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kari91 posted on Jun 23, 2012 at 12:48PM
Hi guys!This is a contest for all Candice's fans.

1.Icons must be square.
2.You have to make the icons,not find.
3.Don't vote for yourself.

1st place-5props
2nd place-3props
3rd place-2props

Round 1:Your favourite picture with Candice:CullenSisters-X
Round 2:Candice in Show me yor mumu:CullenSisters-X
Round 3:Candice on set of Dating Rules from my future self:Stelenavamp
Round 4:Candice in The Vampire Diaries:En- & CullenSisters-X
Round 5:Candice in MTV After Hours Actors Anonymous:CullenSisters-X
Round 6:Candice at 2012 CW Upfront:CullenSisters-X
Round 7:Candice at DIRECTV's Celebrity Beach Bowl:Stelenavamp
Round 8:Candice at Teen Choice Awards 2012:CullenSisters-X
Round 9:Candice at Elle Women in music 2012:CullenSisters-X
Round 10:Candice at Paleyfest 2012:Stelenavamp
Round 11:Candice at the Rolling Stone Hosts The Bacardi Bash 150 Years Of Rocking The Party (Feb 4):CullenSisters-X
Round 12:Candice at Rolling Stone Hosts volkswagen rock & roll fan tailgate party (Feb 5):kari91
Round 13:Candice at nylon magazine annual may young hollywood issue celebration 2012::CullenSisters-X
Round 14:Candice arrive in LA 2012 (July 07):Stelenavamp
Round 15:Candice at Disneyland:CullenSisters-X
Round 16:Candice at her 24th birthday party:modernfan
Round 17:Candice at KTLA's Morning Show (19/04/12):CullenSisters-X
Round 18:Candice in Express Collections Fall/Winter 2012 Advertisements:Stelenavamp
Round 19:Candice in Standard Magazine:CullenSisters-X
Round 20:Candice at iHeartRadio Music Festival 2012:Stelenavamp
Round 21:Candice at 12th Annual Young Hollywood Awards:CullenSisters-X
Round 22:Candice attends TV Guide Magazine's Hot List Party:CullenSisters-X
Round 23:Candice in Salada Magazine:modernfan
Round 24:Candice in Fault Magazine:modernfan
Round 25:Candice with Nina Dobrev:CullenSisters-X
Round 26:Candice at Bloody Night Con 2011:modernfan
Round 27:Candice Twitter Photo:CullenSisters-X
Round 28: Your favourite Candice photoshoot:modernfan
Round 29:Candice with Katerina Graham:flowerdrop
Round 30:Wearing your favourite outfit:modernfan
Round 31:Candice at a Halloween party:CullenSisters-X & Stelenavamp
Round 32:Candice in a group:Stelenavamp
Round 33:Candice smiling:modernfan & CullenSisters-X
Round 34:Jewellery:CullenSisters-X
Round 35:With red hair:modernfan
Round 36:Candice at the GenArt Hosts Dinner Party Honoring LAFW Fashion Alumni:Stelenavamp
Round 37:Hair porn:turnaism
Round 38:Candice at Bacon Fest in Atlanta:Stelenavamp
Round 39:Candice in Status Magazine:turnaism
Round 40:Candice on KTLA 5 Morning News(13/03/13):CullenSisters-X
Round 41:Candice with Michael Trevino:modernfan
Round 42:Wearing your favourite color:turnaism
Round 43:Candice at the TBD Alliance Annual benefit :CullenSisters-X
Round 44:Candice at BloodyNightCon 3 in Barcelona:CullenSisters-X
Round 45: 2013 Midori Ad Campaign photoshoot:Stelenavamp
Round 46:With Paul Wesley:Stelenavamp
Round 47:With Joe King:Stelenavamp
Round 48:With Claire Holt:Stelenavamp
Round 49:Candice attends Midori's Happy Hour Style Event:Stelenavamp
Round 50:Candice attends the Vanity Fair & Carolina Herrera celebration:flowerdrop
Round 51:With Zach Roerig:Stelenavamp
Round 52:Candice in Drop Dead Diva:Stelenavamp
Round 53:Candice at Comic Con 2013:Stelenvamp
Round 54:Candice in Nouveau magazine:iandamonfan
Round 55:Black and white:CullenSisters-X
Round 56:Candice at Cosmopolitan's Summer Bash:Stelenavamp
Round 57:Name:iandamonfan
Round 58:Candice at The Hollywood Reporter Celebrates The Emmys:CullenSisters-X
Round 59:Candice at iHeartRadio Music Festival 2013:Sakkara98
Round 60:Candice at Fashion Week 2013:Stelenavamp
Round 61:Dress:modernfan
Round 62:With an animal:CullenSisters-X
Round 63:Border:modernfan
Round 64:Candice celebrating 100 episodes of The Vampire Diaries:modernfan
Round 65:Colorful

Good luck!
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