reese Houser is...
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Hoyt: (standing পরবর্তি to furnace, that has prisoner held inside it as he talks to a crowd) Ahhh.. My rosy cheek new employees... I'm not gonna lie. Were all here to make a buck.. But it's the happiness of my people that gets me up, each morning.. My father.. Rest his sole.. Was a diamond minor.. Got up at sunset, smoked a cigarette, and down into the earth he went... For that wonderfu- (interrupted দ্বারা the prisoner screaming and trying to get out of he furnace).. Wonderful man.. The company, was, God!... I gave that same presence, to my grand business "here"... And I expect all of আপনি to do...
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I f***in প্রণয় everything about this guy.. I worship your humor Farrell! Hope আপনি never die..
will farrell
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The narrator is Peter Youngblood.
Well, not ALL of them actually happened too ME

#1: My dad has the biggest.. When his job required him to go to Afghanistan.. He ব্যক্ত he was kidnapped.. Even though it wasn't real, and was a simulation.. He was still blindfolded, held at gun point, and was told too spread his dirty shoes on the Canadian flag,. He didn't, he ব্যক্ত "some things, আপনি just can't mentally do".

#2: When my sister and I were on a plane ride, the plane was struck দ্বারা lightening.. We legit were scared for our lives..

#3: My mom ব্যক্ত that her house was nearly broken into, and she stared the robber straight in the face, believing it was her brother..

#4: One time I was nearly stabbed দ্বারা a creepy guy that I think was on drugs.. I no longer jog hang out in dark allies.. Just kidding.. That never happened.

#5: That time I fell off a tree, and knocked my wind out..

#6: My aunt ব্যক্ত she was nearly assaulted my creepy dude that was watching her from inside her car, as she was texting..
Well.. This প্রদর্শনী FINALLY getting interesting again..

So.. Yeah.. There's that.. Here's hoping it lasts, cause it was getting spenseful (instead of boring like most times, just waiting for gun fights too entertain me temporality).

The প্রদর্শনী is still kinda confusing, but guess I like court scenes.. Reminds me LAW AND ORDER..

Anyway.. That's my review for today.. Catch আপনি পরবর্তি week for more..






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I forgot I was suppose to be reviewing this show.
প্রদর্শনী watched 5 and 6.

Not much to say. These episodes were pretty slow up till the last ten মিনিট of episode 6.
Guess it'll be আরো interesting in the পরবর্তি one.

Till পরবর্তি time. I guess

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"Should I tie myself to a traintrack?"
ME: Yes..

"How do I successfully fool a eliphant to go to the sea?"
ME: Tell him it's made out of peanuts..

"When did 9/11 happen?"
ME: It didn't...

"Why are Americans so loud!?"

"What a person from লন্ডন called?"
ME: Ahvfgbfgyjjg,hjgth

"What happens if I poke a sleeping lion on the nose?"
ME: It'll become your friend.

"Is there a name for a fear of chainsaws?"
ME: Common sense..

"How are ইউনিকর্ণ made?"
ME: With প্রণয় and fresh farts.