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This Canada24's club.. ছবি contains ব্যবসায়িক জেলা and শহরের কেন্দ্রস্থল. There might also be রাস্তার যে অংশ দিয়া যানবাহন চলাচল করে, রাস্তায়, শহর দৃশ্য, and শহুরে.

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I'm posting this video on this club mainly for the guest voice
#1: মেটালিকা - Leper Messiah..
Intrutmental অথবা not instrumental. This song still fits the শিরোনাম of the most badass song the history of badass songs!

#2: মেষশাবক of God - Omertà..
We all know my feels towards screamo bands such as মেষশাবক of God.
I have little to NO tolerance towards it.
But, have আপনি heard this song as an instrumental.
It's friggin awesome!

#3: Korn - Daddy..
Well.. I finally found it.
A BAD Korn song.
But at least the instrumental is still epic.
They should use it in Walking Dead..
I sure as hell am using it in MY verison of Walking Dead.

#4: Korn - Did my time..
I প্রণয় both versions of the...
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The story stars Carly Jade.. A character a friend let's me use for my stories..


Carly awoke in a cell, seeing she was tied up in a cage, along with her new friend Grant Brody. All she remembered was trying to take a vacation with her husband Johnny Klebitz, and a bunch of their friends.

They were told about Rock Island দ্বারা what was unknown to them, one of Vaas's spotters, and now here she was alone in this weird place, and scared as she realized she was tied up.

"Ahh, your awake" Came a voice.

Carly looked up, and saw a scary looking...
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Good song.
Shitty episode..

Makes me laugh every time..

Clearly a parody of Triller my M. Jackson..
And considering that's my পছন্দ song দ্বারা him (and I don't have to many). I can't help but add it..

It's funny how catchy it actually is.
Guess that's why I like it..

I don't know how on earth they got James Hetfield in South Park.
But who cares!
It's James-friggin-Herfield!.
And I প্রণয় how he just comes in, with the big "NOO!" it's both funny and badass at the sme time :D"..
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Ganger is one of the main villains of THE STORY OF DITTO and DITTO RETURNS..

His full backstory is never revealed.
Most known about his past, is that he worked as one of the canterlot guards..

STORY ONE (the story of Ditto)

Ganger is much less evil in story one.
As the readers can somewhat sympathise with him, due to being turned into an Changeling against his will.
But he still has fairly villainous scenes.
Most notably, is when he nearly turns রামধনু Dash into a changeling, and calls her a দুশ্চরিত্রা before doing so (the word itself isn't fully shown)

STORY TWO (Ditto Returns)

From here, Ganger becomes...
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Our story begins at the set of 'canterlot wedding'.

Inside the castle, the Changelings have imprisoned Celestia in a চুন green goo cocoon. Princess Cadance has been glued to the floor with the same substance.

At the same time, the main six had ventured off to find the elements of harmony, but unknown to everyone else they were outnumbered captured.

Cadence soon began saying "You won't get away with this! Twilight and her বন্ধু wi-

But at that direct moment. The main six, had Changeling soilders bring them back into the castle, defeated.

"You were saying" Chrysalis, কুইন of the Changelings, said...
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So yeah.. I finally saw this movie. Obviously I'm pretty late to the party. This movie had already passed it's time of being talked about., But I never saw it in theatres. I make a habbit of avoiding horrors in theatres.. Knowing every 5 মিনিট the speakers would blast aggressively in my ears and give me a হৃদয় attack.

It wasn't until today that I PVR'd it the night before (in HD of coarse) and I finally got to watch it.. In it's entireity..

I was so afriad that all the hype of this movie. My brother, Windwaker430, and most of the internet would mean when I finally see it. It won't be too...
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#5: SINISTER (2012):
There's a lot of spooky things about this film.
For one thing, th types the protagonist watches, each involves the grousome deaths of innocent family's, and too make things worse, the end reveals the were murdered দ্বারা their on youngest child, who became possessed দ্বারা Bagul.
Oh Bagul.. Let's talk about Bagul.
First off. Have আপনি see his face!?
If not, look it up on google.
The thing about the real Bagul.
Is once আপনি see his face in the 'movie', আপনি never STOP seeing his face.
He's kinda like Slenderman, your "fucked" once আপনি see his face.
Bagul himself, is the true definition of...
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